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Finally, Ethan got off the bus, and he was on crutches. Pam’s mouth fell open. Oh my God, he broke his leg. Her purse slipped from her hand. Mom was going to be pissed at him for doing something so dangerous. She bent down to pick up her purse and rushed to meet him.

“Ethan what happened?” she said. Her own voice sounded hysterical.

Karen and Dave, the team trainers, were helping him off the bus.

“It’s just a sprain. I’ll be fine,” Ethan said.

Pam breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid it was broken or he tore a ligament or something terrible like that.

“We’ll get him to the car and you just take him home,” Dave said.

They helped him into his car on the passenger side, and Pam got in to drive. Dave gave him some instructions on how to take care of the knee. Pam noticed the way Karen was staring at Ethan with a familiar sparkle in her eye and smile on her lips.

Pam started Ethan’s car and the engine roared to life. She loved to drive his GTO. The feeling of power made her tingle all the way down to her toes.

Before she could drive off, Michelle Porter leaned in Ethan’s window and kissed him.

“Good night, Ethan. I hope you’re feeling better,” she said and smiled at him with those same sparkling eyes.

“I am. It doesn’t hurt that much,” he said.

“I’ll see you later. ‘Night, Pam,” she said and rushed off with the other cheerleaders.

“Did you fuck her?” Pam said.

Ethan blushed and she knew the answer before he even said it.


“And Karen, did you fuck her, too?”

“No. She just gave me a blowjob.”

“Oh, well that’s a relief. I never knew you were so busy on these away games.” She put the car in gear and drove off. “Carrie called. She’s your girlfriend, remember her?”

“I remember. What did she want?”

“She probably wants you to fuck her, if you’re not too busy fucking everyone else.”

“Do you want me to stop fucking you, too?”

Pam hesitated. Did she really want that for the sake of her friend?

“Not yet,” she said, hoping that would be enough.

Should she feel more guilty about making her own brother cheat on her best friend? But then, why should she feel guilty when he was already cheating on her with every girl who dropped her pants? She realized with a shock she was one of those girls who dropped her pants for him any chance she got.

“So you really fucked Michelle Porter?” she said.


Pam nodded. “Was she good?”

“Pretty good.”

“As good as me?”

“Are you kidding? No one’s as good as you.”

“Not even Carrie?”

“No, not even Carrie.”

Pam grinned. It was nice to know she was a good fuck.

“I’m starving. Can you stop at McDonald’s?” Ethan said.


She pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot and parked in a spot under a lamp. The parking lot was busy, like usual on a Friday night. A few people in the parking lot jumped when she revved the engine. She got out to go inside and get dinner for Ethan. She saw a car she recognized and went over to say hi.

“Hey, Pam. What’s up?” Stevie said.

Pam shrugged. “Not much. What’re you doing?”

Stevie was a pretty girl with long, straight dark hair and she was in a car with three buff looking guys, obviously from out of town. Pam was sure Stevie would get fucked by one or more of them before the night was over. She leaned against the car to look in the window, hoping Stevie might be willing to spare a guy.

“Just hanging out. These guys picked me up. They’re from Woodhaven. That’s Mel and Leo,” Stevie said, pointing to the two guys in the back. “They’re brothers. This is Rod.” She put her hand on Rod’s crotch pendik escort and squeezed. “Want to come with us and find out why?”

“I can’t. I gotta get my brother home,” she said.

“We can pick you up, right?” Stevie said.

“Sure,” Rod said.

* * * *

Ethan knocked, but no one answered. The front door was open. He let himself in.

“Carrie?” he said.

He walked through the kitchen looking for Carrie or her Mom, but neither was there. His knee was still hurting and he walked with a limp.

The sliding glass door was open a crack. He looked out into the backyard. Claudia was way at the back, working in the garden. She was on her hands and knees, planting flowers, and she was wearing tight cutoff shorts. He watched for a few minutes, admiring the shape of her ass, then sat down to watch tv and wait for Carrie. He flipped through the channels until he found the hockey scores.

The sliding glass door opened and Claudia came in.

“Ethan, I didn’t know you were here,” she said.

She was wearing a thin tank top, soaked with sweat. The cutoff shorts were shorter and tighter than he first thought. Her plump breasts stretched the front of the tank top, and her nipples were hard points under the damp fabric.

“Carrie and I are going out tonight,” he said.

