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I have always been an advocate for self-pleasure. I believe in taking your time with masturbation and treating yourself to a long, drawn out session. Over the years, this led me through marathon edging sessions and self-teasing leaving me squirming and writhing in pleasure. When I was twenty years old, just a few years ago, my masturbation changed forever.

I was visiting with some family over the summer at their beautiful mansion of a home. They gave me free reign of part of the house and it became my sex palace for those few months. I had countless breathtakingly good orgasms in those hallowed halls and fondly remember long nights alone and with others imbibing in our pleasures.

One weekend, I had the entire house to myself and that meant that I had access to the master bathroom. In this bathroom stood one of the most impressive showers I have ever seen. A huge glass enclosure fitted with a granite bench and a shower head that was larger than most peoples’ showers. This shower would soon become the epicenter of one of my most erotic memories.

After spending the day enjoying the weather, I returned to the house in the evening and stripped down completely naked in preparation for a long and surely enjoyable shower. I made my way down the hallway to the master bedroom and slipped inside. I opened the door to the bathroom and as I entered, I dimmed the lights to a comfortable level. Walking over to the shower itself, I was already growing hard. As one hand turned the brass knobs to adjust for the perfect temperature, the other crept along the length of my growing shaft. I stepped into the cascading water and closed the glass door behind me. The steam from the warmth of the water began to fog the glass and my muscles began to relax as I slowly wrapped my right hand around my now throbbing member.

I angled the enormous shower head towards the granite bench that sat against the far wall of the shower and sat down, legs spread, leaning back against the warming wall. I closed my eyes and slowly worked free spin my cock with both hands. I have always been quite happy with the size of my penis and admire it greatly. While I am not overly hung, the solid eight inches combined with a very nice width makes for a very pretty cock. With two hands I worked the length of it, imagining my usual favorite themes for masturbation: huge, bouncing, soft tits or a pretty face getting plastered with a big load of cum, likely both (facials remain to be a personal favorite of mine).

I had been saving my orgasm for well over a week in anticipation of this weekend with access to the entire house. Passing up on my usual two-a-day orgasms, I edged my cock multiple times a day, leaving me insatiably aroused. As I continued stroking myself, the usual precum began to flow. I produce an abnormal amount of precum and when I am hard, a constant stream of it runs from my throbbing head to the point where women have questioned whether I came early during foreplay. Using that endless supply of precum as lube, my hands now slid up and down my shaft with ease, gliding from my hanging, full balls to my dripping head. After working my cock for a good ten or fifteen minutes, with long, slow strokes, I was already aching for release.

With the warm water raining down on me, I was completely relaxed and completely erect. I tugged at my full balls with one hand as I teased the head. My eyes were now affixed to my cock, staring down at it in awe of how large it appeared and how completely rock hard it was as it pulsed and throbbed. As I stared, it dawned on me that my dripping head seemed to be quite close to my face. In a slow and deliberate motion, and without much thought, I bent my head downwards, closing the distance between my face and my needy cock. Without difficulty, my extended tongue was able to reach the head. A big bead of precum glistened on the tip and again, without thought, I instinctively ran my tongue along the slit and gathered it into my mouth. bonus veren siteler Though I had some experience tasting my precum in the past, it was mostly out of curiosity and I did not think much of it. However, on this occasion, the taste of the sweet precum on my tongue drove me wild.

I sat back up straight, my head buzzing with ideas. I was shocked at the ease in which I just licked my cock. Seconds later, I found my face moving downwards once more. This time with a bit more stretch. As I neared the head again, I opened my mouth and for the first time in my life, I felt my pulsing cock slide into my mouth. With the entire head in my mouth, I eagerly closed my lips around the shaft. I was sucking my own dick. My tongue flicked at the head, tasting the precum that was leaking into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, stretching myself further down and allowing for more to slide into my warm mouth. The taste of the precum combined with the feeling of my lips and tongue working my cock drove me crazy. I sucked and slurped, giving myself truly amazing head.

Before I knew it, I was steadily sucking my cock, working as much of it as I could manage into my mouth. In no time, I could tell that I was nearing climax. I did not want this to end. I was enjoying every second of it. I needed to see just how much of myself I could get into my mouth. I laid down on the floor of the shower now and flipped my legs up into the air and over my head. This resulted in my cock being forced right into my face and without any work, it was pressing against my lips, precum dripping down onto them. I opened my mouth and felt the size slip into my mouth, now much further than before. I could feel the head pressing against the back of my throat as my tongue danced along the shaft. I used my hands to pull my hips further down and began gagging as my cock slid into my throat. I was deepthroating myself. With a rocking motion, my hips guided the big throbbing member deep into my mouth.

Gagging deneme bonusu veren siteler and slurping and drinking down every drop of precum, I worked my dick with passion. I sucked as my mouth and throat tightly encompassed the entirety of my cock. Once more I was reaching the point of no return, but this time I would follow it through to completion. As I continued sucking, I felt my balls begin to tighten and the precum began to increase in volume. I could feel the veins in my cock against my lips pulsing with more vigor. My tongue lathering against every inch of myself, I sucked fast and hard now, deepthroating and gagging on the size. And then it happened. All of the pent up arousal from teasing myself for so long reached its final seconds.

My cock erupted. Deep in my mouth, I could feel the first few spurts of cum hit the back of my throat with force. I have always been a very heavy cummer, one of my favorite characteristics about my cock, but this was a load unlike all others. I continued sucking and licking and my dick continued pumping cum into my mouth. Sucking and slurping as cum sprayed into my mouth. My orgasm persisted for what seemed like eternity. Cum began filling my mouth. I was guzzling down as much as I possibly could, but I just kept cumming. Cum began overflowing from the sides of my mouth, pouring from my lips and covering my face. I was shocked and so incredibly aroused by the size of the load filling my mouth. I pulled my cock out of my completely full mouth and my still-cumming cock squirted the waning ropes of cum all over my face. I licked the head as my orgasm was winding down, still ejaculating and swallowing down the cum that filled my mouth.

I lowered my legs flat on the floor of the shower and laid back. My face was coated with sticky, warm cum and the inside of my mouth was coated with my tasty semen. My tongue cleaned off my lips as I lay there exhausted, the water from the shower still falling down on my body. Glowing in the comedown of the best orgasm of my life, things began to come together in my mind. I had just sucked myself to completion. I just had given myself the best blowjob that I think I had ever received.

I laid there thinking about what had just happened as I slowly stroked my tired cock. Slowly cleaning the leftover cum from my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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