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When Jerry came home from work that evening he was surprised to find his wife, Loren, seated, cross legged on the couch, shoes off, in her stocking feet. The surprise was simply due to the fact that she rarely got home before him, and when she had, she was in the habit of remaining fully dressed. Now she was in a new pink slip he had never seen before.

“What do you think of these sexy flats,” she said, putting one of the black ballet flats on, extending her leg.

“Very nice,” said a blushing Jerry. It was rare that he got to stare at his erotically clad wife without his leering seeming somehow awkward. But now Loren was asking…as she was looking down at her leg, twisting her foot in an arc. Jerry’s eye caught her apparent toe cleavage in the new footwear.

“Do you like them better than my heels, the red ones? Come over here, Jerry, and help me put my stockings back on.” Loren lifted her other leg, thrusting it forward.

“What’s going on, Lor? You’re, um, acting kind of strange!”

“Come on, Jerr, just do it! Be a sport. “I have an idea for us.”

Jerry felt odd but he also felt strangely propelled towards his wife as she held out her stockings. He stepped toward her and touched her shoulder, about to say something but she pulled away.

“Let’s see a movie tonight… Shall I go in stockings, Jerry? Or bare-legged?”

Jerry looked down and barely got another “um” out, as Loren said “Come on, let’s go. We’ll decide at the movie!” She got up, threw on a coat and grabbed Jerry’s hand!

“You’re going to wear the flats,” said Jerry?

“Come on,” Loren said, as she jammed her stockings çorum escort in the coat pocket. “Don’t you like flats?” She peered down at her dogs in the new shoes. “I realize they make my legs look a little heavier, but I thought you liked heavy legs.”

Loren did have heavy legs although her high heels tended to ameliorate what might have seemed like fat legs. But her unusual change into flats exaggerated her thick ankles and calves and her sudden impulse to uncharacteristically wear them made the new look even more pronounced. Jerry swallowed. In the street, he couldn’t help notice some of what he felt were stares of passers-by at Loren’s short skirt, naked legs and stockingless feet bursting out of the new shoes and he felt slight embarrassment.

Loren bought the tickets at the movie-house ticket booth and led the way as Jerry’s glance turned downward at Loren’s pale, white calves punctuated by the black ballet flats.

“Aren’t you a little chilly,” he said? “I can’t believe you left the house without stockings.”

As they entered the theater, without looking at him, Loren said “would you like to put them on for me?” Jerry was silent. After a few moments Loren, again not looking at him, said, “Let me know what you’d like to do when we sit down.”

Loren took the lead and made their way into the dark theater and through one of the aisles, where they found two seats together. She didn’t say anything but removed her shoes, and taking one bare foot crossed it over her knee inches from Jerry. He felt immobilized and initiated nothing…particularly in view of the fact that the young man to Loren’s right çukurambar escort kept looking over at them, with long, punctuating stares at Loren’s bare leg. They sat through the movie amid the periodic glances of people on Jerry’s left and the man on Loren’s right. And as she bent forward at the movie’s end, to retrieve her shoes, still both off, she muttered “I’m going home,” and turning to the man on her right, added, “can you help me find my shoe?”

Jerry felt himself going into shock. Loren had never behaved this way and not only did he find himself puzzled as to how to respond to her overtures, terribly embarrassed and paralyzed in public but uncomfortably aroused. Meanwhile, Loren’s neighbor found her shoe and said, “may I?”

“You may, sir,” Loren smiled as she extended her foot. Suddenly uncomfortably aware of his erection, Jerry was only somewhat minimally relieved by the theater’s darkness…although the odd bulge in his trousers was becoming obvious as the man slid and adjusted Loren’s flat shoe over her foot, holding it just a little too long. Loren turned to Jerry as she got up and mumbled, “I’ll see you home. Here.” She thrust her stockings into his lap, at the same instant, pushing down on his erection. “Oh, my,” she said, as she squeezed by his seat.

As Loren made her way past him and toward the front of the row Jerry couldn’t help but focus on the backs of her pale and substantial legs, heavy and untouched. He couldn’t move. But the man who had helped Loren with her shoe was leaving the row as well. Clasping both hands over his fly Jerry got up to go and trailed behind ankara escort his wife and her new friend who was making some inane conversation as they both hurried from the theater. Jerry somehow opted not to follow them.

Loren must have come home late, after Jerry had fallen asleep on the couch as he found his wife getting dressed in the bedroom the next morning. “What time did you come home last night,” he said?

“I don’t think that’s any of your concern,” she said. “You disappeared and

it was you who was acting like a jerk.”

“Why,” said Jerry, because I didn’t massage your foot in a public theater?

There was silence and then Loren, still not looking at Jerry, stared at her naked feet. Jerry asked “Would you like some help with stockings this morning?”

Loren looked up at him. “Why, because there’s no one watching you now? You’re pathetic, Jerry…sitting there last night with your hard-on while someone else helped me with my shoes. Guess what? I’m not wearing stockings today…and I don’t want you to touch my feet. Get my flip-flops, over there, will you?”

“You’re wearing flip-flops? I hate those.”

“That’s too bad, Jerry, because those are what I’m wearing today…and tonight…and every day from now on… especially around the house. I bought several pairs yesterday… Now please get out of my way. If I need any help I’ll ask Bill.”

“Is that your new friend…Bill?”

“That’s none of your concern now, Jerry. You blew it,” said Loren, as she slipped the black flip-flops on, heading out the door. “And don’t forget that dress-up dinner tonight at the Sloan’s. I’ll see you there, but I’m not coming home to change. This is what I’m wearing. By the way,” said Loren, as Jerry caught a last look at her thick ankles, erotically flapping down the hallway, “my stockings are on the table, next to those flats…just in case you feel the need to jerk off!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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