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It was Friday, at last, and after the previous day’s episode with Trau–err, Professor Witbeck, I was more than a bit eager to attend his class the next day. My hand shot up for every question he asked, and he would always reply with a hint of a grin.

Class was coming to an end, and lunch period crept up quicker than I had anticipated.

Before class was dismissed, Professor Witbeck ended with a final note,

“Enjoy your weekends, but don’t forget your quiz over The French Revolution on Monday!”

As the class filed out, similarly to the day before, I stayed in my seat, my gaze fixed on my Professor as he made his way back from his lectern to his desk.

“Do you have any plans for the evening, Professor Witbeck?” I questioned innocently, as if I was asking nothing out of the ordinary.

“Well, Miss Holzer,” He began, lowering his voice as he continued, “I intend to enjoy my evening by relaxing, taking a break from grading papers; maybe indulge in a hot bath, some reading, or something like that. And you, yourself?”

“Pretty much the same thing, minus the grading, and all.” I said, with a smirk spread across my face.

I stood up and out of my seat, and approached my Professor’s desk, the sound of my heels clicking against the tile echoed throughout the room. With each step closer to him, I removed, or loosened an article of clothing… My blazer dropped to the floor, my tie was quickly discarded, my sweater vest soon found its way over my head, and my oxford shirt was loosened a few buttons. I was about 5 feet from his desk when he rose from his seat; he quickly surveyed the situation and his left arm reached around to cradle my lower back. Professor Witbeck’s right leg was creeping between my legs as our bodies mingled close together; and I let out a whispered, “Rawr” as his hands slithered down to cup my ass in his palms. As I leaned into him, my lips met his left earlobe and gave it a little suck; my Professor couldn’t help but suppress a tiny moan, and squeezed me closer to him. His erection was becoming more prominent, but the second we heard a crash outside of the classroom, he grumbled and muttered,

“I suppose we’ll have to continue this another time.”

“Can’t you stay?” I wearily queried, executing the ‘sad puppy’ look.

“You know I can’t Miss Holzer, I have an obligation to investigate the situation. I need to go now.”

Our bodies parted, and I gathered my clothing items, and bags, and found a window of opportunity to ‘sneak’ out of Professor Witbeck’s classroom.

Following my afternoon classes, I found myself restless in my quarters, unable to focus on anything but my Professor; it was no wonder so many women were after him! My goodness, that gaze, that hair, that walk, that cock! I could go on for hours. The sounds and pleasures of his moans, thrusts, and kisses soon flooded into my mind and I could feel myself getting wrapt up in another detailed fantasy about him, but soon stopped myself before my fingers reached the wetness forming between my thighs.

The night passed, uneventfully, yet the next morning (a Saturday) I awoke with a start. There was a knocking at my door. I scrambled out of bed, grabbing any item of clothing I could find lying on the floor (I generally sleep in the nude) and shouted out,

“Hold on! One minute, one minute!”, as I pulled on a pair of black jazz pants and a loose pink tee. As I made my way to my door, I latched onto the knob and swung it open; much to my dismay it was simply the mail-deliverer. (Okay, so I go to a snobby boarding school.) It was a male with a messenger bag swung over his shoulder, and a blue blazer (to somehow symbolize that he was more superior than ordinary students); he outstretched his hand to give me a crisp white envelope, magarsus izle void of stamps or a return address. I looked at him, a bit puzzled, and took it from him, to which he unenthusiastically tipped his hat in my direction. Shutting the door behind me I quickly opened the letter, which merely contained a note on the academy’s stationary paper. It read:

Terribly sorry for yesterday’s escapade, and our interrupted activities the other day; maybe this evening I can compensate?

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant about compensating me for the day before, but what ever he had in mind, I was definitely up for it.

Soon I was dressed and ready to head down to the dining hall for breakfast; I was in a pretty casual outfit (which was allowed on weekends) that consisted of flip flops, a moderately tight (but not ridiculously so) fitting black shirt, and a pair of jeans. Nothing too special, but I felt that it was my time to relax. As I made my way down there, I passed through the main corridor and into the cafeteria. Not wanting to spend too much time in there (due to the noise and crowds of people) I simply snagged an apple from the condiment section (I’ll never understand why they put fruit next to the ketchup and sugar) and made my way back to my quarters. On the way back, I made a split decision to pay my Professor a visit. It was a bit out of my way, but that wasn’t really an issue for me at the time. After climbing a few flights of stairs (the elevators were out of order) I arrived to classroom 235 and gave the door a gentle knock.

