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Jenna knew what she was planning all along when she invited Mike and Lauren over for some wine and games. But nonetheless, she planned the night out under mild disguise. When the open-minded couple showed up on her doorstep, she invited them in out of the cold rather quickly.

“Can I take your coats?” She smiled warmly at them.

“Sure,” replied Lauren, “It sure is cold out there!”

But oh so warm in here, she thought. Jenna produced some nicely aged Pinto Grigio to share with her friends, as well as some games: Scrabble, Taboo, and Twister.

“What would you like to play?” She asked her guests.

Mike immediately replied that he was down for Scrabble, a game her was notoriously good at. After he was winning by an impossible margin, Jenna decided it was time to cause some trouble. With a yawn and a stretch she asked,

“How about something to get the blood flowing? Twister always keeps things interesting!”

Also losing, Lauren was quick to jump at the opportunity for a change of pace. Mike, however, not very flexible, decided to be the spinner.

“Left foot blue! Right foot yellow!”

At this point, the girls had managed to thoroughly tangle themselves together in a laughing mess. Sensing the opportunity at right foot yellow, Jenna ‘accidentally’ bumped Lauren’s breast. Slightly surprised, Lauren took little notice.

“Right hand green!”

Jenna seized the opportunity, running her right hand along Lauren’s inner thigh on her way to green. Lauren giggled, kocaeli escort this time taking proper note of the slender brunette’s action. The strawberry blonde decided to play along on the next call.

“Right hand yellow!”

Lauren immediately moved her right hand to caress Jenna’s breasts on the way past, making eye contact as she went. She could see the intention of Jenna’s actions in her green eyes, blazing rather brightly.

“Left foot blue!”

This time, Jenna made a real move, sliding her leg between Lauren’s, putting her in closer proximity to the shorter girl. At right hand green, Jenna moved her hand straight up Lauren’s leg without giving up this time. Sensing the game was no longer the objective, Mike said ‘left foot orange,’ just to see what the girls on the floor would do.

Lauren brought her mouth up the Jenna’s, caressing her lips with her own tongue. Jenna let a small moan escaping, realizing she had won this one. She lowered herself over the other girl’s prone form, running her toes along Lauren’s calf, feeling it twitch to her touch. Jenna quickly removed her shirt, exposing herself to Lauren more fully. Lauren took in the sight with a sigh.

“You are so…perfect,” she whispered.

Not to be forgotten, Mike slipped off the couch and started massaging the taller girl’s shoulders. Jenna smiled, slightly surprised at the touch. She allowed Mike to pull her back off of Lauren, giving Lauren time to undress. He pushed Jenna onto the floor, running his hand up her inner kocaeli escort bayan thigh, noting by the aroma that the girl was already quite wet. He removed the rest of her clothing as well as his own as Lauren came back, running her hands over Mike’s back.

“Give her what she wants,” she murmured, already running her hands over her own body.

Upon seeing the blonde girl’s full figure for the first time, Jenna’s mouth dropped into a small o at the beauty of the other girl. Although short, the girl had unbelievable curves and round, pointy c cups that almost seemed to look at her. Lauren replied by greedily looking the other girl up and down as Mike started to massage Jenna’s already moistened clit. Jenna felt a shudder run through her body at the welcome touch, easing herself into a better position.

After a short while, Lauren straddled the girl and commanded her to share the pleasure, settling her sweet smelling wet pussy directly above the taller girl’s face. Jenna complied quickly and eagerly, wrapping her tongue around the other girl’s clit and allowing her sweet juices to fall into Jenna’s mouth. Lauren immediately moaned and shuddered at the welcome touch of the other girl’s mouth to her pussy.

Not to be outdone, Mike turned up the heat on Jenna, forcing the two girls to shudder together as the anticipation of certain orgasm built in the both. With some timely work by all three, the two girls simultaneously climaxed, spreading their juices and excitement everywhere. Mike quickly flipped izmit escort the girls around so that Jenna was now able to suck his dick as he ate Lauren out. Pleasantly surprised, Lauren found that Mike was pretty large, his dick just waiting to be brought into the action. She slowly teased her lips over his head, causing him to moan her name, “mmmm, Jenna…such a talented mouth…”

She took his dick partially into her mouth, teasing him now with her tongue until he felt that he could no longer take it. With a quick movement, he thrust himself fully into her mouth as she took in the precum practically dripping off his dick. At the same time, Lauren felt another orgasm building at the touch of her lover’s mouth. Working hard to hold it off and keep it building, she glanced down at her friend, thoroughly enjoying herself on Mike’s dick. Lauren began to feel Mike tense up with certain orgasm, as did Jenna. Jenna pulled harder at his dick, sucking with all her might as he suddenly let loose, exploding at the same time as Lauren let out a muffled scream of pleasure at her orgasm.

Mike then flipped them around, quickly pushing his dick into Lauren as the two girl’s lips met once more. After a few quick thrusts to whet her appetite, he moved to the taller brunette girl, filling her ready pussy with his large dick. Moving once more, he kept his dick inside Jenna while fingering Lauren to her sudden delight. Working as best as he could, he pushed the two girls to the edge of orgasm as he prepared himself to cum. And as suddenly as it began, he ended all three of them with a bang, all releasing at the same time in exhausted pleasure. As the two girls fell onto him, Jenna murmured, “I always did love Twister…it keeps things interesting….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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