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(another fantasy involving football)

As Judy was driving towards Jeff’s house, she thought aloud to herself why she still went over there to watch the Bears play. Judy looked again at her favorite football outfit she wore. A white half shirt that scarcely covered her busom with a giant Bears logo on the chest was under her denim jacket that matched the mini denim skirt. Her feet were shod in black fuck me pumps, but in her mind she knew no one at the party would interpret that as an invitation. Judy then remembered that she went over Jeff’s house just because she felt way safer there than at any sports bar in the area. Judy loved to dress provocatively and it only meant the wrong kind of invitation to drunk sports fans. She knew in her mind that the only guy who would go after her at Jeff’s house was Jeff and he had already been rejected a few times to know she was hands off. Still, with her lack of dating lately, she felt as if she would fuck the Bears mascot at this point as long as they actually won a game.

Today’s game was suppose to be an easy one. The Washington Redskins were coming to Chicago and they recently lost a couple games in a row. In Judy’s mind, this victory was a slam dunk. As she pulled into the driveway at Jeff’s place, the sight of only Jeff’s car shocked her a bit. As she slowly walked towards the door to this rambler style house, she thought that maybe she got the game time wrong. She rang the doorbell and was surprised when Jeff answered wearing burgundy and gold. Judy then realized that Jeff was a Skins fan.

As Jeff welcomed Judy into the house, he had to catch his breath. Judy looked hot as hell with her short cropped black hair at shoulder length as well as that white half shirt. Judy could have been a Bears cheerleader with her nice long legs and her firm youthful figure. For a twenty seven year old, she looked more like a college coed. As Jeff took her coat to hang it up, he barely heard Judy ask where everyone else was. He answered her that they all had engagements to attend to, weddings and such like. He could hear Judy musing to herself to whether she should leave or not.

As Judy thought whether she should depart, she noticed an autographed picture of Joe Theisman in a special frame next to Jeff’s plasma. The thought of him being there shook her a bit just because the idea of her being trapped in a house with a Redskin fan, actually fanatic was a little too much. Judy demanded that Jeff put down the photo next to the television. Jeff was shocked that this Chicago bred filly would even dare ask this son of Washington to lower the picture of one of his football heroes.

The argument ensuing was more trash talk than anything else. Both began to pontificate kadıköy escort on the virtues of their respective teams and how they would demolish the other team in a sound fashion. As Jeff felt his temper rise slightly, he suddenly asked the most chauvenistic thing he had ever said to her. “Wanna bet?”

This shocked Judy. “Bet what?”

Jeff blurted out.”How bout a game of strip football? Every time the Skins score, you take off an article of clothing. If your pathetic Bears score, I remove an article of mine.”

Judy looked over Jeff’s outfit. He looked casual wearing a Redskins T-shirt, pair of blue jeans, shoes and socks plus his underwear. She knew all she had on was her half shirt, her skirt with black underwear and her shoes. She was already down one piece of clothing already. Before she could say no, Jeff had already removed his shoes for the sake of being even. Judy looked at him, knowing in her mind that she would win this bet. ‘You’re on.”

As Judy sat in one of Jeff’s leather recliners to watch the game, it took a few moments for her to realize what was more at stake than just the scant clothing on her person. Across the room sat Jeff, a thirty three year old Redskins fan with no prior girlfriend that Judy knew about. She has never seen Jeff without a T-shirt and jeans and she had made him a bet that was worth not only her clothing, but Jeff getting a good view of features that select few had seen before. To say that Judy was a prude would be incorrect. She loved wearing scant clothing. She loved the feeling of strangers looking at her whenever she walked into a room. Yet for the first time, she felt more naked than birth, especially with Jeff’s deep brown eyes scanning her over like top sirloin in the butcher case. In her heart, she hoped beyond measure that her Bears would not disappoint her.

By halftime, Judy luckily was down just her pumps while with two touchdowns by Chicago, Jeff was down his shirt and the socks that were previously on his feet. As Judy tried her best not to stare at Jeff openly, she noticed that Jeff did some working out. He had a shaven chest and also a nice set of abdominal muscles. Not a six pack, but toned enough to not be perceived as a beer gut. As the second half started, Chicago kicked off to Washington. The Washington punt returner started to run. As he broke tackle after tackle, Judy began to see her chance at remaining covered disappear down the field. Only one man stood in the way of the runner making a glorious return. All Judy could think about was whether she would give up her shirt and show off her breasts to the heathen in the other recliner or if she üsküdar escort would take a chance of removing her denim skirt which hid the tiniest of black thong underwear.

