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This is Part 2 of Jola’s sexual history, sequel to ‘Narcissae.’ That followed accounts of our two encounters, ‘Small Recorder’ and ‘Recorder Encore.’ I’m continuing to narrate as Jola.


Zbyszka and I were agog to meet the mysterious Danka, mentioned by Kasza, leaving the impression that the occasion would be crucial in our lives. All we knew was that Kasza had met and possibly had sex with her.

It was a daytime appointment, with Kasza’s parents at work, so privacy was ensured, without need to explain the presence of a stranger. Zbyszka was known to them, just as a fellow student.

Danka was in her mid-thirties, ten centimetres or so taller than Zbyszka, with long, natural, flaming-red hair. This was striking enough, but her eyes were as compelling, since they were not the hazel or green common to redheads. The bright blue became darker from the pupil outwards, giving an impression of depth, that you were looking deeply into her, and that she was receiving you, calmly understanding and appraising you. Her complexion was creamy, almost transparent, with a charming scatter of freckles across her short nose. Her mouth was full, and of that slightly orange colour that sometimes accompanies auburn hair.

Her prominent breasts and bottom were separated by an absurdly small waist, but that voluptuous physique radiated health and energy. As if she was equally ready to drain your system through intercourse or run a marathon. Or one after the other, never mind the order.

She was dressed in a blue summer dress, with a gold-coloured scarf tucked into the neck, and black high-heeled shoes, without stockings on her strong, shapely legs.

It was evident that Kasza was already in love with her, and a shared look confirmed that Zbyszka and I were going the same way, since the lady was not only beautiful but generating an aura of loveableness. She brought joy and fulfilment.

We settled in the parental sitting-room with coffee and cake, but spent little time on chit-chat, as Kasza got straight to the point. ‘I’ve explained our histories and present situation to Danka. She understands we have reached a point when we need to make up our minds about our futures, to decide what we should do. She knows we have explored each other, and she and I have been together twice. She will guide us.’

Danka smiled, relaxed and confident. ‘You need some help because of your physique and indeterminacy about your sexual natures and aspirations?’ We nodded. ‘Kasza is a woman, but not as much a woman as she would like to be. Zbyszka and Jola are technically male but feel themselves to some extent also to be also female?’ We nodded again. ‘So the question is, Do you want to make love with women, men, people like yourselves, or all comers? Pun intended. What are the possibilities?’

‘That’s right,’ Zbyszka said. ‘What possibilities are there?’

‘I think the first step is to meet each other without clothing or inhibitions,’ said Danka. ‘I hope you may find my body and love-making enlightening. That is why Kasza has asked me here. But if that sounds rather clinical, I adore love-making and have been looking forward to it with you all. I know that you are all highly orgasmic, like me.’

Kasza led us to her bedroom, where the bed was already stripped to the mattress and covered in several layers of towels. Being a fine spring day, the room was warm without being stuffy. The stage was set. We three were already excited and eager, sure that Danka would be a revelation

Danka and Kasza had clearly already decided how to proceed, for Kasza signalled Zbyszka and me to sit on the bed and watch while she unzipped Danka’s dress at the back and Danka stepped out of it. Although Kasza had seen this before, we were all three awestruck by the sight of Danka in her underwear. Her magnificent breasts were firmly held in a cream-coloured, lace-edged bra, and her all-enveloping, also cream-coloured, panties were close-fitting, and semi-transparent, so her ginger pussy-fuzz shone through the fabric.

All three of us, I’m sure, shared the same mixture of responses. Admiration, envy, longing, eagerness to see, hold, caress, lick those superb bosoms. Kasza seemed to be in the role of magician, casting the spell, delaying the outcome, for she paused to let our anticipation swell. And swell was what both the cocks present began to do. Danka herself stood easily, smiling a little, awaiting the next move.

Which was Kasza reaching behind her to unhook the bra-strap and then stand back to let the breasts settle forward into the cups now the tension was off. That slight sag made all three of us draw a quick breath, which made all four laugh. Then Kasza eased the straps off Danka’s shoulders, as we drew breath again and held it. The bra clung to the breasts for a few seconds, and Kasza drew it off.

The breasts swung free, dropping a little, settling into place against the rib-cage, able to pass the pencil test, as that item would have been held beneath the creamy anadolu yakası escort swell. We stared reverently for twenty seconds, till Zbyszka murmured huskily, ‘Look at those nipples.’

They were, indeed, spectacular, for the orangey-brown areolas were four or five centimetres in diameter and the nipples, visibly hardening, protruded nearly two centimetres. Three mouths watered at the prospect of sucking them. Danka was touched and amused at our astonishment. She said, ‘Perhaps two of you would attend to those in due course.’

