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Erin didn’t say anything thankfully, which was good because Mindy needed as few distractions as possible. Between the car that was still bouncing around like an angry bull, the cries and moans of arousal still sounding off mere inches behind her, and the air growing increasingly stickier and mustier, it was already difficult to keep her eyes on the road. But even then, she would sometimes catch a flash of skin in the mirror. Three sets of jiggling boobs, a butt thrust in the air, two pairs of lips around two glimmering nipples, a tangle of arms and legs, and pussies. Lots and lots of pussies. Splayed, wide open, soaked in girl-syrup, and constantly being rubbed, pounded, and penetrated. By tongues and fingers and toes and thighs and knees and nipples and…other pussies. Everything except the one organ that was supposed to go inside of them according to her health class textbooks.

It was anxious, nerve-wracking, and embarrassing as hell. Here she was, driving around town, surrounded by people on all sides. Other drivers, pedestrians, joggers, commuters, shoppers, teens enjoying the last few weeks of summer, even children. They were everywhere, crawling around Mindy like ants. If only they knew what was going on in this vehicle. If only they knew the most hardcore lesbian porno ever was unfolding inside of it. If only they knew one of the participants in said porno was her own mother. What would they think if they found out, peered into a window, saw the three women rolling, thrusting, and dancing nakedly against each other, spilling their honey-scented musk all over their soft, feminine forms?

“Oh Goddess! OH GODDESS!”

A loud thump. A thunderous vibration. Mindy dreaded what she would see if she looked behind her. So naturally she didn’t; she look through the mirror instead. She did not like what she saw.

“Goddess! Goddess! Goddess! Goddess!”

“Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy! Oh Mommy!”

Henrietta was thrust against the window. Her hands were flattened against the door and her breasts were flattened against the glass. Her legs were spread wide and between them was Carol, her tongue lapping sensuously on her thighs. Then on her pussy lips, and then on her erect clitoris, and then on the dew-soaked petals of her inner flower. And on the other side of her was Katherine, her legs also splayed, interlocked with Carol’s, thrusting her pelvis in and out, in and out, rhythmically, like a machine. Her face was practically bumping into the window, her breath was fogging up the glass, and anyone who looked, everyone who saw, would be greeted by the sight of her visage, frozen perpetually in a scream of orgasmic ecstasy. Her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opened wide, her lips repeatedly mouthing the word “Mommy.”

An old man’s mustached head turned. A woman gasped and pointed. A teen held out his cell phone. A man in a suit did a double-take. They saw. They knew. The secret was coming out as fast and as intensely as the liquids she could hear, that she could almost feel, spattering all over the seats behind her.

“Oh, Carol, honey! Oh Carol, BABY!”


“Agghhrrrrr! Rrrgghh-rgghhh!”

“Get out of here Mindy,” Erin whispered.. “Get out here right now, RIGHT NOW!”

Mindy nearly floored it, veering the car sharply down a corner, not even checking to see if there were any cross-walkers or oncoming vehicles. There weren’t any, thankfully enough, but the car still let out a high-pitched screech that was like rusty iron nails on her ears. One last ordeal to call unwanted attention to herself.

“We are so dead,” Erin moaned, letting her face fall into her hands.

“At least we’ll all go together as a family,” said Mindy as she tried to force a chuckle out of her throat. It sounded more like a cough. “That’s something…right?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Someone in the backseat said that. Neither teen knew who. Neither teen really wanted to know.

“See, someone agrees!”

Erin didn’t respond. She only whimpered pathetically into her hands and sank into her seat as if she was hoping it would swallow her whole.


Fortunately, things eased up at least a little once the girls got onto the highway. The erotic activities in the backseat did not slow down, but at least they wouldn’t be surrounded by so many eyes anymore. They could drive fast as well, too fast for anyone to notice, let alone report. No one would be able to see what Carol, Henri, and Katy were doing. No one would be able to see their breasts or their butts or their huffing, screaming, orgasming faces. Or of their orgasms themselves; Erin didn’t want to think too hard about what that fluid splattered all over the rear door window was, even as it dripped and oozed its way down the glass. She told herself it was sweat, only sweat. Or saliva. Or anything really. Anything save the strong-smelling, sweet-tasting, warm feeling of holy vaginal essence.

