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“Manny…. Manny…. Did you pack your highlight videos for the coaches,” the female voice called from downstairs?

“Yes, mom, I put them in my backpack.”

“And you packed your cleats?”

“Of course I did.”

“Oh, and don’t forget your house keys. Remember that I won’t be here when you come back.”

“Yes, mom, I have them.”

“Do you have my cell phone number with you?”

“Since the day you got it, mom”

“And you have the credit card I gave you for your birthday?”

“In my wallet,” she countered, her aggravation with her mother growing apparent in her tone.

“Remember that is only for emergencies….”

“…..only for emergencies,” Emmanuelle mumbled to herself, sarcastically mimicking her mother. “Geeez, she gives me a card on my 18th birthday because I am supposed to be more responsible, but she still treats me like I am 8.” Louder, she yells back, “We’ve been over this a thousand times. Can we stop the questions already?”

Entering the room, her mother pleaded, “I’m sorry Manny, its just that my baby-girl is going to look at a college and I’m going to be puttering around this house alone soon.”

“Yes mother, I know… But it isn’t that big a deal. You survived Josh leaving, and you will survive my leaving too. And besides, I’m not leaving yet; I’m just visiting Josh and the coaches,” Manny sighed. “Would you just go pack for your trip or something? Don’t stand here getting all weepy on me. The cab is due soon and I don’t want to show up and stick out like a high school kid.”

“Fine, I’ll leave you alone, but this isn’t the same as when your brother left.”



“Shut the fuck up, you asshole! There won’t be any trouble!”

“Josh, I’m serious. You are gonna bring Manny in and let her sleep here in the house with us? Don’t you know what kinda trouble that could bring?”

Joshua knew the risks. Living in the fraternity house had given him more than just an academic education. Since joining as a freshman, he had seen some things that would make a sailor blush. The star athletes in the house had a string of women coming through day and night. The seniors joked about putting a sign on the lawn saying ‘Over one million served’.

“Kyle, she’ll be fine. The rest of the guys in the house already know my sister is staying for a few days, and it’s not like she’s the first girl to spend a night in the house.”

“Yeah, but most girls that stay here leave after receiving a sperm sample,” Kyle laughingly responds.

“Need I spell it out for you? F — U — C — K – Y — O – U!”

“Okay, okay, sorry bro. It’ll be cool. I’ll be watching out for her too, man. She’s practically my little sister too.”

Kyle, Josh and Manny had been a trio in the neighborhood. In those days Manny was a tomboy and spent her time trying to keep up with her older brother. Kyle had no siblings so he pretty much adopted Manny as his little sister too. The three were inseparable, until Kyle moved away in seventh grade.

“So how is Manny these days.” Kyle asked? “I hear she became quite a soccer player.”

“Yeah, she is good. She is coming up to meet the coaches. I guess after chasing us for all those years she actually became a pretty good athlete.”

“When is she due in,” Kyle asked?

“About two hours. I’m leaving for the train station after I eat dinner. I’ll see you later man.” With that, Josh left the room and headed downstairs to the dining room.



As she plodded up the steps of the train car, a deep voice from the top offered assistance. Manny peered up from under her baseball cap, surprised by the pleasant smile that met her gaze. She flushed with surprise.

“Um… no, uh… yes, um, thanks,” the words fumbled out of her mouth. He was quite handsome; an older man, at least 45, and he was offering to help her! She knew her blush was immature, but had little experience with boys, let alone men. Most of her time was spent training. There just weren’t enough hours in a day. So despite her age and tough exterior, she became quite flustered when boys showed her attention.

“Where ya headed little lady,” the handsome stranger asked?

“Uh, R-Raleigh,” Manny stammered behind a sheepish grin.

“Goin’ ta Charlotte, muhself. Meetin’ a client I can’t stand. But I think rememberin’ that pretty smile o’ yours will help ta get me through it!” He hoisted the largest bag from her shoulder. “Where can I put this for ya, hon?”

Manny could feel her cheeks flush red. A grown man was flirting with her and she wasn’t able to answer the question. All she could do was point to the four empty seats at the end of the row.

“Great,” he said with an overdone grin. “I’ll toss this up top for ya. And as I don’t ‘spect you can fill all four seats, ya mind if I sit ‘ere too?”

