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It’s been four and a half years since I’ve last seen my beloved Pinas. When I was finally allowed by the company to take a 3 month leave, I decided to make the most out of it. With some ample fund, I decided to have a little Asian or ASEAN side trip, before coming home.

After packing my belongings, to include a little pasalubong for my mom and dad, I secured my ticket bound for Brunei. I was lucky to have a windows seat. On the way to the check-in counter, I happen to notice a pretty girl arguing with the airline reservation officials. She was around 5’4″, black hair, average body type , wearing tight fitting jeans that reveal a shapely curve. “Wow”, I said to myself…”what a babe! She seems to have problem” So I walked past some queuing passengers to inquire. I found out that she was trying to ask for ticket. She might be chance passenger.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, all seats have been taken,” the official said

“But I need to go to Manila now. I will miss my sister’s wedding”

I approached the official and asked to go over the list. I noticed that the list was full.

“Miss maybe you have to try to look for another flight”, I said, “there are many passengers waiting in the line”, as I pointed to the queue.

She looked at me and I noticed that her eyes were bright hazel. She probably wears contacts.

“Could you help me sir?” Her voice was so soothing.

“I’m a passenger as well miss”


“I will try. But I can’t promise anything.”

“Thanks” and she left the counter.

I asked the personnel if there are really no available seats for the flight, and I was told that the best is for her to wait if she could still be accommodated. So I went to the girl and told her what transpired. The flight was due in 3 hours.

“I don’t want to miss my sister’s wedding”

“All we could do is wait and hope”.

Less than 30 minutes later, the official called us. He said some passenger canceled her booking, providing an open seat for the girl. The girl immediately bought a ticket, then she looked at me and asked “what is your seat?”

“Seat 20 A”

“Can I have Seat 20B?”, she asked.

“Certainly”, the official said.

“Wow, we would be seatmates in the flight”, I told myself. I was beginning to be a bit anxious, my heart beating fast with excitement, but most excited was my cock. The thought of having as flight companion a pretty, innocent-looking girl is enough to make an impression on my pants. And my tour has not yet started

“We haven’t formally been introduced. My name is Gilbert”

“Angelica, but you may call me Girlie”…

“My friends call me Boyet.”

After an exchange of pleasantries, we anxiously waited for our boarding call. Girlie was a spritely conversationalist. She would be the one talking most of the time, if only to get rid of the boredom. She often gesticulates, a sight that impresses me a lot. Not just so because she seemed excited about the flight, but in the way she makes a point. My eyes can’t eschew from looking at her figure, her breasts dancing as she mimics family members’ movements, her slim waist that reminds me of Venus De Milo, and the curvaceous ass concealed in her tight-fitting blue jeans. She had…what was it… a Close Up smile….I was wrong about her eyes, though. They were for real. She was half Caucasian and half Asian. My mouth salivates at the mere image. I was having a hard-on, and I tried to cover the front of my pants with my laptop. She may have noticed it though, because she looked at where I placed my laptop, smiled at me and looked away.

We boarded the airplane past eight in the morning, and after quickly settling our hand carry-items, we relaxed as the Boeing 747 taxied to lift up. I felt a little tired at that time, and I know so was she, and in no time at all, we both drifted to sleep.

I opened my eyes a bit and I felt her head leaning toward my shoulders. I was kinda hesitant about this, because we were just new acquaintances. I jerked my shoulder and she woke up.

“Its ok, I was just adjusting myself so you can sleep.”

“Thanks…I really need some sleep.”

This time around, she held my arm like I was her fiancé and tucked herself back to sleep., her long black hair covering her face. I felt the urge to touch them and caress them and move them away from her face. She noticed this too, and looked up and smiled again.

After a long flight we were finally in Bandar Seri Begawan. We were on the way to the transit area when a flight attendant waved a placard at us.

“Passengers of Flight BR201 bound for Manila”, the attendant called, “Calling all passengers of Flight BR201 bound for Manila”

Girlie and I, together with several passengers, moved closer to the attendant.


“Your flight has been delayed.”


“Due to heavy rain and thunderclouds, our Airbus has meet serious technical difficulties”, the lady attendant was trying to explain in halting English.

“So are we stuck here?” Girlie asked, impatiently.

“Your anadolu yakası escort flight originally scheduled at 9 pm today was moved to 10 a.m. in the morning”

I looked at Girlie’s expression, then I asked, “isn’t the wedding of your sister tonight?”

