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The next day didn’t start until nearly noon as both Jim and Ron slept late. Jim woke up first and for a while he just lay in bed trying to comprehend what had happened. If it hadn’t have been for Ron sleeping beside him Jim could have easily convinced himself that it had actually been some sort of dream. After all, how could it have been real? Did her really jerk off his friend? Did Ron really give him a blowjob?

And yet there was his best friend lying naked and sound asleep beside him. Jim lay on his back with Ron on his side facing him. Jim wondered what would happen when Ron woke up. Would it be awkward? Jim worried that what had happened would ruin their great friendship.

Jim also worried about what would happen if Ron woke up and it wasn’t awkward. Did this mean he was gay? If Ron was willing, did he want to keep up this relationship? The whole thing was still so crazy and unbelievable. How could he even be thinking about whether or not he was going to continue fucking Ron?

As he lay there pondering his situation Jim felt something against his hip. He looked over and saw that Ron was still asleep yet he could feel something pressing more firmly against his hip. Jim wondered if he already knew what it was. He couldn’t resist slipping his hand under the covers and reaching down toward his hip. As he suspected, his friend had a classic case of ‘morning wood’. As Ron slept Jim lightly caressed Ron’s stiff cock.

Part of Jim wanted to pull his hand away and yet he was so curious and excited that he continued to touch Ron’s cock. He was still caressing it when Ron stirred and started to wake up. Jim considered yanking his hand away but thought that maybe if he just lay completely still that Ron would go back to sleep. Instead, a few moments later his friend woke up with Jim still gently holding his hard cock.

Ron yawned and rolled onto his back. As he rolled Jim’s hand slipped away from his cock. Ron stretched and looked over at Jim and said, “Hey.”

“Morning,” Jim replied still not sure of how Ron was feeling about what they had done.

Ron crawled out of bed and walked down the hallway to the bathroom with his still mostly hard cock standing out in front of him. Jim tried not to stare at his cock but his eyes remained mostly focused on it until Ron disappeared into the bathroom.

When Ron returned a few moments later he was still naked. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers. He pulled them on as Jim got out of bed and walked naked to take his turn in the bathroom. When he came back Ron was sitting on his bed still dressed in only his boxers. For a moment Jim looked for his own clothes before he remembered that they were downstairs in the basement.

“Um, I think I’m going to go down and get my clothes,” Jim said almost sheepishly.

“I’ll come with,” Ron said. Ron followed Jim downstairs. When they got to the basement Jim pulled on his boxers and started collecting the rest of his clothes.

“Um,” Ron started. He seemed unsure of what exactly to say, “so are we still cool? I mean with…well, you know…”

That was the question Jim had been thinking about all morning. Without even thinking Jim replied, “Yeah, I’m OK if you are.”

Ron smiled and said, “My parents aren’t due back until tomorrow afternoon. I was thinking we could hang out today.” He then paused and added, in a way that tried to be casual but betrayed that he was nervous about what he was asking, “And then maybe spend the night here again.”

Jim felt nervous and excited all at the same time. There couldn’t be any doubt now what Ron meant by asking him to stay the night. He wanted to know if Jim wanted to fuck again. Jim’s mind spun in crazy circles. He could barely believe it when he replied, “Sounds great.” He then added, “Let me run home first and get some fresh clothes. Besides, my mom is probably ready to freak out that I didn’t come home last night.”

They agreed that Jim would return in a little while and Jim departed. His parents were a little upset that he hadn’t called the night before, but he explained that he was just really tired after the party. He said that he and Ron stayed up really late talking. “By the time I realized what time it was I knew you guys would be asleep so I couldn’t call,” he added. He said that Ron had offered to let him crash on the couch and so he spent the night there.

His parents gave him a little lecture on being more responsible but they weren’t really that upset. He and Ron had often crashed at each other’s houses even back in high school, so their parents were used to this sort of thing. Usually Jim called home first but things had gotten so weird the previous night that the idea of calling home never even crossed his mind.

Jim showered and packed an overnight bag. All the while he thought excitedly about what might happen with Ron that night. The mere idea of being excited sexually about Ron still seemed so strange that it was hard to believe, but Jim ataköy escort couldn’t deny that he was very exciting and very much looking forward to being with Ron again.

