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(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography, part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of consent . Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down.

I write because it gives me pleasure. My initial writings drew greatly from my own experiences. But as I progressed, I learnt not to fetter my imagination, but to give it wings, to take it to places one has only dreamt of. That’s why I have experimented with different perspectives, preferring not to use names, so that the readers can easily put themselves in the place of the protagonist or any of the characters, building a strong identification with them. I am an amateur and a learner and would love your feedback as it is worth it’s weight in gold, and enable me to craft a richer experience for us all.

This is a lengthy story, which I have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself and maybe of a different genre. The story continues from Part 10

Return to base whilst romancing the rails )

30. One Track mind

They packed their bags, checked out and made their way to the railway station to catch the train back home. They got into the train making the way to their seats, two separate coupes, one for them, another for their parents. The entire carriage was empty and they arranged the luggage under their seats. They went to the parents’ coupe and had the chutney and cheese sandwiches and the cake that her mom had thoughtfully packed before they left. They all had a wonderful trip and were a bit sad to leave.

The whistle blew and the train departed on the journey back home, through the verdant countryside. They went back to their coupe, allowing her parents to relax, their bodies hot with desire and ideas of their own. He closed the coupe door behind them, impatient to get started on their amorous journey, kissing passionately as his hands fumbled to divest her of all her garments. She tried to resist, telling him that it was still daytime, what if the ticket collector or parents were to come and find them in a compromising position. But he could smell her arousal, answering he had locked the door and drawn the curtains.

She tried to distract his attention, pointing out of the picture windows at the flowing rivers, forests and hills, but he was more interested in her personal landscape, her twin peaks, her crevice and her limpid pools, having eyes only for her. She knew she was fighting a losing battle, not only with him, but her own rising desire and shed all her inhibitions faster than her clothes. He was kissing her passionately and their hands roamed over every inch of their bodies, a current of sweet love coursing through their veins.

The train went through a tunnel and he sought hers as well, pushing his fingers in her dark, moist depths; she, stroking his engine, as it rose to the occasion. Their senses heightened by their pleasure, she put a finger to her lips, motioning him to be silent. Through the walls they could hear the sounds of passion emerging from the next coupe.

They clambered onto the upper berth peering through the louvered hatch with curious eyes, as the R rated scenes unfolded before them. He spooned up behind her, pushing between her twin thighs, one hand at her breasts, stroking them with feather like touches, the other caressing her smooth hairless socket, while he sought to plug his member in the nearest hole, his head on her shoulder trying to get a view of the action.

In the next compartment as soon as the kids had left, her dad had started pawing her mom’s tits. She put up a token resistance to his advances, as he tried to get her out of her pants. He kissed her cute little belly button as his hands went to her rack, under her billowing top surprised that her tits were poking out through holes in her bra. He almost ripped her top aside in a bid to see them. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it over her head as her bulbous breasts came into view. She had her girl buy a bra that had openings for tits, her size when they next went shopping, having seen her collection on the evening of the dance, and wanting one of her own.

She knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her during the long journey home, and purposely wore those, along with the crotchless panties to titillate him. He feasted his eyes on the shiny golden bra, struggling to contain her big breasts, her nipples pushing through the holes in them standing tall. He was loving this naughty side to her, and took his time, enjoying the view, making her blush. He too wanted to make the most of these last few hours, before returning home.

Her hands went at the back to loosen the catch but he stopped her, raining kisses on her neck, cleavage, armpits and navel making her ache for his touch on her hooters. But he motioned her to wait, bringing his head closer to her quivering tits, blowing on them, making them perky. Then Etlik Escort he stuck his tongue out, covering her areola, deliberately avoiding the nubs that cried out for attention.

Her breathing was getting shallower as her arousal increased, she started swaying her breasts across his lips, in a bid to get him to latch on. Finally, with frustration getting the better of her, she pulled his head closer, pushing her tits into his open mouth, giving him a taste of her abundant reserves, and making him thirsty for more. He now began sucking on them like a baby unfed.

