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I know how much Adam loves a smooth pussy. That’s why I was so surprised when he asked me to stop shaving it. Being a man of few words when it comes to sex, he told me very bluntly one day that a shaved pussy wasn’t all that pleasant for him because after a couple days’ growth, it was “like French kissing a cat.” How he would know that, I don’t even want to speculate!

Personally, I like a smooth twat. Removing pubic hair is like taking off the last layer of clothing. It leaves nothing to get in the way of his hands, his cock, his tongue. There’s nothing quite like the first time he goes down on my freshly shaved lips. I can tell when my man enjoys it. He lets his tongue linger around my clit; he explores the folds of my pussy like a delicacy. Without natures fine fur, I feel every lick, every flick, and every lap of his tongue with so much more intensity.

Now, I do love the man and I go out of my way to make him happy quite often. He’s worth the effort. However, as I said, I like being clean-shaven. I just don’t get around to it every day. And it’s not that we have wild, animal sex every day either!

Well, I shared my little dilemma with my friend and beautician, Jena. Jena is from Russia and she never hesitates to tell me in her broken English just how foolish we Americans are about some things.

“You Americans haven’t got a clue about sex, do you?” she asked with a laugh. “Ok, Miss Jena-from-Russia-who-thinks-I-don’t-know-anything-about-sex, what is your suggestion? Do I let the hair grow as he asked or do I shave everyday to make myself happy? I know it’s not an issue of international importance, but it’s important to me!”

Again, she laughed at me. Yes, I was starting to feel silly.

“Emily,” she said, “I want you and Adam at my salon on Friday evening after you’re done work. I will show you a better way to give both of you what you want. But you and he must both promise me you will be very open-minded and trust me. Ok?”

“Ok. We’ll be there at seven,” I said.

Great! Now all I had to do is figure out a way to get Adam to the beauty salon!

“Honey, could you drive me to the salon after work? I’m getting my nails done and I hate driving afterward. You know how easy it is to mess up fresh polish… and I’ll only be a little while and then we can grab some dinner after… Ok?”

Well, it only took a little more whining and pouting but Adam agreed to drive me to the salon and wait in the car for me. Ok, now I just needed to coax him into the building. Oh, good grief! Suppose this goes bad! What does Jena have in mind? I was getting just a little nervous, like maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all!

Adam dropped me off at the entrance to the salon right on the dot of seven. I gave him a quick kiss as I was getting out of the car but I still had no idea how güvenilir bahis to get him into the building. Adam drove off to park the car and I went inside.

Jena was waiting for me. She looked very professional in her white “technicians” lab coat but when she saw I was alone she frowned and started shaking her head.

“And where is Adam?” she asked sternly.

All I could do was mutter weakly something about him waiting outside.

“Never mind! I will bring him in. But first, you will follow me,” she commanded.

Feeling way too intimidated to argue I obediently followed Jena up the stairs where it was dimly lit and very quiet. There was soft jazz playing somewhere and I could smell a gentle, flowery fragrance from a handful of burning candles nestled on a table in the corner of the wide hallway. I had never been up the stairs before. Evidently, the good stuff was going on up here!

Jena took me to a small room at the end of the hallway. It too was dimly lit with a few candles and I could still hear the soft music. It looked much like any living room with a sofa, two end tables and a couple of lamps. The only window was draped with very heavy but elegant draperies. It could have been a very nice room for entertaining except for the “examination” type table in the center of the room that was covered in disposable paper – just like the kind my gynecologist uses! Chills started going up and down my spine!

Beside the table was a cart that held several scary looking pieces of metal that just screamed “instrument of pain” to me. There was also a small bowl that resembled a miniature crock pot. On the other side of the table was a floor lamp with a magnifying mirror attached.

“I want you to take off all your clothes from the waist down,” Jena said, sounding very much like what I imagine a Russian general would sound like.

She sensed my fear and hesitation right away. (Maybe because I was frozen with fear and my mouth was hanging open in disbelief?)

Finally, she smiled. “I have known you for four years, Emily. You trust me, don’t you? I promise; I will have you both leaving with a smile. Now, take your clothes off and be lying on this table with the sheet covering you when I come back.”

Not leaving me any chance for an argument, she turned and left the room. My mind was racing now, “Ok, the ‘instruments of pain’ were really just tweezers. And I have known Jena for quite a few years, through many great haircuts, and lots of good highlights… but this felt just a little odd.

“Good grief, Adam is going to think I’ve lost my mind!” I whispered in the semi-darkness.

Obediently, I removed all my clothes from the waist down, covered myself with the sheet, and lay down on the table. Minutes went by but it seemed like hours.

Finally, I heard Jena’s voice as she türkçe bahis quietly entered the room, “Em, are you comfortable?”

The room was so dimly lit that I couldn’t see her until she was much closer to me.

