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He noticed her every day. Okay, so it was every working day, and what he noticed most was her ass, but Fliss wasn’t hard to notice. She had a sweet and inviting smile that held a promise he never expected to find himself next to.

Matt was sure he was only a “ham, turkey and Swiss on French” to Fliss. Every day he wandered into the deli, ordered his sandwich and watched as she turned away to the counter and made it while he watched her wonderful rear, straining her Levis with the white strings of her apron ties around her slender waist. It was a lovely thought, just before lunch, to walk up behind her, grab her pelvis and press up against her ass.

Not that the rest of Fliss was too shabby either. Beneath the white apron it looked like she had a nice figure and her face was instantly noticeable. She had bright blue eyes, shining teeth and wonderful, flowing shoulder-length black hair. When she smiled and handed Matt his sandwich each day, Matt melted. But she was just the “deli girl”, no way could he ask her out, no way in the bustling lunchtime rush would he get to talk with her, find out if there was anyone in her life, or in her bed.

She did make a good sandwich though.


Of course Fliss noticed Matt. How could she not? He was always courteous, always smiled at her and had lovely soft hands that she sometimes managed to brush against as she handed him his sandwich—intentionally of course.

She knew he worked in an office not far from the deli, but beyond that she knew nothing about Matt, the fresh-faced guy with the short black hair, goatee, powerful chest and muscular thighs.

She got the impression he might be enjoying looking at her rear while she made his sandwich, but what made him different from the hundred other check-outs she got every day was that he wasn’t obvious about his drooling or made any smart “wouldn’t mind some of that on a bun” comments. She liked catching his eye, smiling in unison with him and sharing that small moment every day. She got her own back sometimes when she watched him walk out of the deli, enjoying the sight of his own tight ass in his jeans. Matt was someone she could imagine spending a whole evening with, not just a roll under the covers.

And she always tried to make him a nice sandwich.


At first she didn’t realize he’d left it but when another customer handed it to her she knew immediately it was his. A quick look at the driver’s license confirmed it—Matt had left his wallet on the counter. Fliss could have run out of the door after him immediately and probably caught him on the sidewalk but something held her back. She could have waited for him to call or come in the following day, but she instantly had a better idea. The vision of the plan forming in her head made her smirk wickedly as she spread mayo onto some rye. She wasn’t known for being overly forward, but it had been a long time since she’d had some and Fliss was horny as hell.

When the deli closed for the day Fliss went home to shower and change. When she got to her apartment she opened Matt’s wallet and took out the license to copy down his address. Then she closed her eyes and sniffed the wallet, picking up Matt’s scent through the leather. As she exhaled, she thought about that same scent being on her pillow and felt a familiar stirring between her legs.

She didn’t overdress, just kept with her jeans and t-shirt. No sense in giving away her intentions immediately. Anyway, there was always the possibility that Matt lived with someone and turning up in some “I’m available” gear might not be a great move. When she finished brushing her hair in her mirror she brought up her hands to push out her boobs, made a playful smoldering look to herself, and felt ready for her mission.

It was early evening when Fliss arrived at his front door. No one answered at first and she started to think he might not be home, and what a dumb idea this was. When the door opened Matt looked a little startled and was tucking in his shirt. After a couple of seconds his face registered recognition. “Oh. Hi. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you, without the… err… apron.” He watched as her smile softened, mildly shocked to find the object of his desires on his doorstep, looking ravishing.

That was the moment all of Fliss’ bravado deserted her. It had seemed like such a good idea to arrive at his apartment and seduce him, but now she was here her lack of experience in that area crippled her ability to even make the first words come out of her throat. “I . . . I brought this.” She held out his wallet. “You left it behind at lunchtime. I… err… looked at your license for the address and came round. Hope you don’t mind.”

Mat took the offered wallet and smiled. “Thank you. Err… I was looking for this, thank you so much.” So unexpected was her appearance that Matt had no idea what to say, not that he was shy, just taken aback. He knew he needed to say something though, when else would he get the chance to talk to her away from bahis firmaları the deli counter?

“Would you, like to… come in for a… quick drink, as a thank you?”

Even before Fliss had nodded her head and said yes, the alarm went off in Matt’s head. He couldn’t invite her in. Shit!

