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Big Tits

[This story is based on a conservative society in south Asia and might contain parts that deal with conservative views of religious belief, I wish to stress on the fact that I do not intend to hurt or disrespect the sentiments of any community with this story.]

I was working on a program I had been writing for a while, when my phone dinged with a text. I needed a break too, as my head was starting to hurt, so I went to my bed and unlocked my phone to see whom the text was from. I was surprised to see that it was from Orin.

Orin and I had always kind of a weird relationship. She was this conservative and religious Muslim girl, and I was an atheist with a curious mind. She liked to think things are predefined, I believed in the butterfly effect. She was extrovert and full of life, I was, somewhat of a shy introverted guy. I would always be funny and say weird stuffs on texts, but when we’d meet in person, I’d be awkward and quiet, while she would talk.

But then this one night, we were texting, and I told her about me doing online sex chats with random strangers, or writing erotica from time to time, and to her conservative beliefs, she… well she wasn’t really happy about it. And so, she ghosted me, and with no classes due to a global pandemic, I hadn’t talked to her in months.

Till that night. When she texted me out of nowhere.

I’m Arnob. I’m 21. I haven’t been in a proper relationship, ever, being that I’m too shy and quiet to make a move, and not really good looking enough to be approached by a girl. So, yah. I was a virgin.

All being said, I was really surprised to get a text from her after all this time.

Orin: Hey, are you sleeping?

Arnob: No. How are you? Been a long time.

O: Yah, I’m sorry. I guess I panicked.

A: Understandable. How about now?

O: I don’t know. How are you? How are things?

A: I’m good. You?

O: Things are going well. I guess. I have news.

A: What is it??

O: Remember the guy I used to have a huge crush on?

A: Yah.

O: We’re dating now.

Not gonna lie, it did kinda feel a bit weird. I’m not really sure why, maybe cause I always kinda hoped something would happen between us? She was… pretty and sexy, at the same time. I liked watching her, and I also might have fantasized about her a few times.

A: Oh! Wow… that is pretty big news. This is your first relationship, right? How is it going?

O: Yah, it is. And, I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure things out.

A: hmm.

O: This is not his first time… so… I guess he knows about how to deal with all these… I’m trying to just play along I guess?

A: That’s good.

I never really knew that guy all that well; but, he’s the kind of guy every girl would die for: popular kid, muscular body and all that.

O: Yah.

A: So… well, things are going good for you guys I guess.

O: Yah.

There was a pause.

O: I never really read what you write, you know. I think I should have at least tried.

A: Haha, yah, right. You wouldn’t be into that.

O: I kinda wanna read though.

A: Orin, no. It’s just gonna make things weirder between us.

O: I… I don’t really know all that much about… you know.

A: Umm… well… I’m sure you know the basics.

O: I don’t wanna disappoint him.

A: What are you talking about?

O: You know what I’m talking about.

A: What? You are planning to have sex with him? You?

O: Why? Will it be really that bad?

A: It’s not… That’s not what I meant. You hated premarital sex or anything like that? What’s going on? Is he forcing you?

O: No, no, he’d never. I love him, and I wanna have sex with him. It’s… you wouldn’t get it.

A: Lol. If you say so. So what now? What’s the problem then?

O: Well… he has had sex before, with girls who knew about these, and… I don’t want him to leave me.

A: Lol, you think he’ll break up with you if you’re not good at sex?

O: I don’t wanna take any chances.

A: Ok lol, watch some porn then I guess, I don’t think my erotica can help you with that.

O: I know.

A: …Then what?

O: I was thinking… maybe you could help? You are actually the only person I know who doesn’t take these seriously and into these kinds of things.

A: Bit hurtful.

O: You know what I meant, that girl you used to sext with and share photos, and you’ve done more, right? You know about these. Arnob come on, any other guy would think of me as a slut.

A: Yah I guess you’re not wrong. But Orin, you are forgetting that I also don’t have any practical experience about these. I’m a virgin too. I think you should just talk to him about this, guys like these, I think.

O: NO. Telling him is not an option. Now can you help me or not?

A: I don’t know how… how do you think I can help you here.

O: Listen, this might sound a bit too… ok… I was thinking… you are not dating anyone, and also never had sex, but you have at least some ideas. How bad would it be, if… Dikmen Escort maybe you come over and we figure things out together?

