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You come home tired from a long day at work, your body aches and your feet feel like lead, You open the door and can hear the faint sound of music coming from the living room, shuffling your feet, you pull off your tie and unbutton the top buttons of your shirt, rolling your thick shoulders as you make your way through the house.

Entering the living room the first thing you notice is the lighting throwing a soft glow in the high ceiling room. Your eyes drifting around, a murmur of approval passes your lips as you notice me reclined on the sofa, my legs to my side my silk dressing gown gaping invitingly over my full breasts. I smile temptingly at you, smoothing the liquid material over my soft curves. You sigh pleased, knowing that look and bring your hands to your belt buckle. Undoing it slowly before pulling it leisurely from the hoops, you see my eyelids drop, covering my bright eyes, shielding the burning desire with my dusky lashes.

Slowly I slip off the sofa, my bare feet touching the hard wood floors, my smooth legs being reveled to you as I come to stand, my dressing gown brushes mid thighs. I stretch my arms above my head causing my gown to hike up so you get a peek at my shaved pussy. Swallowing roughly your eyes move in the direction of the bedroom door, your face easy to read, I shake my head, bemused at the apparent train of your thoughts. I move towards you, my dressing gown slipping at the tie, until it hangs loosely and the hem catches on my nipples.

I reach up skimming my hand over your belly, chest and to your shoulders. I squeeze the firm muscles there, feeling the knots, I get up on tips of my toes, using one hand to catch the back of your neck, I skim feather light kisses along your neck, jaw, skating my way up to your ear, nipping the ear lope, I suck softly. You murmur, delighted at the feel of my warm lips and tongue on your sensitive skin, I pull back slightly breathing on the wet skin.

“Not in there my love…” I skim one hand down the outside of your arm, catching your fingers in mine. I bring them to my lips, kissing your big, warm hand, bringing it over my shoulder; I turn and walk away from you, moving towards the bathroom. Looking over my shoulder at you. I smile slightly as I turn and shrug my shoulders, causing my dressing gown to fall on my bent elbows. My hair moves against my skin, its pale glow reflected in the soft light.

I move to the bath shower, leaning forward and bracing one arm on the wall and reach for the taps, my dressing gown hike, revealing my plump pussy lips, spreading invitingly as I go on my tips of my toes to test the water. You approach me from behind, gripping my hips as I brace myself again on the wall. You tilt my hips rubbing my pussy against the bulge in your pants, the course fabric heightening my sensitive skin. You use your knee pushing my legs apart as you squeeze my hips, rubbing me suggestively along your length. My head drops forward and a moan escapes my lips. My fingers curl on the tiles.

“God… you feel good, I can feel your heat, throbbing against my slick pussy.” I growl. I push back, so we’re touching from shoulder to hips, squirming slightly against your hard cock, your breath comes in harshly against my neck, you drag at my gown, catching my arms behind my back, arching me against you. You nip my skin, smooth under your lips; you nibble and suck, as I try to free my arms.

“Please love.” I mummer, my breasts swaying slightly as you jerk me back against your firm body.

“Let me undress you love… please?” I beg slightly as one of your hands slips up my stomach, cupping one of my breasts as you squeeze my nipple, rolling it through your fingers before pinching it firmly. You smile against my skin; releasing my breast you let me turn in your embrace. Freeing my hands, my gown fluttering towards the floor, I unbutton your shirt, my fingers rushed bahis firmaları down the length impatient to touch your chest. I yank the shirt tails for your pants, moaning softly when your chest is revealed to me. I twist my fingers in your chest hair, feeling it run like silk through my fingers. Freeing my hands you turn me slapping my arse softly.

“In the water my sweet” You encourage as you make short work of your pants and boxers. I shiver as the hot water runs over my skin, tilting my face up I let the water soak into my skin and hair, you step in behind me, quickly pressing your body to the back of mine, pushing my hands up above my head. You catch my hands in one of yours, pushing me firmly against the icy tiles, I groan, feeling my sensitive nipples being crushed. I moan as you put one of your hands down my stomach, running your fingers over my mound. My legs part naturally, eager for your touch. You rub your long cellist fingers against my pussy lips, already feeling my juices coating the sensitive flesh. My head drops forward, rocking my hips against your hand. One finger slips over my slit I squirm feeling the heat of your finger. You bite my neck and I tilt my head giving you better access. You nibble my flesh, I can feel your teeth grazing, the rough feel of your tongue against the softness of your lips. You pull back and blow softly on the spot you have tended.

