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Eva, a stay at home wife, had just finished her morning chores and was enjoying a second cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was her husband Sam and he asked her to meet him at a local fancy restaurant for lunch. Eva thought, “What a nice way to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time with my husband.”

He was leaving for an overnight meeting and would not be home this night.

She quickly showered and chose a light summer dress that fit her perfectly, that is in Sam’s words, “Made her look sexy as hell.” She wanted to look good for her husband, and mischievously wanted him to suffer just a bit for not being home with her tonight.

She arrived on time to find her husband already seated near the rear of the restaurant. He had really gone all out with flowers, a bottle of her favorite expensive wine, and a very delicious meal. Eva enjoyed the special attention and asked Sam, “Ok it’s time to tell me what you want or what you’ve done wrong”, she said with a smile.

Sam cleared his throat and said, “I want to talk to you very seriously about something important to me in an environment away from home, not in the heat of the moment, and in very explicit terms”.

Puzzled she said, “OK, let’s have it.”

“Honey, I want you to make my fantasy come true. I want you to let me watch you fuck a stranger.”

“Shh, Sam someone might hear you! Don’t talk so loud!” Eva said blushing.

“Well, Eva will you do it?”

“Sam, sweetheart, I don’t believe I could ever do such a thing. I know you must want it bad because you continually talk about it when we’re making love. I love you and would really like to make your fantasy a reality but it is just not me. If it were ever to actually happen, it would just have to be a spur of the moment happening. How could we possibly plan something like that? I’ll tell you this much, if I ever do that with a stranger I could never let you to watch. I’d fall to pieces and not be able to do it knowing you were watching.”

“Ok then, will you just do it and tell me every little detail?”

“I don’t know Sam that’s an awfully big request, are you sure you want me to do something like that? Are you sure that you could handle something like that? I’m still not sure I could actually do it.”

Sam reached down beside his chair and brought up a beautifully wrapped box. He slowly slid it across the table to Eva.

“What’s this Sam?”

“Eva, please, I want you to at least start my fantasy. Tomorrow I want you to go to the spa have the works. Have your hair styled and your nails done. Have a massage and a facial; let them do your make up. Go have a ball, you deserve it, pamper yourself.”

Eva loved having her hair done. All the other things were a bonus, so it was an easy agreement.

“What else Honey? I know you want something more.” She said with a hint of a smile and a slightly side glance.

“Eva, go home after that, open this box, and put on your new outfit.”

“Sam, how’s that going to help you with your fantasy?” Eva asked.

“I want you to take a selfie in the outfit and then send it to me just before I leave the office let’s say about 6 o’clock.”

“OK Sam, I can handle that much of your fantasy, no problem. So this is the kind of outfit you want me to wear if I should fuck a stranger to please you?”

“Yes it is.”

“You must believe that I’m really going to do this since you’ve already bought the outfit.”

“Will you?” Sam asked?

“Honey, I’ll go to the spa, put on the outfit, and send you a picture for sure and I’ll think about the rest.” Eva said in a slightly exasperated sigh.

“Your spa appointment is at 9 o’clock.” Sam said with a devilish smile. Eva just rolled her eyes knowing she had played right into Sam’s plan.

Sam was leaving that afternoon for a quick evening meeting in another city. He was scheduled to return early the next day. So after their lunch Sam left for his trip and Eva returned home.

She spent most of the rest of the day dreaming about what her husband wanted her to do. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Could she really enjoy another man? How would another man feel? How would she go about it? Would anyone find out? If so how could she explain why? She couldn’t actually say that she had done it for her husband. Night came quickly and off to bed she went, still wondering what she would do.

Eva was an early riser. It was a very nice day full of sunshine but not so very hot. Eva got her shower and was off to the spa. Another surprise, Sam had left detailed instruction on what was to be done. A new hairstyle picked out, a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, make up, the works. It took a full 4 hours and Eva enjoyed every minute of it.

She arrived home about 1:30 and went straight to the bedroom to open the box. She laid the outfit on the bed. A note in the box said, to wear this and nothing else. She looked back in the box and there was clearly no underwear. She shook her head and smiled as she thought of Sam. She dressed in the outfit as she had promised. The skirt was cut to mid-thigh and flared and made her realize she had better stay out of the wind. She was glad that she had had her pussy waxed at the spa. The top had a V cut to her belly button. It hung open showing a lot her cleavage. The sides were cut to show a lot of side boob as well. Her C cup boobs were very perky and looked good, so visible without a bra. She smiled at her reflection; she had to admit she looked damned good.