Manny nodded her approval, afraid her voice would crack if she tried to speak.

The handsome stranger was named Craig, and he could talk! He rattled on about his job as a client rep, his wife Dikmen Escort and three kids, and even college sports, but it was okay with Manny. She was taken by this handsome and charismatic older man; all she could do was grin at him, while trying desperately not to seem immature. She focused on his lips as he spoke, wondering what it would be like to kiss them. During his stories he touched her leg to emphasize various points. Those were her favorite moments. His touches sent goose bumps up her legs, and she was thankful they were shrouded beneath her sweatpants. He really was just an overly friendly sort of guy, but Manny didn’t care to know any better. She found herself enjoying the time they shared along the ride.

Craig disappeared from her life with a wave from the train platform, but he had been in it just long enough for Manny to develop a slight crush on him. She dozed off for the remainder of the ride and dreamt of his lips and the light touches of his hand on her legs; the fantasy awakening an urge beneath her panties.

Manny slept with an extra pillow between her legs at night, rubbing it against her groin to satisfy the need to be touched when she had these dreams. More than once in the last several weeks, she woke herself with an oncoming orgasm; her pillow damp with her innocent moisture. As she slept now on the train, her fingers had fallen into her lap, but she was dreaming they were Craig’s. This handsome older man was touching her in that forbidden place; so mysterious; so exciting. His fingers rubbed her lips on the outside, and that hard little spot at the top she would focus the shower on when she caressed herself in the bathtub. He was parting her lips slowly, starting to make her….

“Raleigh! Station stop is Raleigh,” the conductor bellowed as he walked the aisle.

Manny barely had enough time to pull her things together and jump off the train. She walked through the station waiting room, rubbing her eyes to shake off the sleep. The burning of unfinished business was calling from between her legs and a full bladder beckoned for the ladies room.

Pulling down her sweatpants, Manny lowered herself towards the toilet seat, never quite touching it. The rush of fluid from her bladder is a welcome release. It’s almost pleasurable. Squatting over the seat, her mind wanders back to the dream and the feelings still calling out. Wiping herself dry, she feels the heat and wetness; the tissue is soaked with her juices. Both hands meet at her groin, fingers parting her young, hairy lips. She knows the wetness makes it easier to push her fingers inside. She had come to enjoy doing this in the shower; one finger rubbing circles around her clit, others sliding in and out between her lips. She thought of the showerhead, pulsing water on the most sensitive places, and the small shampoo bottle she used to push inside.

Kicking one leg free from her sweats, Manny spread her legs wider so she could push her fingers deeper. The welling in her lower back was starting and her breathing was getting heavy. Without a pillow to muffle her moans, she heard the echo of her voice. She was startled and paused momentarily. She took shallow breaths, intently listening for anyone else in the room, but there were no other sounds. Her hungry pussy was waiting and before long, she was rubbing again, willing her way to completion. She had never cum in this position; always laying in her bed or sitting in the bath. Still squatting as the orgasm took her, the leg spasms made her stand abruptly; then just as suddenly her knees buckled, almost sending her crashing to the floor. One hand groped the walls of the stall for some means of support, while the was other determined to see this through to completion. Regaining her balance, she squatted again over the bowl, both hands coaxing the remnants of cum from her pussy and shivers from her spine.

Manny fought the urge to moan, letting out a heavy breath of air instead. The sound of a drip into the water rose from the toilet below. She could see her pussy leaking its thick cum; another fat droplet hanging tenuously from her long lips. She reached for a tissue to wipe herself, trying to regain composure. It was so unlike her to have done such a thing in a public place. Josh would be waiting, so she went to the sink to splash some water on her face, and then headed outside to find him.



It had been almost 2 years since Josh saw his sister, although they often spoke on the phone. Soccer tournaments had taken her away from home during holidays so he didn’t get to see Manny when he was home from college. He was still able to spot her lithe frame in the distance. She had grown a few inches but not much else had changed. She wore running shoes, sweats and baggy t-shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail sticking out the back of a baseball cap. Still a tomboy, he thought.

“Hey, Manny,” Josh called out, still closing the distance between them.