I read the text 3 times, to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. I sat up, cause, I had to play this right.

A: umm… are you saying what I think you’re saying?

O: yes.

A: are you sure about this?

O: Arnob please don’t make me question myself now, it took a lot of courage to ask you this.

A: yes, yes, I’d love to.

O: really?

A: well yah, have you seen yourself?

O: Shut up.

My heart was racing, I hoped this wasn’t a prank, but, I wanted to sound confident. I was scared that if I asked too much questions, she might change her mind.

O: Listen, my parents, my brother and his wife is gonna go to our village next week, I’ll be home alone. Can you come then?

A: Yes. Yes, I’ll be there. Text me your address.

O: Ok. I will.

A: Are you gonna take pills? Or should I get some condoms?

O: I’ve been on pills. It should be good. Don’t worry about it.

A: umm… okay. Yah. So… I’ll be at your place… next week.

O: yah… I guess so.

There was another awkward pause.

O: So… I think I should get some sleep. Goodnight?

A: Goodnight.


The next week was a bit weird. The next day was the weirdest. I woke up and thought it was all a dream. But then I checked my phone and it was real.

I couldn’t believe it. Especially that it’s with her. It was weird. I didn’t really know what to tell her, so I didn’t text. I didn’t wanna take risk, say something weird and talk her out of it.

I went online and went through her pictures, it felt good. Knowing that I was gonna have in just a week, I couldn’t stop blushing.

The next few days went by, without us much talking. She texted me a few times asking how I was and what I was doing and we talked, but we never talked about that.

Finally, it was the day before I was gonna go to her place. I shaved my beard off, shaved my crotch, and everything. I didn’t know what else to do; I tried watching some softcore porn, trying to figure out how I should be at our first time, but… I just ended up masturbating.

She texted me her address that night, and that was it. We didn’t say anything else. I was feeling shy and awkward, I guess she was too. But I was glad she didn’t back out.


It was the day. She told me to come sometime around afternoon, so obviously, I spent the morning panicking. I don’t know what it was, I wanted to be good. But I was scared of messing things up somehow. I pooped, showered twice and got ready, and left. I ended up arriving an hour before I was supposed to, and I didn’t wanna seem too desperate. So went to the shopping mall, and spent some time there, till it was time to be at her place.

I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I tried to put on my favorites cause I wanted to look good. I went to her place and knocked on her door. I also sent her a text saying that I was there. The text was seen immediately, and it wasn’t long before she opened the door. She quickly looked around to make sure nobody is watching us, before she pulled me in and locked the door.

“Umm…,” I said, watching her being that way. She turned around and gave me a weak smile.

“People will talk if they see me having a guy over when my parents are out,” she said.

She was wearing a blue salwar kameez and a teal dupatta. She looked beautiful. It looked like she took a shower just a while back, she looked fresh.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” she replied.

She then took my hand into hers and I could see her still trying to decide if this is right or wrong. Then she guided me through her house, to her room. She sat me down at her bed and went out to get us some water.

I looked around, it was neat and well organized. There were some papers on her table, maybe she was working on an assignment or something. I saw her laptop locked on her table too. There were a few posters on her walls. The walls were bluish, which made me guess her favorite color is probably blue.

She came back with water and handed me a glass. I was tired, so I drank it all. She then sat by me on the bed. I could see her trying to come up with something to talk about, but failing. It was funny cause she was always the one who knew what to say. She was trying her best to avoid eye contact, as I was watching her face. She was beautiful.

I realized that she was being shy, and I had to do something. So, I moved a bit close, she shook. I placed my palm on her cheek, with my fingers under her ear, through her long black hairs; cupping her face. I could feel her shaking under my hand. She closed her eyes as I guided her face to mine and kissed her.

Her lips were soft. They tasted like cherries. I kissed her again and again, deeply and passionately, I could feel her breathing getting heavier. After a long kiss, I slowly broke part. She slowly opened her eyes Eryaman Escort and gave me a shy smile.

“That wasn’t so bad, right?” I asked.

“It was nice,” she said, as she rubbed her arm.

“Are you sure about this? We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

“I’m sure,” she said and kissed me again. This time she held my neck and was playing with my hairs. I smiled into our kiss.

