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It was early in the evening when Jade arrived at Simon’s house, and she hesitated before knocking on the door to take in the view of the beach at the end of the laneway.

“What a great location” Jade thought to herself. Simon had bought this house only two days ago, and the much anticipated housewarming party had finally arrived.

Jade jumped with a start as someone covered her eyes, asking “guess who?” before spinning her around to reveal the source of such childish pranks. Enveloped by a bear hug, Jade took a moment to savour the masculine scent before looking up to see Simon grinning at her.

“Come inside and I’ll give you the grand tour.”

Simon opened the door for her, unable to take his eyes off the fine redhead before him. Jade was an attractive person in whatever she wore, but tonight she had stepped it up a notch and was simmering in low cut jeans and an emerald green top. Her hair was pulled back into a messy ‘do and her look screamed “I have a hot body and don’t you forget it.” It was no secret that Jade intensely disliked one or two of Simon’s workmates, and he couldn’t help but smile at the thought Jade had gone out of her way to make those girls jealous tonight.

Jade stepped into the living room to be greeted by the unmistakable aroma of rum, and turned her head toward the end of the room to find the owner. She saw Harry passing the bottle around a group of people, proudly telling them this was no ordinary rum, he had made it himself. She smiled and waved when he looked in her direction, thinking to herself that any party would not be complete without out the short, fun-loving Harry. She turned to follow Simon upstairs, and inspected each of the four rooms as Simon explained what needed fixing and what he was going to do with each room. He led her back downstairs and through the kitchen, laundry and backyard. Finally, they joined the crowd in the living room and she began to mingle with the group.

Simon stood behind the bench in the kitchen, tonight’s makeshift bar, and poured himself a drink while trying not to openly stare at Jade. He felt a stirring in his pants as his eyes lingered on her lovely round, yet firm ass, and wondered what it would be like to trace his cock over those luscious mounds. It was not the first time he had thought about fucking her. He sighed and took a mouthful of his bourbon before joining his guests.

Jade had almost polished off her first drink when Harry asked her if she’d like to have a shot of rum. She took a sniff of it and balked at the metho-like smell, while Harry assured her it would be good.

“What the hell,” she thought, and raised her shot glass with Harry before downing it. Jade was pleasantly surprised to find there was no strong aftertaste, and basked in the glow of the smooth flavours left in her mouth. Harry filled her glass again, and this time half the party joined them in downing a shot of the homemade spirit.

After the second shot Jade started to feel a lot merrier and the familiar warm sensation of content stirred in her pussy. It usually only took one or two drinks for Jade to start feeling horny, and tonight having had three in such a short time, she was positively dying for some relief. She excused herself to the bathroom, where she hurriedly dropped her jeans to the floor and with one leg on the sink thrust her finger into her pussy and massaged her clit with her other hand. It took practically no time for her to start shuddering in pre-orgasm bliss, and she added another finger into her now dripping pussy to help bring her to the edge before stuffing part of a towel into her mouth to muffle the cries of delight that always accompanied her orgasms. canlı bahis Jade felt relieved almost immediately, and put her jeans back on before washing her hands and heading back downstairs, cheeks flushed with that ‘naughty’ glow.

The party carried on for a few more hours, with Jade making a point of talking to everyone but her former friend Kathy. She felt a sense of satisfaction with every murderous look Kathy threw her during the night- it was widely known that Kathy thought herself to be the most beautiful creature on the planet, and her features weren’t that bad. With long blonde hair and a well proportioned body, Kathy had never had trouble picking up guys, although she could never keep them and hated Jade for the fact that every guy not only wanted to sleep with her, they actually liked talking to her as well. Jade had made an extra effort to dazzle the boys tonight. She knew it wasn’t the slutty look they were after, and had dressed to show off her best features, ensuring the male attention would be focused on her tonight, not Kathy.