Then, as if we had seen enough for now, Kasza turned Danka round and that, currently knickered, bottom filled our vision. Considerably larger than any of ours, it seemed to be in a state of tension, as if its deep, deep, cheeks were clamped together by some force of nature. We longed to test that tension by forcing a finger into the cleavage. Zbyszka and I imagined inserting our cocks and releasing our fluids into that tight fissure.

Danka showed that she was not squeezing her crack shut by clenching her buttocks, so that they swelled a little as they rose and bulged together. We marvelled, and with the flourish of a conjurer, Kasza unveiled the bottom by drawing the knickers down, so that they bunched below the gluteal creases. I, bottom-connoisseur, said, ‘That is the ultimate bottom, the Platonic ideal of bottomness.’

Kasza tantalised us by stroking that ne plus ultra of bottomage, and then suddenly pulled up the panties and patted the bum in a way Zbyszka and I thought over-familiar. Then Kasza turned Danka to face us again and went behind her. We saw her hands slip into the waist-band of that filmy garment above the hips and suddenly drag them down.

And, oh!, it was showtime indeed, for out from between her legs there slid a penis. It had evidently been held there by the tightness of the gusset. Zbyszka and I looked at each other, noting that we were both surprised and yet not altogether surprised, since we knew that there was going to be something special, out of the ordinary, about Danka.

We contemplated the cock, unable to gauge its size, because a penis varies greatly in dimensions according to the temperature, overall state of being and degree of excitation, as we knew from personal experience. We concluded it was certainly larger than Zbyszka’s, and wondered what would be its status when erect.

That it nestled in that red-gold fleece added to its fascination, for there is something exotic, even mysterious, about red hair, cranial or pubic.

Danka spoke. ‘As you see, I’m a transwoman. I was born like Jola and Zbyszka, taller than them but reedy in build, thinking of myself after a while as being as much female as male, and resolving to explore my nature and realise it by whatever means. I’ll tell you more and answer questions later, but now I need sex urgently. Please undress now and let’s make a lot of love. Look what the idea is doing.’ And her cock was growing, twitching a little as it lengthened and thickened.

The three of us were quickly naked and crowding round Danka. Zbyszka and I went to those superb nipples and began to suck. We felt Kasza’s hand seek out that semi-risen cock. Danka began to shake. She said, ‘The first time I’d like to be inside. Cunt or bum.’

We stood back and studied Danka’s now rigid upstanding penis. It was a good sixteen or seventeen centimetres long, and as thick as a three of my fingers. Zbyszka and I were daunted by the prospect of absorbing that up our bottoms, but Kasza said, ‘She hasn’t been inside me yet, but I so much want her. She’s much bigger than you two, but I need to find out just how much of a woman I am.’

She lay on her back and opened her legs.. Danka put an arm round Zbyszka and me, drew us towards the bed, and said, ‘You can help us, I know. A nipple apiece, maybe? I know she goes with clit. Whatever you like. Come, too, perhaps?’

She knelt between Kasza’s knees. ‘Are you slippery, Kaszka? Let’s see. Oh, yes.’

Zbyszka and I knelt on the floor either side of the bed and sucked those stupendous nipples. Not as long as Danka’s but long enough to mumble between the lips and circle with the tongue. Danka said, ‘Get me ready, one of you. I love to be handed into the lips.’

I so longed to hold that impressive cock that I deserted the nipples and reached for it. Holding it between fingers and thumb was so thrilling I was ready to come. Danka said, ‘You’re ready, aren’t you, Jola? Come closer to me. Just wait till you’ve put me in, and then I’ll take you. We can come together.’ She swayed forward and I nestled her tip into the lips. Kasza flinched, but said, ‘Go in, darling. Don’t hesitate. Push hard.’

Danka slowly eased onwards, and the sight of her shiny glans disappearing brought me to the brink. Zbyszka ran a hand down Kasza’s tummy, homing in on her clitoris. There was a long moment of suspense. Then several things happened quickly. Danka thrust all the way in, trapping ataşehir escort my hand between her mons and Kasza’s stomach. Danka said, ‘That’s it. I’m coming, oh, I’m coming.’ She took hold of my cock and wanked it twice. I said, ‘Perfect! I’m coming,’ and showered the vicinity with my albumen. Kasza writhed and cried out, ‘We did it! Move a little, Danka, and – yes, do the clit, Zbyszka. I’m coming.’

