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I groaned as I pulled into my parents’ drive way. I didn’t recognize any of the cars parked along the street, meaning I could expect a somewhat raging party being hosted by my brother. I couldn’t blame him, our parents were out of town and we had a killer house for a party, a pool being one of it’s enticing features. But it had been a long day at my internship and the last thing I needed was any amount of drunken craziness.

I walked through the front door and up stairs, planning to make a beeline for my room, change and get the hell out of dodge. Instead I was sidelined by my brother.

“Just getting home?” he asked.

I was surprised to see that he was dressed and not in his swimsuit. “Yeah, you don’t look like you’re continuing the party. Leaving?”

“Everyone’s clearing out.”

“Headed on to the next location I presume?” I figured there was something bigger and better to be found.

The crooked smile across Zach’s face was accompanied by one of his usual sarcastic remarks. “Obviously.” With that he bounded down the stairs and out the front door.

I loved his sense of humor, totally sarcastic with a bunch of smart ass; though at times he made me completely crazy. Zach and I had always been close. We’d drifted a little now that he had a steady girlfriend and I was in college, but he would always be my best friend.

Shaking my head at the typical Zach fashion, I looked up into the eyes of the last person I expected to see, Cam. My stomach dropped. He was one of my brother’s oldest and closest friends, but it had been over a year since I’d seen him.

There was a time when Cam and I had been close, really close. I had always hung out with my brother and his friends, as they were always at the house and I had been on the shy side till about my senior year in high school. It was always just easier to chill at home with Zach and his boys. I went to all of their baseball games and kinda became apart of their crew. They loved that I had a car and a license; and I loved that they thought I was cool.

From the beginning Cam and I had an easy witty repartee and could talk about anything. The more time we spent together, the more we talked about sex and the more we flirted. I had always been unsure if he really wanted me, if it was more then just flirting and friendship. I didn’t have any experience with guys. I was quite and unsure. I didn’t see me or my body as anything a guy would want. If I had been more comfortable, more sure in what he wanted, maybe I would have made a move, but probably not. The farthest I pushed myself to go was to snuggle with him on the couch during a movie or playfully touch him. I knew that between Zach and the three year age difference things would never go far, even if we both wanted them too.

Damn he looked good standing there; his dark hair had a lazy but sexy disheveled look, his tall athletic frame stood powerful and sure. His presence had no less effect on me in the passing of time; the want obviously haven’t gone away.

As I thought about all this I could feel his chocolate brown eyes moving up from my black stilletos, over my legs and tight black pencil skirt, to my perky breast covered by a white collared shirt and finally to my face. His intense look roaming my body brought heat to my cheeks. Could he still want me? Did he ever want me? It was looks like that that made me think he did, but knowing I wasn’t the only one he gave looks like that to made me hesitate.

I walked past and into my bedroom trying to be nonchalant, “Hey Cam, long time no see.”

Once inside I took a deep breath trying to put the minor flutter aside. I wasn’t gonna let him get to me; I had shoved my feelings aside for years, I could keep doing it.

I turned up my music in an attempt at distraction and pulled my shirt out of my skirt and over my head. I only had about ten minutes to get ready before I was meeting a bunch of high school friends for dinner.

I loved my high school friends, I’d never managed to find such good people in college as I did high school. Danielle’s brother played baseball with Zach and we quickly bonded over being older sisters to charismatic boys. I loved her crazy neuroticism; she always wanted everything perfect and yet simultaneously was a wild good time. She’s my best friend and we tell each other everything.

Mary was the boy crazy one; we teased her she was like a guy, only after the chase. She always had something new brewing up, we couldn’t keep them all straight, instead of trying to keep up we’d all just nodded along and laugh.

Jessica was a totally free spirit and wild with energy; she’d breeze in shake things up and then leave you with nothing but a smile on your face.

Then there were the guys. I’m pretty sure Jimmy had managed to hook up with us all in one form or another. Drew had been the good clean boy until the end of senior year when he discovered beer. Johnnie had always been the life of the party, one was always guaranteed a good time with him. And Nick, well he was oni thunder gods tale izle the hot one we all wanted.

There had been the expected and the utterly random hook ups between us all over the years, but really we had all managed to remain good friends.