Focusing on your mouth, I give a startled groan as you slip one finger inside of me, God, I’m so slick, your finger slides easily in. you sigh against my skin as you start to work your finger. Soon my hips are moving with your hand, helping you impale me on your finger.

“More… more love… god fill my cunt,” I moan. You add another to your finger, I sigh in contentment, god, your fingers feel thick and I can feel my walls milking them, dragging them deeper into me.

Spreading my pussy juices with your fingers, you brush my clit; I shiver spreading my legs further. You push me forward, releasing my hands, which I merely flatten to the wall. You spread my thighs with your hands, catching one leg and placing it on the bath ledge.

“That’s it sweetie, open your cunt to me…” you growl in my ear. I feel my clit throb with every moment that passes, the hot water cascading down my back and over my arse, my pussy lips becoming sensitive as the cool air caresses my slick skin. I feel your hard cock nudge my pussy lips, and I squirm down, wanting to impale myself. You shy away, causing me to moan in frustration.

“Fuck me love… please… please fill my cunt…” I beg looking over my shoulder at you. The corner of your mouth kicks up, as you grab my arse, pulling me back slightly, you part my arse cheeks giving you easy access as you thrust deeply into my cunt. God, the stretching is over whelming, the thickness stretching me wide.

“Oh god… oh god… fuck me love, don’t tease me” you start to thrust, pressing me into the wall with every movement,

“Yes….fuck yes.. fuck me my love…” I encourage as you guide my hips, bringing me back on you so I take you to the hilt. Leaning forward you rasp in my ear.

“You like me fucking you my darling? Don’t you? You like my cock deep in your cunt?” I bite my lip moaning my agreement. You catch one of my hands, dragging it down the wall, kissing below my ear lobe; you press my hand to my pussy, molding my hand with yours. I can feel your cock graze my fingertips, slick with my juices. I moan softly as you guide my fingers brushing my swollen clit.

“Oh yes…” I gasp feeling my desire spike.

“I’m gonna…. I’m gonna…” I feel my mind go blank, totally focusing on your cock as it pounds into me fucking me hard, you forcing my fingers to brush my clit, faster and faster. The air locks in my lungs… god… its almost overwhelming as I feel my hips jack back, pressing your cock as deep as I can into kaçak iddaa my wanting cunt, the feeling of being stretched to the hilt.

“oooooh fuck.. OH FUCK!” I groan as my body stiffens, gripping your cock tightly in my wet pussy.

You support my weight as I fall back on you, gasping for air, I can still feel your hard cock inside of me, throbbing, waiting for me to recover. You slip past my wet lips.

“My turn darling” you direct in the softest mummer. I nod while as a smile tugs on my lips; you push my hair aside, and kiss my neck softly as you step back. I stand on legs that feel like jelly. I turn and lean back against the wall, looking at you before me. Your body is covered in water, slick and glistening in the light. I can see the tiny droplets in your chest hair, and I follow the trails down over your stomach the hair nestled above your cock, I can see how wet the hair is, around the base of your cock it sticks slick to your skin from our fucking, I nibble on my body lip, taking in your thick cock, jutting out strongly, the cherry head, the veiny shaft all covered in my juices. I swallow visibly as you raise your hand brushing my lips, then across my cheek to my ear. You catch my curls in your hand, tugging me forward with them, so I can kiss your beautiful mouth.

I lick your closed lips, and as you open them, I let my tongue snake into your hot mouth, I brush my tongue over yours as it pushes back at mine, drawing your lip into my mouth for a slight nip. You groan your hand on the back of my head, twisting in my hair… you tug on my hair, forcing my face back and up, so I am looking into your eyes. You let your eyes dip, looking down at my kiss-swollen lips and then back into my eyes.

“You know I love your mouth don’t you my darling?” you ask almost in a conversational fashion.

I nod, dragging my teeth over my suddenly dry lips. I go to tilt my head forward to look at your cock, I can feel it grazing my belly, you tighten your hand in my hair.

“Not yet my sweet” you tell me, seeing me shiver you smile. Pressing a firm kiss to my lips and then using your hand slowly bring me to my knees, I can feel the water hammering my back and shoulders, I look up at you, you hand stroking my head. I can feel your cock grazing my chin, and I tilt back slightly, so I can look directly at your cock. I sigh as I lovingly trace my fingers down the veins of your shaft, how silken smooth they feel under my fingers. I moan as you flex your hips, just coming short of my mouth. I breathe out through my nose, as I let your cock slide across my cheek. I can faintly smell myself on your cock. I can feel the string of pre-cum on my face as your fingers flex in my hair, impatient with my slow movements. I lean back, brushing my lips across the tip of your cock, my hand comes to the base of your cock holding it as I lick the pre-cum away, you murmur, your free hand coming to meet the other as you twist them in my wet locks.

