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My life-altering ordeal began early this spring when I paid a visit to my local nursery. I drove there in my Volvo but wound up buying more than my car could accommodate. The Japanese maple and two other small trees would have to be delivered and the cashier informed me that that was a service free of charge. She called for an assistant to help me out and I waited for two or three minutes. A young woman in overalls pushing a cart soon arrived and loaded the items. The girl was surprisingly strong for her petite frame. I watched in amazement as she hefted the plants onto the cart with ease. Then I caught a glimpse of her bare breast from behind as she bent over to grab the second plant. Her shirt was short and lifted as she labored. I quickly looked away but couldn’t help but glance again as she reached for the last plant. I was astonished to see heavy rings sway from each nipple as she pivoted in place and finished with a grunt.

“Can I get your address or should I just follow you?” she asked.

I stood momentarily speechless. Her hazel eyes had heavy eyeliner that added a mesmerizing gaze.

“Yea, you can follow me if you’d like,” I replied.

I noticed her glance at my left hand in an obvious manner and smile as she located my wedding ring. I grew more than self-conscious when she continued to look in my eyes until I decided to turn and head to my car. It was a strange moment, for sure.

I had been married nearly four years to a husband that never looked at me that way. I was feeling like I should limit anymore discussion than necessary with this young woman. I got in my car and pulled up next to the nursery van as she loaded the plants.

She followed me closely and backed the van up our driveway and behind our house. She got out and looked around.

“Nice pile of bricks you have here,” she announced.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I can’t afford to buy a house right now but I’m saving.”

I smiled and looked towards her van.

“It helps to have a workaholic husband. He spends the week in California setting up the regional office and returns home for the weekends. Some trade-off, don’t you think?” I said.

“Wow, it must get lonely for you.”

“It’s nice, actually. I get a lot done in that time,” I replied.

We both stood there in agreement.

“I’m Stina, by the way,” she said as she extended her hand.

“I’m Julie.”

After we shook hands she opened the van and began unloading the trees.

I stood there with my arms crossed as she went to work.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked.

“No. I got it. It’s easier with only one person lifting.”

“You’re pretty strong! Do you do this day in and day out?” I asked.

“No. This is only part-time. I’m a sculpture and a photographer. I also cut hair. I’m kind of a renaissance gal.”

“Wow, that’s cool!” I said.

Stina emptied the van and I directed her toward the destination. I felt the need to continue with the small talk.

“Do you ever display your work?” I asked.

“Sure. Most of it’s in storage right now. I’m looking for a studio where I can live and work. They are kind of scarce right now.”

For some reason I mentioned the space above our detached garage. It is more of a carriage house with running water but by no means a place I would want to live.

“Are you serious?” asked Stina. “That would be perfect if the price is right!”

I began to dismiss it as a possibility right away but she persisted.

“I have no idea. We’ve never rented out that space. You might feel differently if you saw the inside,” I responded.

Stina walked to the stairway and got a good look at the surroundings.

“I’ll take it. I’ll make it livable. This is what I’ve been looking for!”

“Hold on. I’ll go inside and get the key.”

I was caught up in her enthusiasm as I found myself jogging toward the house. ‘What in the world was I doing?’ I thought.

I returned with the key only to find her at the top of the stairs peering inside. As I ascended the stairs I saw the bottom half of her boob beneath her shirt again. She had perfect little boobs that required no bra, unlike mine that had to be controlled at all times. My nipples have a mind of their own as well and leaving the house without a bra is unimaginable.

I opened the door and we walked around. The dust or the disarray was not enough to dissuade her.

“Cool! This is perfect,” she repeated.

“What’s it worth to you? Name a price,” I said.

“What? Any price? How about three hundred?” she said with a smile.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Really? That’s too low. I was only kidding,” she countered.

“No, no,” I said. “I would feel better if someone lived near for security reasons. That is a drawback to not having Carl around; I feel a little unsafe.”

We opened curtains and turned on the faucet. Stina twisted a dead light bulb from the socket and noticed me once again looking at her breasts. She smiled but declined to comment on my lack of manners. I could see Ankara bayan escort the rings through the fabric as her nipples began to harden.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

I turned to see what she was asking about.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Do you like my nipple rings?”

