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Aeri sat in her car and fidgeted. She stared at her phone for a moment before texting Logan and letting him know she was here. She wanted to convince herself that she was just here to watch a hockey game and hang out. But she knew better. All Logan had to do was make a move, and her resistance was gone.

They had been friends for years. From the moment they kicked off their friendship though, there had always been a tension between them. One afternoon, when they were hanging out, they gave into that tension, and their “friends with benefits” relationship was born. It always was when she went to his place. Now she was here to see his new condo.

“It’s going to happen.” She thought to herself as she opened her door.

By the time she got out of the car and made her way across the parking lot to the building, Logan was already waiting at the door. He smiled as he held the door open for her. “All the way up.” He said.

“You look good in that skirt.” He said as he followed her up the stairs. She was wearing a knee length denim skirt and one shoulder top, her blonde hair down to her mid-back. She stopped and turned her head to look at him. Sunglasses perched on top of her hair, she smirked. “I know. And I know you like it.”

Aeri knew what was going to happen. “Consequences be damned” she thought as she opened the door to his condo and walked in.

She kicked off her flip flops at the door. She turned and gave him a big hug. “Congrats on the new place, hun” she said.

“Ready for the tour?” Logan asked.

“Lead away.” Aeri replied.

He showed her the entire unit, telling her what his plans were, what he was going to change, and what he liked. It was a 3rd floor unit with a decent sized balcony.

“I like it. Your work so far has paid off.”

“Want a drink?” He asked. The game was about to start, so they were heading for the couch.

“Water for me. I have to drive home later.”

He chuckled and tossed a bottle of water at her. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink.”

“I don’t do it very often. One of these days though, you might get lucky” she smirked.

The look on his face was priceless as she turned around and sat on the couch.

At the first intermission, they started having a very upfront conversation.

“So how güvenilir bahis come after all this time, you still fidget around me?” Logan asked.

“I don’t know” Aeri replied. “I can totally relax and be myself around you. There’s no pressure, no expectations, nothing. I don’t get it.”

That was all the invitation Logan needed. He leaned in, put a hand on the side of her face and kissed her. He felt her melt in his embrace.

Within seconds, Logan had pulled Aeri onto his lap. She hiked her skirt up slightly as she straddled him. He ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her deeply, feeling the anticipation building inside of him.

Aeri was grinding against his ever hardening manhood as the make out session continued. She was almost at her limit. She could feel the heat building within her.

Logan pushed her onto her back on the couch, and moved on top of her. He continued kissing her, moving down her neck to her shoulder.

As he kissed her neck, Aeri moaned. Logan was the only one who knew that spot. It was her weakness. “Want to take this back to the bedroom?” Logan asked. Aeri nodded. She was shaking with need.

He grabbed her hand and led her back to his bedroom. He kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her as he walked her backwards toward the bed.

“Take your pants off’ Aeri commanded. “Why don’t you do it?” he asked.

Aeri sat on the edge of the bed and pulled his shorts down, exposing his rigid shaft. She ran her fingers over it slowly before gripping it and lowering her mouth around it.

Logan tipped his head back and groaned. “Oh Damn Aeri” he moaned. She slowly took as much of him as she could, running her tongue around him. He was thick, so it was difficult for her to take it all in quick strides. She picked up her pace and intensity as she also started stroking him in sync with her mouth.

Soon, his hands were on her head, pushing her onto it farther as he fucked her mouth. His moans only fueled her. Soon, he could feel his orgasm starting to build. Knowing that she wasn’t a fan of swallowing, he stopped her. He pulled her up and kissed her.

He reached for the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up and over. He unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. He started working his way lower, grabbing and sucking on güvenilir bahis siteleri her breasts. She reached forward and tugged at his shirt between moans.

Logan pulled his shirt up and over his head, tossing it aside. “That skirt has to go.” He groaned as she began to unbutton it. She let it fall, stepping out of it, wearing only her lacy purple undies.

