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Big Tits

All characters are age 18 or above.

“You know Stacy, you’d better buckle down and start studying or else Ms. Zander is going to fail you.”

Stacy Grayson, however, paid her well-intentioned friend, Zoe, no mind. “Relax, I’ve got this under control. I know exactly what to do to get a passing grade in her class.”

“If it’s not studying, then what?” Zoe replied.

“Easy,” said Stacy. “A few weeks ago, I snuck into her classroom during lunch to see if I could find the answer sheet to an upcoming test. I couldn’t find it, but on her computer, I found a ton of pictures. Pictures of naked women! Ms. Zander is a total lesbo!”

“I don’t like where this is going…” Zoe said waringly.

“I’ve noticed her out of the corner of my eye staring at me when she thinks I’m not looking,” Stacy continued. “I’m gonna head to her room after school today and seduce her, and then blackmail her into passing me.”

“I regret asking,” Zoe replied. “Just leave me out of this.”

Unbeknownst to the teens, Ms. Felicia Zander was right around the corner and had heard every word of their conversation.

“Oh, Miss Grayson, if only you knew what you were in for…” Ms. Zander purred under her breath.


After school had ended for the day, Stacy steeled her nerves and knocked on the door to Ms. Zander’s room. Let’s blackmail this lesbo bitch, she thought.

“Oh, hello Stacy,” Ms. Zander said upon opening the door, trying her best to sound surprised. “What brings you here?”

“I came to talk about my grades,” Stacy replied, entering the room.

“Yes, your grades. You’d better buckle down and start studying, Miss Grayson, because the current outlook is not good,” Ms. Zander said, leaning back against her desk. “Do you need tutoring?”

“No, but I do need…you,” Stacy said seductively.

Ms. Zander was already getting excited at what was about to transpire, but played dumb. “What do you need me for, Miss Grayson?”

“I’ve been noticing the way you look at me sometimes in class, and, well, I feel the same way too,” Stacy replied, playing with her platinum blond hair. This will surely get this lesbo all randy, she thought.

Moving to lock the door, Ms. Zander straightened her skirt. “And what did you have in mind?”

“Well, how about we start with this,” Stacy said seductively, pulling her shirt off to reveal her breasts.

Shit! She’s not even wearing a bra! Ms. Zander thought as she eased back to her desk. I can’t take it anymore!

“Very impressive, Miss Grayson,” Ms. Zander replied. “But I think you’ll find I’m a little different from your average lesbian.”

The puzzled look on Stacy’s face was quickly replaced with fear as Ms. Zander pulled down her skirt to reveal a rock-hard, thick cock, larger than any of the boys Stacy had been with.

“I-I think I had better go,” Stacy said shakingly, quickly turning around and heading for the door.

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Where do you think you’re going?” Ms. Zander purred, grabbing the fleeing Stacy by the waist, the teacher’s thick, hard cock rubbing up against Stacy’s lower back. “You’ve done this much, and you’re not going to take responsibility? Your teacher’s got a huge, throbbing erection, and you’re going to run away? I suppose I have to teach you a lesson now.”

“M-Ms. Zander…” Stacy sputtered, her mind screaming at her to break free but her body disagreeing, her panties becoming flushed at the sensation of a hot, hard girlcock rubbing against her lower back.

“Stacy, Stacy, Stacy,” Ms. Zander cooed, her hands moving up her student’s curvaceous body before finally resting on Stacy’s sizeable, round breasts. “You teenagers have a lot to learn about the real world. When you get your teacher all hot and bothered, bingöl escort you don’t just run away from her. You have to take responsibility and…service her.”

Stacy couldn’t stop a moan from escaping from her lips as Ms. Zander played with her tits, the teacher’s cock leaving a slimy streak of precum as it rubbed up and down her lower back.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Ms. Zander asked as one hand moved down Stacy’s stomach and into her pants, her cock oozing more precum as her fingers made contact with sticky wetness. “Getting turned on by your teacher’s hot dick touching your back?” Ms, Zander asked as she pulled her hand out of Stacy’s pants, putting her wet fingers under her mouth. “My, what a slut you are, Miss Grayson!” Pausing for a second to taste Stacy’s juices, Ms. Zander moaned. “Mmm, and such tasty juices!”

“P-please, let me go,” Stacy weakly protested, her legs trembling. “I-I won’t tell anyone, I p-promise.”

“No, Miss Grayson,” Ms. Zander said, turning Stacy around while still maintaining her iron grip on the teenager. “You need to be taught a lesson. A hot teenage girl like yourself just can’t go around, arousing her teachers, making their cocks hard, and not do anything about it! You have to take responsibility!”

