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At 18, Fabian wasn’t the captain of the football team. He wasn’t the class clown. The truth is, he had fallen off the radar somewhere between 6th and 7th grade after he professed his undying love to the 6th grade equivalent of Pam Anderson. She didn’t feel the same.

Luckily, Fabian HAD come into his manhood. Standing in the full-length mirror, he tousled his hair, adoring his reflection. It was a school night, though he had full reign of the house. His parents had long been in bed when he opened the door, illuminating the darkened hallway. Shrugging the black towel tighter around his waist, Fabian stepped off towards his bedroom leaving the fan and light on. He planned to return to brush his teeth, glancing towards his electric toothbrush as he passed.

His bedroom was warm, adorned in orange and black, his high school colors. The mascot of UCLA, a bear, across his queen sized bed. An early birthday present in congratulations for his acceptance to the college. As he closed the door, he clicked the button on the black smooth remote. A semi-memorable song began whispering from the speakers strategically placed around the room. Stepping up to his closet, he considered which pajamas he’d sleep in tonight, remembering his mother had hung up his UCLA.

As the door folds open, he reaches. In the dark of the closet, he blindly gropes for his sweats, finding something unexpected. As he jumps, falling to the floor, Etlik Escort his hand frozen in shape. She takes one step from his closet. Tall… slim… brunette… perfect. Instantly his penis stiffens under the towel. Barely enough fabric covers his throbbing six inches. She stares silently, bending at the knees. Her hand reaches out, caressing his hairy calf. Fabian’s mouth waters as he watches her perky breasts bounce as she inches closer.

“Who…?” He stammers. “Who are you?”

“Your lover,” she says cryptically as her hand gently teases the his penis through the towel.

“Mine?” He asks confused. Silently, she nods pushing him back onto his elbows. As she gets to her knees, she tucks her hair behind her ear innocently. A smile crosses her face as she leans down, taking his sensitive penis in her hand, nearly sending him over the edge with her touch.

“Thank you,” she whispers as she closes her eyes, leaning down. She slides her tongue over his bouncing head, tasting his sweet pre-cum. His thighs and butt clench with her touch, fighting the inevitable. As soon as his inexperienced penis penetrates her wet mouth, he shoots his load. Smiling, the cum drips along her lip. Her tongue emerges from the corner of her dark red lips, licking his delicious juice as she moans softly.

“Umm…” he tries to sit up, embarrassed.

“Please don’t Keçiören Escort get up?” She begs, pressing down on his shoulders. His Lover sits back, getting up to her feet. Even in the dim light of his bedroom, he can make out the juiciness of her dripping pussy. Her swollen clit, throbbing, begging for the lightest touch. Fabian watches in amazement as she reaches down, trailing her index finger through her wetness. Slowly she begins to tease her clit, moaning softly. She bites her lip as she gasps. Fabian’s cock bounces, hard again.

She grins, noticing his readiness. Inching forward, she continues to play with her sweet pussy, sliding her finger just inside. Seductively, she licks the juices from her finger before sliding in deeper. Clearly, his arousal pushes her to the next level. Pulling her finger, she holds it before his nose, waiting to feel his hot mouth suck the pale white digit clean. Rubbing his spit along her hardened nipples as she presses her body against his.

Slowly, Fabian backs up along the floor; his back finding the bed with an abrupt thud. She continues closer and closer until he can feel the heat of her pussy hovering above his thick throbbing penis. Her fingers rake across his scalp, pulling his face into her chest. Her dark pink nipple, standing erect, tickles across his soft lips. Her scent is simply intoxicating. A sultry Kızılay Escort moan escapes her lips as his tongue laps at her nipple, her nails digging into his scalp, pulling him closer.

En masse, Fabian and his lover moved up onto the bed. The springs squeaking under their weight.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped innocently feeling her wet pussy grind against his throbbing penis, teasing him with her tight hole. Her teeth bit into his lower lip as she slid his head inside her, moaning loudly. His hips bucked, feeling her juices trickle down his inner thigh. Burying his penis deep inside her, Fabian wrapped his hands around her tight ass, squeezing.

His body, electric with tension as he felt her thighs squeeze tighter. Her pussy milking his cock as she shivered deeply. Slowly, her red sparkled nails dug into the soft flesh of Fabian’s chest. She leaned over, crying into his ear as wave after wave of orgasm took over her smooth motions.

“I’m gonna cum…” Fabian tried to fight off the urge, trying to last as long as he could. “Is that ok?” He asked innocently.

“Please, yes.” She smiled, rolling over as she spread her legs. Her feet pulling at his hips. Slowly, his penis penetrating her tight pussy, thrusting faster and faster, his testicles tightening. Fabian felt his throbbing cock as he pushed down with all his weight.

“Oh… yes… yes! Where?” He suddenly stopped, sheepishly.

“Oh Faby, please cum so deep in me!” She begged taking his cock as deep as she could, one last thrust. Fabian’s body convulsing atop this beautiful brunette, they both found orgasmic bliss.

After, Fabian drifted off to sleep, feeling her gentle breath against his chest.

By morning, she was gone. Leaving him naked and alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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