By the time Jim returned Ron had cleaned up the basement and was sitting downstairs watching a football game on TV. Just sitting on the couch beside Ron gave Jim a wild thrill knowing that the previous night they had been sitting right here when Ron sucked his cock and he jerked Ron off. They watched the game for only a few minutes before the phone rang. Ron answered and found that it was Dan. Dan was getting some guys together for a game of football. He asked if Ron wanted to play. Ron eagerly agreed and said that Jim was hanging out also and that he would play also.

Jim and Ron changed and walked to the park where they and their buddies played football most weekends during high school. He had some great memories of those games and was happy to be able to play another game just like the old days. The turnout was smaller than when they had been in high school but still enough guys came that they had a good game.

The ground was still wet from a rainstorm a few days earlier and by the time the game ended they were filthy from the mud. Everyone had a blast and stood around talking for a while after the game until the cold air that came with the setting sun started to get uncomfortable. They said their goodbyes and Jim and Ron walked quickly back to Ron’s place.

Aside from having a great time, Jim was also happy about the football game because everything felt normal between Ron and him. During the game they laughed, taunted, and talked just as they always had done. There wasn’t any awkwardness between them.

Jim also had feared that somehow the other guys would immediately know or sense what he and Ron had done. His fears were truly irrational as nobody did or said anything that gave even the slightest indication they sensed anything at all out of the ordinary had happened between Jim and Ron.

The sky was already fairly dark when they got back to Ron’s place. They stood in the mud room just inside the back door and peeled off most of their muddy layers. When they finished Ron was left wearing only boxers and a t-shirt and Jim was left only in his boxers.

“Should we take a shower to get cleaned up?” Ron asked.

Jim agreed, but then something very unusual happened. It was fairly common for them to return to Ron’s house after a football game and each take showers to get cleaned up. Ron’s house actually had three and a half bathrooms so there was plenty of space for them to shower. This time, however, neither of them said anything as Jim followed Ron upstairs. Ron grabbed a couple of fresh towels from the hall closet but instead of handing one to Jim he carried them both down the hall.

Then, instead of turning into the bathroom off the hallway Ron turned into his parent’s master bedroom suite. Jim silently followed him getting more and more nervous and excited. Jim had never been in this room before and took a moment to look around. The room was quite large with a king sized bed and some very nice furniture.

Suddenly Jim noticed the sound of water running and turned to see Ron standing in the doorway of the master bathroom. “Ready?” Ron asked. “I thought there would be more space in here.”

Jim walked into the bathroom and immediately knew what Ron meant. The bathroom had one of those walk-in showers with two showerheads pointing at different angles. It was easily big enough for three or even four people inside. Ron pulled off his t-shirt and boxers and stepped into the shower. Jim felt the nervous knot in his stomach tighten as he stepped out of his boxers and joined his friend in the shower.

Somehow this seemed different than the previous night. Jim figured they could excuse what happened the previous night to it being late and them being a little drunk. After all the teasing from Cindy and Michelle they were both left horny and one thing just led to another. Today, however, they had no excuse. By stepping in the shower Jim knew that he could no longer write off what had happened as a fluke or an accident. By stepping in the shower in the late afternoon after having just finished playing football Jim knew he was admitting to Ron, but mostly to himself, that he lusted for his friend’s cock and wanted to fuck him again.

Jim closed the door behind him and knew there was no turning back now. However, as he looked at Ron he knew that he didn’t want to turn back. Ron was already under the water washing his hair. Jim stepped beside him and let the water run down on him. At first they both just washed their hair and faces while standing beside each other. Other than some occasional bumping or rubbing against each other they didn’t really touch and yet Jim was still very excited. His cock was already semi-hard from the anticipation of what might happen. Why would they get in the shower together if they were truly just avcılar escort going to shower?

It was a few moments later that, as they each lathered themselves, they briefly made eye contact. It was as if that was the single spark they had been waiting for because they held the eye contact for only a few brief moments before they stepped together and embraced. Jim felt his partially hard cock rub against Ron and excitedly noticed that Ron’s cock was also mostly hard and pressed up against his stomach. Their embrace soon progressed to a deep kiss. There wasn’t any hesitation or pausing and they kissed like eager lovers.