“Come in!” I heard, from what sounded like a great distance, and I cracked the door open.

“Ah, Miss Holzer, pleasure to see you.” Professor Witbeck remarked as he organized his papers and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’ve come here to see about that compensation.” I spoke through a smile as I grabbed a hold of his olive-coloured tie and pulled him closer.

“I’ve some plans for you my dear, you might just have to wait a little while for them.” He beamed. I cocked an eyebrow and pulled him in for a short, sweet kiss. His lips never get old, there’s always that feeling of danger in the air, if someone were to come in, there’s no doubt that either he would be fired, or I would be expelled. But that was the fun of it.

“Your words say no, but your bulge says yes.” I whispered as my hand snaked inside of his pants to grasp his fleshy member. His eyes widened and I gave it a little tug, loving the sensation of his manhood hardening in my palm.

“Ohh,” he moaned as I quickened the pace;

“What is it Professor?” I asked innocently, as if I didn’t know the answer.

“Fuck; Sieryn, you know damn well what it is.” He voiced as his gaze met mine with a smile.

“Need me to take care of that for you Sir?” I giggled as I began lowering myself to my knees. Only a moment later, before my right knee touched the ground, his hand met my shoulder,

“No, not now. For tonight.” He murmured to me. A look of disappointment came to my face, but he reassured me it would be worth it. I removed my hand slowly from inside of his trousers and kissed him goodbye for the time being. C’mon, if I was there for any longer, we’d be fucking our brains out in his office by now. As I turned to leave, my Professor whispered,

“Meet me outside of the old Weston Center at 8; there’s still a little daylight then. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“You mean the old–” I began,

“Yes.” He replied.

I wasn’t quite sure why Professor Witbeck wanted to meet outside of the old gymnasium center. It was still in use today, generally for the freshmen physical education classes (the upperclassmen used the newly built, and re-dedicated Weston Center, manifest izle which was closer to the main building) but was still definitely in working order. However, there were no air conditioning units, rendering it useless for indoor summer activities. But why there?


As 8 o’clock rolled around, I readied myself for an interesting evening, or so I predicted it to be. I wasn’t sure as to what I should wear, or if I should bring anything for that matter, but decided to bring my backpack, which I stuffed with a flashlight, my cell phone, and a jacket. On the other issue, I chose to wear a simple black pleated skirt with a casual baby blue tee on top. Making my way out to the center, I noticed that there weren’t any lights on outside, or anything visibly on from the inside. My nerves began to get the better of me, and I ran as fast as I could toward the center as darkness was falling. I felt a bit awkward about the situation, but tried to think positively. As I reached the main entrance, I saw a familiar figure leaning against the door. Once I got close enough to him, I called out,

“You just had to pick the time when the sun was setting, didn’t you?”

“Sorry, Miss Holzer, but it would have been a tad suspicious to see you run out here in broad daylight, don’t you think?” Professor Witbeck replied. Extending his hand out, to where I could see it, I placed mine in his and he led me inside.

It was just as I had remembered it my freshman year; high ceilings, a broken basketball goal net, those old wooden bleachers, not to mention that dimly lit scoreboard. Traun had not turned on the lights, but instead had a flashlight of his own to aid me with navigation through this place. We took a turn to the left and found ourselves in the old girls locker rooms.

“The girls’ locker rooms? You’re kidding! Wow, this brings back memories.” I reminisced as Traun responded merely with a grin. With the flip of a switch, the lights flashed on, illuminating the entire area. I set my backpack down and wandered off, with my Professor playfully chasing behind me into the old communal showers; only, it was different than it had been for me 3 years ago. It was spotless; there were even movable benches in the damn showers! As I stood there in awe of the changes that had been made since I had last seen the showers, I felt arms reach from behind me and cradle my hips as familiar lips met my neck. My hands reached for his, and I released a tiny moan as his teeth nibbled ever-so-softly at my flesh. In all of my years, I had always thought that teeth involved with any form of sexual intimacy was a bit creepy, but the way he did it, it was so gentle and undeniably arousing. As his lips left me, I kicked off my shoes and made a daring move.