He had to remember not to be overcome by Claudia’s beauty. Carrie was the one he was trying to fall in love with, not her mother.

Claudia closed the door and went to the kitchen to wash her hands.

“Carrie won’t be home for a little while. She’s still at rehearsal. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure. Do you have a Coke?”

She got a can from the refrigerator, poured it into a glass and brought it to the living room. She leaned forward and held the glass out. Her hard nipples strained against the thin tank top.

“I remembered this time that you don’t like ice in it,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said, and took a sip.

She sat on the sofa beside him and tucked her leg beneath her.

“Where are you two going tonight?” she said.

“We’re gonna get some pizza and see a movie,” he said.

He glanced at her, but tried not to stare. She was smiling. He could see her nipples through the tank top, and her legs were spread wide. His penis stirred in his pants and he shifted uncomfortably.

“You should have dinner with us tonight. I’m making lasagna,” Claudia said.

He smiled. “We’ve been planning to go out all week.”

“Are you going to take my daughter somewhere to make out?” she said. She leaned closer and lowered her voice.

“I might. I might do more than that.”

Claudia’s eyes looked down. She put her hand on his knee.

“More?” she said.

He shrugged. “Could be a lot more.”

“More like what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll lick her pussy.”

Claudia’s eyes lit up.

“Do you like to lick Carrie’s pussy?”

“Yeah. She’s got a sweet pussy.”

Her hand moved up his thigh to the bulge where his erection stretched the front of his jeans.

“You have a hard-on, dear. Does Carrie like to suck on that as much as you like to lick her pussy?”

“Yeah. She really likes it in her mouth,” he said.

Her hand rubbed the swollen ridge that stuck out against his leg. Her lips parted and she licked them with the tip of her tongue.

“Take it out for me. I want to look at it. Please?” she said.

He put his glass on the coffee table. Claudia watched every movement of his hands with her lower lip between her teeth. He opened his jeans and pulled out his erection.

“Oh, Ethan, it’s so beautiful. I never get tired of looking at kartal escort it,” she said with a sigh.

He removed his hand and his cock stood up on its own, curved slightly to the left. The fat head was purplish and the thick veins along the length of the shaft pulsed in a steady rhythm. Claudia wrapped her hand around it and pumped slowly.

“Do you ever jerk off? I can’t imagine that a stud built like you ever needs to jerk off,” she said.

“Once in a while,” he said.

She smiled. “Is this how you do it? I’ll bet it feels better when I do it.”

“It does,” Ethan said. His own voice was choked in his throat.

“Is it better than when Carrie does it?”


Claudia’s mouth fell open. “My daughter’s better than me?”

“Carrie doesn’t jerk me off. She says it’s a waste of cum,” he said.

“She’s a smart girl.”

She stared at his penis for a few moments while her hand moved up and down on it, like she was considering what he had told her. She tucked her knees under her and leaned closer. He could feel her breath on the head.

“Does she kiss it like this?” she said. She puckered her lips and pressed them to the head.

“Yeah, she does.”

“Does she lick it like this?”

She stuck her moist tongue way out, touched it to the thick vein that ran along the bottom, and licked all the way up to the hole at the tip.

“Yeah, she does. She puts it in her mouth, too,” he said.

“In her mouth?” Claudia said.

Ethan nodded. She stared at the head, opened her mouth wide and put it between her lips. She closed her mouth around it, moved her head up and down a few times, and sucked her lips off.

“Like that?” Claudia said, and wiped the saliva from her mouth.

“Just like that.”

“I suppose next you’re going to tell me she likes it in her pussy, too?” Claudia said. The head of his cock brushed her lower lip.

“Yeah, she really likes it in her pussy.”

Claudia stood up in front of him and unfastened her shorts.

“Does my daughter’s pussy feel good on that huge cock?” she said.

He snorted. “Are you kidding? She’s got a tight, warm pussy.”

Her shorts dropped to the floor at her ankles. She lifted each foot out. She was wearing tiny pink panties, which she slid down her legs and kicked off. She turned around and spread her legs over Ethan’s lap. She bent forward at the waist, put her hands on his knees and stuck her ass out. Her pink pussy lips glistened.

“What do you think of my pussy?” she said.

He shook his head. “I don’t know. Looks kind of tight.”

Claudia squatted. The lips of her pussy hovered only an inch from the tip of his cock.

