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Being twenty eight and from a small town Rachel was very excited that her life was changing for the better. How great it was to be in a city that never sleeps. She always thought of herself to be a very attractive person and was excited about life. She never had a problem with men. They always tend to flock to her because of her looks. She was fare skin with freckles and long flowing red hair. Her eyes are as blue as the sky. She’s had several different men in her life but she wasn’t serious about any of them. Her sex life wasn’t bad either. Her motto is to always experience things once and if you don’t like it, then at least you can say you’ve tried it.

For the past two years she’s been working as a paralegal for a very prestigious law firm in New York City. She has met many people and has several friends. There’s one lady at the firm that captured Rachel’s heart from the very first day she met her. Her name is Heather and she is someone special. She found her to be a very attractive woman. She had short cropped hair, beautiful big hazel eyes and a small waistline with long shapely legs. Rachel had never been attracted to women before but, she couldn’t get Heather out of her mind. There were times that she would go home at night and wonder what it would feel like to have her full red lips touch another woman. How would her body react to the feel of another woman’s skin against her body? She thought of Heathers beautiful black silky skin touching her. She thought of kissing and caressing Heathers perky nipples. She couldn’t stop thinking of making love to Heather. The only problem was how Heather would feel about her.

It was a couple of days after working for the firm that Rachel found out Heather is attracted to women. Since then she has fantasized Ankara escort about kissing her. She has thought about her curvaceous hips, long legs, and what it would be like to plant her face between them kissing her so softly on her pretty little mound. But she couldn’t understand why she was having these feeling for a woman; she had never really been attracted to women before and this was something new. At the office there was always a look or a stroke of the hair, there has even been a hello kiss on the cheek once or twice but nothing more.

After 8 months at the firm Heather and Rachel became good friends. They would go out to lunch and sometimes get a drink after work. Even though they did those things together she often wondered why Heather never invited her to any parties. Why was that? Weren’t they friends? One day she cornered Heather and asked her. It was to Heathers surprised that Rachel would even be interested in the type of parties she threw. There were never any men at these parties. It was just women getting to know other women. Figuring that it was just Rachel’s curiosity to know what was going on at these parties; Heather decided to invite her to a party that was going on at another friend’s house.

Rachel was so excited that she was undecided on what to wear to the party. This was the first time her friend invited her to one and she wanted to look sexy. On her way to the salon to get her hair and nails done, she remembered that she had a hot sexy red dress in the back of her closet that always made the men whisper tempting things as she walked by. She was so excited and couldn’t wait for tonight.

As she was putting on her lipstick and imagining all the possibilities that could happen this evening, the doorbell rang. “Come in Ankara escort bayan and have a drink as I finish getting dressed,” Rachel said. Heather was so mesmerized by the way Rachel looked in that dress. She hungered to see what Rachel looked like under that red cloth, just thinking about it she felt the moisture building up between her now throbbing thighs.

Rachel was finishing up with her makeup, when she heard music coming from the living room. Heather insisted they have a drink before they would venture out to the party. Drinking her wine; Rachel realized the gazing looks that she was getting. Those looks began to turn her on in a way she couldn’t understand. What was this feeling that was coming over her?

As the music played on they decided to dance. Rachel started to yearn to feel Heathers hands glide up and down her body. Her legs started to weaken and tremble so she decided to sit and watch Heather seductively sway her body to the music. Realizing that she was being watched, Heather began to untie her dress and dance closer towards the woman she so longed to put her lips on. Recognizing what was about to happen Rachel let out a moan and began touching herself in a way she never did before.

The dress began to slide off her ebony silky skin. Rachel reached out for her and pulled her down on to the couch. Knowing that she had never experienced anything with a woman before, she wasn’t sure on what to do. What she was sure of was that she wanted Heather in a way that made her quiver with delight. She pulled on the lacy pink panties exposing the sweet smelling pussy. She began to kiss and lick Heathers thighs. With every kiss she could feel her own body reacting. She could feel the sticky moisture dripping down her leg as she continued Escort Ankara to kiss Heather all over. Rachel glided her tongue over Heathers pink and very hard nipples; gently pulling on them with her teeth. She continued to kiss her all the way down her body until she reached the sweet scent coming from her succulent pussy.

Her tongue parted Heathers swollen mound exposing her hard pink nub. The more she flicker her tongue the more Heather moaned with delight begging Rachel not to stop. Noticing how turned on Heather was; Rachel started touching herself. Pinching her hard nipples and slipping her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She allowed Heather to taste the sweet nectar from her fingers. Realizing that Heather was reaching that point of no return, Rachel tugged on her nub till Heather yelled out in ecstasy leaving her breathless.

Knowing that this was Rachel’s first experience with a woman, Heather wanted to be gentle. She wanted to return the favor, she wanted her friend to feel every bit of pleasure a woman should feel. They switched places and Heather flipped Rachel over on her stomach and started to kiss and gently message her from her legs all the way up to the back of her neck, twirling her tongue against her soft skin. Rachel was so excited that her legs started to part welcoming Heather in. Heather slid her hand down towards Rachel’s pussy and gently started messaging it. Rachel was so wet and her lips were so swollen that she begged Heather to finger her and eat her pussy. Amazed that Rachel was so willing to share this experience with her, Heather eagerly slid down the couch and slipped her tongue into that sweet moisture; thrashing her tongue fast and hard against her pink little nub until Rachel yelled out with delight. She then turned her over and kissed her full lips allowing Rachel to taste her own juicy pussy from her mouth.

After an hour of love making and pleasuring each other, both ladies decided to get dress and go to the party for more fun…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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