Danka was still holding me with her left hand. She said, ‘Zbyszka, d’you want to? Come closer and let me help you.’ Zbyszka needed no urging. She detached from the nipple and Danka soon had the fingers of her right hand working on the cock. It came at once, jetting onto Kasza. Then Zbyszka and I laid our heads on Kasza’s chest and rested. Danka moving gently a few centimetres out of and into Kasza., said, ‘I’m ready again. It’s wonderful in there, and not so tight, my sweet Kasza. It’s a woman’s cipa. Somebody rub me off into her?’ She pulled out until only the glans was inside. Zbyszka and I consulted with a glance, and she took Danka’s penis in her hand and began to slide the loose skin back and forth, concentrating on the shaft behind the shield. Danka said, ‘You have the touch, sweetheart. On the way. You’re going to make me come into Kasza. That’s it. I’m coming!’ And as Zbyszka snatched away the hand, Danka plunged hard into Kasza. Her bottom clenched and relaxed with each sperm-spasm, till Kasza cried out, ‘Coming! Coming!’

We were spent for the moment. Danka eventually pulled out, releasing a gush of thick semen. She said, ‘Lie with me and I’ll talk a little, till we’re ready again.’

Kasza, Zbyszka and I stood. Danka lay on the bed, Kasza and Zbyszka lay close beside her and rested their heads on her bosom. I lay between her legs, head on her thigh, her sticky cock against my cheek. Danka said, ‘As I said, I was born a boy, but understood when I was entering puberty that I wanted to be female as well. I also knew that this was a part of my life as a whole, that if I was going to manage it I would need to manage everything. So, I began a programme of diet and exercise, preparing myself. I worked hard at school and university. I researched the means of feminising myself, where to go, what it would cost, what was involved. I saved every penny, eventually euro, became a teacher, attended the best clinic and grew my breasts, rounded my bottom. I haven’t had surgery, as many transwomen do, because I wanted to develop myself, to accept whatever changes happened.’

‘You mean we could do that?’ Zbyszka asked. ‘Become transwomen, Jola and I?’

‘Yes, or you could also have the surgery to get vaginas. It depends on what sorts of sex you want, and with what sorts of partners.’

‘What sorts do you have?’ I asked.

‘I’ve tried it with men, mutual masturbation and anal intercourse, but what I prefer is sex with women, cunt or bottom, and sex with other transwomen, tossing off or bum.’

‘And I could I get proper breasts, without surgery, Danka’s told me.’ Kasza said. ‘We could all three get the treatment and be as we want.’

‘How did you know what you wanted?’ Zbyszka asked.

‘My body told me. I followed my intuition. And I tried it out.’

‘We love to do it in Kasza’s vagina,’ I said, ‘So, obviously we like it with a woman.’

‘And we’ve done it in each other’s bottoms,’ said Zbyszka, ‘And we came, but we don’t know completely if we want to do that with men or transwomen.’

‘Shall we try it and see what you feel, both ways?’ Danka said.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘But I think we’re a bit scared. You’re so big.’

‘The only way is to try it, as I did just now,’ Kasza suggested, ‘Though it’s not quite the same, I know. I’ll have to try it in my bottom, then, too.’

‘Would you like to do it with all of us?’ I asked.

‘I would,’ Danka said, ‘You have cute bottoms and I’d love to be inside them.’

Zbyszka and I exchanged another look. Who was first to dare that impressive cock?

‘I think I’m going to be a transwoman, like you,’ Zbyszka told Danka, ‘So I’d better test myself to the limit.’

‘You two can help her,’ Danka said. ‘There’s plenty of slip-juice in Kasza still, for a start, and we’ll go from there. Clear the bed, girls, and kneel up, darling.’

Zbyszka was quickly poised, with Danka behind her, saying, ‘Grease us both, then.’

Kasza fingered her pussy to collect the cum-residue and wiped it into Zbyszka’s crack.. I drew from the same fountain and applied it to Danka’s rampant cock. I had to restrain myself from starting to toss her off, something I was longing to do.

‘Now, one of you get beneath her and take her in your mouth. We need to get her relaxed and receptive.’

Kasza lay down to get her head below Zbyszka’s balls, then brought her lips up to engulf the half-erect cock.

Danka moved forward, gently opened Zbyszka’s cheeks and brought her cock-tip to the entrance. She pushed and forced in the first two centimetres, so the ümraniye escort cock-width inserted was minimal. Zbyszka’s bottom jerked a moment at the touch, but she said, ‘Don’t stop.’