“Is Carrie tight?”

“She’s very tight,” Ethan said.

“I want to find out if I’m as tight as her.”

She spread her lips with two fingers. Ethan put one hand on her ass and aimed his cock at the pink area between her pussy lips. She squatted more. The head of his cock touched her opening. She gasped and flinched like she’d been touched by an ice cube. She lowered herself again. The head touched her wet pussy and she pressed herself on it.

She whimpered. She let herself down a bit further. The huge head split her tiny hole open and disappeared inside her lips.

“Oh my God,” she groaned.

She rested a second, then pressed herself down a little more. The shaft slid into her body very slowly and she moaned.

“Is Carrie as tight as me?” she said, panting. She looked back over her shoulder at him.

“You’re tight. But you only got about half of it.”

“I can’t take it any deeper. It’s too big,” she said, and moved her hips up and down.

“Sure maltepe escort you can. Let me help,” Ethan said.

He put both hands on her hips and pulled her down. Claudia screamed and tried to push herself off.

“Ethan, don’t,” she said.

He didn’t listen. He pushed her hand away so she wasn’t holding herself up. She screamed again. Her weight settled on his lap. Something popped inside her and his cock slid all the way in.

“Oh God … Oh God, Ethan,” she sighed.

She arched her back. Her soft ass was pressed on his lap. She sat back against him and her body was limp.

“You win. You’re tighter than Carrie,” he said. He pulled the damp tank top up and held her breasts.

She reached back and tangled her fingers in his hair. She looked down between her legs.

“I can’t believe you made me take that whole thing. I can’t believe it fit.” She sat up, her hands between her legs on Ethan’s knees, and moved her ass up and down. “God, I can feel it poking way up in here,” she said and patted her belly. “If this is the way you’ve been fucking my daughter, I can see why she likes you so much.”

She rode up and down, moaning softly, but his penis did not slide in and out, and she could only move a tiny bit. He moved both hands down to the flare of her hips and pulled her down.

“Oh, Ethan,” she said.

Her back arched like a cat and she tilted her head way back. Her long, blonde hair brushed his face. He moved his hands back up to her tits and squeezed, lightly pinching her nipples. Her pelvis moved back and forth more rapidly.

He held her tits and moved his hips up and down. She arched her back just the way Carrie did when she had his cock in her. From behind, the two were almost indistinguishable. He couldn’t wait. Sometime that evening he wanted to see Carrie from that position as well.

The front door opened. They both froze. They heard Carrie’s voice shout, “Mom, I’m home”, then her footsteps as she went up the stairs.

“Oh shit,” Claudia hissed.

She tried to stand up and groaned. Ethan took his hands off her hips to let her up. She tried to get up again and groaned louder. She put her hands on his knees and pushed. He clenched his jaws and rolled his eyes back. Her vagina was clamped around his shaft like a vise.

“It’s stuck. I can’t get it out,” she said. Her voice was hysterical.

“What do you mean it’s stuck?” he said.

“I mean it’s stuck. You have to get it out before she catches us like this.”

She pushed herself up and Ethan groaned.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said.

“No, for God’s sake, Ethan, don’t do that. You’ll get me pregnant,” Claudia whispered fiercely. She turned around as far as she could to look at him.

“I can’t stop it,” he said.

She tried to lift herself off again. Carrie’s footsteps came down the stairs.

“Mom? Is Ethan here? I saw his car out front,” she said from the hallway.

He groaned. This couldn’t be happening. How did he get himself into this one? Claudia moved frantically up and down on him and his orgasm peaked. She groped and pushed, then groaned when his cock jerked and his cum gushed into her.

Carrie’s footsteps stopped. Claudia stopped moving. He wanted to keep his eyes closed forever, but couldn’t. He peeled them open slowly. Carrie was staring at them, her mouth open, a look of horror on her face. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit and all he could think was how sexy she looked.

“Mom, how could you? He’s my boyfriend,” she said.

“I’m so sorry, Carrie,” Claudia said. She was still impaled on his cock.

Carrie shook her head, staring at Ethan. He wanted to say something, but had no idea what. She turned and ran out.

The door slammed. Claudia sighed. She tried to stand up, but his cock still wouldn’t come out.

“Now what are we going to do?” she said.

Ethan stroked her hip absently. He couldn’t imagine anything worse. He also couldn’t imagine how he was going to fix it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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