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To the reader: Yes! At last, it is another story in the Jason Garrett series! In the nearly five months since I last wrote a story in this series, I have had a number of requests for another one. This story is set approximately six months after the events of Northridge Exposure.

Erin: So after Jason and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, I had always kind of wanted to go back. There was so much that we didn’t get to do while we were there, but tops on my list was the true disappointment of not getting to visit the USS Arizona memorial.

Over the following four years, I had told him that I wanted to go back several times; unfortunately, when you’re married to a pastor, there’s really not much vacation time available. So, when his church decided to give him two more weeks vacation time than we had been expecting, I jumped at the chance, telling him that we needed to go to Hawaii.

Well, of course, he immediately objected with the money issue. “Erin, let’s think about this for a moment,” he said. “Airfare will cost at least $400 for each of us roundtrip between here and there. Then, there’s hotel costs, transportation, and food.”

But how convenient was it that I had brought this up over a family dinner? Jason’s brother, Austin, and his wife, Kat, were there, as were his sister, Emily, and her boyfriend, L.A. Marauders quarterback Martin Daly. The moment Jason mentioned airfare, Austin started. “Um, you know,” he said, “being that I’m the chief aide to the adjutant general of the California National Guard, I’m quite sure that I could finagle you a flight to Hickam Air Force Base. You’d have to fly out of March, near Riverside, but it would be free.”

Kat spoke up next. “I have a voucher for five nights free at any Marriott hotel,” she said. “It was one of the… um… perks, you might say that I got from… well, you remember the photo shoot.”

About a year and a half earlier, Kat had done a rather graphic photo shoot for Hustler magazine. How graphic, you ask? Well, that’s another story, but let’s just say that it involved hardcore SEX. “Yeah,” she continued. “I guess Mr. Flynt wanted me to do another shoot, but he sent me that voucher, no strings attached, so I just kept it and never replied to him.”

Finally, Emily’s boyfriend spoke up. “You know,” he mused, “I have a national sponsorship deal with Toyota. I bet that I could call up a dealership in Honolulu and get them to lend a car to my brother in law.”

Jason threw his hands up in the air. “Well, I guess I know when I’m defeated,” he said. “You’ve all got answers to everything… although, I guess I wouldn’t mind another trip to Hawaii.”

Austin spoke again, this time a little more quietly. “There’s just one thing,” he said. “You’d have to fly in a KC-135 tanker… and those don’t have windows.”

Oh, that was not good.

Jason has somewhat of a problem with motion sickness. When he’s in a bus, car, plane, train, whatever, he’s okay as long as he can see out the window. But you shut the window on that plane, and his world begins to spin.

In fact, he was turning green just thinking about it. “Well,” he said with a weak smile, “I guess… maybe you guys should buy stock in Dramamine.”

* * *

Jason: Well, first of all, it was a little exasperating having my entire family throw a statement that I had made right back in my face. I mean, yeah, I do enjoy Hawaii, but this was a little annoying, having them have an answer for every damn thing I said.

Anyway, I tried not to get visibly annoyed. After all, I’m a pastor, and we pastors are supposed to be a beacon of God’s love, not assholes. So, I took a deep breath, and I was doing okay, until Austin mentioned the part about flying in a KC-135.

Oh, that was not good. I can’t even deal with a closed window on a plane, let alone an entirely windowless plane. How was this going to work?!

I was beginning to feel nauseous. I swallowed hard, and took a deep breath. “Well,” I said, trying to smile and failing miserably, “I guess… maybe you guys should buy stock in Dramamine.”

And quite honestly, that would’ve been good advice. You see, the week before Erin and I left for Hawaii, we went on a shopping trip to buy supplies. When we were at Sav-On, I bought a full ten packages of Dramamine. As we were checking out, the clerk gave us a raised eyebrow.

“My husband gets terrible motion sickness,” Erin explained, “and we’re flying to Hawaii later this week. The last thing we want is for him to vomit all over the plane.”

The clerk didn’t look entirely convinced. I don’t know if she thought that I was going to use the Dramamine in a way other than prescribed on the packaging or what, but she gave me a suspicious glare as we left.

Anyway, the morning came. I found it very hard to sleep that night, because I was nervous about flying in a windowless plane. I was up at 5:00 brewing coffee, and Erin and I weren’t leaving until 6:30.