I breathe in deeply, smelling our sex on your skin. I then push slightly forward, feeling the head of your cock part my soft lips, I bask in the feeling as it pops into my hot mouth. Like silk against my tongue and already red hot. I feel the faint pressure of your hands on my head, making me take another inch of you, I start to suck, drawing my warm tongue around the head and lovingly lashing it with my tongue. I jerk the rest of your shaft with my free hand.

How I love the feeling of your cock in my mouth, so thick and solid. I open my mouth wider, letting you buck into my mouth. I take about half of your thick cock in my mouth twisting my head to the sides as I slide my mouth up and down your generous cock. I bring one of my hands to your balls, squeezing softly and rolling them in my palm. I feel you start slightly as my fingers graze the sensitive skin. I drag you from my mouth, rubbing you across my lips, back kaçak bahis and forth, slowly covering them in the mix of my saliva and your pre-cum. You moan as you watch your cock tap against my lips my tongue snaking out to lick away any developing pre-cum.

Pulling me back by my hair you force me to look up at you.

“Do I taste good, my darling?” I lick my lips deliberately and then lower my eyes to look at your cock again.

“I’m not sure my love… maybe I need another taste?” I hear your laughter rumble in your chest. As you relax your hand so I can return to my attentions. You push your cock against my lips, and I look up at you, whispering as I make eye contact.

“Thrust into my mouth my love…” you smile a tiny wicked smile and hold my head still as you buck your hips, pushing most of your cock into my willing mouth. I moan, sucking aggressively as my hands snake around to grip your arse. I push forward again, on the next down thrust, until I can feel you brushing the back of my throat.

“That’s it my darling… take me deep” you moan as your hands flex in my hair..mmmm….I love feeling your throat against my cock” I take a few deep suck feeling your brush again and again against the back of my throat. I pull you out, strings of thick saliva hanging between your cock tip and my lips, you moan, as I run you all over my lips, popping you in and out of my mouth causing a sharp popping sound.

You become impatient, and I can feel your hand tense in my hair. I smile against your cock.

“Love… fuck my face… I want to feel you deep…” I moan parting my lips softly. You grin down at me, and while maintaining contact you use your hand to guide me down your shaft, slowly at first, watching my soft mouth swallow your entire length. Moaning louder now.

“Yes my darling… take it… mmm take my cock in that sweet mouth” I change between sucking and pushing my tongue out so you can go deeply into my throat. I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth, you overwhelm my senses and I can taste more of your pre-cum in my mouth with every thrust. You thrust faster, taking my mouth almost aggressively, pulling me down time again on your thick cock. I focus on my breathing, only gagging slightly on an unexpected half thrust. You look down at me.

“You know what I love my darling… do you think you can manage?” you ask, with the slight head nod, you take as my consent, you push me slowly down on your cock, easily meeting our normal thrust point, you then grip my head and push further, until I can feel your testes against my chin, my nose is pressed to your pubic bone, you shudder.

“Oh yes baby… that’s IT” you groan drawing out and slowly thrusting back in again. I moan which only intensifies your pleasure, how I love the feeling of you so deeply in me.

“Ah… darlin’, darlin’ I want to fill your mouth with my cum…” you warn me, and I start to suck the head of your cock, flicking my tongue along the tip, I jerk your cock, you brush my hands aside and jerk quickly as I dig my nails into your thighs sucking hard on your cock.

“Oh.. OHHHHHHH! ” you moan as I feel your whole body shudder, and the first shot of cum in my mouth. I moan as I feel shot after shot of cum fill my mouth, your cock throbbing, I push forward, coating your still throbbing cock in your cum, sucking the full length one last time. You flinch, pulling me back by my hair.

“Ooooooh careful now my darling..” you half laugh, half groan as I tilt my head back and smile at you. I then bring the cum up behind my teeth and push it past my lips, it runs down over my full swollen lips, down my chin and onto my heaving breasts oozing down the valley towards my navel. You cup my cheek and using your thumb you rub it along my lip, catching some of your cum and pushing it back into my mouth, I suck softly on it, cleaning it.

You smile and hold out your hand, helping me rise. Looking my face over. You touch your forehead to mine.

“Oh how I love seeing you in my cum.” you whisper.

Licking my lips I return your smile. “And how I love wearing it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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