“O-okay…” Stacy murmured, refusing to admit to herself how turned on she was at that moment. None of the boys she had been with had been as forceful and controlling as Ms. Zander, and it had made Stacy’s panties soaking wet. Following Ms. Zander’s downward gaze, Stacy got a good up-close look at her teacher’s penis. It was at least a couple inches bigger than any boy she had been with, an estimated 8-9 inches, maybe even a little more. Stacy knew that as long as Ms. Zander’s cock was in her memory, she could never call anything else a fat cock again. And those balls! Completely hairless, Ms. Zander’s balls were proportionally large to go with her big cock. Was Ms. Zander even a missus? She had the voice of a woman, and nice big tits, and all the other womanly features, but an unquestionably manly, huge dick.

Maybe it’s not weird for me to be so turned on if she’s really a guy. I mean, I’m certainly no lesbo, Stacy thought.

“Well? I’m waiting…” Ms. Zander said impatiently.

Putting those thoughts to the side, Stacy slowly got on her knees, Ms. Zander’s cock mere inches away from her face. Stacy could see the veins bulging and a drop of precum at the head. Stacy’s mind flashed back to when Ms. Zander was rubbing her cock against the small of her back, and the sensation her warm, slick precum had left.

“It’s not going to suck itself,” Ms. Zander said, loud and impatient. Her cock throbbed angrily in front of Stacy, begging for release.

Stacy placed her mouth over the tip of Ms. Zander’s cock and one hand on the shaft, massaging her teacher’s dick as she slowly began to take it into her mouth. Stacy had sucked cocks before, but none as long or thick as Ms. Zander’s. Surprisingly, Ms. Zander’s penis tasted pretty good to Stacy, almost a womanly, dignified taste. As Stacy moved a hand to cradle Ms. Zander’s balls, the tips of her middle and ring fingers rested in something hot and wet. A pussy! Stacy looked up at Ms. Zander, a look of confusion on her face, Ms. Zander’s cock still in her mouth.

“Would you mind servicing my pussy too?” Ms. Zander simply asked.

Stacy couldn’t believe it! Her teacher had all the girl parts, AND a cock! What did this make her? A guy? A girl? BOTH???

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, stop stalling and suck my cock already!” Ms. Zander shouted.

Snapping out of her train of thought, Stacy continued the blowjob she had already started, working more of Ms. Zander’s hot dick into her mouth, working two fingers into her teacher’s pussy at the bitlis escort same time, juices flowing out and down Stacy’s hand.

“Mmmh, you do have some experience, Miss Grayson,” Ms. Zander moaned appreciatively, precum flowing out of her cock liberally, Stacy gulping it down as quickly as it could come out.

Stacy gradually took more and more of Ms. Zander’s cock into her mouth until her lips met Ms. Zander’s crotch. Stacy’s eyes went wide at this realization. She had never been able to take more than 5 inches of cock in her mouth at one time before, and Ms. Zander’s penis was at least 3 inches longer than that! Stacy’s drenched panties told the story: no guy’s penis had ever turned her on as much as that of Ms. Zander.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Ms. Zander moaned, her cock firmly entrenched in her student’s mouth. “Keep sucking it…don’t forget about my pussy!”

Stacy continued sucking Ms. Zander’s cock, deepthroating the massive prick like a professional, while deftly sliding three fingers in and out of her teacher’s pussy, eliciting deep, womanly moans from Ms. Zander.

“Look at you, sluttily sucking your teacher’s huge cock while fingering her pussy,” Ms. Zander said lustfully. “God, this is so fucking hot.”

Stacy moaned appreciatively and continued sucking Ms. Zander’s cock, her tongue wrapping around the thick, hot shaft. SHe could feel her teacher approaching orgasm, the older woman’s pussy beginning to tighten around Stacy’s invading fingers, the shaft beginning to swell up.

“Fuck yeah, here it comes…” Ms. Zander moaned, placing her hands on Stacy’s head.

“Mmph!!!” Stacy sputtered into Ms. Zander’s cock, mere milliseconds before Ms. Zander slammed her whole cock into Stacy’s mouth and throat, holding the teenager’s head firmly to her body.

“CUMMING!!!” Ms. Zander yelled as cum surged through her thick cock before erupting into poor Stacy’s throat, almost choking the blonde.

SHE’S CUMMING DOWN MY THROAT!!! Stacy screamed in her mind as she too came, moaning hard into Ms. Zander’s erupting cock, her pussy juices soaking through her panties, through her jeans, dripping onto the floor. Stacy’s mind went blank as Ms. Zander fucked her cumload directly into Stacy’s throat.

“Oh yeah,” Ms. Zander sighed as her orgasm withered away, her cock finishing its torrent of hot spunk. “I needed that.”

Ms, Zander extracted her cock from Stacy’s mouth as the student sat on the floor in shock, her pants totally soaking wet from the intense orgasm she had just experienced.

“All right, Miss Grayson-“

“Stacy,” Stacy interrupted, breaking from her trance.

“…Stacy. I think you’ve learned your lesson,” Ms. Zander said, helping the teenager to her feet.

“I-I promise I won’t tell anyone about…you.” Stacy said, still dazed from the events that had just transpired.

