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Every once in a very long while, when the planets align just so and the moon is blue, I am overcome by the strange urge to write a sex story that has a dude in it. This started out as a scene in a longer story that I’ve since shelved, but I really liked it so I figured I’d flesh it out a bit so that it can stand on its own. Or, at the very least, it can stand with a cane. Maybe a pair of crutches.

This was also the result of a writing challenge I made for myself: Write a sex scene without using any words or euphemisms for “penis” or “vagina”. The intent was to force myself to find different, more interesting ways to word the action. Did it work? Iunno, you tell me. I did allow myself one single “cock”, but I think I made good use of it.

Feolan Makes a Dress*

*And also loses his virginity


Feolan dujar et hopkjol*

*und okso han førlorar hans svendom


The measurements almost didn’t make sense. Feolan wouldn’t have believed that such numbers could have been accurate for any person if he hadn’t measured her himself. The unique shape of her body certainly made for an interesting challenge. For ballroom gowns, the current fashion involved long skirts, flowy but not bell-shaped, corsets that hugged the waist and emphasized the curve of the hips, and a strapless bodice which left the shoulders bare.

He hadn’t had any trouble with Naala’s dress. She was slim but top-heavy: Her hips and thighs had a feminine curve to them, but not enough to give her a truly hourglass figure. Her shoulders were broad and powerful, and her chest would have been generous even on a woman twice her weight. He’d had to reinforce the bust with whalebone, but he was certain that it would still support her even without straps, and she would cut a very striking figure.

Suminara, on the other hand… She had the type of body that Ædde called “pear-shaped”- her hips and behind were wider than her shoulders, and her waist was relatively small in comparison. Feolan had made dresses for many women with similar builds, but never for one with breasts so enormously large and heavy. For her, a strapless bodice was right out. Even with reinforcement it wouldn’t be able to support them, and the silhouette would have been odd and out-of-place. No, such a dress might have been possible for a master like Ædde, but it was outside of Feolan’s skills to create, at least in a single day.

And besides, Suminara herself had said that she wanted to stand out, and that meant getting creative. He had taken inspiration from the clothing that she had been wearing when she came in, and after putting hours of work into it, it was finished. It had taken until well past sundown, but he was finally able to take a step back and look over his work.

It was, strictly speaking, actually a robe and not a dress: open-fronted, with long, loose sleeves and a hemline that would hang to her calves, but the sash was very broad. When tied tightly, as it was meant to be, it would also tighten the upper part of the garment, supporting and uplifting her breasts while also emphasizing her waist and hips. It had been difficult to make something that would flatter the exaggerated hourglass of her figure, but he was, he decided, proud of how it had turned out. He’d used the finest Shalian silk in the shop- a lovely purple color with floral motifs woven in, with highlights and trim in a deeper shade, near black. It was an expensive fabric, and it would almost certainly stand out at the Herzog’s ball.

He hoped that she liked it. Looking at it now, hanging from the dress form in his workroom, he could find no flaws, but he was certain that when he looked at it again in the morning he would spot a thousand little things that he should have done differently, for that was how it always seemed to go. He hoped that he hadn’t forgotten anything as a result of his daydreaming. For the entire day, every bit of his mind that hadn’t been focused on making the dress had been busy reliving every moment that he’d spent measuring her, from the gleam in her eyes when she giggled to the way that her chest moved when she had wiggled out of her overrobe.

He’d spent a lot of time thinking about the latter, actually. And how she’d pressed them up against his side. He was certain that that had been an accident, but he could still almost feel their soft, yielding weight against his arm. And when she had leaned forward… He’d thought about that part in particular quite a lot.

He was still thinking about her even as he tidied up his workroom, grabbed his lamp, and headed up to his bedchambers. He was halfway up the stairs when there was a knock on the front door of the shop. That was odd. Who would be calling this late at night? Ædde had left while Feolan was working and hadn’t come back yet, but she had a key, and Bronhild was already in bed. He went back down and opened the door.

“Sorry, but we’re closed. You can come…” He blinked.

“Hello!” said Suminara. “Can I, now?”

It was her! She was all bound up in drab and unbecoming brown and black furs, but underneath kocaeli escort her hood her eyes and her smile were luminous in the moonlight. “I- in! In! You can come in! You must be cold!”

“How kind of you! I am, in fact.” He felt himself getting red even as he stood aside and shut the door behind her. She turned and gave him a strange look- a wry smile, like she knew something that he didn’t.