I didn’t really know what to do, how to start. I thought I should probably take away the dupatta first, so I slowly started to tug it down. But I was hesitating; it was still kind of a shock.

She laughed, “Arnob, I said I’m ready.”

And at that, I pulled it away and placed it on her bed. She shivered a bit, even though she told me to do this. But she didn’t say anything, so I continued. I didn’t know what to do, so I placed a hand on her thigh, rubbing up and down, and placed another on her boob, over her kameez. She giggled in the kiss, as I pressed a bit. I was pressing softly and slowly getting harder, as I continued to play with her boobs.

I pressed a bit too hard, and she moaned, but she didn’t try to stop me or anything. My dick was starting to hurt under my jeans.

She wasn’t wearing any bra, and I could feel her nipples through her kameez. I pinched her nipple and she moaned. I started to tug it up, and she realized what I was trying to do. She broke the kiss and got back. This time she looked right into my eyes, and smiled. I guess she was starting to feel comfortable.

She helped me get her out of her kameez and her boobs were in front of me.

“Wow,” came out of my mouth.

She giggled.

I leaned in and took a nipple in my mouth, and grabbed another with my hand, like a claw. She moaned as she watched me. Her fingers were running through my hairs as I sucked on her nipple and bit her boob.

They weren’t huge, probably b cups, or maybe c. I’m not really sure. But they were beautiful. They were soft, and perfectly shaped, perky nipples, not too big, but neither small, brown areola. And she smelled great. I shoved my face into her cleavage and licked and bit in between her boobs. She moaned and I could feel her heavy breaths.

That’s when her phone started to ring, and we both jumped. She pushed me back and quickly turned around to see who it is.

“Shit, it’s my parents,” Orin said. She shushed me and turned away from me, as she picked up the call.

“Hello mom,” she said, as I sat there, admiring her beautiful back. Her long black hairs covered a lot of it, but the parts that I could see made it look even sexier. The urge to know what’s underneath those hairs, even though I knew it, made it even irresistible.

“Yes mom, everything’s fine. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” I heard her say, as I moved close and wrapped my hand around her waist.

She gasped, and gave me a stern look. “No mom, don’t worry, everything’s good. I thought I dropped a glass, don’t worry,” she said, as I didn’t let go. I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders and gently bit.

She quickly hung up, as her mom started to ask more questions. “Seriously?” she asked me, pushing me back.

“I’m so sorry Orin, but you are too irresistible,” I replied as I leaned against the bedframe.

“I was on phone with my parents, asshole,” she said, but she didn’t really look angry. I guess she liked the attention.

“I know”, I said, as I moved back closer, taking my t-shirt off, “you are just… so…” I said, getting quieter as I got closer and closer, then whispered in her ear, “Sexy.” And then I gently bit her earlobe with my lips.

“Yeah, right,” she said, chuckling.

I shoved my face into her neck, kissing, and biting as I guided her down on the bed on her back. Her boobs were now pressed under my chest, as I rested on top of her, kissing her neck and cheek.

I then started to slowly move down her body, leaving a trace of soft kisses and pecks. I spent some time at her boobs, before started to trace my tongue down her body again. I looked up at her and she gave me the slightest nod.

I undid her salwar, and she lifted her hips to help me pull them off of her. She was wearing a white panties and nothing else. I touched her crotch over her panties, it felt warm to touch. And I noticed a small wet spot. I touched there, and rubbed in a circular motion.

She watched me as I explored her body. I traced my fingertips on her bare thigh, against her soft smooth skin.

Then I tugged her panties down and she helped me get them off, and she lied completely naked in front of me.

At this point, I didn’t know what to do, it was all so overwhelming. I had masturbated imagining her many times before, but never thought I’d be seeing her completely naked like this. I kneeled down in front of her bed and pulled her close to me by her thighs.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Umm… I don’t know… I was thinking I’d try eating you out… is that okay?”

“Don’t it’s haram, I think. I’m not Esat Escort sure, but don’t. Come over here, take off your jeans,” she said. I sighed, and kissed her inner thigh a bit before I got up and pulled down my jeans. I also pulled down my underwear, bringing out my dick. I was already horny af and my dick was already pretty lubed up with precum.