So, when we hit the freeway that morning, I was a little jittered out istanbul escort on coffee already. My reflexes almost overloaded when I got cut off by an idiotic early morning driver on the 60, but I recovered alright.

* * *

Erin: Jason didn’t sleep for shit the night before we left. I guess he must’ve just been nervous about the concept of flying in a windowless plane, because I heard him leave the bed at 5:00, a good hour before I got up. When I finally got up, he was pacing the kitchen, clearly hopped up on caffeine.

He almost got us killed on California 60 on the way out to Riverside. Some moron cut us off, and Jason slammed on the brakes and swerved all over the freeway, nearly turning our Impala over – not an easy task! – but he somehow managed to recover.

When we finally got to March Air Reserve Base, Austin met us at the gate. He escorted us to the motor pool, where Jason parked the car. Then, he took us in his government car to the plane. A staff sergeant met us there, and took our luggage to load it into the cargo hold.

Then, as we were getting on the plane, I noticed something strange – Austin was boarding, too!

“Are you going with us, Austin?” I asked.

“Oh, come on,” he replied. “You didn’t honestly think that I’d be able to get you on a flight to Hawaii without a good reason, did you? You got VERY lucky in that the general needed me to go out to Hickam Air Force Base this week for a conference.”

Then he looked at his brother, and added under his breath, “Besides, you didn’t think I’d miss the chance to see my older brother turn green, did you?”

Jason looked straight at Austin. “Fuck you.”

* * *

Austin: So yeah. My brother did not look good. Erin looked pretty concerned about it, too. I mean, it’s okay if you toss your cookies on an Air Force tanker – they clean up easily, and people do it all the time, anyway. You think about tankers, they’re bobbing all over the place up there in the atmosphere, dragging along huge aircraft like C-5 Galaxies and B-52s while transferring fuel. Naturally, most people who fly on tankers are going to get motion sickness at one point or another.

But when you add those two factors together, I was afraid that Jason was going to be yakking all the way to Hawaii, in which case he’d probably have to be treated for dehydration at Hickam before he and Erin went anywhere.

So, Erin and Jason took their seats, Jason popped a Dramamine, and closing his eyes, leaned back. He appeared to be trying to go to sleep, but his eyes kept popping open.

I shook my head and went into the cockpit.

* * *

Jason: I tried to fall asleep. I really did. But I had drunk too much coffee.

For about the first fifteen minutes of the flight, I was okay. But that was about it. Just off the coast of California, we met up with three F-14s off the USS Nimitz. As we sat there, bumping along in the turbulence, I lost it for the first time. Fortunately, my brother had made sure to place a large stack of US Air Force issue barf bags within quick reach of me. And so, the first one was filled.

After I had cleaned myself up a bit, I tried again to go to sleep, but to no avail. For the next two hours, it seemed like every time we hit any sort of bump in the atmosphere, my stomach was set off again. I went through an entire tube of Dramamine, but it had no effect.

I was abso-fucking-lutely miserable.

* * *

Erin: I didn’t know if Jason was going to make it. He was throwing up what seemed like every fifteen minutes. After a while, I wasn’t sure where he kept getting stuff to throw up, but it kept coming up, over and over. From about the fourth time on, it had to have been mostly stomach acid, which was definitely not good for his throat.

And then, about halfway to Hickam Air Force Base, I had an idea.

We had been riding in smooth air for about twenty minutes, and Jason seemed to be okay for the moment. There were a number of rough bunks in the cabin of the plane, most likely for medical evacuees. “Jason,” I said.


“Come lay down on one of the bunks. I want to try something.”

Staggering as if he were drunk, Jason laid down on one of the bunks, sprawled out all over. “No, no, turn over on your front.”

He did so. Gently, I pressed each of my index fingers against the base of his skull, right behind his ears.

“Ohhhh…” he moaned.

Hmmm. It seemed the pressure point thing was having an effect.

I gently rubbed the base of his skull for a moment, then moved down to his neck. Damn, but he was tense!

* * *

Jason: I wasn’t sure what Erin had in mind when she had me lay down on the bunk, but when she started massaging my neck, I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain. Sometimes, I’m convinced my wife must’ve sold her soul to the devil to have the manual dexterity that she does.