My face became hot as I tried to dismiss her question.

“I…I…What are you talking about?” I stammered.

I couldn’t even pretend. I was caught and she had the nerve to call me on it.

“You’ve been staring at my breasts since I’ve been here! You’ve never seen nipple rings?”

I smiled and replied in the negative.

Stina’s smile faded in the moment before she raised her shirt above her nipples. I looked away momentarily and then fixed my gaze upon them.

“They look great. I mean, they go with you…I mean, they compliment your style.”

“I know what you’re trying to say. How do you know they’re not your style?” she said as she removed her shirt completely. I looked out the window for an instant and discounted that as a good idea.

“Really, Your boobs are big but that doesn’t mean you can have ornaments!”

I was uncomfortable with the direction of our conversation and slowly headed for the door.

I turned to see Stina shaking her head as she slid her arms back into her shirt. I’m sure she thought I was judging her or that I was offended but really was turned on by her boldness and beauty. I was hoping my attitude wouldn’t drive her away.

I watered the trees as Stina approached and asked for my forgiveness.

“I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable, Julie. I was slightly euphoric and got caught up in the moment.”

“No, no,” I said. “I’m sorry for ruining your moment by being such a prude.”

“Are we okay?”

“Definitely,” I said.

“Is it alright if I move in tomorrow and Friday?” she asked.

I nodded as I handed her the key.

There was a time when I would’ve conferred with my husband prior to such decisions but we were growing apart and I valued my independence. That evening I couldn’t stop thinking about the new tenant or the fact that she was already comfortable enough to show me her breasts. I grinned at the idea after just having been terrified of the notion. I was very curious about this new person but avoided leaving the house the next day given the chance that she could show up any minute. She did just that on company time as the van backed in and she quickly unloaded her worldly possessions. As quickly as she arrived she was gone. I finally went outside and planted the small trees but my curiosity was getting the best of me. I found myself heading closer and closer to the garage until I had to at least check and see if the door was unlocked. To my relief the door opened and I was standing over a dozen or more boxes. I kept looking out the window as I nudged a box open with my foot. There were art supplies and clay. There were linens and soap and photography equipment in some boxes and clothing in another. I was about to leave when I saw a stack of drawers. The top drawer had the usual intimates but a box behind it caught my attention. There were several pairs of handcuffs and some leather restraints. The box was full of leather and rubber clothes and my heart nearly stopped when I came across what I secretly hoped to find: a leather whip!

The smell of rubber and fresh leather was intense and I became lightheaded in some sort of lust. I’m not sure why I felt the sudden need to leave room but I grabbed a pair of shiny panties on my way out.

I shove her panties in a drawer beneath the nightstand and waited for her return. She didn’t come back until the same time the following day but this time I wanted to see her. Unfortunately, my husband returned from the coast earlier than expected and distracted me from my new muse. I decided to tell him about our new tenant before he found out on his own. He was not amused with my decision and we fought for awhile before going to bed. He made a pathetic attempt to apologize before fucking me in his idea of make-up sex. I was more or less repulsed by him and faced the window as he fucked me from behind. I couldn’t stand to see his face any longer and tried to think of something else in order to climax. He, of course, came early which left me as I was before. After he fell asleep I walked out onto our deck for a cigarette. I could see Stine putting away her belongings in the guesthouse. She looked tired as she continuously tucked her hair behind her ears. I was very happy to see this beautiful creature making a home out of what was previously another dark corner of our house. It was at that moment I decided not to charge her rent. That’s right. I wanted her talents in order to improve my existence. The next day, after Carl left to golf, I presented her with this proposition.

She loved the idea of rent-free living.

“Really? Are you sure about this? How does your husband feel?”

“He’s fine. Don’t worry. There’s more to life than money – especially when someone as talented as yourself Escort bayan Ankara has so much more to offer!” I said.

Stina beamed with happiness.

“I can give you garden advice, photography sessions, sculpting lessons – you name it. I can do your hair. I’m a beautician, too. I can also do piercing,” she said with a wink.

