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My new email friend and I started emailing one another, sharing a story. We would each contribute a chapter, letting each other know of our likes, and dislikes.

I park my car, and walk up the trail a ways, past the creek, over the river bridge, and take a detour off the beaten path, up the rather more difficult broken rock, up the side of the mountain. I had never met another person on this trek, so I stopped when I was warmed up, stripped to my boots, packed my clothes, and started off up the rocky way another half-hour, I came to the ‘hidden’ meadow. I walked to the lake edge, placed my boots & sox with my pack, and dove into the icy waters. Turning onto my back, I gazed up at the full moon, at the far end of the ridgeline, on the side of the mountain, keeping viewers from further up the mountain, from seeing the small lake.

I can only take the icy waters for a few minutes, and feel the strain of iced muscles, as I stroke back to shore, balancing on the fallen log I use to return to the mossy carpet growing on this part of the beach. I stretch out on my back in the warm sunshine, luxuriating in the ebbing numbness, as my body absorbs the life of the sunshine.

I doze, dreaming of forest nymph’s dancing around me, I feel incredibly ‘special’, as the dream continues. I start back to awareness, thinking it COULD be a bear, and find myself looking up into the sun, with a figure enshrouded in it’s glory. My first reaction, is that I am about to attacked, and while my mind screams for me to ball up, protect my neck’s spinal area, I hear a voice telling me: “I am soo sorry, I did not mean to startle you!”. After a moment, I realize I have not been attacked, and that I did indeed hear a voice,

I slowly uncurl, looking towards anadolu yakası escort the voice. She has stepped away from the sun, and I can see the form of a female hiker, topless, holding a camera. She steps closer, and in a non-threatening manner, kneels, reaching her right hand to my arm, assuring me she is indeed real, and not about to devour me. I continue the roll towards her, seeing the most incredible gray eyes, and the shape of her eyelids, lashes, and brows, hold me in awe. I think I have never seen such a beautiful face, and then become aware she is looking at my crotch. I then notice I have an incredible erection, more upstanding than any, since my youth. She moves the camera to her eye, taking a photo of my body, or rather, of my erection. She moves back, and rising, she begins to snap shot after shot of my body, saying things like: “That is perfect”,” raise your upper leg outward”, “move your left foot onto that branch”, and I find myself doing as she directs, anything to watch her move, she has such a liquid grace, she moves like a cat, or a snake, smoothly, no jerkiness, and I notice I am feeling incredibly horny, my erection straining itself, it’s pressure almost hurtful, I find I feel incredibly alive, strong, and yes, horny.

She has me lying against a fallen tree, my hand slowly masturbating my penis, I am watching her, the way her hair falls, the curves of her ear, jawline, the most wonderful lips, my mind imagines her lips moving on my cock, she licks her lips, and I feel myself spurting my cum, arcing much further than I have in years. My body stiffens, as my entire being delivers my seed to her, she continues shooting, as I finish, and my body relaxes against ataşehir escort the tree, never taking my eyes off her face.

She seems to notice that I am not simply a being in the forest, master bating, but am reacting to her. Her presence, her being, her body. She steps forward, feeling the need to explain her gratitude in providing her with such wonderful photo’s, and very pleased she is the catalyst that caused the situation that provided such pictures. She stops very close to me, slightly shorter than I, she breathes “Thank you”, and slowly presses her lips to mine. I immediately feel my penis rise, caressing her right inner thigh as it slides between her thighs, my left hand rises, slide up her waist, around her ribs, cupping her right breast, my thumb & forefinger encircle her nipple, and roll caressingly, her tongue licks my lips gently, pressing her pelvis against mine, holding her breast motionless, so I can continue my nipple massage.

After a while, she steps back, lowers her camera to the ground, unbuttons her shorts, watching me watch her, as she reveals herself to my gaze, I flash between tunnel vision, as her belly comes into view, and snapping back to view her, standing in front of the forest, I notice such inane things as “what a perfect backdrop to her actions”, snap my focus back to her shaven pubic hair, “Such a lovely triangle”, she slides her shorts & cotton panties off her booted foot, stands, hands slightly away from her hips, legs slightly spread, her shorts & panties drop to the mossy ground, we simply stand, gazing at each other. I don’t know how long, not nearly long enough, but also too long, we each slowly approach the other, until our lips meet, tongues gently licking, ümraniye escort lips pinching, arms sliding, hands caressing, warm legs wrapping, until we realize we must lie down, or fall, we somehow, with grace, find ourselves on the soft moss, warmed by the sun, yet chilled where shadowed, we lever each other over, moving, sliding across each other’s bodies, making love, for the first time in my life, I realize, THIS is making LOVE!

Our movements don’t seem to become quicker, we take full pleasure in touching one another, sliding my arm across her belly, or back, or running my lips up her inner thigh, to her vagina, are equally pleasurable, both so completely enveloped in our own pleasure, we don’t seem to have any thought of actually sharing, we are simply taking, what is ours for the taking…

After a time, however long, we find ourselves, my back on the moss, she, lying on my chest, her thigh between mine, we are kissing, still softly, still licking gently, we are gazing into each other’s eyes, she raises her hips slightly, placing both her thighs between mine, my penis trapped between her thighs, straining upward, trying to lift her body to my mouth, her vaginal fluids have long since coated her thighs, they now coat my penis, as she slides it within her body’s grasp, she places her hand to either side of my shoulders, rising her body slowly, gently rolling her hips to place my penis at the mouth of her vagina, she breathes out, a soft moaning sound, as she envelopes me into her hot body.

I simply lie there under her body, watching her face, melting into her eyes, memorizing the shape of her eyes, wondering at the placement of each lash, the way the skin wrinkles as she blinks, the feeling of my hands as they slide up her ribs, around her body to her back, the resiliency of her buttocks, the most wonderful scent of her pussy fluids, as they leak out of her body, coating me with perfume, I long to lick her cunt, I want to touch her all over at once, to taste her entire body at once, I know I am lost, my life is of no matter, I am her slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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