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She runs her fingers across her abdomen, scratching at her tight skin with her nails. She does this for several minutes, and all the while, looks me in the eye, almost telepathically sending me her sexual intentions. She raises her arms up and outstretches them as she lays on the bed. I see the grooves of her muscles that run from her forearm, over and across her armpit, and down to her sides where they end at the ridges of her ribs. Her breasts are laying flat over her with a gravity portraying elegance. They are smooth and round. They compliment the rest of her body. She continues to writhe in desire as she lays in the bed. She has nothing on but a dark blue pair of panties. She stops looking at me to close her eyes. With her arms still stretched out over her head, she reaches for the bed frame and grabs onto it. She then begins to very slowly grind her hips around, as if her vagina were a blind predator yearning for the prey that it knew was so close to it.

One of her arms comes down to meet with her panty line. She slides a finger under the elastic waistband and moves it left to right. Her finger then stops in the middle, right in line with the her vagina, and she pulls up the elastic band and snaps it back down onto her skin. She lets out a sharp sigh of ecstasy. She opens her eyes and looks at me once again, Her hand turns over and slides over the face of her vagina, moving up and down over the outside of her panties. She moves her hand up and down until a small wet spot starts to appear, and sounds of lust start to release themselves from her mouth. She presses down harder on the soft area of her vagina and now has to stop herself from ripping her panties off and grabbing me towards her. The front of her panties are now completely soaked. Her fingers move off of them and several strings of her juices remain attached. The juices are thick, so thick that she has to outstretch and shake her arm in order to get them off of her fingers.

She then sits herself up on the bed, keeping her legs spread and her eyes locked on mine. I stand at the foot of the bed with my hands casually in my pocket as if I’m trying to hide the full fledged erection that I have. She puts her knees together and grabs the side of her panties, pulling them up over her legs as they stand outwards in the air. She throws me the panties and I catch them in my hands. A smacking sound comes from the action due to the heavy dampness of her underwear. I look down at my hands and squeeze the panties. One drop of her juices hits the floor. I look down at it and rub my foot over it, smearing it until it’s gone. I look back up at her. She is sitting up with her knees bended and touching, her arms wrapped around her shins. She is smiling.

I sit myself down at the foot of the bed and slide my legs over so that my knees are bent and my legs are resting on their side. I rest my weight on my right arm and continue to watch her. I do not touch her or myself.

She straightens her legs out forward from her sitting position and keeps them closed. I try to look at her parts and all I can see is the top of her vagina, a thin, shaved line only exposing the fact that she is remarkably smooth and tight. She then slowly turns herself over and lays her head flat on the pillow, facing herself towards the left. She lies flat on her stomach and looks over her shoulder at me, smiling and letting out a short, deep, laugh, as if the anxiety that she feels towards her need to have sex is making her giggle in order to protect her emotions.

Her laughter stops and she swings her arms behind her back and slowly smooths her hands over her bottom. She still lies face down and with her legs closed, only exposing the tight and shapely round of her rear end. She moves her hands up and down over her ass. I hear the sound of the action, a slight rustling between the lines in her hand and the goosebumps on her buttocks. She stretches her left arm outward and away from her face, laying it across the pillow next to her. In the same movement, she brings her right hand over the middle of her crack and rubs her middle finger from the base of her vagina and out over the surface of her asshole. She drags her finger up to the base of her back, and then repeats the motion. She puts her finger in a little more deeper this time and pulls some juice from her vagina out over her ass hole, rubbing the liquid in a circle around the ring. Her legs are still closed so I can now only see the top of her asshole and the faint line of her vagina. The vagueness of her features konuşanlar izle are beginning to drive me mad. A moment later, she stops the act with her ass and brings both of her arms to her side. She then slowly raises up her lower body, keeping her head rested on the pillow. Her back slowly begins to arch as her ass raises in the air. As her hips comes higher, her legs open wider and I am able to finally see her vagina in full. She finally comes to a stop and spreads her legs wider, poking her ass outward as far as she can. Her vagina is a miracle. It is a thin pink line that is no more than three inches in length. There is a drop of vaginal juices hanging from her clitoris. I watch for a moment and see it drop onto the bed sheet. It doesn’t make a sound but slowly spreads into a tiny puddle. I look back up at her rear and marvel at her ass hole. The hole is somehow just as pink as her vagina and, for the first time, has me wanting to have anal sex. I continue to watch as her right arm comes from under her and meets with her clitoris. She touches it with such care, as if touching it too carelessly would kill her. She slowly rubs her middle finger over it and begins to give soft, eager cries. I watch her torture herself while, I too, am tortured as well. I then realize the unique situation between us. We are each others savior from one another.

I raise myself to my knees and start to inch towards her. I am almost afraid to touch her in that I don’t know what the physical contact will do to me. I touch her anyways. That is what experiencing lust is all about.

