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It had been one exhausting day at work. He was relieved to be in his car and headed home. He was a junior high science teacher at a prestigious academy in the city. Traffic was unusually light which made for a pleasant commute. As he turned the car into the apartment complex in which he lived, an instantly relaxing wave washed over him and the sight of his wife’s dark blue truck in its assigned place was equally calming.

“Finally,” he thought as he turned the key and the engine ceased. He stepped out of the car and retrieved his suit jacket and satchel from the backseat.

After carefully placing the jacket over his arm, he undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirtsleeves. He hurried toward the elevator located inside the high rise apartment building. Just barely missing the closing door, he hit the up arrow button and waited. To pass the seemingly endless wait for the next lift, he rolled up his sleeves and removed the tie, resting it over the suit jacket on his now bare forearm. When the bell dinged he stepped inside the empty elevator and pressed the floor four button. Since he was alone, he figured there was no harm in untying his shoes and adjusting the tongue. As he did so he thought, ” A tongue would be really great right now and not the sweaty one in my hand that I’ve just walked around on all day.”

Just then the elevator came to a stop on the second floor and the doors flew open. In stepped a sexy auburn haired woman who reached past him to push the third floor key. She stood on the right side of the lift as he leaned back into the back lefthand corner. The woman looked remarkably like his wife. She had a similar hair color and even wore comparable outfits. This woman was dressed in a clingy top in a burgundy shade. It wrapped from one side of her chest to the other creating a v-neck effect and displaying her well-rounded breasts. That was the major difference between his wife and the unidentified lady, his wife had the breasts he muched preferred due to their smaller, perkier appearance. She also wore a knee length black skirt that showcased her slender legs.

“No ass,” he thought after his gaze drifted down the length of the woman’s backside. He then closed his eyes to envision his wife’s tight, apple-shaped cheeks.

The second floor bell dinged and the woman sauntered out the door turning around just in time to wink at him as the doors closed between them.

“That was an odd gesture,” he thought. Although from the time he’d left the strictly uniformed school and up to this moment, everything was strangely flowing love never lies poland izle effortlessly today. So he just added the woman’s wink to the weirdness of the day and shrugged it off. “Maybe,” he pondered, “my evening will be out of the ordinary too, but in a good way.”

The fourth floor bell dinged and he stepped through the door and into the hallway. He walked along, untucking his shirt with the hand on the arm holding his jacket and tie. Outside his apartment door, he fumbled for his keys.

Suddenly he stopped, holding the keys still; an alluring noise was coming from inside the apartment. He set down the satchel, pressing his ear to the door in order to hear more clearly. A low, seductive moan was the unmistakable sound he had noticed. Straining to hear more, he moved his whole body as close to the door as possible. Unfortunately, a certain part of his anatomy had grown hard from the combination of the sexy woman in the elevator and the sensual wimpers he was now engrossed in, inhibiting his movement.

As quietly as possible, he lifted his key and placed it in the lock. Just as he turned it and the lock opened, a loud cry came from the other side of the door. He grabbed his satchel and darted quickly into the apartment, closing the door silently after him.

He immediately saw a sign that dangled from the foyer overhead lamp. It read, ” Shoes and slacks not permitted past this point.” He obediently removed his already half-off shoes and peeked around the corner into the living room while unbuttoning his pants.

To his surprise the sounds of ecstasy were from his wife, not a newly rented porno as he had imagined. She was lying on the floor, clothed in only a sheer, skimpy thong and a matching bra. Both hands were buried underneath the thong and he could see that one was holding her wet lips open while the others fingers were gently stroking her clit. So as not to disturb her, or ruin the show for himself, he carefully unzipped his pants and slid them off. He stood holding onto the wall dividing the foyer and living room with one hand while the other disappeared under the waistband of his boxers. He began to slowly rub his hard cock has he watched his beautiful wife please herself.

She slid one hand out of the thong and pulled one cup of her bra down exposing an erect nipple. She licked her fingers already wet with from her pussy and began rubbing and pinching her nipple as she rhythmically rubbed her clit. He matched her rhythm to his own and was love off the grid izle soon pumping his dick in perfect time with her. She started raising her hips to meet her own fingers, increasing the pressure on her swollen, pink flower. She used two fingers to hold her lips apart and the others to flick her wet pussy, while her other hand was busy rolling her hard nipple between its fingers. She switched to include the other nipple and went to work rubbing it.

