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Kathy laughed at herself repeatedly for what she had done. Really, it wasn’t all that amusing, people had been doing it for years but for her it all seemed so strange to her, and highly laughable! Signing herself up on an Internet dating site was a thing she had never imagined herself doing. But working long hours combined with raising her two children on her own, left little time to find a man. When her best friend dared her into it, she took up the challenge. And to her surprise within a week she was inundated with potential suitors. Yes, there were many, many oddballs included in the replies, but eventually she found a couple of men that suited her rather high standards.

The first man, Roger, was a legal student, who modelled part-time. He WAS incredibly gorgeous and had an affable nature. They corresponded through email for several weeks; he said the right things and seemed almost too good to be true. And unfortunately he was. When they finally met up for a simple coffee, he was not at all the same man she had been chatting online with. Yes, still gorgeous but he was actually socially inept, and to be perfectly blunt, a chauvinistic pig!

Kathy’s next try was with James. He owned his own business, and like her, just didn’t have the time to get out and meet people. As it turned out, he shouldn’t really have even been trying. His wife and four kids at home should have been enough to keep him busy.

Finally came Robert. Just as Kathy was about to give up on the whole Internet thing, she received a short email from him. He described himself as in his mid thirties, with short brown hair and brown eyes and that he had been married but his wife had one day told him that she was having an affair and was leaving him. This instantly tugged at Kathy’s heartstrings. Her husband had done the very same thing 18 months earlier, and she still carried the horrid mixed bag of emotions that came with such betrayal. Not a great start to anything, she thought, the only thing they seemed to have in common was their heartbreak. But still she emailed him back, and they began writing to each other regularly.

Their emails were usually nothing more than brief exchanges of how their days had been and what their plans were for the rest of the week. Nothing there to set a girls heart a flutter! But she did look forward to reading Roberts notes. He had a great sense of humour and she felt very comfortable sharing herself with him.

After a few weeks, Robert asked that she perhaps phone him. She wasn’t at all expecting it, but then she quickly came to realise that Robert was full of all sorts of surprises.

Kathy nervously dialled his number and breathed heavily. She needn’t have worried; from the time Robert picked up the phone and said hello to her in a deep voice (that incidentally sent a shiver right to her groin) they were completely comfortable with each other.

The emailing between them slowed while there phone calls grew more regular. He didn’t push for them to meet up, and for that Kathy was extremely grateful. They enjoyed an cosy şişli üniversiteli escort friendship, albeit only over the phone. Kathy did worry that perhaps Robert was looking for more than she was offering him, but he was ever the gentleman, and if he did have more on his mind he never gave anything away to Kathy.

There relationship was not quite what Kathy had expected. She did not sit and fantasize over him, nor did she gush to her friends what a wonderful person he was. Instead it gave her a warm feeling of comfort, and oddly enough, strength. Just knowing Robert was in her life, no matter how or where, she felt really at ease.

One Friday night while sitting at home Kathy’s mind began to wander to her ex-husband. Only a few hours earlier he had come by to pick their children up. It was a rare occurrence, and Kathy didn’t know it was going to happen, so found herself at home, alone, and feeling a little sorry for herself.

She decided that she would log on to the net, maybe just for an hour or so, and then head off to bed.

Checking her emails she was surprised, but rather excited to see one from Robert. They had discussed exchanging pictures this way, but only when they felt comfortable enough with the idea. And now it was obvious that Robert at least was happy to show himself to her.

Opening the email filled Kathy with excitement. She was also a little nervous. She felt she could see beyond Robert’s looks if that was to be the case. But she was pleasantly surprised.

Robert had sent her a picture of himself taken last summer he said. His hair was slightly longer than she expected it fell over his forehead with a boyish charm. He had a huge smile that made Kathy smile in return. He was actually a very handsome man. She quickly hit the reply button and told him so! She was surprised when less than five minutes later Robert had emailed her again.

“I’m glad you like what you saw. I only hope that some day soon I can see a picture of you…or even better in the flesh! I have some more photos if you’d like to see them. Until next time…Robert.”

Short and sweet just as always. And Kathy did want to see more pictures. She was suddenly very aware of a warmth growing inside her. She could not stop looking at the photo Robert had sent. His arms were well muscled and tanned, and she could imagine herself being held tightly against his chest, safe with him.

“Yes send some more! I want to see all that you have to offer! Am just setting up my camera…I think it’s time you knew what you were missing. Look forward to “seeing” you soon!! Kath x.”

Kathy hit send and waited for Robert’s reply. She sat in her chair adjusting her camera and fidgeting with everything around her. It seemed to be taking an eternity for him to reply.

Finally her mail icon popped up, and she couldn’t wait to see the other pictures Robert had sent.

What she saw shocked her, but also sent a gush of liquid from her pussy.

He had simple written “These are sent with much hope from me to you!”

Underneath were six pictures taksim anal yapan escort of his cock…all in different states of arousal.

“Oh my god!” she gasped aloud. She was in a way repulsed by what she saw, but she could not ignore the aching in her pussy, especially when her mind was racing with the thoughts of how he would taste in her mouth, or how that cock would feel slipping between her titties.