They parted the kiss and Ron stepped back slightly. He was still holding a bar of soap and worked up a healthy lather in his hands. He moved around behind Jim and brought his hands down to Jim’s lower back. They immediately slipped lower and Jim moaned as his friend lavishly lathered and fondled his ass. After a few minutes of this Ron moved around in front of Jim and worked up another big lather before he reached down and took hold of Jim’s now hard cock.

Jim groaned as Ron’s soapy hands explored his cock and balls. After a while longer one of Ron’s hands slipped down to Jim’s balls and then moved even further back between Jim’s legs. Jim moaned and spread his legs apart slightly to give Ron easier access for whatever he was about to do. Ron’s soapy fingers moved to the skin between Jim’s asshole and balls and Ron began ‘washing’ him there in addition to his upper thighs.

After a little while of this Ron stood up and moved around to Jim’s side. Ron kept one of his hands on Jim’s cock and slipped his other around to Jim’s ass. This time, however, instead of just caressing his ass Ron’s fingers dipped between his ass cheeks toward his asshole. Jim moaned in surprise as Ron’s fingers found and then lightly explored his asshole. Jim had never had anyone play with his asshole before and the whole sensation was strange and unknown.

As Ron continued playing with his cock and running his finger around his asshole Ron softly asked, “Have you ever had a girl play with your asshole before?”

“No,” Jim gasped. “Have you?”

Ron started stroking Jim’s cock and kept his other finger dancing teasingly over Jim’s asshole. “Yes,” Ron groaned. “I’ve had a girl shove her finger up my ass while she was sucking my cock.” For a while they didn’t say anything else as Ron continued to easily and expertly stroke his cock.

“Did you like it?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Ron groaned

Jim was already teetering on the edge of his control from Ron’s skillful stroking and from the sensation of Ron’s finger teasing his asshole. Jim had never experienced anyone playing with his asshole before and it felt new and surprisingly exciting. Suddenly the idea of someone sliding their finger up his asshole seemed kinky and wild.

All of these thoughts combined with Ron’s continued fondling were enough to trigger Jim’s orgasm. He groaned and started shooting his cum out onto the shower floor. Ron’s hand perfectly stroked him as he came and seemed to prolong and intensify his orgasm the whole time he was cumming.

Jim’s head spun and he was momentarily aware of nothing except the waves of pleasure emanating from his cock. Once his orgasm passed and he finished cumming, Jim became aware of Ron’s hard cock pressing against his ass as Ron stood beside him and continued fondling his cock for a few moments.

Once Jim regained more composure he was suddenly overwhelmed with an intense urge to do something that would have seemed impossible only 48 hours earlier. Jim spun around to face Ron and pushed him slowly back toward the wall until Ron was standing with his back against the wall. In this position they were away from the spray of the two shower heads as Jim dropped to his knees in front of his friend.

Jim gazed at the sight of his friend’s hard cock now only inches in front of his face. Jim reached up and grasped the base of Ron’s cock. Slowly, Jim moved forward until the tip of Ron’s cock very lightly grazed against his lips. Jim opened his mouth and reached out with his tongue to lick the underside of Ron’s cock. It felt strange and exciting and yet somehow familiar and comfortable.

Jim continued exploring Ron’s cock with his lips and tongue. He started at the head of his cock and slowly moved all the way down to the very base of his shaft before slowly working his way back up to the tip again. Once back at the tip Jim was ready to take the next step. He parted his lips wider and leaned forward until he could feel the tip of Ron’s sliding into his mouth. Jim opened his mouth a little wider and felt Ron’s cock slide deeper into his mouth.

Ron’s cock felt so hard and amazing in his mouth that it made Jim’s mind spin. For a few moments he just held it there and let his tongue glide over the tip and underside of Ron’s cock. Now that Jim actually had a cock in his mouth he realized that he really beylikdüzü escort didn’t know what to do.