Through the louvers, as they witnessed these scenes, he tried to imitate her dad, putting his fingers in his mouth and covering her areola with his saliva, finally trying to feast at it from the side. She giggled, laughing at his acrobatics, but turned over to give him unrestricted access to both, whilst she massaged his bare organ sticking up like a signal post, with her hands using a wee bit of lubrication from her coin purse to grease his pole.

As her dad drained her breast milk, her mom started creaming from below, and her hand went to her trouser buttons. But it was his exclusive fief, and he opened them to find a matching set of golden crotchless panties, her quim quivering behind the curtains.

Meanwhile she got to work herself, pulling off his t, to play with the luxurious hair that carpeted his chest, undoing his trousers as well so that his willy was straining against his y fronts, to be free again. A deft manipulation, and his wiener poked out of his fly hole, trying to meet her veiled lips, parting the curtains of her panties. She lay down on the berth, legs open, spread wide allowing him easier access to her muffin.

Behind the louvers, he likewise tried to fit his jack in her box, but she deflected him up to her navel, her muscles performing a belly dance simulation especially for him as he massaged it with his white ointment. Her mom exhorted her dad to plunge deeper into her hole, instructing him in pornographic detail what she wanted him to do, and she likewise, interjected with moans of pleasure, as he pushed her into realms of ecstasy like a hurtling carriage down a mine shaft. She shuddered as her rising fire met his fuel spurts, as he emptied his ball sac deep into her boiler, making her overflow as he blew his whistle. They collapsed onto each other, and soon only the sound of snores was heard from both sides of the divide.

They awoke with a rapping on the door of the coupe, he hurriedly putting on his shorts and t whilst she pulled a blanket over herself, went back to sleep. It was the ticket collector, and he showed him their tickets, motioning that the parent’s were in the coupe adjacent. He peeped in through the glass on the door and finding them sound asleep in a state of dishabille, gave him a knowing smile and proceeded onward.

He was hungry and came back into the coupe, opening a pack of nuts and an energy bar. Hearing his munching, she awoke and looked below. He carried her down by the waist, blanket and all and laid her on the lower berth, her head on his lap, alternately feeding her and alternately feeding off her exposed charms. She put her clothes back on as the train rattled on into the night. The steward knocked, inquiring about dinner and they placed orders for the quartet.

She heard some noises from the adjacent compartment as her parents awoke. Her dad tried to get frisky again, but all he received was a sharp rebuke as they got decent again, hoping that nobody had caught view of them naked from the corridor, the kids next door suppressing a laugh.

After waiting a while, they knocked on her parents door and sat within, inquiring what they were up to. Her mom had put away all the sheets and blankets, but still highly embarrassed, said that they had dozed, waking only a few moments ago. He told them the TC had come in, but he had shown him their tickets, and also taken the liberty of ordering dinner, asking them if they wanted anything else.

Their daughter said, with a smile spreading to the corners of her mouth that she was watching the amazing scenery and landscape, (omitting the minor detail that it was on them, in the coupe next door). They got to playing a game of u.o with much clamor, as the dinner arrived. They finished their dinner, reminiscing of the great time they had together, till it was nearing midnight. She gave an exaggerated yawn, kissed her parents goodnight and departed.

As soon as they reached the coupe they scooted to the upper berth to catch the next episode of the romance on the rails. Her father had just finished changing into his dark blue silk Lungi and Kurta. Her mother was changing in the in coupe bathroom, and they both debated what she would be wearing.

She veered towards the conservative, and he towards the provocative. The bathroom door opened, and 3 pairs of eyes gravitated towards the figure that emerged from within. Keçiören Escort She seemed to be right, as her mother was wearing a full length gown, and a bit disappointed, as it seemed that the late night episode would be cancelled.

But it seemed, she had not reckoned for her mom’s flair for the dramatic, as she unfurled her gown, to reveal a sight so exotic that they let out a collective audible gasp, afraid that their game was up as it echoed into the coupe next door. But her parents had a one track mind, and were not prone to any distractions as the train hurtled towards its destination, and they theirs.

