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“What is his name?” Her hubby asked, while pumping his cock furiously as he knelt between her spread legs.

“Trent” she replied, smiling widely and then shivering as her head filled with flashbacks of what the 19-year-old stud had just done to her.

Erin was laying on her back on their bed, her skirt hiked up around her waist, her light blue tank top pulled off her shoulders, exposing her breasts as she twisted her nipples for her pleasure and for her husband to watch. Her panties were still on and the crotch was visibly soaked through.

Trent had only finished fucking Erin about 10 minutes before and she was far too sore to have sex with her husband but he was content to hear about what the young bull had just done to his wife.

When Erin first got home and walked into the house through the garage door, her husband was standing there waiting for her, a big smile on his face and a box of morning after pills in his hand, his arm outstretched to her. He had just gotten home minutes before Erin, having run to the pharmacy as requested.

The first thing her husband Tom noticed was the dark, wet patches on Erin’s tank top, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “What did you spill on your shirt?” he asked, knowing very well that it was wet from her sexual adventure.

“Cum” she answered. “He had a lot.”

Tom smiled at this comment, then took Erin by the hand and led her to their bedroom, tossing her onto the mattress on her back. He quickly undressed as Erin reminded him of her text message about being too sore for sex, either vaginal or oral. Tom wasn’t bothered by this at all as he climbed onto the mattress sporting a very hard but average sized cock which he started to stroke.

“Tell me more” Tom prodded. “What did he do to you?”

“Well,” Erin replied, unsure of how much detail her husband really wanted about the young student of hers who, despite their previous agreement for her to only give him a blowjob, had just fucked her twice.

“He took me into the woods” Erin continued, “then I gave him head like we talked about.”

“Good” he whispered, now kneeling between her legs and stroking. “But I’m sure you don’t need the pill from head, nor would you be too sore for me, so continue.”

“He laid on me, and I let him put it inside”, she continued tentatively.

Her husband smiled wider, his cock now dripping precum. “Is he my size?” he asked.

Erin shook her head to say no, unsure as to whether she should be completely honest about how large Trent was for fear of making her husband feel insecure.

“Bigger?” Tom asked.

Erin nodded, “Much bigger.” Erin held up her hands to indicate Trent’s length, as if showing her husband the length of a fish she’d caught on a fishing trip.

Tom’s eyes grew wide, “No wonder you’re too sore.” He paused, still stroking himself, “So how did you get cum on your shirt if you need the pill?”

Erin went on to explain how Trent had first fucked and cum inside Erin’s pussy but then continued to fuck her. She was too sensitive to continue so she took him back into her mouth where he came with such volume that some ran down her chest before he brought her back to her car.

“So, he came twice?” Tom asked with an impressed tone.

“No” Erin continued. “After I texted you to see if you were upset that we’d fucked, he asked if he could send something home with me.”

Tom looked confused.

Erin them released one of her nipples and moved her hand down to her soaked panties, moving them to the side for him. She continued, “He wanted to send me home full of his cum for you to see. I guess he was sort of claiming me.”

Tom was now stroking himself at a furious pace, staring down at Erin’s pussy, her lips crimson red and a steady stream of white goo now leaking from within. “Tell me more!” Tom pleaded, barely holding back his own eruption.

“He climbed on me in his truck, just a few blocks away and we had a quickie.” Erin dipped her fingers between her lips. She tensed her interior muscles, pushing more cum for him to see as she spread her lips for him to see inside.

That was the final straw for Tom who then groaned loudly, his back arching as he ejaculated violently. His first spurt shot over Erin’s head and struck the wall behind her, the second hitting her neck and chin, followed by more and more which rested on her shirt and skirt, then her shaved pubic area as he steadied himself from nearly falling over, by holding her knee with his free hand.

When his orgasm had subsided, Tom collapsed onto the bed beside his wife.

Neither had known how this game of pushing their boundaries was going to go. While both had talked about this fantasy in the throes of passion, and flirted with the idea until finally agreeing that Erin would give this cocky young man in her class a blowjob, neither had really thought it would happen, and certainly didn’t think it would go this far this quickly and thankfully, both were thrilled that it had.