Spinning towards his voice, Manny threw her arms around his neck for a big bear-hug. Eryaman Escort It was then that he realized just how long it had been since he saw her last. Despite her strong outward appearance, mother nature had changed some things.

“Hey, nice six pack,” she smiled upon feeling the hard muscles under his shirt. “But I bet you still can’t take a punch, you wimp.”

Josh raised his shirt to show off his toned midsection. “You like,” he quipped? “The ladies think I am hooooot,” dragging out the word for emphasis.

“Dumb-ass. You don’t got any girls that think you’re hot.” The comment quieted Josh. Somehow Manny always knew how to strike at his soft underbelly, yet still managed a smile to make it look like it was just a game. And then she continued, “speaking of hot, how is your girlfriend, what’s-her-face, Jenny, Julie, Jessica…?”

“Jackie, her name is Jackie, and you know that. You also know she is not my girlfriend,” his voice trailed off as his mind started to slip off again. Jackie was the girl he had wanted to be with since freshmen year. But this was not just about lust, even at a distance he knew he was completely in love with her.

“Yeah, whatever,” Manny said with a punch to Josh’s arm. His daydream was broken and he started helping her with her bags. They tossed them into the back hatch of his car and drove for campus. The ride was a quiet one as Josh’s mind returned to Jackie. He did not how long it had been since he saw her last. He’d heard she was dating some guy from the hockey team, but it seems they had recently broken up.



It was Manny’s first college party, and the best part was that it was right here in the frat house. Josh had warned her about some of the things that might occur tonight, but she was too excited to hear any of it. She was well into “pre-party mode” now; preparing her clothes and laying out her makeup. Josh was watching her scurry about the room in amazement, wondering when his tomboy sister started caring about how she looked. He decided to leave her to her business and stepped from the room. Manny heard him bellow from the hall “Heads up fellas! My sister is in the house! Wipe your stinky ass and get off the crapper! No one goes in the bathroom for the next hour!”

The warning having been sounded, Manny wandered down the hall to take her shower. There were wooden changing stalls, each leading to a shower stall at the back. She chose the last stall against the tiled wall hoping no one would step into the stall on the other side. She removed her clothes in the changing area, leaving them on the bench. Then, not trusting the frosted glass, she hung her towel over the shared wall, before stepping inside.

The shower felt good. It was warm and soothing. Manny pulled the band from her hair and let it fall to the sides. She took up the shampoo bottle and began to wash. The extra soap slid from her head, rolling down her back and chest. She often closed her eyes and imagined it to be the hands of a lover caressing her body. She used her own hands now, soaping herself slowly, closing her eyes to imagine Craig again. Would he find me better looking than his wife, she wondered? Would he want touch me the same way he does her? Stroking a single finger across each nipple, she contemplated the feeling of a strange pair of hands on her; cupping her pert breasts, twisting her hard nipples.

Her breasts were not as large as some of her girlfriends’ and those women she had seen on the internet. Manny had inherited her mother’s slender frame, and being a serious athlete, she had not added the body fat that creates a woman’s curves until this past year. She was behind most of the other girls in school, and was eager to catch up, but at the same time, not quite sure how to do it. Her self-exploration in the shower had uncovered many wonderful feelings, but she did not know if she was ready to share herself with a man yet. That was her private reason for this trip. Away from home, she was going to find out if she could be attractive to guys; would they actually find her as attractive as girls with bigger boobs.

The noise of a toilet flushing and the momentary drop in water temperature ended her shower abruptly. Nobody was supposed to use the bathroom while she was in there. One of the guys had broken the rules. She grabbed the towel and wrapped herself in it, then opened the stall door, stepping into the dressing area. She heard the feet cross the floor, and then the squeak of the door next to hers. It seems the flusher was next door, preparing to take a shower. Looking down, she saw his feet, and then his underwear slide down around his ankles. The inside door opened, and now she could see the silhouette of his frame through the frosted glass partition.

Manny was excited. This was the closest she had ever been to a naked man. She stayed in the changing area but kept the shower door open so she could watch him. He seemed to have his back to her as he washed, whistling to himself casually. She tried not to breathe Esat Escort too loud, alerting him to her voyeurism. His hands roamed all over his slim body, making her wonder how he would feel to her own hands. Was he one of those hairy guys, or did he have clean smooth skin? Was he muscled, or just slim? How good looking was he?

