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Two days later, Megan found herself thinking of Jill. She had gone away for a day, but was back now. Megan was both tempted and scared to call Jill. She still wasn’t sure of her emotions, but after the other night, she knew that physically, she desperately needed Jill. She had woken up late yesterday to find Jill gone and a note saying she wouldn’t be back until the next day. That day was here, but Megan couldn’t get up the nerve to call. She sat on the couch next to the phone. Just as she reached for it, it rang.


“Hi, Meg. It’s me,” came Jill’s voice from the other end of the line. “I’ve got a little something planned. Can you come over to my house this afternoon, let’s say four o’clock?”

“Sure thing,” Megan tried to hide her excitement as she spoke.

“Alright, I’ll see you in a few hours then. Bye!” The phone clicked on the other end.

Megan hung up slowly. Looking at the clock on the wall, she saw that it was only noon. What was she going to do for the next three and half hours? She wandered aimlessly through her house, watching a little TV, having a little snack, looking at some books on the internet. Nothing could take her mind off of what was going to happen that afternoon. She was “planning something?” What could she be up to that required planning? She desperately needed to find out.

Finally, 3:30 rolled around. She went out to her car. It was no big deal, nothing like Jill’s fancy jeep, for sure; it was a little sedan. But it went, and that was all she really needed. And it had AC, which was always essential in dry, hot Texas. Pulling out of her driveway, she started along the familiar route to Jill’s house. It felt different this time though; there was an air of expectation and uneasiness; she desperately needed to know what was ahead of her, but was thrilled with the idea of surprise. About twenty minutes later, she was pulling through the gate and up Jill’s long driveway.

Jill’s house was a mansion, so say the least. Her father had passed away when she was very young (perhaps this was in part responsible for her lesbianism?) and he had left them quite a large sum of money. Definitely 8 digits. The house was enormous, with four floors stretching a city block, perhaps more. Jill spent most of her time in the top left corner; her mom almost never went up and bothered her. She had tons of rooms there at her disposal: Megan hadn’t seen a third of them, though she suspected she might see a new one today. Jill practically had her own little city up there.

Megan climbed out of her vehicle and headed around to the front door, she reached for the doorbell, but found a note with a key attached taped over it. “Megan,” it read, “Go around the house to the side door and come in there. There are some things waiting for you along with further instructions. Megan headed around the corner and used the key she had received to open the side door.

She stepped into a foyer with a door leading towards the center of the house and a set of stairs leading up to where Jill spent most of her time. Up, said a sign at the bottom of the stairs. She went up. There was a plastic bag with a note at the bottom of the next flight.

“Megan- Take off your clothes and put them in the bag. Put on the clothes in the bag (ALL of them!) and come up stairs to the third floor. Megan tugged her tank top over her head and yanked her shorts and shoes off. Megan opened the bag and started. Inside was a plaid skirt, thin white blouse, a pair of white knee-socks, a pair of black shoes, and a set of white cotton underpants and matching bra. “I guess she meant EVERYTHING,” murmured Megan. She istanbul escort stripped off her socks and undergarments and replaced them with the schoolgirl outfit from the bag. A little role playing was at hand, it seemed.

She headed up the steps to the second floor. The house went up about 5 stories, but at this end of the house there were only two floors. Megan found herself in a long, monotonous hallway. There were doors down both sides, and she had no idea which of the dozens of doors was hiding Jill. She walked slowly down the hall, keeping an eye out for signs of her friend. Occasionally she tried a door, but found nothing but empty bedrooms and the like. It could take forever to search this huge mansion!

Just then, she heard a noise from a few rooms down on the right. He sounded like a person, but she couldn’t make out what they had said. Megan headed down the hall. About four doors down, she could see light spilling out from around the door, which was slightly ajar. Leaning against it and quietly pushing it just far enough open that she could see what was going on inside, she settled herself down on the floor to watch what was going on. What she saw had her panties wet in seconds.

“The fact of the matter is, you’ve got a C- on your term paper.” Jill was sitting up on the desk in a blue skirt suit, looking very much like a teacher. In front of her stood a girl that Jill had never seen before. The girl was in a school girl outfit just like the one that she herself was wearing.