“So. Um. Why are you here?” Idiot! That was rude! “I mean-! I, uh… What brings you to…” Nobody actually says that! “That is, er, how do you…” His mouth was like an overloaded cart barrelling uncontrollably down the street. He couldn’t stop it, and the more he tried the worse he made things.

Suminara laughed. She threw her furred hood back and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Feolan,” she said. “Take a deep breath.”

He did. She smelled wonderful, like… Something familiar, though he couldn’t decide what. It made him feel all warm in the chest. He could feel himself relax a little bit… Until he realized how incredibly close to him she was. They were only a step away from embracing.

“Good,” she said, and moved away. He let out his breath. “Would you like to try that again?”

“What… What can I do for you?” he asked.

“I’ve found myself with a bit of free time on my hands. Naala is preoccupied at the moment, so I thought I’d take a little stroll around the city to look at all the pretty lights. I ended up near your shop, so I asked myself, why not pay Feolan a visit and see how my dress is coming along?” As she spoke she shedded her furs. The robe underneath was well-worn, a little frayed at the edges, and the way she wore it quite a bit of her chest was open to the air. He tried very, very hard not to look too hard at that.

“Oh. Of course. Naala’s is done, and yours nearly is. I just need to put some finishing touches on it, then they’ll both be ready for fitting.”

“Really? That was fast!”

He shrugged, mostly succeeding at maintaining eye contact. “Naala did a great thing for me, all those years ago. I would still be enslaved if not for her. Maybe even dead. You said you needed the dresses quickly- it was the least I could do.”

To his great surprise, she reached up and touched his face. “You look exhausted. Your hard work is appreciated, Feolan!”

“Well, um… I. Er…” She was even closer to him now. Her chest brushed up gently against his. She showed no sign of noticing this, but she had to have noticed the way he quivered.

“You know, it’s not often that I meet a man who’s taller than me. Not here, anyway. You measured my height at seventy-three inches this morning. That must make you, what? Seventy-nine?”


She whistled. “You would be tall even in Felu Shala!”

“Yeah, I’m, uh… Pretty tall.” He said it, and immediately felt like an imbecile. “Uh. You’re a priestess, aye?” Why had he asked that? The words were just falling out of him.

“Of a sort. I hung up my robes and left my temple years ago so that I could travel the world with Naala. My mentor, the High Priestess of the temple in Ela Aï, feels that in doing so, I have abandoned the goddess and my duty. She does not understand that I am spreading Vela Sheï’s teachings to so many more people than I ever could have ever reached by staying there- most of them folks who had never even heard of her before.”

“Vela Shei?” The name was familiar. Where had he heard it before? Oh yes, that was it. He blushed a little. “The sex goddess?”

“The goddess of love. Of protecting those you love, of spreading love and extinguishing hate, of peace, of family and lovers, and, yes, of sex. She is a many-faceted goddess, but all of these facets are part of the same stone. I am surprised that you have heard of her. She is well-known among my folk, less so among yours.”

“There are a lot of Shalians in this city. I talk to some of them. There are a lot of Shalian gods, aye?”

“Hundreds. But most of them are little gods, though even the lesser gods are beyond the ken of us mortals. There are nine greater gods: Boshe Kalin, Zhovi Ezham, Krolosh Tlaë, Pralnom Lorazh, Orek Dantol, Vela Sheï, Koreng Alu, Ipa Nanan, and Shami Zhoü. Each of those nine have temples all across Felu Shala, with whole orders dedicated to them. It might interest you to know that most towns and cities in Felu Shala are named after gods. Ela Aï, the town that I grew up in, takes its name from the blue fox spirit that watches over it. The words ‘Felu Shala’ themselves… Well, they just mean ‘blue forest’, but they follow the same two-word, four-syllable pattern that god-names do, which makes them sound important to the Shalian ear.” She grinned. “But I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing about syllables or prosody. May I see the dress?”

“Of course.” He had no idea what a syllable was, and he was certain that he couldn’t have pronounced the names of half of those gods if he had tried.

She followed him to his workroom, and he opened the door. “Well… There it is.” The dressform that it was draped over was standing in the middle of kocaeli escort bayan the room, and the light from his lamp caused the fabric to shine, shimmering gently in time with the flickering of the flame.

“Oh!” Sumi stood there for a moment, staring at it, her hands at her mouth. “It’s beautiful!”