He put out a hand to slow her as she took a small step towards him. “Err, can I have, like, ten seconds. I should tidy up.”

He watched as Fliss’ eyes narrowed at the same time as she smiled. Almost with a giggle, she squeaked, “Of course,” and stood back.

He left the door slightly open and at full speed bound into the lounge. First stop was the DVD player. He hit the power button and a buxom young blonde was cut off in her prime as she licked and massaged the erect penis of a well-endowed porno stud. Next he scooped up the magazine he had laid on the floor and confined the open page, featuring a brunette fingering herself, to a resting place below the sofa.

The evidence cleared, Matt shepherded Fliss into his lounge, insisting that she sit on his sofa and make herself comfortable. Fliss sat, a little nervously, knees together and wondering how she could extract herself from the situation and the foolish notion that Mat would be interested in her.

Matt fumbled through a list of drinks, some of which he might even have, and Fliss chose the safe option of coffee. While he trotted off to the kitchen to start a new pot Fliss looked around Matt’s room, seeing the man she desired so in a whole new light, seeing his home, his domain. It was definitely a boy’s room, not many flowers or patterns of any kind here, but it wasn’t without some nice touches. Like the wine rack that actually had a couple of bottles in it, and the line of CDs on the shelf that were meticulously arranged in alphabetic order.

A little more at ease with the situation and happy to be a little closer to Matt, Fliss waited for her coffee. As she settled in, her foot brushed something on the floor and she instinctively reached down to pick up the obviously errant article.

At that very moment Matt excitedly bounced back into the room to find Fliss retrieving the latest issue of “Hot Naked Babes”. The bounce disappeared from his stride quickly.

Fliss was aware of the situation around her dissolving as she heard Matt’s arrival as soon as she saw the cover of the magazine. Her instinct was to quickly drop the mag, but she knew it was already too late, Matt knew what she had in her hands. Trying not to panic, she steadied herself and began idly flicking through a few pages.

Matt stood behind the sofa, frozen to the spot, looking down at the object of his desires flicking through the pages of his porno collection. He felt the need to say something, but had no idea what. The first thing that came from his mouth was, “I… err… I live alone.”

Fliss faced a similar dilemma as she looked down at the open pussy of a raven-haired beauty as she bent over and displayed it between her full ass cheeks. “I guess Chris Rock’s right after all… every guy does have a porno collection.” Fliss sighed a little to herself, decided to make the best of her situation and try not to embarrass Matt. She closed the magazine, put it to the side of her on the sofa and tried to look up at him as though nothing was out of the ordinary. “How’s the coffee coming along?”

“I’ll be right with you.” Matt was visibly relieved and immediately headed back to the kitchen to finish his job.

While he was gone Fliss steeled herself for the moments ahead, from the bold girl who walked to his door, to the meek entrance and now the shock of her discovery, her mind was racing, but she knew there was an opportunity here and hoped she was brave and skillful enough to take it.

When Matt brought their coffee he handed a cup to Fliss, smiled sheepishly and sat on a chair to the side of her. As they drank and small-talked, Fliss glanced occasionally in the direction of the magazine that still lay beside her on the sofa. Each time she did, she noticed Matt squirm a little.

“I didn’t even know your name until today,” she said as she put her cup off to one side. “I always thought of you as ham-turkey-and-Swiss-on-French.”

“I know you were Fliss, from your name tag. I always hoped it was you who’d make my sandwich. You always made it best.” Matt, while not quite at ease again yet, was at least calming down again now. “What’s Fliss short for?

“Felicity.” She smiled. “It’s not all that popular these days, but I kinda like it.”

“I do too.” Matt sighed and ran his hand through his hair as the tension eased a little more.

Deliberately, and knowing totally the tension she would create, Fliss leaned over and picked up the magazine. She said, “I live alone too.” and flicked the pages again. “You think I should get a subscription to this?”

“You like pictures of girls?” Matt asked skeptically.

“No silly,” Fliss shot him an impish look, “for the stories. Are they any good?”

“Sure.” kaçak iddaa Matt tried to sound authoritative, trying to recall the last time he read one. “If you like that kind of thing.”

