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This is a fiction and all characters are 18+ in age. These discussions are only fantasy elements and should never be thought in real life.

This is the backstory for the Social Exchange Games. How it was started?

It was 2025. Centuries of political competition at the global level has created a toxic environment where negotiation is seen as weakness. Trade war has been going on a few years as pseudo form of war. But it had crossed lines. People were armed and ready to fight.

People, mostly MEN. The world leaders were 100% males and females relegated to secondary government ministries. Increasingly, the public had voted or favored males as their leaders to lead them in the fight. This however meant that the chances of of cockfight was more compared to having female leaders.

Then it was her. Her exact name was not known. The press called her Lady Kate a top socialite in her prime age and beauty. How she conveyed her idea to world leader is still not known. It was obvious that her charm offensive was very effective in getting the men’s attention.

But it was a also a problem or at least looked like a new problem. The war was put off by the men, but they wanted the women instead. Lady Kate and her female associates seemed to like the idea. A debate raged over the world and each society had their own ideas.

In the west and other similar countries, a global debate was organized to discuss the concept of time limited free use for women. Lady Kate was going to propose a revolutionary idea she dubbed as “Pleasure Economy” while leading feminists of the time will pose question on it.

Following are the key excerpts of that debate:

(For preserving privacy, the challengers are not referred by name)


Feminist A asked, “Isn’t this taking us backwards, regarding women rights?”

Lady Kate said, “No, absolutely not. The free-use is time limited. For most of the year, normal lives must be lived by all.”

Feminist B asked, “But what about the matter of choice? Your idea is that we can’t choose the dick that goes into us!”

Lady Kate said, “True that the choice will not be yours. But why do you need a choice?”

A bit of gasp went around the room.

Lady Kate said, “Surprised! well do the math and you will see that every cunt would get serviced by an average of a 4500 dicks in their prime age. How many men do you sleep with now, 30-40 throughout your life. And then you are called a slut.”

Feminist C asked, “What about the humiliation?”

Lady Kate said, “That is a relative term. The idea is to invert the concept. Currently, women who sleep with a lot of men living their full sexuality have to do it in hiding or bahis firmaları get labelled as slut. Even men use that label to discriminate between women to have fun with and women to … respect.

In the new age, the majority of women will be used by multiple men meaning only a hand full of women (< 0.01%) will be left who have not been used thoroughly. So men cannot discriminate. Sex is two way, if men fucks women then so does women fuck the men." Feminist A asked, “What about safety?” Lady Kate said, “That is a very good question. But imagine the situation when the war happens and their is a global destruction followed by millions of men running around freely. Females will become fuck toys anyway and then we will not have any choice or safety.” There was a lull in the room. It seemed the fierce opposition had given way to some considerations. Feminist A asked, “So what are the advantages?” Lady Kate said, “The main aim is to teach the men to be civil. For millenniums, men have controlled the lands and women. Up until a century ago women had little choice of which men would put a baby in them. It is true that we have gained sufficient freedom since them, but can we preserve that and in what way. From a male view, they need to share, and what better way to learn than that by sharing females … wives or girlfriends or anyone close. From a female view, this is not a biological problem. Female mammals are designed to select the best mates by mating and sniffing out the best male. Getting banged by a lot of men would help females become biologically efficient.” Feminist B asked, “So what is this pleasure economy?” Lady Kate said, “If men lust for women, then we essentially monetize that at a social scale. This can be regarded as institutional prostitution, but it is not. Women gain financial advantage collectively, not individually. And it will not be a profession, but an integral part of the social order for only a limited time of the year.” Feminist A asked, “Coming back to safety …?” Lady Kate said, “That is the other thing, technology has improved. Main reason for women to not express sexuality was the inability to stop pregnancies. but now there is technology to not only prevent that, but to determine paternity should a male partner want to confirm. Technology can also make sure things are running in a smooth and just way. Everything event can be recorded both as video or logs.” ————————————— The bills were passed in majority of the countries within a year and 25 years later only a handful of countries did not fall in line, but they were irrelevant. The overall rules of the pleasure economy has change kaçak iddaa over time, but by 2030, the “Social Exchange Games” were established and standardized across the world. A fleet of governing bodies was joined to make the global SEG committee which has a vast network of officials and infrastructure to organize it every year.

