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I have a fantasy….

I am home alone one day when there is a knock on the door, and I am surprised to find a young police officer standing on my doorstep. He follows me through to the living room, and I take a seat on the sofa, expecting to hear nothing but bad news or trouble.

To my surprise, the officer kneels down before me and takes my hand in his. He looks up at me, his big brown eyes filled with longing.

He confesses to me that he has been watching me, and had come to a point where he could watch no longer. He had to have me, and hoped I would consent to meeting with him some time soon.

I looked at him for a moment. His handsome face, dark eyes and jet black hair. The sincerity and longing in his eyes. The way his uniform hugged his form, giving promise of a hard, lean body within. I should have been angry. How long had he been watching me and what had he seen? But instead I found myself becoming aroused. Thinking of some of the things I had done alone in my bed at night, and him watching me; I felt the heat within me begging to rise.

As if he could read my mind, he began to smile, lifting my fingers to his mouth and kissing them gently. The warmth of his touches sending a thrill through my body, and awakening a need deep within me. I ran my fingers through his thick, dark hair. His eyes closing as a sigh escaped his lips at my touch. Brushing his fingers against my cheek, he lifted his face to meet mine. His hungry mouth finding mine in an explosion born of primal need. I felt his tongue probing and parting my lips, before it began exploring my willing mouth. I closed my lips around his hot tongue, and sucked gently. He moaned into my mouth, stealing my breath away.

I could feel his hands everywhere at once, my legs, my waist, my breasts. Stripping me beşiktaş escort of my shirt, his mouth began to devour my throat. Reaching behind me, he unfastened my bra, setting free my more than ample breasts. Kissing down my chest, he buries his face between them, luxuriating in the feel of having his face surrounded but nothing but breasts. He covers my breast with kisses, nibbling his way to my large, dark nipples, and sucking them deep into his mouth. Both hands cupping and caressing more breasts then his hands could hold, he appeared to be in heaven.

Sweeping me up in his strong arms, he carried me to the bedroom, laying me gently on my back. Kissing me hard, he stretches my hands above my head. “Snap” I try to move my arms only to find he has handcuffed me to the head of the bed. Kissing my ear, he whispers,

“Trust me. I would never hurt you. My only desire is to pleasure you like no other ever has. You will enjoy me, I promise.” The feeling of being restrained and his sultry words only served to arouse me more. Standing beside the bed, he stripped away the remainder of my clothing, leaving me naked and vulnerable to the heat in his eyes. Removing his own clothing, he stood beside the head of the bed, his hard cock in his hand, just out of reach of my hungry mouth.

Rubbing his hand down the length of his magnificent body, he took his cock in his hand, stroking it for me to watch, but never bringing it close enough for me to taste. My body began to ache with need and desire, but he had only just begun.

He vanished for a moment, leaving me worried that he was going to abandon me here, fastened to the bed head. A few moments later he returned with a bowl filled with ice cubes. My body shuddered at the helpless feeling of being unable beylikdüzü escort to stop him from tormenting my senses, yet it thrilled me immensely. Putting an ice cube in his mouth, he began to run it over my breasts, the cold burning my tender flesh as the ice melted and ran down my sides. Once again he sucked my nipples into his mouth, but this time the ice forced my nipples to stand up hard and proud. He flickered his tongue back and forward over them, teasing them even more.

Taking another ice cube in his fingers, he began tracing wet lines over my warm stomach, covering my body in goose bumps. He traced the lines lower and lower, until at last he ran it over the swelling lips of my pussy. The cold sent a shudder through my entire body as he parted my already wet folds and stroked them with the melting ice. He reached for another ice cube. I could feel the melting water running down between the cheeks of my ass and I began to wiggle.

Picking up the bowl, he placed it on the end of the bed. Climbing between my legs, holding my knees apart, he pushed the first ice cube inside my hot hole. The shock took my breath away, and I tried to pull away from him, but he held me fast, adding a second ice cube, and then a third, and a fourth. The sensation makes me moan loudly in both pleasure and pain, but more pleasure the pain. As the ice melts, he bends to lap up the water mixed with the sweet juices from my throbbing pussy. Sucking a piece of ice from my chilled hole, he holds it between his teeth and rubs it hard over my sensitive clit.

I grasp the chains of the cuffs, trying to pull myself free of his pleasurable torment, but he grabs my hips and holds me fast. I whimper a little, torn between wanting it to end, and never wanting it to stop. beyoğlu escort At last the ice is melted, and he lies across the end of the bed, his head still between my widely spread legs. He reaches for his nightstick, and I shudder in anticipation. With his tongue flicking hard back and forward over my clit, he begins to teas the opening of my pussy with the stick, sliding in no more than an inch before removing it again. I try and push down, to take more of it inside me, but the hand cuffs keep restrained, denying me the smooth black toy.

Slowly he works the nightstick a little deeper inside me, taking care not to cause me pain that would not ultimately bring me pleasure. Sucking and nibbling my clit, he begins to fuck me with the hard rod, building my pleasure higher and higher with ever stroke. I can feel the intensity building, and with a shuddering rush, I cum. Replacing the nightstick with his mouth, he pushes his tongue into me, lapping and sucking the now hot juices that run freely from my pulsing pussy. Before I have time to recover my breath, he straddles my stomach, cupping the outside of my breasts and pushing them up to concealing his hard cock.

Reaching between my wet thighs, he covers his fingers in my still flowing juices, and lubricates his cock as he thrusts it between my breasts. With a groan, he arches his back, shooting a stream of hot cum over my breasts and face. He continues to thrust until at last his cock is relieved of its load.

Reaching above my head, he unlocks the handcuffs, bringing my wrists and fingers to his lips, kissing away the red marks the metal had caused. Lying down beside me, he pulls me into his strong arms, kissing my mouth with tenderness and care. Smiling into my eyes, he brushes the hair from my face,

“Sweetheart, this role-playing idea of yours was wonderful, what shall we do next time?”

I giggle.

“How about doctors and nurses?” we laugh and he holds me tighter, kissing me a little harder.

“Do you know how much I love you?” I sighed lovingly.

“I think so.” This would be the first of many such games for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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