She Ankara bayan escort could feel it again, all over her face, warming her skin like a fireplace in wintertime. Spurting and dripping from out of Brianna’s burning hot vagina. Her own vagina burned just as hot, tingling stormily as the girl caressed it with her hand. Or was it with her toes? Erin couldn’t remember. Maybe it didn’t matter; Brianna used every part of her body to stimulate her. Her hands, her feet, her tongue, her knees, her buttocks, her breasts, her nipples, her hair, even her own sex. Every part of her had been inside Erin. Every. Single. Part.

The teen snapped back to reality. Away from the sand, away from the moonlit sky, away from the soothing ocean waves, and back to the car. Where miles upon miles of stone road lay before her, and where three very naked women were getting laid right behind her. She buried her face in her palm. Damn it, it was happening again. It had been happening all day, after she tried so hard to push it out, to forget it ever happened in the first place. It was like the whole universe was conspiring against her.

And it’s all MOM’S fault! she roared in her head. All her fault! All her fault! All…her…fault.

She turned around in her seat to glare at the woman who caused it all, who kept bringing it back to the front of her mind. Who was currently unclothed, wrapped in the arms of Aunt Henri and in the legs of the black girl she wasn’t familiar with. She was thrusting her breasts into the redhead’s chest, and her crotch into the younger girl’s sex. Her buttocks clenched and jiggled, her large breasts rippled and squished into Henrietta’s, and her voice sang out in hushed moans and wettened gasps. Rubbing, squelching, kissing, slurping sounds were everywhere, and every breath she took carried with it the familiar honeyed scent of raw femininity.

Just like how Brianna smelled as she rubbed herself on me, painting me with her cummy juices.

A hand strayed to Erin’s breast. Another slithered to her thigh. She squeezed both, tweaked her nipple from where it lay hidden under her shirt, marveled at how hard it still felt. Her face heated up. Her skin flushed. Moisture seemed to permeate from out of her every pore.

“Shit,” she muttered, turning away with a blush. It was happening again. Being around all this lesbian energy was…turning her on. And it wasn’t right. It wasn’t right.

I shouldn’t be thinking about them. I shouldn’t be thinking about Brianna. I should be thinking about Eric. About the love of my life. The true love of my life.

Unfortunately, it was difficult thinking about her boyfriend. It was difficult thinking about anything. Carol, Henri, and Katy’s moans were so loud and so constant that it was nearly impossible for Erin to even hear her own thoughts.

“Still going at it, huh,” Mindy mumbled next to her as if it was the most insightful thing in the world. “How long do you think they’ll be…going at it?”

“I have…no idea,” Erin grumbled.

“You were going at for a while yourself at Duny. Is that really a thing for girls? Can they just…go at it for…hours on end? Because I always thought it was some kind of one-and-done deal. Once you…feel your thing, you just want to fall asleep.”

“Maybe it is for guys,” said Erin. “But for girls, it’s…different. Guys just cum once, and yeah, they pretty much are done. But girls…they can cum multiple times.” If the teen was in a better mood, she would have cracked a grin in amusement at how little her sister knew about sex and biology. One would think she’d have figured it out by now. But alas, she was a virgin and would likely die as one, unlike Erin…

Wait a minute, she wasn’t supposed to be happy about that! “Do you HAVE to keep bringing that up?” she snapped

The driving girl jumped slightly from Erin’s explosion and swerved sharply to the left in her surprise. After correcting herself by swerving just as abruptly back to the right, Mindy shot her twin a glare and looked like she was ready for a comeback, but then thought better of it. Directing her attention back to the road, she said: “Sorry, sorry. It’s just kinda hard to think about anything else and you’re the only one I can even…ask about these kind of things right now.”

“Well DON’T ask,” said Erin. “I really…don’t want to think about…Brianna now.”

Shit. She just had to say it. Had to say Brianna’s name. Now she wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it, thinking about…her. Her gorgeous figure, her enormous breasts, her very helpful, gentle, patient attitude that just seemed to set the teen at ease while she sat naked and vulnerable at the beach.


“That’s no way to work on a tan.”

“I’m not…working on my tan,” Erin growled from between her teeth, not bothering to even look at the stranger who was addressing her. She was sitting curled up on a towel, her knees hugged tightly Escort bayan Ankara into her chest, doing her best to hide her nakedness from all the pervs running around her.