“I’m so glad that you think so,” said Feolan, and he couldn’t hold back the smile. “I’ve been working on it all day.”

She approached and ran her fingers over the fabric. “It’s just my color! And, oh! There are even little flowers all over it!” She looked up at him, eyes alight. “Can I try it on?”

“Oh. Um. Right now?”

“If you don’t mind.” She already had the dress halfway off of the form.

“Well, there are some finishing touches that I’d like to make before it leaves the shop, but I suppose there’s no harm in making sure that it fits. Um… I’ll just wait in the other room.” He set his lamp down on his worktable, then hesitated for a moment at the door. There was some naive part of him that was hoping that she would say, ‘Oh, no need for that. Stay in here with me!’ But of course, she didn’t. He closed the door behind himself, then waited beside it.

He could hear the sound of rustling cloth. A robe moving over a body. He caught himself wondering if she wore smallclothes. He’d heard that Shalians didn’t, usually.

“This dress has cotton stuffing in it?” came Sumi’s voice, and Feolan flushed and jumped as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t have been.

“Um. Yes. Just take all of that out before you put it on,” he called back.

“Why is it in there, though? Oh. No, I have just understood. Good thinking!”

“I had to… You know, you have very…”

“Enormous breasts,” said Sumi nonchalantly.

“Unique proportions.”

“Which is a nice way of saying that I have enormous breasts.” He heard her laugh. “It is alright! The cotton was to fill out the dress while you were working on it, so that you could be sure that it would fit me.”


“Well, it worked. Come in, take a look.”

Feolan opened the door… And then he had to take a moment to collect himself. The dress definitely flattered her figure. Perhaps a little too well. She must have noticed his loss of composure, because she put a hand on her hip and laughed. “What’s the matter? You made it. Did you not know what it would look like?”

“I just wasn’t prepared for how you would look in it. All I have done is make a nice frame for a beautiful painting.” That felt like a good thing to say, and Feolan was immediately proud of himself.

She absolutely beamed. “Well! Keep flattering me and maybe I will let you see the painting without any frame at all. Ai paeshi, there you go again. It’s so easy to make you blush!” she said with unrestrained delight.

Feolan coughed. “I, um… Well. I didn’t intend for it to reveal so much of your chest. Can you, er… Pull the neckline up a bit?”

“This is a neckline? It’s nowhere near my neck. Look, it’s all the way out here!” she giggled. “And no, this is as far as it goes.” To demonstrate, she tugged at it. And her tugging was making the absolutely ridiculous amount of cleavage that it revealed wobble and roll like gentle ocean waves. “See? It doesn’t go up any further.”

“Ah… I’ll have to fix that then.” Even with measurements, he had underestimated the size of her chest. Everything that needed to be covered was covered, but there was still a lot showing.

“Why? I like it like this.” Sumi wiggled her chest a bit, and Feolan very nearly had to sit down.

“You want to go to the Herzog’s Ball showing that much skin?”

“Yes. Why not?” She frowned. “Wait, there isn’t a rule against that, is there?”

“I’ve never been to a ball, but I’ve made a few ballroom gowns, and none of them were as revealing as that.”

“I will keep it like this,” she said resolutely. “If I must, I will put a robe on over it, but only after I have bounced all through the ball and left a trail of strained trousers behind me.”

“Strained trousers?”

“That’s right.” She grinned coquettishly and nodded, ever so slightly, towards Feolan. Specifically, she nodded towards a particular part of him. He looked down. He gasped.

“Sorry!” he cried, trying desperately to cover it. “Sorry! Sorry, I-“

“You think that I am attractive, and your body is doing what bodies do. There is nothing wrong here.”

“Sorry!” he repeated. “I can make it go away. I-“

“Oh, I can do that for you.”

He looked up at her, unwilling to believe that he’d heard what he thought he heard. “What?”

“If you’d like. I can take care of it for you.” She said it with the same nonchalance with which she might have offered him a cup of tea.

He blinked. “How…”

“Oh, lots of ways! Take it out, I’ll show you.”

“What, right here? Now?”

“Why not? We are alone.” That was true. The shop was silent and empty. Bronhild was asleep upstairs, and Ædde…

“Ædde! My master. She could be back any moment.”

“Ah, okay.” She shrugged. “If you izmit escort do not want me to, it is alright.” She didn’t sound disappointed. In fact, she smiled. “But there is no need to feel ashamed, or to hide it. At least, not with me.”