“I know you won’t, even if your original intention was to blackmail me,” Ms. Zander replied.

Stacy stiffened upon hearing those words. “Y-you knew?!?” she asked in disbelief.

“I overheard you and your friend talking,” Ms. Zander replied matter-of-factly, tucking her now soft cock back into her skirt. “You were going to seduce me and blackmail me into giving you a good grade.”

“I-I can still blackmail you!” Stacy stammered. “When the principal catches wind of your little secret, and the fact that you forced a student to suck it off, you’ll be fired for sure!”

Grinning, Ms. Zander took a seat. “Okay then, hotshot, tell the principal what happened here. ‘Principal, principal! My female teacher has a penis and a vagina! I sucked her off and when she came I came everywhere! Fire her at once!’ Nobody will believe you, Stacy. But, I don’t think you would tell anyone anyway.”

“W-why do you say that?” Stacy asked, knowing bolu escort full well what the answer was.

“You want more,” Ms. Zander said, her eyes narrowing. “You want more of my fat cock.”

“Th-that’s not true!” Stacy said, tears forming in her eyes as she lied to the teacher she had just finished sucking off. “Y-you’re nothing but…but…a FREAK!”

“What did you call me?” Ms. Zander said, swiftly getting up from her chair, a full-on hateboner tenting her skirt.

“N-nothing,” Stacy said, backing away, her panties flooding once more as she beheld her teacher tear off her skirt to reveal her thick girlcock, throbbing with lust.

Stacy backed into a desk, falling down on top of it. Ms. zander grabbed Stacy’s legs and spread them wide, revealing her soaking-wet crotch.

“What’s this? You call me a freak, yet you’re sopping wet!” Ms. Zander cruelly teased.

Unzipping Stacy’s pants, Ms. Zander muscled them off to reveal a soaking wet pair of lace panties. Tearing them off of Stacy’s body, Ms. Zander gazed longingly at her teenage student’s dripping wet pussy.

“N-no! Don’t stick it in!” Stacy cried out, but to no avail. Ms. Zander was already lining her cock head up with Stacy’s fat pussy lips.

“Your mouth says no, but your cunt says yes!” Ms. Zander declared, ramming her huge cock into Stacy’s pussy, causing the teenager to briefly scream before Ms. Zander’s hand cut her off.

“Now, now,” Ms. Zander said as she hilted in Stacy’s tight depths. “You wouldn’t want anybody to come running and discover you getting fucked by a freak like me,” Ms. Zander spat.

Stacy was awash with pleasure as Ms. Zander’s huge cock penetrated her to depths she had never even known existed.

“You teenagers are all alike,” Ms. Zander said lustfully. “No respect for authority. I’m going to teach you a good, hard lesson.”

With that, Ms. Zander began thrusting. It wasn’t long before Stacy began cumming, and cumming hard. Each thrust by Ms. Zander’s monster cock brought a new wave of intense pleasure to Stacy’s pussy, the rolling orgasms electrifying her entire body.

“Ohhh, fuck, your pussy’s so tight,” Ms. Zander groaned, slamming her fat cock in and out of her student’s tight, dripping cunt.

“Mmph!!! MMMPPHHH!!!” Stacy screamed into Ms. Zander’s hand as she continued cumming, her teacher’s girlcock relentlessly pounding away at her cervix.

“Fuck, every time you-ooohhhh-cum, you tighten up,” Ms. Zander moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Mmmpphhh?” Stacy yelped, her eyes growing wide at the prospect of Ms. Zander cumming inside her. She had almost choked on that huge load her teacher had shot down her throat; how could she handle that same hot load inside her pussy?!?

“Fuck, here it comes! CUMMING!!!” Ms. Zander yelled, hilting her fat cock into Stacy’s pussy as cum surged up her cock once more, exploding out of the tip directly into Stacy’s womb. Shot after shot of hot cum pounded Stacy’s womb, each fresh spurt causing her to cum hard. Stacy had never felt it when a cock came inside of her, and this new experience was mind-blowing, causing the teenager’s eyes to roll back as she succumbed to pleasure, losing track of when one orgasm rolled into the next. After what felt like several minutes, Ms. Zander was done, and pulled her now-deflating cock out of Stacy’s well-used pussy, cum swirling together with pussy juices, oozing out of Stacy and onto the desk.

“So much cum…” Stacy whispered, in shock at what had just happened to her pussy.

“That’s why you don’t mess with freaks,” Ms. Zander said, marveling her handiwork. “Now, about that grade…”


“I’m almost afraid to ask, but how did it go?” Zoe asked Stacy the next day between classes.

“Oh, uhh, I, uhh, chickened out. Blackmail’s not really my thing, you know?” Stacy replied.

“So, study sesh with me tonight?” Zoe asked. “You’ve got to pass her class.”

“No thanks,” Stacy replied. “I have some…one-on-one tutoring with her arranged.”

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