Standing in front of my mirror in bra, skirt and heals, I let my curly brown hair fall around my shoulders. As I reached for my mascara there was a knock at the door. I didn’t look up, in an attempt to continue reapplying. “Come in.”

“Can I talk to you?”

I nearly jumped at the sound of Cam’s voice. What could he want? Cam had seen me in less than a bra and skirt before so I decided it was fine.

“Sure, as long as you don’t mind me getting ready why you do. I’m already late.”

Cam sat down on my bed and watched. I ignored his stares, he had the ability to undo me and I didn’t have time for that now, but mostly I didn’t want to deal with the empty feeling afterward.

“I’m surprised you’re still here. Didn’t Zach leave?” My eyes stayed focused on the mirror, as I tried to act like I was unaffected by his presence.

“Yeah well…” Cam trailed off. He looked nervous, something I rarely, if ever saw from him. He was always so confident and cocky, something that annoyed the hell out of me and yet only attracted me further. I’d never been like that, confident; I loved the way his energy gave me a contact high.

I walked over to my closet and pulled out jeans, black boots and a tank top. I unzipped the back of my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I headed back across the room to fix my hair when I felt a hand grab me around the waist and push me up against the wall.

“C-cam what are you…” I didn’t know how to finish, the look on his face was so intense, it sent heat through me.

“Just let me talk.” Cam’s eyes looked deep into mine, penetrating me to the core.

“You didn’t have to…” But I didn’t get to finish. Cam’s lips had come crashing down on mine. I could feel a sense of urgency and longing as his tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth to envelope me. Years of sexual frustration and pining were releast in that moment. But Cam broke the kiss before I could thoroughly process what was happening and was able to return the feeling.

“God, I’ve wanted to do that since I was 13. Seeing you tonight I couldn’t stand it any more, I had to have you.” I could see the desire flashing in Cam’s eyes. He bent his head forward so his lips brushed against my ear and a chill ran down my spine, yet my skin was on fire where he held me at the waist. With a flick of his tongue he whispered, “Laura, you make me crazy.”

That was it, that was all I could handle. I had to have him. I reached up and ran my fingers through his dark hair, brining his lips back to mine. This time it was me who was crazed with desire as I pushed my tongue into his mouth. Cam’s hands came to rest on my hips and pulled me into him, adding to the fire and intensifying our kiss. I was dripping wet with need and by the feel of the growing bulge on my abdomen I knew Cam was equally hungry.

No kiss had ever made me feel this way. Cam had me reeling, I was coming completely undone. Every touch was prefect, like his kiss was meant for me only. His lips and tongue were so attuned to me, like we’d done this a thousand times before. I felt that if i kissed him forever I would still want more. I began to grind myself against him, causing Cam to moan his desire into my mouth.

I pushed Cam back a few steps and down onto the bed. I finally pulled my lips away as I placed my hand on Cam’s firm chest, signaling that he should lay down. He submitted and I came up to straddle him. Reaching my arm over his head I grabbed my phone. Unsure what I was doing, Cam gave me a puzzled look. I dialed Danielle.

“Hey, are you on your way?”

“Not exactly. I’m gonna be late. Something came up.” I smiled at Cam as I reached out and placed a hand over his growing erection, signaling to him exactly what had come up. The gesture received a deep growl and the rolling of Cam’s eyes back into his head. Forgetting I was on the phone, I let out a small chuckle.

“What’s going on? You’re okay right?”

“Yeah, I’ll fill you in later. I’ll meet you at the restaurant.” With no further explanation, I shut the phone and tossed it on the floor.

I looked down at Cam, our eyes locking in mutual heat. Reaching behind me I unhooked my bra and let my breasts fall free. I took a moment to relish in Cam’s eyes devouring my body, before I placed my hands under Cam’s shirt and began to trail them up his stomach.

I wanting to feel ever part of the boy that I’d wanted for so long. His abs were rock hard and smooth beneath my touch. Quickly I brought his shirt over his head and leaned down kissing and licking my way across Cam’s chest. I continued my trial up Cam’s neck and along his jaw line. Both of us were breathing heavy as our lips found each other again.