“Not tonight, tomorrow night. And I still don’t have a dress to wear.”

I asked the attendant about the accommodation while waiting for our new flight. She said the airline company has taken care of that. In other words, we stay for a few hours in Brunei. Complete accommodation to include food for lunch, dinner and breakfast.

The attendant pointed at the white coaster near the exit of the terminal, “that will lead you to our airport hotel, sir, ma’am”. She thought we were a couple.

We decided to bring only the essentials and not to touch our checked-in luggage. When we arrived in the hotel, there were a lot of passengers at the hotel.

“I’m sorry sir but there are very few available rooms here to settle for individual private rooms.” the front desk receptionist said.

It was Girlie’s turn to look at me, smirked and leaned towards the receptionist, “we will take your deluxe room, queen size bed please.”

Suddenly my cock quivered with the excitement of things to come….

Flight Delay Part 2

By mok

“Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked Girlie, my expression hiding the excitement.

“Yes I do. Does it bother you to share a room with me?” She asked with a smile.

“Er…not at all, I would be delighted.”

“You seem to be a gentleman for me.”

Girlie smiled and glanced down at my pants. She giggled a bit when her eyes darted on my crouch. Then she took my hand and we walked towards the elevator.

“I’ll try…hehehe!” I told myself.

As we passed by the hall leading to the elevator I noticed a couple of flight attendants looking at us. One of them, the taller and slimmer one, seemed familiar and waved at me. But because Girlie was with me, I simply smiled at them as if nothing.

We were billeted at the 4th floor of the airport hotel. Girlie was carrying the card key. As soon as we entered the room she locked the door and surprised me with a hug. I was still carrying our hand-carry items including my laptop and I almost got outbalanced.

“Oops…sorry dear”, Girlie said, still smiling.

It feels wonderful, I thought, that she was calling me “dear” even if we were simply strangers earlier.

“I just wanna hug you, it’s not so bad, isn’t it?”


“Hmm…you have other plans?” She was giving me the looks. It was simply electrifying that I could not hide my pretensions no longer. The hard-on I was having at the mere thought of us fucking is making me nuts.

“ plans?”

We were still standing, her arms still wrapped around my neck.


“We…ehem…rest first…and then…we go…shopping…for your dress…”, I said stuttering, my face a bit red and my face sweating. She knew that I was having a hard time being a gentleman for her. And she gave me her widest smile.

“Good idea then!”

We kissed. I let my bags drop on the floor.

She was kissing me passionately on the mouth that it was difficult to gasp for air.


We were French kissing, licking each other’s tongue. Her hands moved quicker than mine, as she removed my jacket before I could even touch her neck. She unbuttoned my polo and bared my chest.

“Hmm…nice chest… you work out?” She asked to which I simply nodded.

She kissed me in the neck, flicking her tongue in the most sensitive parts. I could only moan a bit as she moved her lips and tongue around my neck, then down to my chest.

“Mmmm…. Girlie….you know what you’re doing…mmmm”

“Mmmm….”, she looked at me, teasingly.

She kissed and licked my bare chest, flicking her tongue up and down. She sucked the left and right nipple with gusto, and slowly her lips and tongue glided down to my torso…mmmm…mmmm…mmmm… She moved her lips up again to my chest, my neck and found my lips and we continued to lock our lips and tongue. She moved her hands towards my crouch, feeling and caressing the hardened impression that was my cock. I decided I was not to be defeated by her, so I slowly removed her sweater. She was wearing a blue T shirt that was tight-fitting, it finally revealed her 34C cup breasts… I caressed them, rubbing my thumbs at the nips while she continues to play along with my cock from the outside of my pants…

“mmmm….yessss… do it …”, she slowly moans as she stopped kissing me, grasping for air. I started to kiss her neck and ears…my turn to flick my tongue all around the erogenous parts. She begins to moan, louder this time, my hands continue to inflict sensations around her boobs. I moved my lips down, slowly, towards her left breast and I kissed and licked it from outside her shirt. Then the right side…

“ohhh ….mmm… ataşehir escort feels so gooood….yeahh….hmmmm….”, she repeated her moans, one hand now on my head, caressing it, begging for me to continue. I obliged.

We moved, as if dancing to empty music, and slowly found the bedside. She immediately went on top of me, slowly removed my belt buckle and unzipped my fly, and pulled out my 7 ¼” cock.