“But Mrs. Larkin, I really need a good grade or my parents will kill me. Isn’t there some extra credit assignment I could do.”

“Not really, Molly,” Jill said. “Well, perhaps we can come to some arrangement.” Jill uncrossed her legs, so that Megan could almost see up her skirt. “Being a teacher takes up A LOT of time. I never really have time to date. You can imagine how horny that leaves me. Masturbating is fun, but what I really need is someone to lick my twat for me. Would you like to do that Molly?” This was the most contrived thing that Megan had ever heard of, but seeing it acted out in real life was making her incredibly horny. She shifted, rubbing her legs together to apply pressure to her crotch.

“Mrs. Larkin, that’s crazy.”

“Okay, but I guess you’ll have to accept a C- on your term paper, Molly.”

Molly stood looking indecisive. “Isn’t there any other way?”

“No, Molly, there isn’t.”

Molly pulled a chair up and sat her self down in front of the desk. She moved her head towards Jill’s crotch. Megan couldn’t believe she was actually seeing this!

Molly began to kiss Jill on the insides of her thighs. Jill’s eyes slowly closed and tilted her head back, putting her weight on her hands as Molly’s kisses drew closer and closer to her pussy.

“Mrs. Larkin?”

“Yes, Molly,” responded Jill, sounding irritated at being interrupted just as she was getting into it.

“You’re not wearing any panties.”

“I never wear panties, Molly. Because I’m a little slut. Just like you.”

“I’m not a slut, Mrs. Larkin!”

“I know you are. The rumors all get around, Molly. And how can you say that when you’re down there eating my cunt?”

“But, I’m. . .”

“Get back to work, Molly. And no more talking out of you.”

Molly sighed. She took her finger and pushed it into Jill’s pussy. Pulling it out, she sucked the juices off for Jill. “It tastes better than I expected.”

“Of course it does, sluts love the taste of cum no matter who it’s from.”

The dirty talk was clearly turning Molly (not to mention Megan) on, and she began to pump her şirinevler escort finger in out of Jill with a renewed energy. Jill’s breathing quickened, and she spread her legs farther, propping her feet up on the desk. Molly reached up and lifted her skirt up so she would have fully access. She then moved her mouth over Jill’s pussy and began fucking her slit with her tongue.

“That’s more like it,” Jill said. She lifted her hips off of the desk towards Molly’s face, forcing her to eat more pussy. Jill leaned back and moaned, slipping quietly out of reality as pleasure swept over. Molly continued tonguing her hole, and her nose often pushed against Jill’s clit, sending waves of pleasure through her. Molly then pulled her mouth away from the moist slit and plunged her finger in, pumping it slowly in and out. Jill’s hips came up to meet her hand on each stroke, and some quiet moans began to escape her mouth. “That’s right,” she said, “now suck on my clit a little.”

Molly flicked Jill’s clit with her tongue, teasing it with her lips as she pumped her finger in and out of Jill’s hole. She gradually increased her rhythm, pulling her finger in and out more quickly as she attacked Jill’s clit more vigorously, sucking on it and flicking the tip of it with her tongue as she sucked. Jill’s hips were gyrating much more quickly now, and her moaning was getting louder.

Outside the door, Megan could no longer control herself. She was sitting with her legs spread. Her panties were pushed to one side as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit. Her free hand held the door open so she could continue to view the festivities inside the “classroom.”

Jill was getting close to orgasm now. She was moaning loudly, and her breathing was very fast and heavy. “That’s it, Molly. Be a good little girl and suck my clit. I’m gonna cum real soon.” With this encouragement, Molly made a last ditch effort to suck on Jill’s clit, and it was very successful. A loud groan escaped from Jill’s mouth and her eyes squeezed shut as she came. She pulled Molly’s mouth over her crotch, forcing her to drink down all of her juices.

All of this was more than Megan could handle, and she came all over her hand, the juices running down the side of her leg. As she came, she let go of the door and it slammed with a loud “bang!”

Megan was terrified. She sat on the floor with her legs spread as the door opened and Jill looked down on her.

“Um Jill, I mean, Mrs. Larkin, hi!”

“Don’t play games with me, Megan, get in here. What was the idea of spying on us?” she asked as the door slammed shut.

“Mrs. Larkin, I don’t think what you were doing was a good idea. Maybe I should go tell Principle Davis.”