I squealed as Cam suddenly gabbed oussekine izle my hips and flipped us over. Trailing his hands up my sides, Cam slowly brought my arms over my head. Once more Cam drank me in. Moving in the opposite direction I had, he ran his lips down my throat and onto my chest until he found my breast. With his mouth circling and nipping at my right nipple, leaving me moaning and arching my back in an effort to have him draw me in further. Cam’s left hand came up to massage my other breast adding to my pleasure. My headed rolled back in forth and my hands gripped the sheets as Cam started to moved his mouth from one nipple to the next and back again.

Not wanting the assault to end, I moaned when Cam’s lips began to move down my stomach and away from my breasts. Cam’s hands had moved from my breasts and arms and were now slowly running up and down the inside of my thighs. Each time he getting closer and closer my center. Cam had me quivering with anticipation and if he didn’t touch me soon I was going to have to beg.

Finally I felt a finger trace over my lacy black panties and a whimper escaped my lips. I held myself back, trying not to squirm, afraid he would only draw the pleasure out more. I had been dreaming about this for years and I as much as I wanted this to last I needed him to lick me now.

As if reading my mind, Cam slipped two fingers beneath my panties and pulled them off. He then brought one hand underneath my ass, bringing me closer. His other hand returned to my pussy and began to stoke. Not thinking it possible to be any wetter, I began to gush as Cam reached two fingers inside of me. Slowly he moved them in and out, gradually moving harder and faster.

When I didn’t think I could take any more, I felt Cam’s tongue flick across my clit and begin to suck. I pulled Cam’s head into me as I began to shake with a massive orgasm.

“Oh God, Cam.”

Cam ignored me, not daring to stop. He kept probing and sucking. I started to loose it, gripping the sheets and shaking, then I started to squirt. Cam pulled away his mouth but continued to rub my clit. A hot stream of never ending liquid sprayed out of me and my orgasm tore through me once more.

Cam finally stopped rubbing and brought his lips back up to mine, arms encircled around me.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Do you always come like that?”

Slightly embarrassed, I tried to hide my face in Cam’s shoulder before finally confessing, “No. Actually no one else has ever made me do that before. I’ve only done it by myself.”

Cam raised a questioning eyebrow and a wicked smile spread across his face, “By yourself huh? Now there’s something I want to see.”

“God you’re dirty,” I giggled at Cam’s request.

The heat was back in Cam’s eyes, dirty thoughts brewing in his head. “You know it turns you on. The thought of me watching you.”

Unable to deny it, I forced my tongue into his mouth instead. After a moment I broke our kiss to whisper in his ear, “I need you in me now.”

I reached down to undo his pants, but Cam needed no more encouragement. He got up and took his pants and boxers off, staring intently into my eyes as he did so. I broke the connection and brought my eyes down to his cock. God he was hard and so thick, I ached to have him inside of me.

Cam crawled back on top of me, bringing his lips down on to mine once more. I reached out and wrapped my hand around him and began to stroke. Cam moaned his approval into my mouth.

Not able to wait any longer I brought my hand down to guide him into my opening. Our kiss broke, eyes searching each other as Cam entered me in one quick movement that had us both gasping. Slowly Cam began to move in and out of me, steadily stroking.

“More.” My voice was raspy with desire.

Following my order Cam moved into me harder and faster.

I wanted to express to him everything he was making me feel, but all I could manage was to let his name fall from my lips.

As if understanding my meaning completely Cam whispered into my ear, “I know.”

We couldn’t last long, the pleasure so intense, the need having been there for so long.

I started to come again.

“Come with me. I need you to come inside of me.”

As I exploded I felt Cam quiver inside of me and burst.

Afterwards Cam pulled me close, bringing my head to rest on his chest. I could feel that his heart was still pounding, breathing heavy.

“Remind me why we waited so long to do that.”

“I’m really stupid, that’s why.” Cam smiled warmly at me. “And why didn’t you ever make a move?”

I looked down slightly, not really wanting to divulge the truth. “I never believed you could really want me.”

Still holding me close, Cam brought his hand under my chin so that I couldn’t hide, there was nowhere to look but at him. “How could you not know?”

“Very few guys have ever pursued me, so I just figured…”

“I’m sorry if other guys haven’t realized how amazing you are. paper girls izle You are the girl that I compare all others too. I thought that since I couldn’t have you I’d find someone like you, but I couldn’t. There is no one like you. You amaze me, you’re so laid back and comfortable to be around and yet you put me in my place, I love that you know how to handle me. You’re so sexy and totally unaware of it, I could watch you forever.”