Her hand moved to her breast and she felt her nipple harden under the fabric of her shirt. She slowly brushed her hand back and forth over the fabric, and felt her pussy grow leaden at the touch. She was getting very wet down there, but for the moment concentrated on the sensation of her hard nipple beneath her hand. The lace of her bra provided just the right amount of friction on both nipples so that just the slightest brush of her hand felt like a thousand tiny little fingers tickling her.

Kathy lost herself completely in the sensations she was experiencing. Her fingers reached beneath her shirt and she began to twist and pinch her nipples in utter abandon. Her cunt was throbbing but she ignored the seeping hole, instead choosing to concentrate on her breasts. Many times over their years together, her husband had made her cum simply by licking her nipples. She closed her eyes and imagined Robert’s tongue there now, slowly circling an erect nipple, while tugging needily at the other.

Still pulling at her tits Kathy began to feel herself reaching her crescendo, but was interrupted by the small “beeps” on her computer informing her she had mail. She considered ignoring it completely, but by then her mood had died down, though her pussy still ached and she was absolutely saturated. She was surprised to see Robert’s name there again…and the she remembered. The pictures! The reason she was so hot!

He asked if she was perhaps disappointed and apologised for what he’d done. Kathy felt so awful. He had bared himself to her, and she had failed to thank him.

The only appropriate way now was to thank him by returning the favour. It was very unlike Kathy, but she figured that he wouldn’t mind.

With her camera propped on her computer desk in front of her, Kathy leaned back in her chair and spread her legs slightly. Click! She took her first ever picture. She spread her legs slightly wider, and reached down to touch her aching clit. She snapped several pictures like this, each one with her legs spread slightly wider and her fingers opening up her lips giving Robert a full view of her drooling vagina.

Attaching them to a message that simply said “Look what you’ve done to me” Kathy hit send.

Kathy nervously chewed at her fingers waiting to hear again from Robert. She was amazed at her brazenness. She barely allowed her husband to see her naked when they made love and her she was now firing off pics of her exposed cunt to a virtual stranger!! She smiled as she imagined Robert seeing the pictures she sent to him. She pictured him grasping his hard cock in his hand and stroking it while ogling her pictures. Again taksim bdsm escort she felt the throbbing of her pussy and tentatively placed a hand down there, barely touching through the fabric of her pants. Her crotch was saturated and she could smell the musky aroma of her excitement.

She flicked back to the photos Robert had sent her of his cock. It was really quite thick, not long, but she imagined it stuffing her mouth as her tongue flicked mercilessly over the head. She could almost taste him ramming his dick down her throat, the delicious feeling of her mouth crammed full of cock, his balls slapping against her chin with each thrust.

Her fingers trailed softly over her body. She again ignored her pussy, still just enjoying the sensation she felt, one of almost emptiness inside her. It filled her with even more pleasure depriving herself of what she wanted, having the willpower to control herself.

Her hands moved again under her shirt and she freed her breasts from her bra. The feeling of fabric against her bare nipples was delicious. She swayed in her chair slightly to allow her breasts to move against her shirt. Her cunt was pulsating now, and she yanked at her pants so that the fabric of her panties rode up into her crotch.

Kathy’s mind raced with thoughts of Robert and the things she’d do to him if he and his cock were near her now. She imagined sliding herself over his body, letting her nipples graze across his stomach and alongside his cock. Rubbing her saturated pussy over his legs, and even allowing his toes to dip into her. She pictured herself tonguing around his toes, tasting the juice she had spread there.

Her cunt was pulsating at the thought of it, and she could feel her juices slipping from her at an alarming rate.

She could ignore her needs no longer. Unzipping her pants, she barely pulled the fabric aside before she stuffed three fingers into her sodden cunt. The palm of her hand ground into her clitoris as she drove her fingers ruthlessly inside herself. She’d never felt such an intense need as she felt now. Kathy grunted and twisted herself in her chair trying to dig deeper into her hole. Kathy was fucking her hand furiously when she was again alerted to the fact she had mail.

Opening yet more photos from Robert proved too much for Kathy. He had sent photos of himself wanking. There were several shots of his hand on his cock, and Kathy could see a dribble of cum from the tip of his hard dick. But the last photo in the series made Kathy groan out loud and caused her pussy to begin to tremble. Robert had sent her a picture of his cock exploding. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen. A stream of his spunk flying from him, and even a splash or two on the camera lens.

Kathy inserted another finger into her pussy and rocked back and forth on her chair staring at the cum shot. With her other hand she reached behind herself and slowly entered her thumb into her ass. Within seconds she had collapsed forward on her desk, her hands still in her holes. Her pussy and ass twitched for several minutes afterwards. When she had finally regained herself she caught the scents of herself on her hands and glancing at the photos of Robert once more was enough alone to send another orgasm coursing through her.

Trembling, Kathy stood and looked for her phone. She punched in Robert’s number, and waited for him to answer. Then Kathy began, in a shaking voice “Thank you so much for you pictures…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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