His hands seemed to disappear from the silhouette, but she expected they were in front of his stomach. Then he turned sideways, and to Manny’s surprise, she realized he was holding his penis. No, he wasn’t holding it, he was stroking it, slowly. One hand after the other, he was stroking it from tip to base. His motion was deliberate and continuous, keeping a steady rhythm. Her mouth opened wide at the sight and the thought of being here to see him. She was of two minds; does she leave quickly before she is caught, or does she watch him through to his conclusion?

His shadow began to sway against the glass, and Manny thought she could hear him moan lightly. He put a hand on the glass for balance as his other hand increased its tempo. Manny was growing excited herself, and felt the warmth growing between her legs. She began to imagine that it was her hands stroking his penis, trying to imagine the feeling of it in her soapy hands. She watched his hand move back and forth, trying to follow his rhythm with her own hands against her shampoo bottle. Closing her eyes, she listened intently for his moans, speeding up her strokes, as if she were giving him the pleasure. She found herself nudging the shampoo bottle down through her pubic hair, pulling open her loosely wrapped towel.

His moans were getting faster and stronger, but he kept them barely above a whisper. Then there was one last moan, much longer and more intense. On the release, his free hand went to the top of the glass to hold himself up. His hips thrust forward as he rose to his toes. Manny saw his ejaculate spill on the shower floor, flowing toward the drain along with the soap. She was rubbing herself faster now, moving towards her own conclusion, the excitement of the moment driving her arousal. He was closer to the glass now, actually pressing his penis against it. It hung between his legs like a snake, still throbbing with remnants of his pleasure. She could see it more clearly and unconsciously reached a hand towards the glass. Still breathing quickly, his voice rose above the glass. “I hope you enjoyed the show, maybe next time you can help.”

Manny froze in shock. She was scared and embarrassed. Had he known she was there the whole time? Did he know she was looking at him? All she could force herself to do was gather her things and run from the showers as quickly as she could. She only prayed that no one else saw her between here and Josh’s room. She was sure she would die of embarrassment if anyone caught her leaving the bathroom. She heard his voice as she ran down the hall. “Leaving so soon, honey? I thought you could come over to my side and say hi…”

Slamming the door behind her, Manny sat on Josh’s bed. She was visibly shaken and sat nervously, tapping the bed with her fingers. She crossed and re-crossed her legs several times, replaying what she seen in her mind. His hands moved up and down along the hard shaft, it must have felt so good. How did it feel in his hands? Was the skin soft and warm? She thought about the pictures she had seen on those websites, and the things those women had done to the men. Those men had such large penises and the women took them all sorts of ways. Would she ever do those things? Could she do those things? Some of those penises took more than two hands to handle, but her neighbor in the shower did not seem to be so big. Would he need her to use two hands, or would she only use one? She spread the towel open again, clearing it between her legs, but it fell off her completely. The cooler air in the room helped to harden her already rising nipples. They stood out proudly from her chest, the dark areolas highlighting them against her pale skin. She pinched them with one hand as the other slid down her belly. The pinch sent a jolt of electricity straight down to her loins, inviting her fingers to complete the task they had begun in the shower.

Images flashed behind Manny’s closed eyelids, fueling her lustful cravings. Caressing herself in those wanting places; she lay back on the bed to enjoy herself fully. Wet and eager, she reaches for her favorite brush with the fat handle, and turning it handle first, presses it against her swollen lips. Two fingers spread her pink lips as she glides the handle into her wetness. She imagines the hard penis from the shower; how would it feel inside her. The weight of his body would press her into the bed as he lowered himself into her. The brush mimics his thrusts as she rubs her clit harder, surprised at how wet she has become. The feelings are electric and her hips grind hard against her hands. Losing herself in the fantasy, she is swept up in her lust. Her thrusting is at a fever pitch; she rubs her clit with wanton fervor. The orgasm consumes her body, leaving her mind adrift. She turns into the pillow to stifle the scream, but even so, she knows she has been too loud, because the orgasm was too much to control. It had never been so strong. She is hoarse from the panting, and worn out in its aftermath. A quick glance at the clock tells her she has enough time for a nap. So she pulls the blanket over herself, closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

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