Unsure what to say out of pure shock, I kissed Cam tenderly and then snuggled into him. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay snuggled for long. I was late as it was. When I tried to get up Cam held me back.

“Do you have to go?” The look of Cam’s pleading face pulled at my heart.

“Yes. Everyone’s home from college and I never get to see them. I’m already so late.” I got up and began to dress, leaving Cam on the bed behind me.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

I turned around and smiled. “You better not be.”

A giant grin on his face, Cam asked when he’d see me again.

“After work tomorrow I have Jessica’s birthday party to go to. I can’t miss it, she’s finally turning 21. And what will you be doing?Hanging here with Zach I’m sure.” I smiled slyly at him, teasing. “If you stick around long enough, you might get lucky.”

When I left, I had no doubt that Cam would be here when I got back tomorrow.


I checked my watch as I walked into the restaurant. Fuck. I was over an hour late, but god it was worth it.

“Finally! Where have you been?!” Danielle was shouting at me across the round table, making everyone look at me.

“Hi everyone, sorry I’m late.”

After greeting everyone, I sat down at the table and reached for some food. Shortly I heard the ping of my cell phone. I looked at it and saw it was a text from Mary sitting across the table from me.

“You look hot. Jimmy can’t keep his eyes off you. Where were you, I know there’s a story. Spill it.”

I looked up and smiled at Mary, she always had to have the gossip. I quickly text back, “Really? I hadn’t noticed him looking. I was busy doing something really bad.”


I knew I shouldn’t but I had to tell someone, “I fucked Cam.”

Mary look up at me, shock all over her face. She shot up and walked around the table, grabbing me by the arm as she went. “Bathroom Now.”

Once inside the bathroom Mary burst, “How could you fuck Cam? Well I know how, he’s hot. But I can’t believe you did it.”

A woman walking out of a stall looked at us horrified and walked out of the bathroom without washing her hands. Danielle came in after her.

“Seriously, what’s going on?!”

Totally straight faced and still staring at me, Mary spilled the beans before I could stop her, “She fucked Cam.”

“Thanks for that.” I had a feeling she wasn’t going to react well, having never really supported my infatuation with Cam.

“Laura, no, you didn’t. Zach’s gonna kill you both.” Danielle paused before her rant went any farther. “How did it happen?”

Relieved to get off the topic of Zach, I told them about my evening, “I don’t know how it happened. He came in while I was getting dressed, said he wanted to talk to me and then the next thing I knew he had me up against a wall and was kissing me.”

“Oh my God that’s so hot.”

“Mary, you’re not helping,” said Danielle, throwing her the look. “I know you guys have been heading in that direction forever, but I still think the whole thing is a really bad idea.”

“So what are you now? A couple?”

I turned to the mirror to avoid any judgement and pretended to fix my hair. “I don’t know. I think we’re just sleeping together.”

“Laura, I know you, you’re gonna fall for him. You already have.”

I shrugged at Danielle’s remark and walked out of the bathroom before she could say anything further that would make me regret sleeping with Cam. As we all sat down at the table Jessica grabbed Mary and whispered something in her ear, Mary whispered back. Not a good sign.

Looking at me Jessica shouted across the table, “You fucked Cam?”

Horrified I yelled back, “Thanks Jess. I’m taking back your birthday present.” I really didn’t need the guys to know.

The rest of the night never left the subject of my recent escapade, everyone giving their opinion. I was mortified by the time I got home. It would be a miracle if Zach never found out.


“Someone’s been drinking,” said Zach as I slightly stumbled into the house. He and his girlfriend, Addison, were standing in the entryway, watching me stumble into the house.

“And you haven’t?” They looked pretty relaxed themselves. “It was Jess’s 21, what do you expect?”

Zach smiled, hugging Addison to him, “You have a point. So we’re headed to bed. Bobby and Molly are in the reckroom and Cam’s crashing on the couch.”

My stomach fluttered as he spoke Cam’s name. “Cool. Good night.”

With Zach and Addison heading up the stairs, I walked through the kitchen and out back to the pool. I found Cam sitting in a lounge chair, staring at me as I walked across the pool deck towards him. He sat there smiling at me, in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. How did I resisted for so long? Now that I’d gotten a taste, there was no going back. In just one day I had missed his touch and his heat completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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