Girlie licked her lips first before slowly flicked her tongue on the tip of my erect member. She licked the sides and worked her way down to my balls. She continued doing so for a few minutes, bobbing her head up and down while her lips and tongue continued their mastery of my cock. She stopped, used her hand and moved my shaft up and down. She looked at me and smiled again.

“You like it, dear?”

“ohh yes baby…continue please…”

Without warning she engulfed my balls, sucking them one at a time. The sensation was heightened by the quick pace of her handjob. She was jerking me, but at the same time making me want to control.

“ohhh ….mmmm….shiittttttttt… yeahhhh….mmmm..”, I was moaning a bit louder now, but she continues to lick and suck my balls while masturbating my hard-as-steel cock. She knows how to do a handjob really well, caressing the tip of my head with her thumb, and jerking it like a screw.

Her tongue was all over my member, and even found its way to my inner thighs. She moved up and down, flicked and licked and sucked and kissed. I was delirious. Then she slowly moved her lips and tongue upward, from my thigh, to my balls, to my shaft and then she started sucking my whole member. “Ahhh…mmm…yesss…dear….you’re so good” I was speaking haltingly while she bobbed her head up and down my prick. It was an enjoyable sight as well. She knew how to do corkscrew blowjob, and by far, she is the best.

“mmm…. hmmm…. ommmp…mmmm… hmmm..ommmp…ahhh… mmmm” was all the sound she could do. Little did I know that she was also playing with her pussy from over her pants. She was trying to unbutton her fly as well. I reached out to try to help her but she pushed me down and sucked my cock even harder. I let loose a long moan. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Then she stopped, undressed, and I was amazed at this glorious body. She was wearing a black t-back and bra, and I noticed her pussy was trimmed, not shaved. Before I could reach her she held me down one more time, playfully rubbed my cock with her breasts then continued sucking me. As if she wants to milk my cock. Girlie then stopped and as she was about to sit and lower her dripping pussy into my cock, I lifted her body and turned her around. “My turn” I said, as I began to kiss her full in the mouth, then lowered by lips and tongue on her neck and ears. My hands found their targets easily, caressing and rubbing and playing with her breasts and tits. My mouth worked its ways around the back of her neck, my tongue gently playing and flipping around. “oooohhh that was…..ahhhh… shitt…geezz…ahhh”, she could not say what she wanted to, my lips and tongue prevented her.

My mouth took over from my hands and fingers, sucking and nibbling and licking her tits with the same pace she did with my cock. She moaned louder and louder while I changed from left to right nipple. My hands this time slowly searched for her wet cunt, caressing and touching and rubbing her tummy and thighs. I raised her left leg and rubbed my fingers up and down her thigh as it worked its way towards her pussy. I continued to lick and suck her boobs while I gently touched her labia.

“Ohhh Gilbert….my ….ohhh….hmmmm..” she moaned mentioning my name.

Tired of the ‘breast attack’, my mouth and tongue tickled its way down, stopping at her navel to give it a good licking, while my fingers examined the her inner lips. Gently I touched her clit and caressed. It was driving Girlie crazy. My mouth finally reached her soaking hole and I started to lick her clit, her vulva and her lavia, slowly moving my tongue up and down. I parted her cunt with my fingers and inserted my tongue like a cobra, jerking it back and forth.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … god….. ahhhhh….. aiieeeee”

I lifted her thighs higher, putting them on my shoulder so I was free to play around with her pussy. While my tongue continued to lick the inner walls of her vagina, my thumb rubbed her clit continuously. Suddenly she began to stiffen, held my head and I tasted her cum. I stopped a bit to lick her clit this time while I finger fucked her. She moaned and cried and she had her second cum.

Not wasting anymore time, I moved upward and inserted my hardened prick inside her. The thrust was slow, because I wanted us both to feel and enjoy the fucking. She grabbed my butt and moved it up and down a bit hurriedly. She was really horny, the way I see it.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah ah” she cried while I was pumping her like mad. I kissed her to suppress her moans.

“hmmm Girlie…. ahhh… yessss… ümraniye escort ohhh ….mmm.. mmmm. Mmmm…ahhh….mmmm”, it was my turn to moan

Our pumping was rhythmic…we could hear the creaking of the bed as we fucked and fucked.