My neck and back muscles had tightened up considerably from avcılar escort all the vomiting that I was doing, so when she started to massage them, I felt an amazing amount of tension just drain away from me. It was wonderful. In fact, it was so wonderful that I began to forget that I was on a windowless airplane.

And it wasn’t just that. Her manual ministrations were beginning to send stimulus through my skin that was causing a certain part of my body to wake up…

* * *

Erin: I must’ve gone for about twenty minutes massaging his back. When I finished, Jason rolled over on his side, looked at me with a sleepy smile, and whispered, “Thank you.” Then, he leaned up and gave me a peck on the cheek. Laying his head back down, he closed his eyes. “I love you,” he whispered.

I love him, too. As I sat there, I slowly looked my husband over. Even at 29, he still looks pretty damn good. And as I passed his waist, I saw something that caught my eye.

Ah, yes, there it was. A bulge in his crotch – the evidence that I had been able to turn him on once again, just as I had been doing for the last six and a half plus years.

And then the plane rocked slightly. Slight as it was, though, it was enough to cause Jason’s eyes to pop open in alarm. That was when I had another idea.

* * *

Erin knelt back down next to Jason. She kissed him on the cheek, very gently. Then, with the same manual magic that she had exhibited for the last twenty minutes, she slowly unzipped his jeans, allowing his now rock hard cock to poke out through the fly of both his boxers and his jeans.

Gently, she started rubbing her hand up and down the shaft. A tiny moan escaped from his lips as her soft, silky hand caressed his penis. As she continued to manipulate him, she undid the his belt and the button on his jeans, and pulled them down to his knees. Then, briefly removing her hand from the shaft, she pulled the boxers down to join the jeans, and then gently began sucking his cock.

Jason moaned again, louder this time. Erin’s oral ministrations were just as good as, if not better than, her manual ones. And having had nearly seven years to work on it with him, Erin knew exactly what to do to take Jason to the brink but not quite let him cum.

Erin kept sucking Jason’s dick for about ten minutes, keeping him at the brink but never quite letting him cum. His moaning was growing louder and more insistent, but that wasn’t what she noticed most. What she noticed was the fact that he didn’t seem to notice the turbulence that the plane was passing through.

* * *

Jason: Okay, this was so not fair. After almost seven years, Erin knew exactly what to do to almost get me to orgasm, but keep me just below the edge. Whenever I came, I knew it was going to be massive.

Well, after a few minutes, she seemed to tire of sucking my cock, because she removed her lips. “Hey,” I protested weakly. “That’s not cool.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said. “I have something else in mind.”

And then it appeared – the devilish smile. That smile had caused me nothing but trouble and amazing orgasms since September of 2004. “Oh really?”

“Oh, really,” she almost purred. “Have you ever heard of a thing called the mile high club?”

This brought me fully back into the real world. “You’re kidding, right?” I asked. “On an Air Force tanker?”

“Oh yeah.”

* * *

Erin: I don’t know why he was protesting, but enough was enough. I grabbed his shoulders and laid him back down on the bunk. And then, having gone commando that day – as usual – and having worn a skirt, I simply straddled him, billowed out my skirt around me, and dropped my pussy all the way down onto his cock.

This time, when he moaned, I thought it was going to be enough to alert the cockpit crew, but fortunately, nobody appeared. “Shhh,” I said.

Then, I began doing what he knew so well – rocking gently up and down on him, using my well-developed vaginal muscles to treat his cock to its own sort of special massage.

* * *

Jason: You would think, that after more than six years of experiencing it, I would’ve been used to her little tricks by now. But no. Every time she climbs aboard and starts doing that crazy little ripple with the walls of her vagina, it drives me crazy. It’s as if she’s able to stimulate every single nerve ending in my penis all at once, but at the same time, she has the vaginal strength to keep me from cumming before she’s damn good and ready.

And so, I just went along for the ride. The cool air of the KC-135 was a marked contrast from the warmth of her pussy, and that was just one more added stimulus each time she lifted herself off of my cock. I felt myself begin to twitch, and apparently, she noticed it too, because she slammed herself back down on top of me, and clamped the muscles at the opening of her pussy around the base of my cock, preventing anything further from happening.

