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Tom knew that we couldn’t continue our intimacy indefinitely. Though he didn’t realize our last time together would be this soon. We talked with each other by cell phone and I said I could see him for a few hours, but not all night. It was late October, so Tom was able to get a nice room, with a king-size bed and other amenities for an off-season rate. This was two steps up from the economy chain that I worked for and well under their standard rate. The empty parking stalls suggested there wouldn’t be many guests, so there was practically no chance of running into anyone who knew either of us. Even so, we could enter and exit on the far side of the building. This was as discreet as Tom could have possibly hoped for.

I arrived at 8:00, so we had nearly four hours to play. Tom asked if I just wanted to talk and I said that I really wanted him to make love with me in every way possible. Tom had to excuse himself and went to the bathroom, but left the door open so we could continue talking.

As Tom wiped off, he said he really wanted to shower before getting intimate. I asked, “Would you like to take a shower together?” Tom stood next to me and began undressing me. Kissing me, Tom unfastened my blouse, button by button. taksim elit escort I began to unbutton his shirt. Then Tom pulled off my T-shirt and unfastened my bra. Tom unzipped my jeans and I unfastened his slacks. Both naked, we walked into the bathroom and started the water running in the shower. I nonchalantly sat on the toilet and peed.

Tom unwrapped the bath soap, and stepped into the water as soon as he felt the temperature was right. I stepped into the tub and we traded places so I could get wet. With the soap on his hands, Tom rubbed my back, shoulders and then reached around and soaped my breasts. I softly moaned and pressed my buttocks against his erection, intentionally swiveling my hips to push his penis sideways a few times. Tom reached down and placed a finger between my ass cheeks and two fingers of the other hand on my clit. My pussy was already dripping wet and that was only partially due to the shower.

I began washing him, paying careful attention to his balls and cock. Tom was so hard, it felt as if his cock might break off. When we finished rinsing off, we shut off the water and dried each other off. Turning down the king-sized bed, we settled in under the taksim escort covers and began some intense foreplay. I shave my pubic hair, except for a small patch, about an inch wide. This made it easy for Tom to work on me orally. Tom inserted two fingers in my vagina and continued caressing my clit and pussy lips with my tongue, I moaned and then shuddered with the first of many orgasms.

Tom continued to lick and suck on my pussy. After two or three more orgasms, I had to have that beautiful penis inside me. I told him to lay on his back. Facing him, I mounted his cock and rode it to an intense climax. Then I turned around and exposed my backside and anus to him. Tom wet my fingers and thumb with saliva and moistened my tightly puckered ass. As I began to hump him again, Tom pressed his thumb against my tiny little ass and I groaned with pleasure as Tom gently probed inside with a moist finger. The pressure inside my vagina was intense, when I felt the spasmodic tightening of yet another climax.

I simply enjoy all forms of sexual intimacy. I know what turns me on and what I’m wanting at the moment. Tom enjoys being a total slave to my desires. There is nothing else that compares to the feeling taksim eve gelen escort of the orgasms he was able to stimulate.

After a very brief rest, we engaged in doggie-style fucking. After all this intensity, Tom was beginning to soften just a bit, so we switched to the missionary position after my next orgasm. I was wearing him out! Tom felt the intense pleasure, but couldn’t seem to reach orgasm. I could tell Tom wasn’t as hard and even my intense excitement wasn’t reviving his erection. My own climax came and went softly – we’d been at this for nearly an hour and were both wearing down.

Finally, I said I wanted him to come in my mouth. At first, he didn’t want to, but I really wanted to taste his come. He climbed over me and got into a ’69’ position. I felt his tongue go deep into my pussy. Pulling his cock to my lips, I sucked and licked his cock, until he shot a load into my mouth. He pulled out as soon as he started to come and shot his load on my tits. Then he turned around and licked off my breasts and sucked my nipples. Then we kissed and enjoyed the taste of his cum mixed with my pussy juices and our salty perspiration.

No other man or woman has ever given me the same intense orgasms. It was a very special experience that I’ll treasure forever. I’m getting married soon to a man I truly love. I’m not sure if the forbidden nature of my relationship with Tom (he was and still is married) made it more exciting. I’m very happy with my fiancé and am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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