Then Jim remembered how amazing Ron’s blowjob had felt the previous day and wanted to give Ron the same pleasure. He closed his eyes and thought about how it felt when someone sucked his cock. He thought about what he liked and what things felt the best. As he replayed all the best moments of the blowjobs he had received he started moving his mouth on Ron’s cock.

By the time he realized that he was moving his mouth it was obvious that Ron was enjoying the blowjob. Ron was moaning and had reached down and put his hands on the back of Jim’s head. Jim kept his eyes closed and simply concentrated on Ron’s cock as if it was his own. He tried to duplicate everything he had ever experienced that he had liked.

He kept his fingers wrapped around Ron’s shaft and settled into a slow and steady tempo. The feeling of Ron’s hard cock sliding back and forth between his lips was kinky and very exciting. For a while Jim used his tongue to add to the teasing. As Ron’s lust built he began thrusting his hips back and forth essentially fucking Jim’s mouth. As Ron did this his hands still held the back of Jim’s head. Jim savored the feeling of Ron’s wild lust and tried to match Ron’s thrusts with his own movements to add to Ron’s pleasure.

It didn’t take long for Ron’s whole body to tense and Jim knew his friend was about to cum. All day Jim had been thinking about the previous night when Ron had cum on him after Jim jerked him off. There was something about feeling Ron’s cum on his skin that made Jim horny and he was eager to have it happen again.

As Ron’s body tensed in the moments just before he started cumming Jim pulled Ron’s cock out of his mouth and stroked his long shaft. Ron started cumming just as his cock left Jim’s mouth. Jim kept his face close to Ron’s cock so he could easily see Ron’s cum and so he would be sure to have most of Ron’s cum land on his face and chest.

It was only after Ron finished cumming and Jim closed his mouth all the way that he realized some of Ron’s cum had landed in his mouth. His first reaction was to spit it out, but there was something about the warmth on his tongue and the completely wild and unbelievable idea that he actually had another guy’s cum in his mouth that made him curious. He held it in his mouth for a moment to gain courage before he swallowed it.

It felt thick and sticky sliding down his throat and the taste wasn’t very good. At first he was worried he might gag on it but then it slowly settled into his stomach. Then, just before he stood back up, he happened to look up at Ron. Ron stared down at him with wild lust and excitement in his eyes. Jim realized that Ron must have seen his cum in Jim’s mouth and watched as he swallowed it. Jim realized that he had never had a girl do that for him before and that if he had just watched someone eat his cum he would probably have the exact look that Ron currently did.

When Jim stood up he and Ron embraced in a long, deep kiss standing against the shower wall. After they parted their kiss they finished their shower by washing off Ron’s cock and washing the cum off Jim’s face and shoulders. They stepped out and dried off before walking to Ron’s room and getting dressed. As they got dressed Ron suggested ordering some pizza and Jim eagerly agreed.

They went downstairs and hung out in the basement while they waited for the pizza. They played video games, talked, and acted just like they had done hundreds of times before in this very room. Occasionally Jim marveled at how it felt like nothing between them had changed at all and yet virtually everything between them had changed.

They paused their game when the pizza arrived and sat on the couch watching TV as they ate. Jim was still trying to figure out how everything could feel so normal between them. Was it really possible that he and Ron could just start fucking each other like this and not have it affect the rest of their relationship? So far it seemed that it definitely was possible.

They both finished eating and left the remaining slices of pizza sitting in the box on the coffee table as they went back to playing video games. They played for a while longer with Jim still mulling if and when he should actually talk with Ron about what had happened. So far, other than when they were actually fucking, they hadn’t yet talked about what had happened between them.

They reached halftime in their video football game and finally Jim said, “So, um, can I ask you something?”

Ron answered yes and Jim said, “I don’t know, I guess I thought we should talk about what happened.”

Ron smiled and said, “Yeah, I guess we probably should.”

“Have you ever done anything like that, I mean, been with a guy before?” Jim asked.

Ron hesitated and then said, “No, well, sort of, I guess.” He then explained how there was this guy at school that he had been hanging out with quite a bit. “We were out partying one night, just hanging out, and we end up back in his dorm room. I was pretty drunk and all of a sudden he starts telling me how he’s gay and how he feels this bond between us. He told me that he knew I didn’t think I was gay but that I should open my mind.”

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