The question was answered as the Skins runner crossed the end zone boundary and Jeff began hollering at the screen at what an awesome job the runner did. Jeff then focused his gaze upon Judy’s confused look. Judy closed her eyes, grabbed the bottom of her half shirt and pulled up, revealing her silver dollar sized nipples standing firm on her wonderfully full breasts. Judy thought about the jealousy shown by her classmates as she grew up throughout high school with such an endowment in the chest region. This meant nothing to her at that moment when Jeff looked over and whistled at her. It was down to two pieces of clothing apiece when Judy finally sat back in the recliner, the leather sticking to her back as she nervously began to pray for another Chicago score.

Jeff couldn’t believe the luck he was having. He had always wanted to see Judy in a nude state although he preferred in a less than forced situation. Many a time, he would see this tart sitting in the hot tub in an extremely small bikini just to torture all his friends that would come over for drinks or parties and there before him sat her with both massive mammaries within view. He could feel the tightness bulging inside the jeans he wore, but his devotion to the burgundy and gold pushed him to desire another score to possibly see the best sight he hoped for when he made that bet.

As the Skins were in field goal range, Judy could see the discomfort on Jeff’s face. At once, she began to think about the possibilities of payback as the Skins scored a field goal. Judy slowly rose from her recliner and bent straight over to show Jeff her thong underwear as she slowly unbuttoned the denim skirt. Judy could feel herself moisten as she slowly stood back up, her flawlessly sculpted buttocks barely concealing the tiny black string that revealed her underwear. As she sat down, she slowly spread her legs and slowly moved the string to tease Jeff more. In her mind she hoped he would forget the game and perhaps give up.

As Chicago received the ball, all Jeff’s mind could think about was the almost naked woman in the other recliner. He started pondering the different ideas to get his mind back on cheering for the Bears, or was it the Skins. As the Bears threw a touchdown pass, Jeff stood and quickly pulled down his pants accidently hooking his boxers wih it so he sat naked. Judy laughed to herself knowing Jeff just messed up on his own scoring. As he grabbed for the pants discarded on the floor, Judy grabbed them first before looking him tuzla escort in the eye and asking what was the next touchdown worth. Jeff lost track, so he bet that if Chicago scored again, he would service Judy for one minute with no other touching. Judy, knowing she eased a one article of clothing advantage, agreed.

By the two minute warning in the fourth quarter, Judy was still ahead one pair of thong underwear to Jeff’s totally naked body. As the plays kept going by, Judy could see the precum forming on the end of Jeff’s member and was hoping that he would soon explode so she could really let him off the hook. As Chicago lined up for another field goal, Judy wondered what services Jeff would perform. She thought about one minute of toe sucking or perhaps just a back massage so she wouldn’t have to fuck that desperate Redskin fan. By the time the ball sailed through the air, Judy already knew that Jeff was at her mercy.

Judy spread her legs out and began to take her index finger on her right hand to slowly rub her pussy in front of Jeff. He stood there mesmerized for a bit as he realized that the Skins let him down. Chicago won and as Judy sat there savoring the win, he could see her fingers tracing over her engorged lips. Jeff was going to try to be a gentleman and offer a foot rub or something minor, but he began to kneel before her as she slowly kept rubbing. Soon, Judy could feel his hot breath along the moistness of her cunt as she removed her fingers from her center and slowly spread them for him. Jeff looked up pleadingly, unsure of whether she wanted his tongue or if she was just teasing him.

Judy settled the argument by reaching up and grabbing Jeff by the hair and pulling him towards her pussy. A second’s silence later, Jeff’s tongue was deep inside her gooey gash and she began moaning during the climax that followed. His tongue moved slowly. Up and down slowly inside her as his hands slowly placed themselves on either thigh. Judy’s hands found her nipples as her eyes closed, basking in the attention this loser was rewarding her with. She was lost in thought and ecstacy as she suddenly found her lips forming the words,”Fuck me.”

Jeff was unsure if she said it as he reached for the condom in his wallet. Judy started rubbing her aching clit again as he slowly opened the package and slowly slid the latex over his member. A moment later, he slid his dick slowly into her pussy. Judy’s legs quickly grabbed Jeff and pulled him into her forcefully. Jeff then began to pound into Judy, his hands planting themselves on either end of her head as he kept thrusting. Judy’s breathing was hurried and heavy as she felt herself riding another climactic wave. Her legs began to relax their grip on Jeff as she slowly collapsed under him. Judy then opened her eyes to see where Jeff went to.

Jeff looked over at Judy from his recliner as the game started. “Man, Judy, you must have been tired. You sat down and you were out. I figured the bet was over.”

Judy looked at him before looking around. “No, I know the Bears will win. It’s on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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