She looked at him with a sultry expression as she slowly worked them down. She knew she was wet. She could feel it. She wanted him. There wasn’t any waiting.

He stepped forward and pulled her into a kiss again, his free hand reaching down, over smooth skin, until his fingers found her soft, shaven pussy. His fingers slid over her opening, covering them in her wetness. He slowly pushed a finger inside, feeling her hot and ready for him. He toyed with her clit, which was getting harder by the second.

He playfully pushed her back down onto the bed. She spread her legs wide for him, waiting for him to plunge into her. But he wanted to make her scream and beg for it. He knelt at the edge of the bed and began kissing her knee. Slowly, he worked his way closer to her pussy, watching her hips writhe in anticipation as he went.

As his tongue flicked out at her clit, he could feel her shaking. He worked his tongue over her opening, savoring her sweet taste. She rocked and moaned as he explored her. She cried out as he slithered his tongue inside of her. He could feel her orgasm approaching. He was purposely bringing her closer to climax.

Aeri arched her back and grabbed at the sheets. “Logan” she panted. “Please… I need it… Just take me now!” she begged. Logan worked his way from her pussy to her stomach, up to her breasts. Soon, he was hovering over her, his hard cock pressed against her opening. She raised her hips to meet him, only to have him pull away. He was teasing her. The agony was unbearable.

Aeri’s mind was racing. All she knew is that she wanted his thick, hard shaft pumping in and out of her tightness now. She didn’t want to wait. She pouted.

Logan chuckled. “I told you, that doesn’t work on me.” He responded. She begged him again.

He continued to tease her for a few more minutes, pushing the tip against her, starting to slide it in, only to pull it out. She was moaning and writhing iddaa siteleri beneath him.

Finally, he couldn’t stand the sight of her arching her back, shaking as she was panting in her need. He pushed up against her, sliding just the head in. A loud moan escaped her.

Without warning, Logan slammed the rest of his hardness into her tight, eager pussy. Aeri cried out at the assault. She wrapped her legs around his lower back, trapping him inside of her. He thrust deeply in and out of her as she moaned and worked her hips against him.

He rolled over, pulling her astride. “Ride me.” he ordered.

Aeri rode him hard, grinding her clit against him, rising off of him and slowly sliding back down, only to ride him fervently again. He knew that she wasn’t going to last much longer like this.

Soon, Aeri’s orgasm was too much for her to hold back, and she erupted into a screaming, pulsing, throbbing mess as she shook uncontrollably on top of him.

“Come for me baby.” Logan growled as he grabbed her hips and worked them against his cock.

As Aeri started to come down, he pushed her off of him. “Get on your knees,” he growled. She instantly rolled over, onto her knees, ass in the air, ready for him.

Logan grabbed her hips and slammed into her again, the full length of his cock burying itself deep inside of her. Aeri cried out at the feeling, only to push back against him and beg for more. “Harder!” she panted as he slammed her over and over. She was going to come again. As her second orgasm shattered her, he slammed her harder.

Logan pumped her hard as his cock started throbbing. Soon, he groaned and pushed into her hard as his hot load came spewing forth from his cock, shooting his thick cum deep inside her drenched pussy. He stood, buried inside of her as he emptied his balls, feeling her still throbbing and pulsing around him.

Aeri leaned forward, collapsing onto the bed. Logan removed himself from her and lay down beside her.

“I’m thinking we missed the second period of the game.” She said, the humor evident in her voice.

“No worries.” Logan replied. “I think there were more important matters to tend to.”

They finished watching the game, without further incident.

As Aeri was about to leave, she kissed Logan on the cheek. “Maybe next time I won’t be so fidgety.”

“Doubt it.” Logan responded.

She got in her car and headed home, tired, and sore, but satisfied. She realized that no matter what, Logan was always going to be the one temptation she couldn’t resist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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