Fliss giggled this time. “You sound more like a pictures guy. Just like all the rest.” The sigh she let out was animated and tension-releasing. She tried hard not to make her next words sound at all strained or awkward, knowing this was the key moment. “Come on then, show me what your favorite pictures are.”

Matt eased next to her on the sofa and watched as she turned the pages over one by one. “You like that?” Fliss pointed at a blonde sitting on the edge of a bed, legs apart and holding one breast provocatively.

Matt nodded. “I guess so.”

“What about that?” It was a picture of the same girl, flat on the bed and holding the lips of her shaved pussy open.

“That’s nice,” Matt mumbled. He wanted to tell her this was the picture he’d picked out to masturbate to when she arrived at his door, but didn’t quite feel ready to go that far.

“You like shaved girls?” Fliss continued to progress through the pages.

“Yes.” Matt could feel himself getting very aroused as he watched Fliss with the magazine and responded to her questions. “I like shaved, but I guess I like closely trimmed best.”

“Me too,” she admitted. “Well, not looking at other girls, but like, for me, you know?”

“I thought that was what you meant.” Matt hesitated. “What do you like in guys?”

“Hmmm,” she paused over a picture of another girl licking a vibrator and tweaking her nipple, “I guess I like a nice straight cock. Not too big, but a nice thick one is always a good thing.”

The tension of the moment was palpable. Neither quite knew what to say, neither had quite been in a situation like this. Fliss glanced into Matt’s lap and saw that he was showing signs of enjoying their little chat, just as she knew she was without being quite so visible.

“What about boobs?” she asked. “What do you like there?

“Not sure I know really,” Matt stalled. “I kind of never know until I see them. Like, sometimes I like big ones if they’re a nice shape, sometimes I like small ones if they have nice nipples. Does that make sense?”

Fliss nodded. “What about mine?” She stuck out her 34″ chest so he could better evaluate it.

“Looks nice.” Matt smiled and nodded.

“I had the left nipple pierced last year. Do you like that?”

“That’s very sexy.” He swallowed again. “I’ve never had a girlfriend with a piercing there. I think it would be really nice, but I guess I’d have to see to know for sure.”

“Would you like to see?” Fliss smiled meekly, it was hard for her to be so bold but the draw towards Matt was increasing with every moment.

Matt waited until she looked to his eyes before he answered. “Of course I would. I’d like that very much.” If she only knew how much he really would like that, how much he’d dreamed about that and how hard she was making him right then. He kind of suspected she might be finding out soon though.

Without another word Fliss crossed her arms and slowly pulled her T-shirt over her head. Matt watched as she revealed her beautifully formed shoulders, soft white skin and a pure white bra with lacy edges that pushed up her chest to maximum effect. There was little or no time to take in the delights before him as Fliss reached behind her and flicked open the catch of her bra, hunched her shoulders forward to ease the straps off her shoulders and straightened up to let the bra fall away.

They were beautiful, even nicer than Matt could ever have imagined. Full and round, pushing every limit of their 34C size, Fliss’ nipples were large and came to wonderful tips that Matt would swear pointed upwards. Just like she had promised, there was a simple silver ring running through her left nipple and dangling down. “Well,” she arched her back and pushed them out a little more, “what do you think?”

Matt swallowed and tried to take his eyes away from her boobs but failed. “They’re wonderful. They look almost too good, like they were painted and not real. Your piercing looks great too.”

Fliss giggled, making her boobs bounce a little, “Oh, they’re real alright. Would you like to touch them? Just so you know that they’re all mine, and so you know what the piercing feels like.”

Matt reached out and cupped his whole hand around her right breast, gently letting his fingers and palm wonder over the surface and touch as much of her skin as he could. He lifted up her right breast, weighing it, then took his hand and repeated the process on the left one, pushing in a little harder and feeling the metal ring against his palm this time and forcing Fliss to gasp a little as her pleasure grew. As he withdrew his hand he let his thumb and forefinger take hold of her nipple for a few seconds, then he moved on to the ring and tweaked playfully on it. He’d never felt a more immediate reaction from a girl, as her nipple quickly and visibly kaçak bahis grew around the ring.

“They are definitely all yours.” Matt smiled at her as he reluctantly withdrew his hand. “Very nice, that was very nice of you to let me see.”