I place my hand over the bottom of her back. I move my fingers up towards her neck and I feel the fine hairs on her body. I close my fingers in and scratch myself back down her spine. She smiles and lets out a faint moan. I flatten my hand move over her ass hole. The face of my middle finger runs over her tight, pink ring. It is still wet from when she covered it with her vaginal juices. I slide the face of my hand all the way down her crack. I then flip it over and face my palm up towards her vagina. I gravitate my hand towards her pussy and rub two fingers along her clitoris. When I touch her, my eyes close and my heart races. I feel my entire body contract in response to the magnificent touch of a flawless female being. My heart bounces inside of my chest, sending loads of blood to my erection, making it longer and harder–longer and harder than it has ever been before. I feel the urge to stop touching her because if I don’t, I will become paralyzed and will never be able to touch again… but I continue.

I slowly begin to slide my middle finger into her vagina. I get it in half way and I begin to feel how tight she is. I feel her juices all over my hand. I pull my finger back out and carry her moist excrement with me. I look down at my palm and see a puddle of juice. I look down at her and see that she is looking back up at me. This time, she has a face that could be considered angry. But really, it is an expression of eagerness… of impatience… of violent lust. She pouts and puckers her lips, sighing and urging me to move closer. I do. I am wearing only a pair of boxers and my erection is almost ripping them off. I look down and move slowly towards her. My erection stands hidden behind my boxers and I move out over her ass. I lower my hips and poke her ass with the tip of my cock. She lustfully grunts at the recognition of contact between my clothed penis and her pink ass hole. All of a sudden, she throws her right arm over her back and grabs my penis still inside my boxers. She remains in her position, face down and ass up, but the look on her face changes. It changes from eager yearning to demanding viciousness.

I pull my boxers down and my livid erection is exposed. I see her eyes lock onto it and her smile widens at the same time. I inch myself towards her rear, grabbing her sides, feeling the tight muscles of her body and the strong bones that are her hips. She feels like a work of art. As I touch the parts that I can, I begin to realize the magnificence of the parts that I can’t, but will. This shoots my desire for her up into an indescribable high. I see the lines of her neck run down to the middle of her back. She is not muscular, but rather, remarkably tone. With her right hand she pulls her raven hair over her right shoulder, her head still turned outward to the left. She looks up at me again, her eyebrows turned down, expressing that same eagerness for sexual penetration.

I kulüp izle hold my cock between my palm and thumb, and with my thumb, I push the bottom of my cock over the base of her vagina. I marvel at the image of her ass raised high, her thin and defined legs spread wide, and my cock resting strongly over her extremely wet slit. I do not penetrate her right away. I begin to slowly push down on her vagina, giving her a hint as to how tight she is in relation to the size of my cock. I want her to feel what’s coming before it has actually happened.

When preventing myself from entering her finally became unbearable, I gathered myself and pushed myself into her. I did it slowly due to the fact that she is so tight. I pushed down on my cock and watched the head disappear into the dark of her hole. I moves both of my hands and grab her sides, feeling her entire body tighten up. I look down at her face and see that her eyes are closed. In the next moment, I feel her entire body moving towards me. She begins to crawl backwards on her knees, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. My eyes widen and my breath shortens. It is as if my ability to breath is directly connected to the tight grip of her pussy on my cock. She backs up onto me until I feel her ass cheeks resting on the front of my thighs. She stops. I then grab her sides with a rage for lust that I have never felt before and I begin to move in and out of her. I find myself surprised and sexually shocked at how tight she is, and consequently, I find myself drowned in the lust of our physical connection with one another.

I look down at my cock moving in and out of her. I take note of the colors of her body–her olive skin; the glistening white of sweat starting to form on her back; the thin, pink, lines of her vaginal lips moving in and out as my cock enters and exits her; and the distant red of her ass hole as she shyly fingers it more and more throughout our sexual encounter.

She takes herself off of me and deeply and loudly exhales, as if she deliberately stopped in order to prevent herself from coming. She flips herself over and lays on her back. I look down at her and I see a magnificent testament to the female species. I see her black hair spread out over the white of the pillow. I see her heavy eyelids moving up and down over her eyes, displaying what may look like exhaustion, but is actually tremendous sexual focus. I see her abdomen. I see the lines that run from the outer edge of her abs and down to the front of her hip bones. I run my hands over her breast. I feel them delicately float underneath me. I pull my hands away as if I had been smearing the wet ink on a new canvas. I slightly forget about the act that we are participating in, in that I had reached a recognition of physical attraction that went far beyond the act of sex itself… far beyond any physical act of sexual expression that anyone could ever care to describe…