The look on Jill’s face changed from Angry to worried when she heard this. “Blackmail, eh? Well, that won’t do. You’re the one who was spying.”

“But you’re the one having sex with a student.”

Jill was quiet for a moment, then responded, “what exactly do we have to do to keep you quiet?”

“I was hoping you’d ask that,” Megan responded. Jill wasn’t the only one who could play boss. “If Molly here is such a good pussy eater, why don’t you have her eat my pussy?” Underneath her lust, Megan was a little bit mad that Jill had been with another woman. I mean they weren’t going out steady or anything, they weren’t even really together, but somehow, it bothered her. She didn’t realize how soon that would change. . .

Turning her mind to the moment at hand, Megan climbed up on the desk and spread her legs. “Why don’t you pull my panties off, Mrs. Larkin. No hands though.”

Stuck taksim escort in her own game, Jill leaned down, grabbed Megan’s panties in her teeth, and slowly dragged them out from under her plaid skirt and down her legs. Molly pulled a chair up and began to kiss Megan’s already-wet pussy. “Mrs. Larkin, why don’t you help her out?”

Jill joined Molly in front of Megan, and they both began to kiss around Megan’s twat. Megan leaned back in ecstasy as the two girls worked on her. She propped her feet up on the desk to give them better access. Jill inserted a finger into Megan’s pussy, and the two of them began to suck and lick at her clit, flicking it and tonguing it together. The double action felt amazing to Megan. She could feel Jill attacking one side of her clit as Molly attacked the other, and their hair rubbed her all over. This was driving Megan wild, and it wasn’t long before she came with a groan.

Jill started to get up, but Megan scolded her, “where are you going? I’m not done yet.” Jill went back to work, this time moving up to suck on Megan’s nipples. Megan pulled her head, moaning under the work Jill was doing on her nipples as Molly sucked her clit and finger-fucked her down below. Megan came a second time before she allowed Jill and Molly to get up.

Megan pulled her panties back on, and was about to leave when she turned around and said, “oh, but what about poor Molly? You haven’t gotten to cum once, have you?”

Molly shook her head, glad to be noticed. “Will one of you suck me off?” she asked.

“No,” said Megan. “Why don’t you masturbate for us. That would be very nice.”

Molly looked very nervous, but plopped down in a chair. She looked very anxious. “What do want me to do?” she asked.

“What ever you usually do,” Megan responded.

“I don’t usually do anything,” Molly answered bashfully.

“You don’t usually masturbate?” Jill cut in.


“Well, why don’t I teach you,” said Megan. Some of the fear disappeared from Molly’s face. “First I like to pinch my nipples a little to warm myself up.” Molly followed Megan’s instructions and began pulling at her nipples through the white fabric of her shirt. Her large breasts were very round, and the nipples were already sticking out when she started. They continued to poke out through the material, and Molly’s breathing quickened as she felt the pleasure from her own hands. Seeing what Molly claimed was her first time masturbating (Megan had her doubts) was really turning Megan on, and she began to rub her legs together in an effort to quench the heat between her legs. Behind her, Jill began to shift in her chair.

“Pull your panties off.” Molly did as she was told, and then began to rub her clit with the palm of her hand. Her eyes close and her breathing got still more quick. Her other hand continued to work on tweaking her nipples. “Now finger yourself.” Molly insert a finger and began to pump it in and out. “While you do that, use your thumb to play with your clit.” Molly did as she was told, and was soon rocking with pleasure and making quite a bit of noise.

First moans, then squawks and finally shouts escaped her mouth. “Fuck that feels good. Why didn’t I ever do this before. Megan . . . I’m . . . CUMMING!!” She screamed as she came. Her bucking slowly died down and she became quieter.

Megan pulled her hand out from between her legs, slightly embarrassed, as Molly got up.

“Alright, girls, go home now. And not a word of this to anyone!” Jill said.

“Yes, Mrs. Larkin!” they said together.

When they had stepped outside, Jill followed them down the hall and caught up with them. “Well, that was certainly fun. Megan, you can stay in this last room on the right. I’m across the hall in this suite. And Molly, you stay in this room right next to Megan.

Tired out, the three girls retired to their respective rooms for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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