“I should certainly hope so” said the stranger, “because that position will make your tone awfully uneven.” She knelt down to look Erin in the face. Her features were elegant and lean, almost queenly, and her eyes were a gorgeous shade of baby blue. “Is something the matter?”

“None of your business!”

“Yes, I suppose it isn’t my business. But,” she paused to take a deep breath through her nostrils, smiling at whatever it was she was smelling, “I don’t like to just sit back and ignore problems just because they aren’t my own. You could say it’s…against my religion.”

“Well aren’t you a saint?” Erin muttered as she turned her head away, hoping the nudist freak would get the hint and go away already.

“You haven’t applied your lotion,” said the girl. It wasn’t a question.

“No one would help put it on me.”

“No, you wouldn’t let them. You refused whatever help they offered, drove them all away. Your friends and your doppelganger alike. So they all went their separate ways to enjoy the beach in whatever way most befits their natural states, while you sit here alone.”

“What, are you stalking me?” said Erin.

“No, it’s just something I observed as you and your entourage arrived. You were all making quite a scene.” The stranger giggled. “I remember I used to feel so ashamed and embarrassed about being naked in the past. Oh, the way I used to scream when a towel or a curtain fell off at the wrong time…it must have been so hilarious to everyone watching. But now…I don’t even remember why I ever felt that way. It feels so long ago…almost like it was a past life. Which I guess it kind of was.”

“Uh…huh,” Erin grunted, having no idea how to respond to that. The girl was seriously weirding her out. Of course, now that she wasn’t glaring daggers at the sand, she now had a chance to pay more attention to the nudist, and she noticed two distinct things about her. One was the rack she was sporting on her chest. Her boobs were, in a word, big. Bigger than her boobs, bigger than her mom’s boobs, bigger than any other boobs she had ever seen in her life. So big that if she somehow detached them she’d be able to dribble them around like a pair of basketballs. And yet, despite their mass, they did not droop and hang off her chest; on the contrary, they seemed to hover in the air without any sign of sag. Gravity was clearly having no effect on them outside of the occasional jiggle.

The other thing that caught her eye was the odd tattoo she had just under them. It wasn’t anything flashy, just some kind of symbol that looked like something she may have seen in a chemistry textbook last year, though she couldn’t be sure. But she was suddenly curious. “What’s that tattoo?”

“This?” said the busty blonde. “It’s the holy Sigil of the Goddess, Zenriah. Bearing it on my body is a show of my love and devotion to Her.”

“I see,” said Erin. Must be some kind of New Age hippie thing she’s involved with.

“And having it means I have the right to be nude anywhere I want.”

Erin blinked. Did she just hear the girl correctly? “What?”

“But never mind that,” said the blonde, who took this moment to kneel down beside the teen to pick up the nearby bottle of suntan lotion. “Let’s get you properly protected. It’s a very sunny day and you have a lot of,” she drew in a sharp breath, “exposed, vulnerable skin.” She began to rub Erin’s shoulders.

“H-hey,” said the black-haired teen. “What do you think you’re—ohhhh!”

The nudist massaged her skin, digging her fingers deftly into Erin’s flesh. She tickled the nerves, flexed the muscles, and rubbed the bones, firmly but gently, sending the affected parts of the girl’s anatomy into a state of peaceful slumber. It was like hypnosis applied to her body.

“I know you’re angry and I know you’re stressed,” the stranger said, her voice sinking to a gossamer whisper. “But you really shouldn’t be. This is a place where people are free to be themselves without the constraints that so-called ‘polite society’ forces upon them. There is no judgment here for the body you were born with. Only acceptance.”

She collected more lotion and applied it to Erin’s back, rubbing her hands circularly to ensure that every millimeter of the girl’s skin was properly coated, properly oiled, properly protected. And that every ounce of tension in her muscles was properly squeezed out. “Pushing those you care about will only hurt you in the end as well. By not giving yourself proper protection, you have put your own body at risk of being burned. Your skin will turn red, your complexion will be ruined, your beauty will be marred, you will be in pain and unable to enjoy yourself for some time. And then…you may even…die.”