Harry suggested a game of truth or dare. By this time of night those left at the party were well past sober and Harry’s idea was a popular one. Jade thought back to the last game of truth or dare she had played, while she was on a uni tour and still a virgin. She had faked the sexual truth questions pretty well, but tonight she was looking forward to hopefully not having to tell a white lie to stay in the game. They sat on the carpet around a rectangular coffee table, Jade opposite Simon and next to Harry. Kathy had gone out of her way to get a spot next to Simon and his best mate Jarryd. Jade chuckled to herself at the desperate antics of her former friend, and knew that if she wanted she could have any man at this table, while her ‘friend’ jealously watched on.

They argued for a bit about who should start, and it was decided that the youngest, being the most naïve, should go first. Kathy bounced with glee when she realized this was her, and elected a dare. Everyone knew she was hoping to get her top off, and laughed when she was asked to drink a cup of soy sauce. Reluctantly, the dare was completed and Simon, being the next in line elected truth. It had been decided that when one person chose truth the same question got asked to everyone else at the table as well, and the group eagerly awaited Harry’s question.

“Where is the most daring or unusual place you have had sex?” he asked tamely.

“In a carpark on the bonnet of the car,” was Simon’s response.

“The laundry.” (Kathy’s best friend).

“In a park.” (Larissa- Simon’s housemate and on/off girlfriend).

“Cinema,” said Harry.

Jade struggled to decide on one place, and replied with “at the movies, and in the toilets at a casino. I don’t recommend public toilets. It’s a bit off putting listening to people doing their business when you are in the throes of passion.” This was met with laughing agreement from the group.

“On a ferris wheel” said Jarryd.

This was followed by Kathy trying to act cool as she piped up with “in a spa.”

Finally after three dares and much laughter it was Jade’s turn. She thought for a moment, and given the low quality of dares so far decided to choose truth.

She nervously held her breath as Simon asked her “who at this table have you fantasized about?”

Blushing a deep red Jade avoided eye contact as she replied “You. Harry. Jarryd. And Larissa.”

They continued around the table, and Jade wasn’t surprised to learn that all three guys had fantasized about her, but was a little shocked to find that none of them had thought about Kathy, which given her impressive rack was a bahis siteleri bit unusual.

“Maybe they have and just don’t want to admit it” she thought to herself. Finally gathering the courage to stop looking at the table Jade met Simon’s gaze and they locked eyes for a moment before their thoughts were interrupted by Kathy and her friend announcing they were leaving.

The game continued for another round before Larissa and Jarryd announced that they too had to leave, and Larissa wouldn’t be back that night. The group paused for a drinks break, and it was decided that the party, now numbering three, shouldn’t end yet. After another shot from the seemingly endless rum supply, Simon suggested a game of beach cricket. The threesome refilled their drinks and headed down to the beach.

Jade walked arm in arm with Harry, who had taken it upon himself to be her knight in shining armour and protect her from the evils that may be lurking outside that night. It was a balmy autumn evening, ‘perfect for outdoor fun’ Jade thought.

They reached the beach and the cricket game started in earnest under the moonlight. It was decided that given the poor lighting, one could also get out by being tagged while running to the other end, in addition to the usual methods. Jade managed to run out Simon as he raced down the sand, and walked toward the crease ready for her attempt to bat. Harry bowled a slow one to start, which she missed, along with the second, third and fourth. Eventually Jade hit a ball and started to run to the other end. Looking up she saw Simon running toward her at full pace and suddenly found herself lying on the sand, Simon astride her and breathing heavily. They lay there for a moment, catching their breath, Jade enjoying being enveloped by those strong arms, even if he had unfairly crash tackled her.

Harry started to bat, but the moonlight had disappeared and no one could see the ball anymore so he suggested a nude run along the beach. Harry had a reputation for being the first one to get his clothes off at a party, and as he stripped Simon asked Jade if she would do it to.

‘What the hell,’ she thought, ‘you only live once’ and removed her top.

She could feel Simon’s gaze on her breasts as Harry gleefully shouted “she’s gonna do it!” before dashing into the water. Soon Jade had joined them at the water’s edge and they began running along the beach, enjoying the moment, the night, the ocean, the nakedness.