“you like it baby…hhhmm…ohh…ohhh”

“yesss…. Ahhh…your cock is big…ahhh…”

“you like my big cock in your pussy…hmmm mmmm…mmmm…mmm”

“ahhh ahhh yess.. ahh yess… ahhh…ohhh …I’m cumming again…”

“go ahead… ahhh… cumm…. please….cumm….”

Girlie let out a loud moan and quivered…her pussy lips held my cock tightly like a vise grip that I had to increase the rhythm of my pumping…her cum just lubricated my cock even more.

I asked her to turn around so I can fuck her doggie style. She did. And in seconds I was humping her from behind. The sound of flesh hitting flesh made us even crazier, and within minutes, she reached her climax once more.

“Baby, I want to swallow your juice”, she said

“wait…hhmm ahhh…I am… almost….about to….”

I removed my pulsating member just in time. She quickly turned around and my sperm hit her chin. Not wanting to waste any more of it, she leaned forward to take all of my cock inside her mouth, as I unloaded jizz upon jizz of protein juice. She really swallowed my cum.

We looked at each other, gasping for breath, and after a while she went to the bathroom first. When she was finished it was my turn. We cleaned ourselves thoroughly.

“Did you enjoy it?”, Girlie looked at me

“Of course, but why? I mean, we are strangers.”

“Well not anymore, right? We know each other inside and out.”

“I hope your boyfriend …”, but she stopped me in mid sentence.

“Well…actually, my sister is marrying my boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend…she got pregnant by him, that jerk!” Her face expressed disgust and contempt.

I was at a loss for words.

“Ohh, sorry about that…”

“Thank you, for helping me find a ticket. I only wanted to see my sister in her wedding. Can you be there too?”

“Of course, baby”, I looked at her and smiled.

“Baby, is that what you would call me?”

“What do you want then?”

“I don’t know…maybe when my heartache is over, you can call me yours.”, and once again she flashed her smile.

“No commitment then”, I thought.

We kissed, and fucked again for two rounds before she drifted off to sleep. I was tired myself but the thought of me here in Brunei has offered interesting opportunities to move around. After a quick shower, I got dressed and went down. I left a note to Girlie, telling her where I was and where we will be going next.

I went to the lobby to ask the receptionist where we can take the bus or cab to the nearest mall. As I waited, someone’s finger was tapping at my shoulder.

“What the f….who?” I turned around



It was the flight attendant who waved at me. She was with her companion attendant.

“Hey, I didn’t notice you…”

“I know. You’re kinda busy.”

“How are things? Are you our flight attendant?”

“Things are fine. Yes. Oh by the way this is Cristina.”

Cristina and I shook hands. I noticed she was looking at my eyes, before she sneaked a glance at my crouch. She seemed bemused and smiled at me. (To be concluded)

Flight Delay Part 3

By mok

“So how has Indonesia treated you by far?” ….


“Huh?” I suddenly snapped out of a daydream. It was Marissa asking me the question. I was just thinking of the wonderful fuck episode I just had with Girlie and here comes two beautiful stewardesses having some drinks with me at the 24 hour bar lounge in the hotel.

“Oh, I seem pretty adjusted, though I can’t speak their language much”, I retorted.

Marissa was an old classmate of mine during our high school days. She was around 5’8″ tall, with long straight black hair, dark brown eyes that seemed to see right through you, firm full breasts wit pert nipples visible through the tight red sweater she was wearing under her airline jacket. I have had a crush on her once, coz she was one of the cheerleaders in our high school varsity basketball. She has chinita looks, with a lips anyone would love to kiss. She still carries the same slim but sexy appearance despite marriage and two kids.

“How about you Christina, what countries are you usually assigned to?”, I turned to her companion.

“Brunei and Thailand most of the time.”

Christina was, in a quick word, attractive. She is brown-skinned but she got a good looking figure, features that will heat up a man, so to speak. Earlier when she shook my hand, I felt a kind of electricity. It wasn’t too hard to explain why: She had firm ass and full, just the sort that begs to be fucked, real hard.

“Wow, I plan to go to Thailand myself. I hope we meet there.”

The conversation went on for almost an hour. Drinks were pouring in that the ladies began to tell tales of their lives, including to my surprise, their sex lives. I grin every time Marissa complains about not getting laid by her businessman husband when she gets the time to come home. Christina on the other hand, revealed that she recently separated from her common-law partner in Singapore after she discovered he was having an affair with their chambermaid.

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