She was still looking at herself in the floor length mirror when the door bell rang. She panicked, “I can’t go to the door dressed like this.” So she grabbed her bathrobe and threw it on as she ran to the door. When she opened the door a nicely dressed handsome man was standing there.

She said, “Can I help you?”

To which he replied, “Eva, my name is Keith, I know we’ve not met before, but I’m here to fuck you.”

Eva looked at Keith with a half I don’t believe this and a half very disgusted look. She said, “Well wonder why I didn’t expect this; my husband is a very manipulative man who’s planned everything. Come on in. I’m going to have some wine to think this over. Would you like a beer?”

“Sure, a beer would be great.”

She brought Keith two beers and brought herself a glass and a full bottle of wine.

Eva sat in a chair across from Keith who was seated on the couch. Eva nervously drank her wine and tried to be civil with her possibly soon to be lover. The wine soothed her nerves and gave her courage. Soon she began to relax just a little. She stood and paced around the room for a couple of minutes. Finally with a deep breath she made her decision. She walked over and stood directly in front of Keith and removed her rob. Looking Keith in the eye Eva said, “Well, this outfit was bought for your enjoyment so enjoy.”

By the time Eva had emptied her bottle they had discussed a lot about sex. Eva had told Keith she was basically shy, and that this was her first time to cheat, the only man who she had been with was Sam. It had been her husband’s fantasy for her to fuck another man. She enjoyed playing with toys, but she had not ever done anal even though her husband had begged for it.

She was more than a little tipsy.

Keith had enjoyed the frank discussions as well as the outfit Eva was wearing. Her beautiful tits were on constant display. Her hair and makeup was perfect. Her skirt kept working up to display a lot of leg and occasional a peak at Eva’s smooth pussy. Eva tugged on her skirt to keep it down and constantly tried to pull her top back over her tits. But after a few glasses of wine the modesty stopped and she told Keith, “Look at what you want, as much as you want, because you are going to get me anyway.”

She then took Keith by the hand and guided him to the bedroom and told him, “Come on sport let’s get with it.”

Eva said, “My husband wants pictures of me in this outfit.” As she handed Keith her phone she said, “Would you take one of me?” She posed for a frontal picture. Then güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she said “Take a side one to show how much tit you are enjoying. Then maybe we should take one of me bending over that shows my pussy.” Eva said, “We can decide which picture to send my husband later.”

Then she undressed herself and then removed Keith’s clothing. “Oh Keith, take a picture of me naked so Sam will be real happy. How’s this with my hands on my hips and me smiling? Take another with my hands up fooling with my hair. Does that make my tits look good? My nipples are sticking out a lot aren’t they? And, Keith I want one of your cock just for my pleasure. Sam has a video camera over in the corner. I want you to aim it toward the bed and turn it on. My husband wanted to watch so maybe that’ll satisfy his whole fantasy.” Eva didn’t notice that Keith had put her phone down and was taking all the pictures with his.

“Look in that top drawer and get that monster dildo.”

Keith went to the drawer and pulled out an almost real looking eight inch rubber cock and showed it to her.

“Not that one, the monster black one”, she insisted.

When he pulled out a black rubber cock that must have been fourteen inches long and four inches thick, she almost cried, “Yes, that one. Get it in me now! Now take a picture of that. Can you get a shot of me sucking your dick? I must say Mr. Keith your cock is much larger than my husband’s. That’s what he always talked about. Me sucking and fucking a cock so big it was hard to get it all in. Good, now let’s fuck.”

“I want you to fuck me every way possible, just no anal. I fought my husband about his fantasy and me doing this. If this is what he wants then I want it hard and rough. I want you to bite and suck on my tits, pinch my nipples until I beg you to stop and then pinch harder. Play with my pussy. Stick your fingers up in me, lick and bite my clit, make me moan. I want Sam to see that I’m his porn queen. I definitely want Sam to see just how much I am enjoying you, Mr. Keith.”

Needing no more prompting, Keith did his best to satisfy Eva’s demands. He held back nothing and she never once asked him to stop. To Keith’s credit, he was able to send Eva into wave after wave of earth moving climaxes before finally pumping her wanting pussy full of gushes of his cum.

Finally catching her breath she disengaged from Keith “Look, all that fun we had is running down my leg. Quick get a picture of that for Sam. I want plenty of pictures.”

Eva got out of bed and told Keith she was going to clean herself up and freshen up her make-up and she would be down stairs in a few minutes. “Go down stairs and wait for me, I won’t be long. Oh, and don’t bother to get dressed, I’m not done with that big beautiful cock of yours.”

Very shortly, she went back down stairs naked. “Come to the kitchen. I’m going to put on this apron for you to take a picture. It’ll show a lot of my tits and my ass. Do you think that’s sexy? Here’s a different apron that covers only my front from waist down. Take another picture.”

