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It was only one week remaining until the swim meet, and my buddy Alex and I were reaching peak form. Our coach had finished putting us through the high intensity sessions and this week would be a succession of easier sets to lead us into the competition. The event next Sunday was not really an important meet itself. But it set the scene for the upcoming carnivals, which led to the provincial championships and in turn led into the nationals and selections for men’s representative swim team.

We were relatively old for the swim squad. My age 23 and Alex 22 made us the elders of the team. Being in college meant that our training schedule could be pretty flexible. We weren’t restricted to the early morning starts and late training sessions like many of the squad who were still in high school.

So here we were mid-morning on a Monday, doing a fairly lazy set without any coach to push us or keep us on target. And that meant plenty of stopping to chat in the shallows at the end of each set. Alex and I were competitive, but we had a custom of lifting the other up rather than holding the other back. We always celebrated our big or small victories and commiserated in each other’s losses. Our friendship was strong and cemented in mutual respect and even though we competed in the same events for the same championships, there was no jealousy between us. In fact, I greatly admired Alex for his dedication to swimming: his dogged determination to swim right to the end of exhaustion and his commitment to training in the pool and in the gym. It was reflected in his amazing physique with broad shoulders, an expansive chest, rippling abdominal muscles and strong arms. I had a similar appearance, though maybe not as impressive as Alex.

Being a weekday and during working hours, patronage at the pool was very low. In fact Alex and I almost had the pool to ourselves and we swam together in lane 6, or as we called it, the lucky lane. The only other swimmer at the pool was another regular in lane 5. I didn’t know her name, but she was around 40 years old and she regularly attended with another friend. Each day we’d nod and say hi, but we’d never talked. Her modus operandi was fin kicking. With kickboard outstretched, and head out of the water, she and her friend would endlessly kick for lap after lap. They’d swim side by side, chatting the entire time about whatever it was that middle aged women discuss. With all that kicking, the ladies had great bodies. Long slender legs, strong thighs, flat tummies and a swimmer’s tan.

The fashions in swimwear wax and wane through time. During the era of the speed suit, swimwear covered almost all of the body, and the fashion filtered through to regular swimwear too. But now the pendulum had swung and the fashion was minimalist. Today our fin kicking friend was wearing a yellow two-piece outfit. It was definitely a serious swimming-wear and not a leisure piece. But still, the low-cut top revealed ample breast. And the bottoms also revealed plenty of flesh. The lower back was cut to reveal two gorgeous orbs of her buttocks. And the front was a narrow style that only just covered the pussy and labia, before flaring out to the waistband. Alex and I also wore the current fashion in men’s swimmers. They were also minimalist and sat low on the hips with narrow side coverage. The briefs gave us the great benefit of a full body sun tan. But the danger always lurked that any arousal could result in embarrassment because there was definitely no space for an erection to hide. During today’s set I’d glanced at every opportunity at her body as I swam past. But there were limited chances to take in the view and somehow Alex had usually obscured my sight.

We’d neared the end of our light training set. A sequence of one-hundreds. Then a long set with the pull buoy. And finally we were into the cool down set, which was a few laps of kicking. Alex and I were at the shallow end holding our kickboards, chatting and procrastinating. Our fin kicking friend reached the wall, stopped and remained crouched in the water: “Hello boys, how’s the swim?”

Alex slid across and hung his arms over the lane rope to face our fin kicking friend with his broad smile. “Easy”, he said. “Very easy today”.

“Shall we do sex together?” she asked with a smile.

“Pardon!” I said shocked.

“Well it looks like we’re both on kick now”.

“Ohhhh”, I said. “Sets together. I get it. We’re actually just on our cool down set.”

“Sure.” Alex interrupted.

We left our goggles on the wall and kicked off together. Side-by-side-by-side the three of us travelled down the lanes, Alex in the middle. We in bare feet and she in fins, the pace was close and we opened conversation as we swam.

“I’m Karen”.

Alex and I both laughed out loud then buried our mouths under the water. “A real Karen?” he asked.

“Ha ha. Just Karen. I think you’ll find I’m not A Karen. Just Karen.”

Alex and I introduced ourselves. “We see you here all the time. Where’s your friend today?”

“Amy? Sick kids. So she’s at home. güvenilir bahis I’m flying solo today.”

“Your kids are at school?” I asked.