Her mom was wearing a light pink gossamer nighty that just about covered her loins. Though the light was dim they could see her dark brown areola, and her nether lips clearly through the sheer material. Her father’s lungi tented up immediately, and his pecker peeked out through it’s folds.

Looking at the vision from the other coupe, his shorts started asphyxiating his rising organ, and he had to lower them in a hurry to get more comfortable. She bit her lower lip in arousal, her hand dipping into her skirt, even as her dad bounded over to mom, and was worshiping her Yoni, looking up as it dripped her nectar on his upturned face. His Lingam too was rising upwards, bathed in it’s own manna.

He pushed her against the door, and ran his lips over it in reverence, paying special attention to the bud at the top. Her mom let off a sigh, putting one leg over his shoulder, as his tongue entered her sanctum. Her sighs became moans, and then groans, as he progressed further, her breasts heaving, and her ass squirming as he cleaned her out. And then with a loud scream, she blessed his devotion with a shower of gold, pulling him up and meeting his lips with hers.

He was now ready to breach the last frontier, as two strove to become one, entering her with his mighty rod as she clasped around him in a leg lock. He was now pushing at her gates which opened to his battering ram, anointing it with her pure ghee, welcoming the Lord into his home, seeking his pleasure. His gonads went into overdrive and he emptied himself into her and two merged into one, once again.

They looked on as awestruck devotees, witnessing something divine, as she spooned him, divesting her garments, grinding against his buttocks, her hand pleasuring his organ in a steady rhythm, whilst her tits mashed up his back. As the frenzied action in the other room subsided, and the lights went out she ceased her ministrations leaving him hanging and retreated to the bathroom.

He was hoping for a finale, but was sure she had something planned out for their last night on the trip. But her mom’s would be a hard act to beat, wondering which of the garments she would wear, as she stepped out of the bathroom, his mind going into overdrive. He busied himself cleaning the room, putting away their clothes and setting the bed, when he heard a click and she stepped out.

His eyes literally popped out of his head. It was like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. And it was, in her case “The empress’s new clothes” She had not only managed to outdo her mom, she had gone a step beyond. There was nothing between her treasures and his by now wide opened eyes, not even a sheet. She had gone the full Monty and was wearing only a pair of thigh high black fishnet stockings, that accentuated her sexy pins held up at the thigh by a black lacy garter belt.

He let out a low whistle, and she blushed scarlet. He had been thinking what to wear to bed, but by now it was all irrelevant. He was grinning the goofiest smile she had ever seen, and moved ahead to kiss her. She melted into his strong arms, as he lifted her up and carried her to the bed, gently putting her down as if she were marked fragile. He was just looking at her awestruck taking in every inch of her voluptuous flesh, his dong waving around at full tilt. She knew he would be awestruck and she would have to take the initiative to get anywhere otherwise he would just be staring at her the whole night long.

She took his face in her arms and gave him a kiss, jolting him out of his reverie, as she tongued him while fiddling with his balls. He was now wide awake and heated up as well, ready for some action. He dived down into the junction of her thighs, first spreading her lips, fingering her with increasing intensity till she was bouncing along with the motion of the train, begging him to end the torture, as he inserted his flexible and moist tongue up her cunthole. Simultaneously his digits penetrated her anus, making it difficult for her to sit still being penetrated, front and back. As she lay down he sat over her shoulders, his erection brushing against her face as she opened her lips to swallow it in.

He was plugging all her three holes simultaneously, and the more he plugged them the more they leaked, as he pumped his fingers, tongue and dick into her moist recesses Kızılay Escort together feeling the contractions on her nether holes, and a rumbling rising from his balls as she coaxed them. The train shuddered to a halt and they shuddered into each other, coming to a sticky end. They sat up for another couple of hours talking about everything and anything that caught their fancy.

