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Brenda’s blue eyes danced over her coffee cup as she looked at me. Those eyes always captivated me, ever since we met in the 5th grade. I developed a huge crush on her then, and during our senior year, we spent a couple of months in a torrid affair, wearing ourselves out with each other until I left for college the year Nixon resigned. An occasional Christmas card passed between us over the years, but Facebook brought us into closer contact lately. We were having lunch in the diner we both knew from High School, and our waitress was the daughter of the quarterback of the football team of our time. “It’s been a long time, Kyle. What’cha been doin’ with yourself? You never come back.”

“I wouldn’t say never, but I’m not back often. Things are so different now it seems like three lifetimes ago I grew up here. I feel like the ghost of Christmas Past every time I come through. You?”

She tossed her long black hair and shrugged. “Life’s been good, and this town is a good place to spend a life in. The kids are grown and away raising their families. Bud’s still delivering mail. My folks are gone, but that’s been a while and I’m over that.”

“Can’t imagine you as a grandmother. You still look the same as you did in High School.”

“Why, thank you, Kyle. Takes a little help from Revlon, but I appreciate it. You still know how to get into my heart.”

I smiled and took a sip of my iced tea. “Thanks. You still have the smile that stops traffic.”

There was a moment’s pause and she searched me eyes deeply. “Are you happy, Kyle? You never married, never settled down.”

“I’m OK. Some people are better off single, and I’m one of them. I value my independence. Not that I don’t like some. . .company now and then, but I like going home alone.”

Our waitress stopped by to top off our drinks, and the only other couple in the place left. I didn’t know them, which wasn’t surprising, but every time I go to my hometown I still expect to know everyone. Brenda’s eyes glinted with some mischief, and I asked her what she was thinking. “Oh, sometimes Kyle, I wonder. If you’d stayed.”

“Who knows? But there was nothing here for me. Had to go. No regrets.”

She looked down into her coffee for a moment, before continuing. “I’ll say I’ve been happy with Bud, he’s very affectionate, but he’s not as creative as you are.”

“Oh?” A tingle was creeping up my spine and I wondered where this was going. “Really?”

“Yeah. We did some things that will really different, exciting.”


“Yeah. Sometimes. . .I miss them.”


She looked at the counter to make sure it was clear and leaned forward. “I liked with when you sucked my nipples and fingered my clit. I liked it when you bit down a little bit on the nubs. I liked it when you brought the ice bucket and froze my breasts and cunt. Oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like when you’d push that little ice cube up me and finger me.”

I looked out the window, and made sure no one was in earshot. “That was a long time ago. I remember it fondly as well, it was wonderful making out with you. I loved your passion, your fire. There are times I miss your lips around my shaft and your tongue on my balls.”

She shifted on her seat and took another sip of her coffee, her blue eyes shining. “I even liked it when you spanked me a little. I even wished you’d done it a little more.”

“Those were the days.” A kid with familiar features passed by the front window. “Won’t happen again, alas.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she replied, the coy grin on her face. “Bud’s out of town on a fishing trip, won’t be back for a coupla days. We could continue our little visit in private. For old times’ sake.”

For a moment I pondered the idea. “Why not? We could go over to your house for a while.”

“Give me a few minutes head start. I’ll leave the garage door open: the neighbors are all at work and if you slip in and close it quick, nobody’ll see.”

“Okay. I’ll give you ten minutes.”

She left me to pick up the check. I gave her fifteen minutes, then drove the six blocks off the main drag to her house. The garage door was open, and I pushed the button to lower it after pulling in.

The kitchen was ten years out of date and the front room full of second hand furniture, family pictures and lace doilies. I glanced at them briefly, remembering Bud and Brenda from High School, and seeing the sequence of their aging. They’d had three kids and at canlı bahis least seven grandkids. A piano reminded me that we had the same piano teacher as kids, and played a couple of recitals on Sunday afternoons at our church. One year I sat next to her, waiting to play, and it was all I could do to get my erection down when it was my turn to walk up before God and everybody to play my little Beethoven piece.

A stirring down the hallway to the bedrooms drew my attention, and I wandered down cautiously. A couple of guest rooms were neat and full of mementoes. A bathroom like those I grew up with stood ready to serve, but the door to the master bedroom was half open, soft music coming from it.

Brenda was standing at the foot of a four poster bed, one hand on each of the lower posts, stark naked. A few housekeeping implements sat on her dresser on the far wall, but I didn’t pay much attention to them right away. Her hair hung down her back, her skin was lily white, and the huge breasts I remembered so fondly swung down low. She was curvy and soft, and I loved her that way. Smiling at me, she said: “It’s been so long. Bud had an operation a couple of years ago, and can’t do anything for me. I want to go back to when we were kids. Interested?”