“How old do you think I am!?” Karen scoffed.

“Oh sorry”, I offered. I guess she was younger than I thought.

“My kids are grown up and left home. I’m well past that.”

Alex and I quickly looked to each other. We hadn’t guessed that one. Karen was in amazing shape with the body of a teenager and I never would have guessed an age much above 40. I decided not to press any further.

At the end of the lane, Alex and I instinctively tumble-turned, pushed off and found ourselves well ahead of Karen. Momentarily we stalled, rolled onto our backs and slowed to allow Karen to catch up.

“I saw your undies!” she said.

“When?” I asked.

“Just then. When you turned at the end of the pool. I saw your bums. It’s just something we used to say as kids. Back when it meant something to see someone’s underwear. Never mind.”

Alex face grew a sly look, his mouth took on a smirk and he replied “You can see my underwear anytime”. Karen turned to look at him, her eyes lingering on his face for some time. Then she turned back to the lane. “I’d like that. A lot.” Alex kept his eyes fixed on her. I was not quite sure what I was observing, but I was enjoying being there and being part of it.

At the end of the lane, Alex and I threw our kickboards beyond the pool. In unison, we hauled our bodies out of the water, pressing up with our triceps to lift ourselves fully out of the water. Karen remained and watched, biting the corner of her lip while she stared intently at Alex and my chests, tummies, swimmers. “I wish I could do that.” She said. “Thanks for the chat. See you next time”. And she dived under the lane ropes, heading towards the ladder at the side of the pool.

Alex and I grabbed our goggles from the pool deck, our towels and rucksacks from the stands and headed to the showers. The bathrooms were near the entrance to the pool area. There was a shallow alcove in the wall and then a left-side entrance to the women’s and a right-side entrance to the men’s change rooms. We entered the change room which consisted of a series of benches in the middle and lockers around the outside. We dumped our bags and towels on a bench and hooked sharply left to the bank of showers.

Hot water. Ahhh.

It never bothered us that the arrangement of the showers had no attempt at privacy. We’d seen each other’s bodies plenty of times before. Just like every day, we slipped out of our swimmers and held them high to the shower roses to rinse out the pool chemicals. We were standing in silence enjoying the running water when a squeal and a cuss issued from behind the showers. Alex and I looked up and at each other. “Is everything OK?” I called out.

“There’s no hot water!” Karen’s voice called out. “This is freezing!”. The women’s showers shared the same wall as ours. I guess it made sense to consolidate the plumbing.

“Its hot here.” called Alex.

“Can I share?” Karen called back.

Alex and I looked at each other and shrugged. “Sure!”.

Alex turned off the faucet. He swung by the benches, grabbing a towel and wrapping it loosely around his waist, holding the ends together and walked out to the entryway. I remained under the shower. It was one of the highlights of each day and I was reluctant to give up even a second.

Alex led Karen in from the entryway. Karen with a towel wrapped around her torso and a small tote bag cautiously looking around for anyone else who might be in the men’s changing room. Of course there was no one. Her hand held hard against her breastbone clutching where the towel ends joined. She saw me in the shower, naked facing to her direction and her face betrayed a small surprise. The explanation came: “There’s no cubicles here. Are you telling me you all have to share?”. Obviously the women’s change room had a different design. “Oh well, when in Rome.” And she placed the tote bag on the bench beside ours and nonchalantly opened her towel to reveal her naked self.

I watched and drank in her body from top to toe. Her shoulder-length mousey brown hair was wet and pressed down, tied back in a pony-tail. Face without makeup and blemish-free skin with only the hint of wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Red lips, no doubt with blood shocked by a burst of cold water from her shower. Olive tanned skin with several clear set of tan-lines from the different designs of swimmers she wore from day to day. Firm and bulbous breasts with a dark, wide areola. Erect dark nipples that were so long that gravity seemed to pull the ends downward. A flat tummy with a hint of abs and muscles than could be discerned on each side. Athletic hips that led down to a completely shaved pussy, with a narrow line visible and two tiny inner lips discernible emerging from the labia. Muscular legs that tailed down to delicate feet with bright red toenails.