“Come on, let’s not stop now take one of me naked on the back porch. Here take one of me in front of the window completely naked. Oh, here comes the UPS guy. When I open the door naked, get a good picture or two. Make sure you get both of us in the picture.”

“Sam always begs me to ride in the car naked on the interstate so the truckers and others can see me. Let’s go to the garage and take some of me in the car.”

“Now you stay right there and I’ll be right back.”

Eva went upstairs and returned very quickly. “Do you think you can you cum again Keith?

“Yes, you sexy slut, I can fuck you as many times as you can take my hard cock.”

“Good. Take this lube get me ready and stick it in my ass. I’m going to take that big dick of yours right up my ass come hell or high water.”

Easy, it hurts. It feels like you are pushing a baseball bat up my asshole.”

“No, don’t stop I want it all in. Just slide it in an inch at a time. It güvenilir bahis şirketleri hurts so fucking good.

There now hold still for a minute and take a couple more pictures.”

“Now pound me till you come. I want a picture of your cum leaking from my asshole. Oh God fill my ass so full.”

“My husband’s going to see what a cum slut I can be. Then I’m going to let him know that I want to fuck you again, very soon, that is unless he has chosen for me to go black next.”

“You know I love your cock. Maybe I’ll just do two cocks next. Do you have a good friend?”

Keith proceeded to give Eva the ass fucking of her life, pounding his swollen cock as deep as he could. His hanging ball sack slapped against her swollen pussy driving her to one shattering climax after another until with one final thrust he shot his hot cum deep up her ass. They collapsed in a sweaty heap his cock still embedded in her asshole.

“I’ve had enough.” Eva gasped. “I can’t take any more.” She said with a satisfied sigh and a smile. “What are you going to do with all the pictures?”

“I’m going to blur your face so you won’t be recognized because I’m sure your husband will want to post them on the internet.”

“No Keith if I’m going to be his slut let’s not hide my face. Now send him the one picture of me in the sexy dress facing you, that’s what he wanted. Here’s his email address. Save the other pictures so I can give them to him later.”

With a click, Keith sent Sam an email with an attachment of his wife and said, “Done.”

Keith slowly dressed while Eva lay on the bed and watched her new lover. He turned to leave when Eva suddenly said, “Wait before you leave I want to give you a proper goodbye.”

Still naked she walked Keith just outside the door where she hugged and kissed him goodbye hoping that maybe someone saw her kissing a stranger. She then on a whim walked him to his car which was parked in the driveway.

Eva got a shower and dressed in a sheer top, no bra and some short shorts. A few minutes later Sam arrived home. She went to meet him before he reached the door and standing in the front yard with tits showing gave him a hug and big kiss. Eva asked, “Did you get your picture?”

Sam told her how great she looked and how horny it made him. Hearing his reaction, her nipples got hard as rocks and looked great through the sheer top. Sam smiled and pinched her nipples through the thin sheer material.

Eva got Sam a beer and her glass of wine. She sat in front of him so he could see her tits and smooth pussy and she could watch his reaction.

“Well I guess now you want to hear all the details of my afternoon.”

Sam said “Sure, I want to hear all about it.”

“Do you want to hear everything I did?

Sam said “Every detail, everything you did.”

Eva told him everything she did without leaving anything out. Sam sat quietly not saying anything mostly with his mouth hung open. Eva was especially descriptive of how much she enjoyed her visitor and all about his monster cock. She dwelled on how many times she had cum and how wonderful it felt to have her pussy packed full. She went upstairs and returned telling Sam that the entire fuck session was recorded but she couldn’t find where Keith had put the video.

Sam couldn’t say a word before his cell alerted him to an email. It said:

“Hello Sam, your wife is beautiful and looked especially sexy in that dress you bought her. I loved looking at and playing with her tits. What a great kisser. She does love that black dildo stuck in her deep while she sucks cock. She is an incredible fuck and gives great head. Her pussy is so tight almost like a vacuum. I appreciate her posing for all the great pictures. Oh, I especially appreciate doing her virgin ass, oh so nice.”

“She should wear that outfit you got her out to a hotel bar to get her next stranger or more. Some of the pictures have been posted on SLS under “Sucker mom loves monster strange cocks”. I used your email address for the men to seek your prior approval to fuck your wife. I’ll add the rest of the pictures after you get a bunch of requests to fuck her. And the video will be posted much later. Congratulations, your wife is now a full blown slut, hope you enjoy her.”


“PS: You don’t know me. I was the guy at the table next to yours at lunch yesterday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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