I look down at her and move to kiss her. I keep my eyes open and so does she. We slowly kiss, eyes locked just as much as our tongues. As we continue to kiss, I re-enter her, slowly sliding my cock into her vagina. I watch her eyes widen in recognition to the penetration, and then see them roll back into her head in response to the remarkable pleasure. I move myself in and out of her with rapid precision. I am now focused on making her come. I wrap my right arm around her back and push her abdomen upwards, creating an arch over the blankets that she lay on. I watch her as her eyes slowly start to open wider and wider. She looks at me with full, beady eyes, focused on one physical feeling of pleasure. She feels herself begin to come. She clenches her jaw as I try to kiss her, my tongue hitting a barrier of teeth as she realizes that she can’t open her mouth due to the physical contractions that her orgasm is making her have. She continues to look me straight in the eyes with an expression of worry, almost as if she is going to die because of her bodily reaction to this physical moment. As I continue to push myself into her , I begin to feel her vagina contract. Her arms swing inward and her hands grab onto my hips. I feel the slight sensation of her arms pulling me towards her. I obey. I begin to thrust harder into her and in a miraculous and unexplainable moment, we are one. We are living the vague and inconsistent definition of what it means to make love. We realize that it cannot be called “making love.” We realize that there are no words to describe lady voyeur izle it, only actions to define it.

She moves her hands from my hips to my neck. She grabs hold and begins to scream. She lets out one, choking, distant, cry… and then a long, relaxed, trembling, breath. The sort of breath that one takes after being under water for too long. I continue to sex her as she goes into short, hot, breaths. Her eyes have become more relaxed and she now feels no need other than to please me in the same way that I did her.

I touch the sides of her body and and look into her deep brown eyes. I prop myself up above her and put one of her legs underneath mine so that we are in a scissor position. I feel the head if my penis start to expand and blood start to rush to my head. I slow down a bit and take in the unbelievable pleasure of having sex with the worlds most incredible woman. I pump myself inside of her a few more times, and pull myself out. My abs begin to tighten as my orgasm starts to reach its exit.

As I prop myself to my knees, not stroking, but holding my cock, she rises from her back and pushes me down on mine. I am unable to move and am trembling with the anticipation of my orgasm. I look out across my chest as I lay on my back and I see her holding the base of my cock, and more so, I feel her squeezing it. I continue to watch her and see that she is opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out and poking it at the head of my cock. As my orgasm continues to build, her lick becomes more frequent and more physical. She goes from poking the head of my cock to licking the entire length of it.

She begins to hear me hold back my screams of ecstasy, and with this, she knows that I am about to come. She stops licking the length of my penis and looks down at it, as if it had just dared her to complete some sort of challenge. As if the situation between her and I could not get anymore intense, she then placed her mouth around the head of my penis and started to move in a sucking motion up and down. I watch in awe as her defined pink lips grow thinner and wider as they move up and down the girth of my cock. I feel her bottom lip push against the underside of my cock as I watch her upper lip slide over the head… and all the while, her eyes watching mine.

My eyelids begin to flutter as I feel my orgasm coming. Her mouth is still beautifully dancing with my cock as I watch for the next course of action to take place. In one quick moment, I feel my body shudder. Shortly afterward, I feel her left hand grab my right and place it on the top of her head. She continues to slowly suck, and I feel her throat engulfing my cock even more as she presses her hand down on mine, forcing herself to suck deeper.

In an uncharacteristic and unexpected moment, I grab the back of her head and press it against my pelvis. I feel her forehead press against my trimmed pubic area, and in that same moment, I came. With a shocking sense of not knowing what would happen, I let go of her head. I move my arms away and watch hers slam forward on the bed, her head continuing to press against my body.

I feel my orgasm shoot deep within the caverns of her throat. I hear a quick and innocent chocking sound, shortly followed by an equally short release of breath. She clasps her lips tight around the base of my cock as I release what seems to be a lifetime’s worth of sperm into her throat.

My body’s convulsions begin to come to a halt, her lips still firmly wrapped around me. I look over the top of her head and watched as her body sways up and down in response to the sperm shooting inside of her and the lack of air that she has during the whole process. I watch as she fights to consume the product of our action. I watch as she takes on the task of leaving herself as the last one standing. I watch her unconsciously obey the will of the living act that is love making. I watch her become something that she didn’t think she could ever become. I watch her become a lover.

With the little ability that I have left to physically act, I look down at her and watch her lips slowly slide around and off of the length of my cock. Her mouth comes off of the head of my penis with a sweet kissing sound… her mouth holding a bit of come. She crawls up the length of my body and holds her face over mine. She looks down at me with a precious and enlightening smile, and swallows. She props herself up for another moment, and then her body collapses on top of mine. I feel her breast lay gracefully on my chest… my left leg lay between her thighs and I feel her wet vagina resting on my quad… my still rock hard erection lay between my abdomen and hers… I hear her breathing deeply over my right ear… I touch her eyes and feel the eyelids covering them… I stare at the ceiling until I fall asleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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