Alex pulled his towel to the side revealing his cock dangling low and larger than ever güvenilir bahis siteleri and draped the towel across the bench. “This is nice”, said Karen looking down and moving closer as her fingers gently curled under the end of Alex’s heavy member. She looked up at Alex who was transfixed, staring into her eyes. Her hand remained clasped around him and I could sense the tension as his cock grew and started its upward trajectory. Karen continued to hold Alex and led him by his cock as she swaggered toward me in the shower.

Karen retained Alex’s cock behind her back in one hand while she faced me and placed her palm gently in the center of my chest. She raised her head up with a dreamy gaze and I tilted my head to one side and landed a full kiss directly on her lips. Our mouths remained in contact as I felt her fingers raking delicately down my chest, my belly, through my pubic hair. And as her hand drew gently along my shaft I felt her lips part and her tongue gently make contact with mine. Her mouth began making subtle rocking movements back and forth and I realized that it synchronized with her arms stroking both of our cocks. The cascade from the shower continued to fall on all three of us as our bodies moved closer and tiny rivulets of water found their way into my mouth, lubricating the kiss and enabling the exchange of fluid as our kiss grew in intensity.

I discerned Alex pressing against Karen’s back and his mouth nuzzling into her neck. My right hand curled around Karen’s breast, with nipple landing between my forefinger and thumb. My left hand reached for Karen’s other breast, to discover that Alex’s hand was already there. I left my hand resting on the top and initiated a light squeeze of the breast as I felt Karen’s audible exhalation into my mouth. Karen’ moaning intensified and grew in volume and I pulled away to look over her body. She faced upwards into the water with eyes closed and mouth open, tongue lolling out. Water streamed down her body with a river directed between her breasts as our hands massaged the firm flesh and squeezed on the nipples. I detected movement between Karen’s legs and saw Alex’s hand had reached from behind, passing under her ass and curved upwards so that the middle finger was manipulating her clitoris.

“Oh boys”, Karen murmured. “Oh boys. Don’t stop.” Her breathing quickened and became more audible with every breath. “Push it in. Yes that’s it”. Looking down I saw Alex’s finger disappear into the flesh of Karen’s pussy. “And the other one.” I saw a hint of movement in Alex’s shoulder and a distinct action by Karen to press her ass deliberately against Alex. As Karen groaned a deep and relieving moan, I realized that Alex had inserted his thumb into Karen’s ass. I felt my cock grow with the excitement, straining against Karen’s grip which continued increasing in strength. Water streamed from our extremities, and I felt the familiar sensation of precum welling at my dick. I looked down to see a persistent thread of sticky fluid connecting my cock to the floor.

Karen looked to the ground averting both of our gazes and her body began to rock back and forth as she retreated into her own world of enjoyment, enjoying the hands on her breasts and the fingers probing her cunt and ass. We nuzzled into each side of the nape of her neck and pushed out bodies hard against hers, reveling in that slippery sensation of skin against wet skin. She released each of our cocks from her clasp and raised arms, twisting them around our necks, pulling our faces even closer against her throat. “Take me boys. Take me. Do it. Do me. Fuck me. Fuck me every way you can.”

As Alex and I straightened our posture fully to standing, Karen retained her wrap tightly around our necks and we lifted her feet neatly off the ground. Alex withdrew his fingers from her crotch and we circled our arms around Karen’s waist and carried her the 10 feet or so from the shower to the benches. “Sit down”, she said. “I want both of you beautiful boys together”. She was taking charge and I was more than happy to comply.

Alex sat at the bench and I was about to sit beside him when Karen interrupted. “No not like that. Here, straddle the bench.” Alex sat astride the bench. “And you too.” I went to straddle the bench across from my friend. “No not like that. Together. Close.” I moved in close to Alex and lifted my left thigh over of his right. Then I worked my right thigh underneath his so that we were enmeshed close to each other, groin to groin. I reached around Alex’s midriff and pulled us even closer together and as I did Karen shuddered in excitement and emitted a subconscious moan of satisfaction. Alex and I were close, but we’d never been this close before. Karen grabbed the nearby towel and dropped in to the ground beside us as she fell to her knees. She clutched a cock in each hand and leaned forward over us.