I came over and gave her a deep kiss. Her body curled into me; my cock started hardening. She took her hands off the elegantly carved wood and started undoing my buttons as we kissed, and after she pulled my clothes off I grasped her wonderful soft breasts, making her moan. She slid down my bare body and stroked my dick, looking up at me with questioning eyes. I nodded and she kissed the end of it, licking it carefully before she took it all in her mouth. It was just like we were young: the warm, wet embrace from her mouth that made my balls tingle. Licking her way down the shaft, she reached my testicles and tongued them while stroking me: it was the way she could always get me rock hard. I was eighteen again; I was in paradise.

She stood up and guided me to the bed. Pulling back the covers, we lay on the clean sheets and necked, my mouth working outward to her ears, to lick and trace their gentle curves. Then I moved down to my favorite part of her body: her wonderful breasts and their big nipples. The years melted away as I sucked the beloved bud between my teeth; I tongued it and gave it gentle nibbles as I reached over and played with the other one. Her hand buried itself in my hair, and my hand dropped to find her dripping slit, where I found her clit and started circling it. “There’s an ice bucket on the dresser,” she said, breaking the silence.

“You did a lot in fifteen minutes,” I replied.

“I knew you were back in town. Hoped you’d come over.”

“What now?”

“Do what you used to do. Freeze my nipples and suck them back to life, push the ice up my cunt. It’s been too long.”

I brought the bucket over, and she picked up a piece first, rubbing it on my chest and down to my crotch. Taking another piece, she sucked on it several moments before going to surround my dick with an ice cold embrace. I responded by taking a piece and rubbing her right nipple as she sucked me, making it cold and hard. She tired of cocksucking and I rolled her over, working her slit with cold delight while sucking on her frigid bud until it warmed again.

After five minutes freezing and thawing her, Brenda had a huge orgasm that make the bed shake. I held her through it, still sucking her nipple and stroking her thigh until she recovered her ability to speak. “My God, Kyle, that was wonderful. Haven’t been there for a long time. You’re a marvel.”

“I try.”

“And you succeed.”


A moment later I looked over to the dresser. There were a couple things that seemed out of place for a normal woman’s dresser. “Looks like you’ve got a couple of special things there.”

“Yeah. Got them in the city yesterday.”

“Yesterday? So you thought I might come over. . .”

“And I wanted to be ready. One of them isn’t that new, it’s something I played with when I was a little girl.”

There was a big feather duster, and I grabbed it to tickle her skin. She wiggled and giggled, thrashing her arms and legs as I worked her armpits, stomach and inner thighs but doing nothing to keep me from making her squeal. Her breasts were very ticklish, and I worked around the undersides and nipples until she almost passed out through lack of air. Letting her recover, I gave her a bahis siteleri couple of evil touches before letting up and putting it back.

I got out of bed and saw an old paddleball paddle. There were a couple of small holes where the ball and plastic line were stapled on, but the rubber component was long gone. The paddle was dark and old, cracked in a couple of places. “Perhaps you were a bad little girl in those days. Perhaps you didn’t share your paddleball with your brothers and cousins.”

She rolled over immediately, showing me her big, beautiful white butt. Her lower lip curled under her teeth and she gave me a mock shame look, her eyebrows questioning. “Maybe I should be punished for all those times?”

I sat on the bed and gave her a light swat. She wiggled her ass in invitation and I gave her another tap. Light red marks showed where I hit her, and I started giving her gentle whacks with the ancient wood, stopping now and then to probe playfully between her legs with the handle. I sat at the head of the bed, and beckoned her to lay sideways on it with her head in my lap. “I think you need to take care of business here, while I give you what you deserve.” She moved even more horizontally and turned her hips so I could get at them more easily. My cock went into her mouth, and she sucked hard while I systematically turned her backside a cheery red. Finishing the work, I put down the paddle. Pointing to a mirror above her dresser, I said: “Look at your butt. It’s pretty red right now.”

She looked. Her ass was a dark red, and she winced a little when I stroked it. “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

“Do you like the tingle of your spanked butt?”

“Yes,” she growled huskily and sucked my dick again.

“Do you think there are any other parts of your body we should warm up?”

She thought for a moment and spat me out to say: “What do you have in mind?”

“I think maybe since your breasts have been so cold we should do something about that. Maybe warm them up a little?”

“Okay.” She got up off the bed and took two wrist restraints off her dresser. They were plastic and bound by velcro. Standing at the foot of the bed, she offered them to me. “Here.”

I turned her around and used them to fix her wrists to the bottom of her bed, facing away. Walking around, I pawed her breasts roughly, lifting them up. Noticing a small flogger on the dresser, I picked it up and started tracing it on her skin. “So you thought I might find this useful? You’ve really been working that imagination of your over the past few years.” A sigh escaped her lips and her eyes twinkled. “Do you like being restrained, helpless to my vile whims? Do you like the feel of this on your skin so far?”

She moved her head, nodded, and closed her eyes, biting her lower lip. I gave her tits a few soft passes, tickling the skin and she moved her chest out toward me. Going in a circle, I picked up the pace and holding one in the palm of my hand, flicked it several times before switching. The skin started turning a very light red, and she moaned. “Do you like this tingling in your breasts?”

“Mmm, yes. Never before, always dreamed of it. Don’t stop.”