“I’m ok” I responded meekly.

“Good” she said in her sternest voice. “I just want you to relax, close your eyes, and keep your hands by your side. Just follow my directions and let me take care of everything else. Ok?”

“Ok” I reply timidly.

I felt the sheet being folded up, exposing me from the wait down. I sucked in a short breath of anticipation and squeezed my eyes shut. All I heard was the soft music in the background and an occasional clink of her instruments. But for some odd reason, I was beginning to feel a little moist between the legs!

Jena spoke in a very soft voice, “I want you to spread your legs for me and lift your right knee just a little. This is going to be very warm and you’re going to feel just a little pain when I remove the wax.”

Separating my pussy lips very gently, she took my hand and placed it where she wanted it. I felt her apply the hot wax starting at the top of my hairline and down to the lips I was spreading with my own hands.

“Now, hold very firmly, and it won’t hurt nearly so much.”

And she was right. One, two, three rips – the wax was off and I thought I was done. And relieved, very relieved… all she wanted to do was wax me!

She repeated the process on the left side until she was satisfied with my “bikini” area. After she closely inspected her work with the magnifying mirror, she commanded me to “turn over” and rest on my knees and elbows. A very awkward position to say the least!

Well, I’d come this far, so why not? Spreading my cheeks, Jena applied the hot wax to each side, one at a time. Again, one, two, three rips and now I know I’m done because there can’t possibly be a hair left below my waist! I’ve just been introduced to a Brazilian Wax – from end to end!

“I think you will be happy with the results, Emily. I am leaving a cream here for you to apply to yourself. It will soothe your skin and take away the stinging sensation,” Jena said. “Take your time. I will wait for you downstairs.”

With that she closed the door behind her. I turned over on the table and reached for the cream. That’s when I realized I was still not alone. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, hidden in the shadows of the candlelight was Adam. In my awe of what was happening to me, I had completely forgotten about him. Jena must have brought him in when she entered the room and he had been there, silently throughout the whole process!

“Can I help you with that?” he asked in a gentle whisper. He stood up and moved closer.

By now I was sitting up with my legs dangling over the edge of the table, the sheet crumpled up around güvenilir bahis siteleri my waist.

I started to speak, but he put his fingers up to my mouth to silence me.

“Give me the cream, Em. I want to be the one to make you feel better.”

Adam took the tube of cream from me and kissed me ever so lightly on my forehead, then my nose, and my mouth. As he was kissing me, forcing his tongue between my lips, he started to unbutton my blouse and unhook my bra.

In a whisper he said, “Lay back Em and let me see what she has done to you.”

He took the sheet from around my waist and dropped it to the floor along with my bra and blouse, leaving me totally naked. He lifted my legs spread eagle and inspected Jena’s handiwork. There was not a hair to be seen.

He let out a low whistle and said, “I think I have what you need, baby.”

Resting my legs on his shoulders, he then lowered his tongue to the smoothest lips he had ever kissed. He gently spread my bare lips with his fingers and lavished my pussy with warm, wet kisses, savoring my swelling clit – sucking it gently until my moans grew louder and louder.

How could they not hear me down stairs?! In just a matter of minutes, Adam brought me to a magnificent climax with his face so deep in my pussy I thought he would suffocate.

While I was still clutching the sides of the table in the remains of my ecstasy, Adam unzipped his pants and produced a rock hard cock that was already visibly moist at the tip.

He pulled my body toward him at the edge of the table, leaving my legs resting on his shoulders. Then he began masturbating, torn between stroking his own cock and feeling the softness of my bare skin. Watching him stroke his own tool heated me up all over again.

I felt for the softness between my legs, rubbing my hands over my pussy, and oh, yes! It was nice! So soft! I loved the way I felt! His tool in hand, he watched me as my hands explored my own body as if I’d never felt this part of me before. Adam watched me rub my bare pussy, rubbing my clit, my hands exploring and enjoying the baby soft skin I just discovered.

Adam enjoyed the view, standing between my spread eagle thighs with my legs resting on his shoulders. Watching my fingers sink into the soft folds of my freshly waxed pussy, he feverishly stroked his cock, rubbing the head over my clit as he stroked himself.

He climaxed quickly spreading his own white cream over my bare pussy. I could feel the warmth of his cum on my skin and I rubbed it into my swollen clit in frenzied circles, cumming right along with him. I didn’t need the cream Jena left for me. Adam’s juices have incredible healing powers.

It took a few minutes to shake off the reality of where we were, but both of us were ready for more.

“I’ll see you downstairs,” Adam said as he zipped up his pants. “I can’t wait to get you home.”

Dressing as quickly as I could, I went downstairs and I gave Jena a really big tip as I hurried out the door. She was smiling. I was smiling. And yes, Adam was smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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