My heart raced as I mustered the nerve to agree.

“I have been thinking I’d like to look into that,” I said.

“Piercing? Really?” she gasped.

“Yes, I would like to have both nipples pierced.”

“I have time this morning. Do you want to do it now?” Stina asked.

“Now?! You’re prepared to do it here and now?” I asked in disbelief.

“I am. Take off your shirt and bra and we can get started.”

I stood and thought for a moment before pulling my sweatshirt over my head. This is right where I’d wanted to be for the last 48 hours and I decided to go through with this. Stina found and opened a box of instruments as I unfastened my bra. I sat down in a chair and she watched as my boobs bounced and then she let out a gasp.

“You have fantastic boobs,” she said as I raised my forearm in front of them.

I tried to conceal the fact that my nipples were aching hard and I was very aroused.

“Keep your arm down,” she said.

The moment I brought it down to my side her hands had already taken the liberties of caressing my nipples. I was so embarrassed as I brought my hands up and covered my boobs again.

Without a word she grasped my wrists and pulled them to my side. This time she was bending forward and I could feel her breath in my ear. I let out a major sigh as she once again cupped and squeezed my nipples. The feeling shot straight to my crotch as I cringed and covered my boobs once more.

Stina took a deep breath and walked away.

I turned apologetically and asked her not to be upset. I was mid-sentence when I saw her pull a set of handcuffs out of a box. I stopped and stared as she took position behind me and locked my wrists against my back.

“We’re going to do this right,” she said. “I don’t want to hear a word or you’ll be gagged.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said.

I had no idea why I had addressed this girl that way but it seemed right and she was okay with my doing so.

She proceeded to prepare each nipple and place a thick needle through each one by one. I writhed in pain but Stina continued in a cold and methodical fashion. When she finished I was left sitting with two new heavy gauge rings though my still hardened nipples. She wiped off the traces of blood and unfastened my handcuffs.

“How are you?” asked Stina.

“I…I’m okay.”

“Not too painful?”

“No. It felt good, I guess. I mean, I like the way it feels now,” I said.

“Good, so we’re still okay?” asked Stina.

I slowly smiled.

“Tell me when you’re ready for a clit ring,” she said smiling.

I let out a slight, exhausted laugh as I began to make my way back to the house. I didn’t even try to put on my bra or sweatshirt. Instead I wadded it up and pressed it against my aching breasts.

For the next couple days I avoided Stina as I cleared my mind. My thoughts were jumbled and filled with passion towards her. I slept in our guestroom to avoid Carl and to avoid the discovery of my new nipple rings. I made sure I grabbed Stina’s panties out of my nightstand and found myself wearing them and pleasuring myself repeatedly throughout the night.

Monday morning came too late and Carl saw himself to the airport. Stina knocked at the door several times that day but I wasn’t prepared to see her just yet. The final attempt was late in the evening and she’d left a note on the door. I read it and was soon crying at the thought of her leaving me so soon. She wrote that she appreciated my hospitality but that we were probably too different and should be apart.

I ran to her room and demanded that she stay.

“Please don’t leave me,” I cried.

“We’re different. You’re married and I’m used to this lifestyle,” she countered.

“I want a divorce from him. His infidelity and lack of compassion are things I can not bring myself to accept.”

“He cheated on you? You’re gorgeous,” she said.

“Many times. Probably as we speak.”

Stina put her arms around me and apologized on his behalf.

“That bastard. I’m a photographer. I can catch him in the act and you could build a case against him, you know!”

I smiled with a renewed hope in our friendship and that I could finally start the process of separation with Carl.

I think we were both feeling better by this point.

I noticed Stina’s bedroll consisted of a few blankets and a comforter on the ground.

“Would you like to sleep in our guest bedroom until you get your bed situated?” I asked.

“Okay,” she said. “It has been getting cold at night.”

I gave her a mini tour and showed her the guestroom. I noticed the bed was still in disarray and it occurred to me that her panties were still under the sheets.

“I’m Bayan escort Ankara sorry the bed is rumpled. You’re always welcome to sleep in my room,” I said.