I paid attention to her nipples and she gasped, then I landed some harder blows that made her wince. Picking up the paddle, I spanked her breasts a few times with it before noticing a clothesline in her bathroom. Going there, I took some semi-dry delicates down, laying them on a counter, before bringing the clothespins into the bedroom with me. Her eyes got big as I approached. “This will be a little like me nibbling your titties. Only a little harder and it stays put. Want to try it?”

She nodded and I licked a nipple to hardness before clasping it. A sigh and a nod of the head was my response, so I captured the other nipple. Her mouth writhed and she chewed her lip; I used the time to trace my fingertips over her red ass flesh, making her gasp. After about five minutes I took them off one at a time, bringing huge gasps as I did so.

Looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes, she asked: “Are you ready to come yet?” I shook my head no, and she looked disappointed. “Anything you want, just name it, and I will make it so. I’m yours today completely.”

“Since when did you start quoting Star Trek?”

“A few years ago. The kids watched the series every week.”

I strolled over to my clothes and took my belt out of the loops of my jeans. “How about a couple of stingers?”


“Hard bahis şirketleri shots with this.”

“Is that leather?”

“Oh yes, those other belts never last.”

She thought for a moment, then nodded her head. “All right, I’ll try it.”

“I’ll put a couple on your butt first. See how you like it.”

I walked around and she watched me as far as her sight would permit. Holding it by the buckle, I struck the bed several times to practice controlling the aim and power. She flinched every time I hit the bed. Finally, I got brave and landed a stripe across her butt cheeks. She yelped and raised her leg, but that was all. I laid another trail of red fire on her ass, and she danced for me again. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah. I can take it.” I did it again and rubbed it before stepping away, making her wonder what was next. Two more stripes and I felt in control of what I was doing.

“How are you? Okay?”



She nodded and I caressed the broad curve of her butt with the leather. A low moan escaped her lips and I reached down to feel her crotch: it was soggy. I fingered her a few moments, getting three fingers up her wide cunt, and then pulled away. “Ready to try it somewhere else?”

“Oh, you’re evil Kyle, you always were so evil. Like where?”

“Your tits.”

She thought for a minute and looked down at her breasts. The buds were rock hard, and a few stray freckles stood out in isolation. “I don’t know, never did anything like that. Will it help you cum?”

“I think so. The idea of laying a big red stipe on your pretty white tits really turns me on.” My pecker was bobbing and weaving at the thought: I’d always loved Brenda’s gorgeous breasts, and couldn’t get enough of them. One night in the back seat of my old Pinto, I made her orgasm just from licking and sucking her nipples while Led Zeppelin played on the radio. I could see from her eyes she was struggling with the idea.

I was about to drop it when she looked down and saw my wand waving in the air. She gave a small quick nod and I could tell she’d made a choice. Taking a deep breath, she said. “Do it. Many as you want.”

I stroked her soft boobs and whispered in her ear: “Will you suck me when I cum?”

“Yes,” she said eagerly. I brought a chair over next to her, making sure it was sturdy, before getting ready. Moving elegantly, I made a couple of false passes before I landed a blow across both her breasts, grazing her nipples.

She yelped: “Shit.” Her feet danced and her hands pulled the bonds. I waited until she was done moving and recovered before giving her another one. The semen started building in my balls, and a third wollop made her dance and scream. The fourth blow was from above, catching the tops of her breasts just above the nipples and bringing tears to her eyes. Able to take it no longer, I hopped on the chair and stuck my cock in the direction of her mouth, jerking furiously. She opened her mouth an inch away from my man meat, her tongue darting out to lick the end, and waited patiently until at last my sperm rocketed out of my cock and into her waiting mouth. As I came I stuck it in her mouth, and she sucked and sucked me until I was completely dry. When I pulled out, she rolled my wad around in her mouth, savoring the taste, before swallowing it all.

Unbinding her, I laid her on the bed and dived between her legs, licking furiously. She was extremely wet, and it took less than a minute to bring her to another orgasm, curling her toes and making her scream. We rested a few moments, my head in her crotch, her hands stroking my hair, as we recovered. She winced as I traced the cruel red lines on her pure white skin with my fingertips, but smiled.

After taking a shower, we dressed and went to the kitchen. After fixing us a couple of highballs, she sat down opposite me, her face beaming in spite of teary red eyes. “That was fantastic, better than old time’s sake,” I started.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” She sipped her drink coyly, her eyes twinkling irresistibly again.

“Did you like it?”

“Couldn’t you tell?” she said with a mischievous smile.

I smiled and sipped my drink. “I don’t know when I’ll be back here again.”

“Better be soon. You still on Facebook?”

“Yeah, you know it. Not going to Timeline, but never getting off. It’s too handy.”

“Bud isn’t technological enough for that, doesn’t use the computer for more than card games, so we’re safe there. Private messages are good.”

“Yeah. It won’t be fifteen years this time.”

She hit me with the same electric smile that lightened my youth and fueled my libido. “Damn well better not be,” she purred.

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