He bit his lip and looked at the door, then back at her. “You… You’re serious?”

“Of course! It would be fun.”

His heart was racing. He could hardly believe that this was happening. He looked back at the door. If he closed it, and Ædde happened to walk into the shop… She probably wouldn’t even bother to look in his workroom. She might see the light from the lamp under the door, but so what? Feolan stayed up past sundown working on things all the time.

He closed the door. “I’ve never… Shown it to anyone,” he whispered.

“Really? You’d let me be the first to touch it? Feolan, I’m flattered.”

For a moment he thought that she was making fun of him, but there was nothing but honesty in her voice. “Er. Well. It’s not for a lack of trying. I mean, erm… I’m busy with my work a lot. Not a lot of time for girls.” Sumi pulled up her skirt just enough that she could kneel without it touching the floor. Her face was directly in front of the bulge in his trousers. She looked up at him, expectantly, with an easy smile. He looked down at her, and realized that he could see directly down her dress.

“You’re trembling like a leaf! There’s no need to be nervous. Would you like me to take it out for you?”

“Yes? Yes, please.” His hands were shaking so much that he wasn’t sure he could have worked the straps anyway. He almost didn’t believe that it was happening, even as she opened up the front of his breeches. And just like that it was out, bobbing gently in the cool, open air. He swallowed hard. “Is… Is it okay?”

She looked at it, still wearing her easy smile. “It looks lovely to me. Do you not think it’s okay?”

“I mean…” He shuffled uncomfortably. “I’ve heard women talking about… You know. Size.”

She laughed. “Feolan, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to size.”

“Really?” His hands stopped shaking. “So… Am I big? Compared to other men, I mean. I’ve never actually seen another man’s… You know. I mean, sometimes I have, in the hotsprings, but never a hard one.”

“Oh no. You’re quite average.”


She put a gentle hand on his thigh. “Feolan, don’t worry about that. Size doesn’t matter as much as you might think it does. May I touch it?”

“Yes!” He said it much more loudly than he’d meant to, and his voice cracked. He flushed and said “Er. Yes. Of course,” much more quietly this time.

“You’re eager but nervous. That is very normal,” she said with a giggle. “Well, I will not keep you waiting any longer.”

Feolan gasped at her touch. Her fingers were delicate, her touch soft and warm. They felt like silk against his skin. The moment she touched him, it twitched and a small spurt of sticky whiteness shot out. “Oh!” said Suminara. “You’re sensitive!” Feolan just groaned, and she giggled. “I will be gentle.”

She wrapped her fingers around it, and Feolan gripped the edge of his worktable. She was gentle, as she had promised, but he was still overwhelmed. She stroked once, very slowly, pulling the skin that surrounded the swollen head of it down, then back up again. “See?” she said. “We’ll start slow.” Another stroke. “Now just relax. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy the way it feels.” A third. He could focus on nothing but the way that her arms were moving her breasts as she rubbed him. “Isn’t this nice? Let the feelings wash over you. Let yourself- oh!”

Feolan grunted and closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt terribly, terribly hot and tight between the legs. A muscle clenched, out of his control, once, twice, thrice, four times… When he opened his eyes and looked back down, there were spatters of white on Suminara’s cheek and neck. And on her breasts. There was quite a lot of it on her breasts. It was already starting to roll down into the deep, deep crevice between them.

The room was starting to feel very hot. “Sorry,” said Feolan, his voice little more than a squeak.

“It’s alright!” said Suminara gently. “Your first time can be overwhelming, I know. You have nothing to apologize for.”

“I got it all over you… Let grab you something to wipe that off with.” He quickly re-laced his trousers and reached for a bit of scrap cloth.

“Hmm. Done already? We can try again, if you’d like to.”

He looked down at her and groaned. The fire was still in his heart, but his body was spent- he was already nearly completely soft again, and despite the shimmer in her eyes, the coy smile on her plump lips, and the gleam of his own seed on her enormous, soft curves of her chest, it wasn’t coming back.

“I… Can’t. Once it gets soft it won’t-“

“Your in-between time, yes,” she said matter-of-factly. “For someone as young as you I don’t imagine that it takes long, but if you don’t want to wait…” She whispered something quiet and melodious in Shalian, then lightly kissed the tips of her two first fingers. She pressed them against the front of his trousers, and he felt something unusual: an odd, warm, tingle, which quickly spread from outside to inside before fading away just as quickly as it had appeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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