“D-don’t you think…you’re being a bit…melodramatic?” Bayan escort Ankara said Erin, who was having a hard time thinking. God, the way this girl’s touch felt was something else. She knew she should have screamed, she knew she should have batted her away, she knew she should have done…something to stop this stranger’s blatant violation of her personal space. But she wasn’t. Was it because the stranger was right? She was; Erin did need to lotion herself up and in retrospect, blowing up at her friends and sister was not the right way to go about it. But it was more than that; this girl’s touch, it felt…good. Really, REALLY good! Like nothing she ever experienced before. Was this what it was like to have a real, honest-to-goodness massage from a trained therapist?

“As I said,” said the stranger, “it’s against my religion. You have a problem, and I must help you solve it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Especially since,” she took another deep breath, this time through her nostrils, leaning forward to inhale the air wafting off Erin’s form, “you have such a sweet aroma. I can’t believe someone like you would be so…untouched.”

“Wh…what are you saying?” said Erin. She stiffened as she felt two nubs make contact with her back, both hard to the touch, yet so featherlike in how they glided against her skin like a pair of crane plumes. Were those…her nipples?

“Nothing, nothing at all,” the stranger said. “Here, lay down. It will make it easier to apply it to the rest of your back.”

Erin complied with the blonde’s instructions and put up no resistance as she descended even further down her body, running her hands from the space between her shoulders to the small of her back, just above her butt cheeks. And then she started massaging those too.


She had me at that very moment, Erin stated matter-of-factly in her head. From that moment on, she had me wrapped around her little finger.

“Mmm! Mmm! Yes!”

The moaning of the adult women continued unabated, just as it had for the past…had it been an hour already? Half an hour? She didn’t know. She hadn’t been…paying attention. How could she…with so much…going on…mere inches behind her?

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Goddess! Yes!”

She glanced behind her. Aunt Henrietta, Katherine, her mother, they were still going at it. Their positions had changed again, but they were still going at it. Carol was now sitting straight up, her legs spread-eagled apart. Henrietta was to her right, nibbling on her ear. Katherine was to her left, suckling on her nipple. Both of them had a hand planted firmly on her bushy crotch, and both had a finger slipped into her wide open pussy. She was clenching and convulsing all over. Her mouth hovered up and down with her moans. Her stomach drew in and out with her breaths. Her boobs jiggled. Her knees bent and unbent, splaying her legs even farther. And though Erin couldn’t see them, she could feel the wet, warm, welcoming walls of her mother’s vagina pulsing around her lovers.

Just like how I pulsed all around Brianna!

She looked her mother in the face, in her eyes that were squeezed shut, in her mouth that was constantly singing a harmonious ballad older than time.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

With her eyes, she traced the older woman’s brow, her cheekbones, her jawline. Despite the difference in age between the two of them, the family resemblance was strong. Carol looked so much like Erin, so much like her…that it took little imagination for the teen to put herself in her mother’s nonexistent shoes. Erin could just see herself right now, sitting naked as the day she was born, with an equally naked woman on either side of her. Kissing her, licking her, leaving love bites all over her flushed skin. Suckling her titties, playing with her boobs, tickling her thighs, fingering her pussy, stroking her pretty pink folds.

“Uh-uh-uh-UH!” Carol’s moans were getting louder. The rubbing was getting faster. Her loins were all aflame, her juices were dribbling out, her body was clenching harder than ever.

“Huh-huh-huh-HUH!” Erin nearly echoed her.

“AH-AH-AH-AH!” Carol was tingling all over, from her swollen clitoris, to the base of her skull, to the tips of her curling toes.


“HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!” Her pussy was throbbing fiercely now. Fingers were curling, petals were unfurling, burning hot muscle was thrashing every which way inside of her.


“Uh-AHHHH!” Silver spurted from out her loins. It sprinkled all over her thighs, setting her skin alight until it was as fiery as her insides. It came out as a drizzle at first, then as storm, and then as a torrent bursting out of her like a geyser! Carol howled and screamed and thrashed, spraying her fluids all over the backrests and into the forms of her dear sweet lovers. And she loved it, enjoyed every second of it, and was already ready for another one.

Erin knew that was what her mother was feeling. Because that was exactly what she was feeling as her own orgasm tore out of her and onto her seat, onto the glove compartment, and all over her shorts that were now pulled down to her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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