Danka pulled out and pushed in again, a centimetre further, but only remaining lodged for a few seconds before again withdrawing. ‘More slippery,’ Danka said, And Kasza opened her thighs to let me plunder her cipa. I caressed Danka’s tip with the lubricant and she leaned forward again and once more slid a few centimetres in, a little further than last time. She said, ‘Relax, lovely Zbyszka, let me in. I so much want to be inside you.’

‘Yes, yes, I want you in me. I can feel it’s going to be all right. Go into me, darling.’

Danka drew out again, and thrust in, almost up to the widest part of her glans. She then moved in and out with only minimal movements, so that Zbyszka’s encircling ring was moving fractionally up and down the distended head. She said, ‘It’s strange, but it feels good. It hurts a little, but it’s easing. I know I can take you, Danka. Go further.’

‘She’s good and hard,’ Kasza reported, then resumed sucking.

Danka withdrew a little, preparatory to sinking herself further, and Zbyszka said, ‘No, don’t leave me. Go right in now.’

‘Push my bottom,’ Danka told me. ‘Push me into her.’

I needed no second invitation to put a hand across her cheeks and gently push. Fascinated, I watched as her shield slowly sank in, reaching its maximum width. It was I who was enforcing the entry. And both groaned simultaneously. Zbyszka said, ‘It’s tight, but I’m so proud you’re coming into me. I love your filling me with your wonderful cock. Push her harder, Jola, drive her right into me.’

And, of course, I pushed harder and gazed spellbound as the glans disappeared, and the shaft behind it continued to slide in. Zbyszka was gasping, whether in pain or pleasure was uncertain. Danka’s uneven breathing was hissing in and out through clenched teeth.

Eventually the whole penis was buried and Danka’s pubis was pressed against those charming cheeks. Danka said, ‘So good, so good. You have me completely. I’m ready to come. How is it for you, sweet-bottomed Zbyszka?’

‘I think I will come when you come. Kasza has me ready. Come, darling. Fill me with your cum.’

Danka pulled back a centimetre or so, and said, ‘Hold my bottom, Jola, and send me in. Make me come.’

I threw my arm round her hips and threw my weight forward. I felt her cheeks clench and flutter as she slammed home, rocking Zbyszka and the whole bed. She bent forward to lay her breasts on Zbyszka’s back and tightened every muscle in her body as the orgasm exploded through her and she dragged in a long, long ragged breath.

Then Zbyszka whimpered with the impact of it and of her own climax, filling Kasza’s mouth to overflowing and running down her face And I was beside myself with the need to come, so I scrambled onto the bed, on top of Kasza, elbowed her legs apart, and spiked her vulva with my aching cock, and, more by luck than intention, my jerking and jabbing cock insistently prodded her aleady engorged clitoris, and she came, just as I plunged into her cunt and burst into her a torrent of cum.

We collapsed into heap of entwined, sweaty limbs, twitching and sighing with satisfaction, three flaccid cocks and a vagina leaking liquid.

After a while, Zbyszka said, ‘So, now I know. I want to be a transwoman and come in cunts and transwomen’s bottoms. How do I get there, Danka?’

‘You come to Germany, to a special clinic, where you will be examined minutely, tested, sampled, and prescribed for, if a programme is designed for you. Then, you visit it when told, and you follow the instructions to the letter, and slowly, slowly, you will transform, blossom, realise your self.’

‘But that will cost money, won’t it?’ I asked.

‘Yes, it will, so you must work out how to raise it.’

‘How did you do it?’ Kasza asked.

‘I taught full time, gave private lessons, worked at other jobs in vacations, lived as cheaply as possible.’

‘Was there a problem about your changing shape?’ I asked.

‘I had to find a school with a sympathetic director, who agreed I would be known as pani [Mrs, but used by all women over sixteen] Danuta Konarska, and I dressed as a woman, with a padded bra, decreasing the padding as my breasts grew.’

‘No-one guessed your situation?’ Zbyszka asked.

‘If they did, they said nothing. Remember, I was quite small and slim. My increasing dimensions were remarked on, especially by one or two male colleagues, and I explained I was working out a lot and following a special diet, which was true. As you may imagine, I was propositioned quite a bit by men. But I had a bit of luck, too, because a woman colleague also approached me, and I took my courage in both hands and explained my status. And she wasn’t shocked and was so curious we agreed to an assignation to see how we got on.’

We were eager to know the answer, and Kasza asked, ‘How did you get on?’

‘She was fascinated. Didn’t want me inside her, but we made love with hands and tongues, and she quite liked to make me come. It was rather frustrating, but it confirmed that I did need to go into a woman in at least one way. An affair, till she found a cunted lesbian.’

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