She began to tease, alternating her mouth from one cock to the other in soft kisses and light licks. I watched in anticipation as our fin kicking friend let her tongue wonder up and iddaa siteleri down the shafts, and then around and around the head of each cock. Her hands squeezed the shafts in unison and a pearl of precum emerged from the tips of both penises. Her tongue touched down on the tip of my cock, picking up a strand, and her mouth moved to the Alex’s cock with a trailing web of semen. Her tongue circled the tip then drew back into her mouth, resulting in trails of precum connecting both cocks to her mouth. She audibly sucked the air and the cumtrails vanished into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, and causing her to cough and sit upright, interrupting the flow of our interlude. She issued a mixture of coughing and laughing with eyes watering in the way that the body reacts to discomfort. But she was definitely enjoying herself, explaining, “It’s OK, I’m OK. I haven’t finished yet”. Karen breathed in deeply, swallowed hard, then leant forward, this time pulling our two cocks together and wrapping her two hands around the combined trunk of our manhoods.

“Oh God”, she mumbled. “So good.” Karen leaned far forward, her luscious tits pressing hard against each of our thighs. Her pony tail flopped over her shoulder obscuring my view, so I circled my hand under its midpoint and lifted the hair, holding it firmly but gently. I saw Karen open her mouth wide and then she lowered her head to take the double barrels of cock into her mouth. I felt my hard cock work its way into her mouth, pressed hard between her hands and my friend’s cock. I felt both excited and at ease. At comfort with my buddy. Hearing him begin to moan with delight. Feeling the pleasure of my cock in her warm mouth. And then Karen started to seriously move. Her arms reached around each of our waists to provide anchorage. And then her head lifted with a sucking action and a slurping noise. Just before the cocks sprung out of her mouth, she thrusted her head back down again with a gurgling noise at the end of the stroke. She repeated the action with increasing intensity. I could feel warm syrup sliding down my shaft and dripping down my balls as the thick saliva from the back of her throat began to flow and lubricate our cocks. Karen’s movements and sounds betrayed obvious pleasure, so to assist I tightened my grip on the pony tail. As she lifted I tugged her hair upwards. And as her head thrust down, I pressed down on the back of her head to drive our cocks that little bit further, pressing against the back of her throat as she gagged and spluttered.

Karen’s grip around my waist tightened. Her head began to thrust harder. The tempo sped up. I could hear Alex’s breath quicken. He began to roll his head back. “I’m going to cum” he said. At an instant, Karen pulled bolt upright, railing against the pressure of my hand on her head. “No.” she said. “You can’t cum.” She stood and leaned over toward Alex. “We’re not ready for that yet.” Her face was flushed with exertion and excitement and a mixture of precum and saliva was smeared around her mouth with a drool hanging from the end of her chin.

Her hand reached down and wiped against her cunt and then curled around Alex’s jawline while she bent forward to plant a sloppy kiss on his lips. She turned to me and did just the same. Standing with arms outstretched in a “T” she pleaded, “Help me out boys”. I took Karen’s right arm under the tricep while Alex took the left. Karen transferred her weight into our hands and then took one giant step to straddle the bench, landing between the two of us, facing me and back to Alex.

She reached down with both hands and again clutched the two slippery cocks together as a single piece of flesh. Bending knees, she lowered her body guiding the tip of the meat to her pussy entrance. Karen swiped the cocks backward and forward, forward and back in unison with the sway of her hips. The heads of the cocks faithfully followed the line of her slippery slit and the double bump of the combined cocks flicked at her engorged clitoris. My stomach muscles quivered with excitement as the delicate sensations continued on the tip of my cock — sliding back and forth on her soft pussy lips in a slippery combination of warm cunt juice, precum and saliva.

Then she carefully aligned the double-cock with her pussy and pressed her body down, exhaling a deep groan of satisfaction as our cocks stretched her lips, slipped into her pussy and pressed hard against the flesh of her cunt walls.

Alex placed his hands on her hips. From the flesh extruded between his fingers I could tell that he was holding tight. My hands circled around each of Karen’s bouncing tits and I guided one of the nipples into my mouth, sucking it in deeply. Alex worked her body, his muscular arms driving her up and down the full extent of our cocks. Karen wrapped both of her arms around my head and pulled me into her chest. I could hear her uneven breath, broken with the physical impact of thrusts by Alex’s powerful action. “Stretch me. Fill that cunt. More”, she said. “I want more.” I was about to ask what more she wanted when she placed her hands on my shoulders and stood, lowering her feet to the floor. Her left hand reached down at the front of her body and right hand behind as she grasped each of our cocks separately and pulled up and away with her pussy.

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