Moving toward the showerheads, I reached over to the faucet and turned on the water to a warm temperature. With a smirk on my face and a giggle in my voice, I removed my panties from beneath my skirt, and my bra from beneath my shirt as my Professor stood there watching me. As my fingers made a come hither motion, his hands went for his tie, which was quickly discarded, and began to unbutton his shirt (as quickly as he could). In an attempt to make things move a little faster, I backed up against the wall beneath the shower head; the warm water running down over me as my baby blue shirt quickly because quite see-through.

My hands quickly made their way beneath my skirt, to stimulate my hardened clitoris, as my nipples erected themselves under my thin top. As my moans of pleasure heightened in volume, my eyes grew closed as I absorbed all of the sensations that I was feeling. Moments later, I felt a hardness pressed against my exposed thigh and opened my eyes to see Traun, drenched manifesto of a serial killer izle in water, completely nude and brushing himself against me. His arms wrapped themselves around my body, and he adjusted one of the benches to be positioned under the showerhead, with the end touching the wall below it. He motioned for me to sit down, and lean against the wall as he quickly positioned himself on his knees, quickly releasing his mouth between my thighs. My skirt was hiked up to my waist line, so that I could see Traun’s wet body kneeling to pleasure me. I laced my fingers through his hair as his tongue flicked at my sensitive little nub, driving me insane with delight.

“Ohhh, Professor!” I moaned as he darted between my folds; and the moment he heard ‘Professor’, his pace quickened, immediately sending me over the edge into a powerful orgasm. My screams were monumental, and my expulsion of cum was legendary.

As my excitement died down, I laid in a heap on that bench; water jetting down on us, my orgasm still leaving me shell-shocked. Traun reached up to turn off the water, and returned down to me as he placed his head beneath my breasts, my chest rising and falling at a much slower rate than it had been.

“Wow.” Was all that I could manage, and eventually Traun elevated himself to standing level, surveying our sopping wet clothing and smirking.

“Think you can stand?” He teased as his hand reached down to grasp mine,

“Barely.” I chortled as he pulled me to my feet. Our bodies mingled with one another and became close again.

“You know, I could get fired for this.” Professor Witbeck lightly reflected as his head found its way to nuzzle with mine.

“Do you think it would be worth it?” I asked, in a more serious tone.

“Miss Holzer, do you think I would be doing this at all, if I thought it not worthy?”

And with that, my question was answered.

The Old Weston Center still had driers that were in working order, but were, by no means what they used to be. Traun had arranged an area in the old coach’s office for us to situate ourselves until our clothes dried. It wasn’t much, though he did have the sense to bring a couple of pillows a large, unzipped sleeping bag, and a blanket to cover us for the time being. We cradled ourselves together on the sleeping bag, wrapt up in one another, lying against the pillows. After about 45 minutes, Professor Witbeck grew a bit tired and fell victim to slumber. I began to follow suit, but grew a tad restless as the minutes wore on. Breaking our embrace, my interests traveled to more southern region on my instructor’s body.

Professor Witbeck emitted a gasp as I slid his member between my lips and let it caress my tongue on its journey down my throat to the point where his balls were gently rubbing against my chin. I adjusted my gaze to match his, and continued sucking his hardened length.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as he tilted his head back and lost himself in sheer bliss. As I continued to suck him for what seemed like a heavenly eternity, he caught my attention and pulled me on top of him, to where his cock stroked ever-so delicately against my clitoris. I caught myself in a miniature gasm with a single motion, and felt my pre-cum dripping onto my Professor beneath me. With a single, animalistic jolt, he was inside of me, and I could not help but scream with excitement. I began to gyrate my body on top of his, sliding up and down his length with my pussy. His arms extended to grasp my supple breasts as they bounced with each motion. My head was thrown back and I began to ride him like there was no tomorrow, casting all my inhibitions aside and drowning in the pleasure.

As our motions accelerated, I cast my eyes down to Traun, who seemed to be near his breaking point, and with a few final hypnotic thrusts, we met one another at orgasm. I lowered myself to his level, resting my head against his chest, listening to the gradual decline of his rapid heart rate. My insides were coated with his seed, and as I gave his chest a little kiss, he whispered,

“All for my star pupil.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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