Stina looked at me for a long moment. She scanned both of my eyes and put her lips to mine. The soft, gentle kiss of another woman was as satisfying as I’d always imagined. Her hand cupped my breast as the other found my buttock. I was lost in the moment as I reached and felt her nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt. She then interrupted me to turn us in the direction of my bedroom.

I didn’t turn the light on but headed straight for the bed. I began to undress but was helped out of my clothes by Stina. She removed my top and unbuckled my belt. Before my pants were unbuttoned she caressed my thighs and wedged her leg between mine. She brought her knee up high and I squeezed my inner thighs around it. After she began to pull my pants off I could feel her breath descend slowly down my back as she knelt behind me. I stepped out of my pants as she was already pulling my panties to the side. I was already aroused to the point of wetness and she repeatedly rubbed my pussy and brought her hand to her face. Her hand gently pushed my lower back so that I bent over and placed my hands on the bed. She proceeded to pleasure me with her tongue and fingers until I climaxed and collapsed on the bed. I knew she would want me to reciprocate but I was embarrassed and scared.

“Please give me time,” I begged as she positioned herself near my face.

Stina rolled over and patted the bed as if to say it was okay. We got under the covers and soon she was asleep. I sat motionless, staring at the ceiling for an hour as she silently slept by my side. It was before dawn that I awoke to find she had left. I got up to check the guest bedroom but there was no one there.

I put my bathrobe on and saw that her car was gone as well. I could not fall asleep so I made coffee in time to see the sun come up and the birds fly through the sprinklers. I kept an eye on her place but it was seven AM and she was still not home. I went to the guest bedroom and made up the covers. Stina’s panties were where I’d left them and so I decided to put them on under my robe. I could not stop thinking about the night before and was aroused beyond belief as thoughts of her touch played over in my mind. As I found my vibrator I heard a door shut and two women talking.

I ran to the window in time to see Stina in a latex mini escorting some similarly dressed girl upstairs to her room. I couldn’t believe she’d gone out to the clubs after we’d shared such intimacy. I was extremely pissed off and sad at the same time. It was as though she was flaunting the fact that she could get someone else to satisfy her at a moment’s notice. I sat and tried to be calm and logical as the two were probably going down on each other. I waited for twenty minutes or so before I confronted her. I marched up the stairs and burst into her room without knocking. Stina was standing behind a tripod taking photos as the girl posed nude. At that moment I felt I might have overstepped my bounds.

“What the fuck are you doing?” asked Stina.

“What are you doing?” I replied.

Stina stepped from behind the camera as the model remained standing.

“I’m photographing this model for my sculptures. She’s from the university and I pay her!” Stina said.

I knew I needed to apologize but my questions continued.

“Where did you go last night?”

“I went to a bar and then to a coffee shop where I saw Kris and asked her if she wanted to model today instead of next week,” she said calmly.

We both turned to look at Kris who was picking up her clothes.

“I think I’ll catch up with you at another time. I’ll call you,” she said.

Stina’s nostrils were flared as she gave me a look that I had not seen before.

We stood in silence as her guest gathered her belongings and closed the door behind her.

“How dare you question me!” Stina barked.

I stood looking at nothing in particular.

“Did you think I was having sex with that girl?”

“Yes!” I said “I thought you were getting back at me for last night.”

“Maybe I was. That gives you no right to invade my home,” she said.

I glared at her as if there was a chance I had been correct.

“Fuck you!” I shouted.

Stina blocked the door before I had a chance to grab the doorknob.

“Fuck you, too! If I want you to service me I’ll fucking make you service me. I wasn’t mad about that!”

“You’ll make me service you?” I asked incredulously.

Stina walked to the other side of the room without responding.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“What do you think it means, Julie?”

We stared at each other waiting for someone to blink.

“Take off your bathrobe,” ordered Stina.

I slowly untied the belt but stopped when it occurred to me I was still wearing her panties.

“What’s stopping you? Take off your robe!”

I paused momentarily before opening my robe and dropping it off my shoulders to the floor.

Stina took a double take and concentrated on the panties I was wearing.

“You fucking thief! When did you steal my panties?”

I stood silent and waited for her to ask again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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