Simon grabbed Jade’s hand and started to pull her towards the water while she stared at his impressive physique, realizing she had never seen him without his top before. He pulled her closer, their eyes meeting, as a chill breeze picked up. Jade tried to keep warm in Simon’s embrace, but before long was shivering terribly and started running back toward her clothes. The others followed soon after, and after a frantic search for Harry’s underwear which had disappeared in the sand, they made their way back to the house.

As she poured herself another drink Simon came up behind Jade and whispered in her ear “you look so stunning tonight,” his cock stirring yet again at the sight of her. At that moment he decided that tonight he would have her, no matter what. She was going to be sleeping over anyway, why not make it a little more fun?

Jade and the guys sat around the table, which was covered in cards and poker chips. Harry was attempting to teach her the finer points of poker, and Jade was not having any of her legendary ‘beginners luck’ tonight. Luckily for her, Simon was also having an unlucky game, and soon the only one left with chips was Harry. It was decided that for the game to continue, a win would result in bahis şirketleri getting some chips back from Harry, while a loss would mean an item of clothing had to be removed.

After several rounds Jade was left in her bra and jeans, and Simon without his shirt. Harry went out for a cigarette, and Simon seized the opportunity to reach his hand into Jade’s bra and play with her nipple. Finding no objection, he pulled her close and started massaging both her breasts, delighting in the look of content on her face. His hands wandered over her body, exploring her ass, back, hair and neck. He couldn’t believe this was finally happening, all those years spent looking but not touching. Simon sat back in his chair, while Jade started writhing her semi naked body before him. He watched in awe as she danced around him and on his lap. This night was getting better and better, the girl of his wildest, kinkiest fantasies was giving him a lap dance and after the earlier game of truth or dare he had discovered a side to Jade he never knew existed.

They started removing each others clothes, slowly at first as Simon became aware of Harry looking on, then more hurriedly as he joined in. The guys then sat on the couch stroking their cocks, dazzled by Jade’s moves before them, until they finally found the courage to pull her close and explore her body. Simon went in straightaway, fingering her moist pussy as Harry guided her mouth onto his stiff cock.

He sat in bliss as her mouth worked its way up and down his shaft, teasing him with the entrance to her throat but denying him the pleasure of being fully in her mouth. Harry felt like he was going to explode, when Jade finally took all of his cock and relieved him of his tension. He emptied his load deep in her throat, and then Simon led her to his larger than average member. He sat back and watched as Harry began fingering her ass.

Jade deep throated Simon as he shot his load down her throat, before helping Harry by massaging Jade’s clit. They worked together to bring Jade to the brink of orgasm before stopping completely, not wanting her satisfied yet. By this time they were hard again, and ready for more action.

Harry lay on the carpeted floor as Simon lifted Jade onto him. Jade sat astride him for a moment before Harry thrust his cock into her now dripping pussy. He opened Jade’s mouth wide for Simon’s stiff member. The trio paused, savouring the moment, and then steadily built up a rhythm, pumping her mouth and pleasuring her pussy.

Simon pulled out and stood watching as Jade’s once secret fantasy became a reality before him. He lubed his cock and slowly pushed it into her luscious ass, almost cumming as one of his own fantasies finally came true. Simon had waited so long for this ass, and now it was happening. Jade’s ass gripped his cock tighter than he imagined possible, and he began working his way in and out of that glorious hole.

Simon and Harry picked up the pace, thrusting their cocks as hard and deep as they could. Jade screamed as her entire body shuddered with the orgasm they had so cruelly denied her earlier.

Harry winced as her nails bit into his shoulder before he unleashed rivers of cum inside her. Simon followed soon after, and the two nodded in silent agreement of what would happen for the rest of the night.

Jade had earlier revealed several secrets during the game of truth or dare. The first was that she had fantasized about both men. The second that she had always wanted to have a gangbang. But the third and final secret had shocked both Simon and Harry, as she revealed a burning desire to be dominated by a man. The guys had always imagined her as someone who liked to be in control, but when she had said she wanted to be tied up, spanked and totally submissive they nearly came in their pants. It was this desire they were going to fulfill for the remainder of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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