Meanwhile, he was very close to orgasm and when he could hold back no more he let loose a flood of sweet, milky liquid. She began to shake and was practically screaming now as she reached an incredible orgasm.

He ducked back into the foyer and removed his boxers. He put them with his pants, jacket and tie on the narrow table in the apartment entranceway. “I’m home,” he called.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Sure, what’s going on anyway?”

“Come find out,” she cooed.

Upon entering the living room, clad only in his under and dress shirts, he found his wife on all fours across the sofa. The back of the sofa faced the foyer and kitchen area, so he was standing beside it with his wife’s tight ass pointed at him. She had removed the thong and bra and they were flung casually on the floor, leaving her completely naked. Speechless, he stood there staring, her ass just as he had imagined earlier in the elevator. His cock began to grow hard again and he knew what he wanted. She obviously knew too, gesturing by raising her ass up more and spreading her legs a bit wider, inviting him in. He had a clear view of her pink, dripping pussy as she wiggled it to signal she wanted him.

Impatient for his touch, she whispered, ” Come lick my clit, Baby, it’s so hot and wet for you.” She rocked back and forth, urging him to come taste her.

He broke his gaze and sat down behind her on the couch. He then got on his knees too and spread open her cheeks. He knew she liked it because she kept letting out the same low, seductive moans she had when he was first outside the door. He licked her asshole and then slid a wet finger inside it. She let out a cry and then a sigh of pleasure.

“Lick my pussy please, you do it so good,” she whined.

So, he spread her legs a little farther apart and bent his head down. He tasted her steaming hot pussy with his tongue and let out his own groan of satisfaction. He then licked slowly up and down the entire length of her clit and grabbed her nipple from underneath while his madoff the monster of wall street izle free hand continued to hold her open. At this point she was moaning so loud he hoped the neighbors weren’t home.

He then slid beneath her and licked her pussy as she rocked it back and forth over his face. He pinched and rolled her nipples roughly, causing her back to arch and her head to be flung back. He moved forward taking the opportunity to lick and nibble on her breasts. She suddenly flipped around, placing her ass back in his face. He didn’t mind at all, he loved the sight of those firm cheeks shaking in his face. He licked furiously over her clit as she rubbed her mound against his tongue. She began to shake as she had done earlier and had an even more powerful orgasm than before. She collapsed onto the couch and rested while he removed his two remaining shirts.

He retrieved the tie he worn to school that day and loosely fastened it around her wrists. He then attached the tie to the arm of the sofa with a straight pin he found on the end table. He lifted her up so she was again on all fours facing away from him on the couch. He knelt behind her gave her ass alittle slap. She loved the slightly naughty nature of the smack and he liked how it reminded him of the schoolgirl image he found arousing.

“Has my good little schoolgirl been naughty today?” he asked.

“Yes, but I won’t do it again,” she whimpered, playing along. He gave three more, slightly more firm spankings and she moaned in ecstasy after each one.

“Well, what can we do to make sure it won’t happen again?” he inquired.

“I’ll let you fuck me any way you please.”

“Anyway?” he asked, sounding interested.

“Yes, but just this once,” she giggled enjoying the seemingly resistant game they played.

So, he rubbed her ass with his hands, massaging it gently. Then he carefully slid his already dripping with anticipation cock into her soft, warm pussy. She moaned in pleasure and began meeting his strokes with her hips. His sac was slapping against her ass as he pumped his dick inside her. They were both moaning and panting together now. He added light slaps to her ass to meet those of his sac. He leaned over and grabbed her breasts, playing with her nipples between his fingers. This caused her to scream because she loved it so much. He sat back up, now placing one hand on either side of her waist pulling himself deeper into her with each push. He felt his orgasm coming and just as he came, she too shook uncontrollably and came. He pulled out and untied the tie from her wrists.

“The tie didn’t hurt you did it?” he asked, concerned.

“No, I would have told you and we would have taken them off.”

“I know, but I just like to hear that you know I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“I know you wouldn’t, you love me and I love and trust you too.”

They then curled up on the couch together and fell asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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