“It was nice for me too Matt.” Fliss smiled and made no attempt to put her clothes back on. “You have a lovely touch. Would you err… mind if I had a look at your cock?” She glanced at his crotch. “You know, I’m kinda curious and, well, you have seen my tits.”

“Sure.” Matt stood up slowly and moved around in front of her. First he pulled down his zipper, then undid his belt and pulled open the button on his jeans. He watched Fliss reach up and touch her breast as he eased the tight pants down and off his feet. Now he stood in front of her with only his straining briefs concealing a massive hard on. Making sure she had an unobstructed view, he quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and threw it off his shoulders before inserting his thumbs into the sides of his briefs, hooking the waistband over the top of his cock and pulling down. When he straightened up his engorged cock was in full view for her appraisal.

“Now that,” Fliss looked up at his face for the first time in a while, “is a very nice cock. It also looks very hard. Nice balls too. That’s a very underrated thing in a man, balls.” She let her hand reach out and touch his balls very gently as his cock continued to twitch with bursting excitement. “You… don’t mind, do you?”

Matt nodded and grunted his acquiescence, feeling her soft hand run up the side of his shaft for the first time. He felt her fingers’ feather touch explore him on both sides before she let the very tips of her fingers trace around the rim of his cockhead and then on to the very tip. She felt the glistening slickness of his pre-come and coated the end of her finger.

“Oh my, I do love it when a cock does that.” Fliss brought her fingertip to her mouth and tasted him. “Yummy. Would you mind if I licked up the rest?”

She knew there was no need to wait for an answer and leaned forward to lick the end of Matt’s cock, lapping up the generous helping of pre-come she’d generated. While she licked him with long strokes of her tongue, she gently explored the weight of his balls and tested the thickness of his shaft with her fingers. Then she started to take him fully into her mouth, first the head, and then some of the shaft. She pulled his cock downwards, so she could take him easier.

Matt let his hands gently hold her head as she worked him with her mouth, coating him in her saliva and sliding him in so he hit the roof of her mouth. Fliss worked the base of his shaft with her fingers, slipping down to caress his balls as she took him deep and running along his length as she pulled him out and sucked hard on the tip. Matt caressed her cheek, ruffled her hair and wondered how much of this he could take before shooting hard into her mouth.

“Mmmmm, lovely cock Matt, tastes so nice too.” Fliss withdrew him completely but gave the head one last kiss. “I don’t suppose I can interest you in a taste of me in return? It only seems fair.”

Fliss stood up and popped the buttons on her jeans. Matt helped her out of them and pulled her panties down by himself, kneeling in front of her and marveling at the perfectly trimmed pussy before him. He could see her glisten already and was sure he could smell her excitement as he inched a hand up her thigh towards her engorged pussy lips. She eased her legs apart as he neared her, inviting him to touch her heat, raise her pleasure level. Matt paused on the brink, watching as her lips parted with her legs and offered their opening to him.

“You better lie down Fliss.” Matt ushered her back to the sofa. “I think you might taste even better lying down.”

On her way back to the sofa Fliss paused to kiss Matt long and deep, her hand finding his erection and pulling on it while Matt’s hands found her chest and massaged her nipples. As their tongues played urgently with each other, so their hands urged each other, bringing each other closer. As they broke and saw the intensity in each other’s eyes Fliss tugged at Matt’s cock and made him follow her down to the original target of the sofa.

As she settled into the soft cushions she opened her legs wide and invited Matt to taste her. Pausing before his feast, he looked down at her open pussy lips and traced a gentle finger around her heat. “You really do have a lovely pussy,” He said as he brought his head down to her. Kneeling on the floor next to her, he stooped down and licked at her lips lightly—tasting her and enjoying the squirms he enticed from her. Easing one hand under her ass, he pushed her pubic mound upwards and allowed his tongue to delve a little deeper.

Fliss moaned softly as she felt the soft wet tongue slide up and down her pussy crack. Matt had a good touch and was obviously teasing her, staying away from her clit as it started to yearn for more attention. She felt him shuffle and bring his other hand around to pull apart her pussy lips and allow his tongue to work more of her tender spots.

“You like?” Matt looked up from his work to see Fliss’ head arched back on the arm of the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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