Even though they were sitting in the nude, they didn’t feel the need to engage in coitus or even foreplay, just a few tender touches and caresses on skin. It was ironically the night that they realized what drew them to each other was not just physical, but on many other levels as well. They were soulmates, a perfect fit, made for each other. Tired but elated they fell asleep in each other’s arms in a clutch.

He woke up to the sound of a clamor, only to realize it was coming from outside. A clutch of urchins were peeking in through the tinted glass pane. He noticed that he was not the focus of their attention, rather she was. The blanket had fallen to the floor during the night and she was practically open to the gaze of strangers, due to his laxity in drawing the curtains. He moved quickly to remedy this,seeing how peaceful she looked in slumber, and deeply sexy too, her legs spread wide open exposing her inner folds.

She stirred and found him staring at her, with his tumescent prick waving before him pulled him in for a passionate kiss. It’s not just boys who get morning wood, girls get wet dreams too, and the one she had just woken up from involved a menage a trois, with her mom and him being the other two angles in the triangle.

She kissed him passionately, strangely aroused when he narrated the goings on at the station. She stroked his raging boner and he sucked her pert tits, and dipped his fingers in her cunt, noticing how wet she was, a large wet stain, spreading on the sheet. She stood facing the door and he pushed against her back door, rocking to and fro, in sync with the trains movement as he shot his wad up her ass. She came with a shudder, as he scooted in front for his morning cuppa of his favorite love tonic.

They lay down on the berth holding each other tight, not wanting to let go as there were just a few hours before they got to their destination, and went their separate ways, caressing each other tenderly, enjoying the feeling of skin on skin. There were some noises from the other side and they scooted onto the top bunk for the breakfast show and we’re not disappointed.

Her parents were now on the floor covered in bedding, the train bunk too restricted to give full flow to the expressions of their love. Her mom was giving him a wake up call in the form of a tit fuck, as her father’s tongue alternated between her pussy and ass making her wiggle her hips sexily. His morning wood was an early riser and ever ready for action. He pushed through her twin peaks, slick from her sweat and his precum, entering her waiting lips, giving them a taste of what was to cum, before disappearing again, boring a path through her knockers

Her mom tensed as she neared the apex of her ecstasy spraying him with her face cream as he shot strings of his white paste into her mouth. She rose to go to clean up but he pulled her back onto his lap, and sucked her breasts clean of all the cream and drinking her fresh milk as well. His train entered her terminus, hitting her buffers before coming to a halt with a final whistle, letting off steam in her cavernous concourse.

On the other side of the divide, he tooted her horn, as his engine discharged it’s load at her rear wagon, stirring her cauldron, as love was back on track. They were sticky and sweaty from the surfeit of love and as her mom returned to the bathroom, this time with her dad in tow, she too led him there. They entered the shower together and as the cascades of warm water ran over their bodies they immersed themselves in the gush of love, cleaning each other tenderly and thoroughly.

They patted each other dry as she put on a set of fresh white lacy underwear and he, his y fronts, both wearing jeans and matching T’s that they had bought in Goa. He then gave her a parting gift, getting down on his knees and slipping something on her finger. It was a ring made out of their intimate hair, hers that she had gifted him and his own that he fashioned together before they departed the resort. He then asked her to marry him, and if her answer was yes, there was one more that he asked her to put on his finger too.

Her eyes wet from this touching gesture she gave him a passionate kiss, hugging him tight as she slipped the ring on him. They sat awhile waiting for their heartbeats to return to normal, before packing their luggage. They were about to enter their parents coupe when they saw her parents engage in yet another act of copulation, through the glass pane on the door, as her dad lifted her mom’s saree, petticoat and all for one final farewell fuck.

They looked on amazed at their potency, stamina and libido, a little embarrassed, and returned to their coupe as the train entered the city, and fields and trees gave way to roads and houses. After a while, her parents came in, aglow from their romp, and asked if they were ready and packed. The train came to a halt and they alighted, wistfully parting after a teary farewell.

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