The theme was simple. Every year for a period of three month there would the games. For the rest of 9 months, complete social order must be maintained.

For the 3 months of the games, rules must be followed but plenty of opportunity will be created to let out the beasts. SEG employed the best of technologies in their games. The games were elaborate and well planned and required good thinking and observations from participants.

Each year the games rules will be declared in Oct. Every male and female between the age of 18-29 are compulsory players in the games. Females cannot be inactive, but when enslaved in one year are exempt for enslavement by default for the next year. Males are not enslaved and can opt out of any real action or remain inactive.

Female’s enslavement are time-limited to a few weeks. There are two categories of the events:

• The enslavement itself where a male player performed a sexual act on a female player termed as victim. The victim is the enslaved. Once enslaved, females are taken to a slave brothel where they are registered and kept in best physical conditions.

• Post enslavement, females are fucked relentlessly by the paying males (or older females) over the few weeks. Several specialized events may be organized in the slave brothels.

Older males have to pay to be part of the games. They are not players, but can take part in the events after the enslavement. Even male players must pay a subscription to be part of the post-enslavement events at the slave brothel.

The procedure of releasing a female has been a bit vague in the early years when females had their enslavement increased to months by men taking special interest in them.

But no matter what, each and every female was released in perfect condition at the end of the SEG games’ 3 months period.


The economics was that, the women in return to be in the games, would get a 10% more than men in salary everywhere or welfare payments. This essentially means the collective pool of women were paid by a collective pool of men for the sexual services.

The 3 month period is similar to normal times i.e. business remains open as normal, except that for participants, things could become different suddenly. Managers are directed so that female employees in the game are to given duties keeping in mind that they can be lost for weeks. Their employment kaçak bahis hours etc. may be altered to suit the game rules, but they are still fully employed and salaried. Obviously, any co-worker or manager missing their female co-workers can visit them and get to know them very intimately inside out, in their new workplace.

For women who survive enslavement, it is work as usual.

Additional Rules:

Over the years, some additional had been made.

In the mid 2040s, it was realized that the number of women was not enough and it was needed to decrease the workload for the slaves. This means more enslavement were required. Thus, a rapid selection mechanism was established. Every year for the first few weeks of the games, several women will be enslaved with spot rules. While the normal games rules were elaborate, the spot rules were simply down to luck of the women. Depending on the game rules for the year, the SEG decides a required amount of quick slaves. Once enslaved, the rapid recruitment have the same rules and privileges as the mainstream game slaves. Some examples of rapid selection in the past included:

• In 2043, all women who are not exempted in certain late night trains of the day were selected. The train’s numbers were picked randomly every morning.

• In 2044, the final users of all public female toilets or similar private places were asked to play rock-paper-scissor. The winners walked out, losers escorted to slave brothel and registered normally.

• In 2045, SEG installed weight machines in many places. Women of a specific age-weight-height combination, chosen randomly every day, were put in the sack.

Social Standings:

Women were allowed to marry or have partners, but not have children until they are 30. If women did not have partner, it was often considered normal for SEG to assign a favored male from the end of the games to her. The man is not a servant, but provides companionship like a date or live-in.

Men had to be careful. The entire idea of the games was to educate men and keep them in check. The social standing of the men depended on the female feedback on how they were treated. If a man was voted to have bad behavior, that could get them booted out of the games or get a very bad reputation in society. As the games was universal, so was this mechanism for check. Bad reputations could damage males financially as well e.g. not getting any discount at the stores etc.

The SEG has a liberating effect on society. Over the years, men started looking for women who were thoroughly used. They were experienced, less reserved. Women who grew up during this time expected themselves to be experience in at least one games during their prime age. It also gave women a better understanding on how to deal with males, co-operative or not. As they are no longer labelled slut in a negative way, they could live their full sexuality, must as nature wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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