I then looked up at her, and noticed her gawking at my dick. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” I said, trying to assure her. She nodded and moved back up a bit, as I pulled her down before.

I then got onto the bed and positioned myself in between her thighs. I touched her clit with a finger, and rubbed it up and down, as I rubbed my dick with my other hand.

I tried putting two fingers in, but it was tight. She gasped as I did that.

“Have you ever fingered yourself before?” I asked.

She shook her head, and I could see fear in her eyes. “We can postpone this if you want,” I added.

“No, we won’t get a chance again,” she replied, “I can take it.”

She was squirting more and more vaginal fluid to help my fingers move better, and then I tried to push in a third finger. She cried out.

“Hey, hey,” I stopped, “does it hurt?” I asked.

“A bit,” she said, closing her eyes. She bit her lips, as I tried again, and pushed in.

“I think I’m ready for your… dick,” she said, eyes still closed.

I pulled out my fingers, and rubbed my precum all over my dick. I then slapped my dick against her clit a few times, getting it all lubed up with her fluid.

“Really?” she asked, and I noticed that she opened her eyes and was watching me.

I then set my dick on her clit and bent down onto her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I pressed my lips against her.

“This is gonna hurt,” I said in between kisses, and pressed my lips against hers, as I started to push in.

She groaned into my mouth, as I moved in slowly. But then I couldn’t move in anymore and realized it’s her hymen.

I stayed there for a while, letting her catch her breath. I filled her face with lots and lots of kisses, and when it felt like she settled down, I pulled back a bit and shoved in, breaking her hymen.

She screamed, I quickly put my lips onto her to muffle to sound, as we don’t wanna get the neighbors curious. I pressed my lips onto hers, as I stayed still, not moving at all. She was crying in pain.

“GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT, PLEASE,” she said, pushing me back. So I did, I pulled out and got up. There was a bit of blood on my dick. “WHY IS THERE BLOOD, WHAT’S GOING ON?”

“Hey, hey… Orin, look at me,” I said, sitting by her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and helped her sit up. Her face was wet with sweat, she was panicking. “Hey, don’t worry, it’s just your hymen. You’re fine, don’t worry.”

“It hurts, it hurts so much,” she said, crying, as I held her. She was panicking, I guessed she was mostly panicking, and really stressed from all of it, and that was coming out and pain.

“Wait here, lemme go get you some water.” I said, and she nodded.

I went to get her a glass of water. It felt weird, walking around her house completely naked. By the time I got back, she settled down, and was sitting there like a little girl. She smiled as she saw me, “Sorry, I panicked.” She said.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Do you wanna continue?” I really wanted to, but I didn’t know if she was gonna.

She nodded, as she took the glass. “Give me a couple minutes to catch my breath, and then we’ll start again,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll go pee and wash the blood off then,” I said and left.

When I got back, she was lying down on her back, waiting for me. “I’m ready,” she said, smiling, as soon as she saw me.

I couldn’t help but smile, as I walked to her and set my dick against her clit again. She bit her lower lip, ready to take me in.

I bent down and she wrapped her legs around me, as I slid in again. This time it was a lot smoother. She still groaned as I pushed in completely. I slowly start to move in and out of her, and started to gain speed with every thrust.

She closed her eyes and started to enjoy. She opened her mouth ever so slightly, as she moaned.

I placed one of my hands on her shoulder, to help me move faster, as I placed my other hand on her thigh, rubbing up and down. I took a nipple into my mouth, and I bit her nipple. She didn’t complain, didn’t try to stop me, just moaned, so I bit her boobs again. Leaving bite marks. She just moaned, as I left bite marks and hickeys.

She ran her fingers through my hairs and pulled me up, as she kissed me deeply. Her heavy breaths against my face and moans into my mouth turned me on even more. All these were pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm.

So was she. I felt her pussy tighten against my dick a bit, she was moaning harder and taking deep heavy breaths. She pulled my hairs hard, it hurt a bit, but I didn’t complain. I just fucked her harder and faster. Tried to use every last bit of my energy to gain speed. She was moaning, screaming. She was close, and she started to scream, as she had an orgasm. She was loud, just liked I wished for.

And watching her like that, I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I gave one last push and came in her. Filled her pussy with my cum, I could feel it oozing out of her, around my dick. I had never came this much in my life before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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