* * *

Erin: I didn’t şirinevler escort want him cumming too soon. So, when it looked like he was about to blow, I clamped him off. Keeping the opening of my vagina clamped tightly around the base of his cock, I set a continuous ripple up and down the walls of my pussy in motion. I could tell it was driving him nuts from his facial contortions.

And, of course, just as always when I do this for long enough, I felt my own orgasm building. I could tell when it was just about to hit, and when it did, I unclamped the muscles at the mouth of my pussy and started riding Jason like Seattle Slew.

Well, of course, as soon as I did this, the added stimulus of the friction was enough to send me into orbit. The only thing that kept me from having a screaming orgasm was the knowledge that there were four Air Force officers on the other side of the cockpit door, one of them being my brother-in-law. As I came, I felt Jason cum as well.

And when he came, it was as he had not cum in quite some time. He came with enough force that I felt the jets of cum hitting the walls of my pussy – something that I had not felt in quite some time. His eyes were squeezed shut, and his mouth was pursed as if he had just sucked into a lemon as his face contorted with the force of his orgasm.

* * *

Austin: So, when I stepped out from the cockpit to use the lavatory, I certainly didn’t expect to see what I saw.

There was my sister-in-law, sitting on top of my brother, her hands resting on either side of him. They were both breathing heavily, and both were drenched in sweat. Now, her skirt was billowed out around her, so I couldn’t actually see anything, but in my mind, I knew exactly what had just occurred: MILE HIGH CLUB!

I stepped into the lav, but didn’t do anything for a moment but just stand at the door, listening.

“Shit,” Jason whispered. “I think he saw us.”

“Well, congratulations, Sherlock,” Erin whispered back with a little giggle. “Do you think he cares? He’s your brother, for goodness’ sake! Come on, I know that he used to fantasize about me when you and I were dating during his senior year!”

I would find out later that Kat had told her about that, but at the moment, my only thought was, now how in the FUCK did she know about that?

Well, when I finally came out of the lav, Jason and Erin were both fully dressed and back in their seats, looking fairly normal, if a little disheveled. Jason, surprisingly, was sound asleep, but Erin was awake and gave me a little wink as I headed back into the cockpit.

* * *

Erin: Well, Jason fell asleep after we sorted ourselves out, and he was fine for the rest of the trip. As for me, it had been a while since I had had an orgasm like that, and I was still basking in the glow of it when we landed at Hickam.

As Jason and I got off the plane, I felt something wet began to trickle down my leg. I knew exactly what it was, but there wasn’t much that I could do about it until we were safely in the Prius that Marty had arranged to be waiting at the terminal for us.

When we got in the car, I realized that the mixture of my cum and Jason’s had managed to run all the way down to my ankle, but fortunately had not yet gotten into my shoe. Taking a Kleenex, I wiped the line of cum off of my leg. Looking up at Jason, I realized he was looking at me like a starving man who had found a steak dinner in the middle of the desert.

* * *

Jason: I wasn’t expecting THAT particular first on this trip, but it happened anyway. However, a warning to all of you out there who might be considering it: road head should not be attempted unless you are (or the person you’re giving it to is) a very good, VERY experienced driver! I had been driving for more than thirteen years with a spotless record, and I still almost ran the car off the road when I came in Erin’s mouth.

I think that having sex with Erin on the way over did something for my motion sickness problem, because I only threw up once the entire way back to Riverside, and that might’ve just been because I forgot to take any Dramamine. However, it’s a good thing that things weren’t as bad for me on the flight back, because there were a good twenty more passengers on the flight this time.

I wasn’t the only person affected by having sex on the airplane, though. Austin couldn’t look me in the eye for almost a month after that. I don’t know if it was because he was embarrassed about having seen me and Erin fucking, or if it was because he knew that I knew about his old fantasies.

And Erin? Well, about two weeks after we got back, something that’s normally on Erin’s calendar once a month didn’t occur. A week later, it still hadn’t happened. And so, when her period was two weeks late, she went to see her obstetrician.

The technology that we have these days is amazing. When the doctor was able to tell us that conception almost certainly happened on the day that we were on the plane, it really came as no surprise to either of us.

And I’ll be honest with you. If, two months ago, you had told me that Erin would now be pregnant with our first child as a result of sex on an airplane that only happened because I have motion sickness – I wouldn’t have believed you any more than I believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

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