After almanbahis regaining his composure, her husband asked, “So do you plan on seeing him again?”

“If it’s okay with you, yes.” Erin replied.

Tom smiled and nodded, then continued, “Yes, it’s definitely okay, but can I ask something?” Tom continued “I’d really like to watch you with him if possible.”

Erin wasn’t opposed to this but didn’t think the young buck would go for it. She was also concerned that Trent might recoil at the idea, driving him away from her. She also felt that she owed it to her husband to give him what he wanted, after all, he’d just let her fuck a man less than half her age, repeatedly. “He has a class with me on Monday. Do you want me to see if I can make something happen again?” she asked, eager to have this young buck again as soon as possible.

Tom smiled and nodded again before giving Erin a kiss and falling asleep, leaving her to go and shower before coming to bed.

The couple had never had so much sex, nor been as passionate as the next couple of days but on Saturday, Tom didn’t make any advancements toward Erin. She wondered why until he told her that he wanted her to be fresh for Trent on Monday. Sunday came along and the same thing, no sex, but lots of talk about what he hoped Trent would do to her the following day. Tom even helped Erin pick out her wardrobe for the next day, another short skirt with a silk, sleeveless blouse. He wanted her to also wear pantyhose with a garter but Erin felt that would be going too far for work so then Tom handed her a red lace bra and nothing else. Erin asked which panties he thought she should wear to go with the bra, holding up a lace thong and a lace boy short, but he told her, with a devilish grin, that she was not to wear any panties.

Monday arrived and Erin woke with anxiety about what might happen. What if Trent was content to have conquered her and wasn’t interested again? What if she asked him about her husband watching and he freaked out? What if….?

Erin showered and shaved extra carefully, then dressed, putting on a pair of higher-than-average pumps to go with her skirt, helping accent her beautiful legs. She soon realized that her skirt was so short that if she were not very careful, someone would notice that she wasn’t wearing panties so she spent most of her day sitting at her desk.

Her afternoon class time arrived and the students pushed through the door but Trent was nowhere to be seen. The time to start arrived and with much disappointment, Erin started class. She had even taken the time to draft and fold a naughty note to Trent in hopes of continuing their game of flirtation.

15 minutes into the class the door opened and Trent quietly walked in, “Sorry miss, I had some truck issues. I may need to ask someone for a ride home later.” He was so sly about it that he didn’t even break a grin, while Erin knew this was his way of saying he wanted to be alone with her later.

Erin nodded and gestured towards his seat, indicating that he should sit down as she continued the lecture. She hardly made eye contact with Trent the entire class, mostly for fear of seeing him flexing for her again and her losing concentration.

Finally, it was time to dismiss the class, and as expected, Trent stayed firmly planted in his seat. One of the other students, while passing Trent, asked if he needed a ride home but Trent replied that he thought he’d be fine.

“So, why were you late?” Erin asked.

“Honestly?” Trent paused, “because I didn’t think I could sit there for over an hour with a hard-on while I stared at you, remembering what we did last week.”

Erin smiled, then felt the warm juices beginning to flow between her legs. She stood from her desk, then walked towards Trent, the click-click of her heels being the only noise in the room. Erin moved between Trent’s desk and the one in front of his as she had last week, then sat on it, facing him with her back to the door, her legs pressed tightly together. Erin then leaned forward to reveal her cleavage and smiled down, “So do you have a hard-on now?”

Trent smiled, then looked around to ensure they were actually alone in the class, then peeked over Erin’s shoulder to ensure that the door was closed before sliding the front of his shorts down briefly, exposing the top of his cock to her.

Erin grinned, then spread her legs a few inches, just enough to show Trent that she was not wearing panties. Trent’s eyes grew wide upon seeing Erin’s exposed, very red lips and shaved pubic area.

Erin mustered her courage now and reached forward, dropping the note she had in her hand onto his desk. She was terrified of being rejected for requesting that her husband be present. She was also questioning whether she’d have the willpower to not do anything with Trent if he still wanted her without her husband there.

Trent quickly unfolded the note, reading it over and then pausing, deep in thought.

Erin was sure he would almanbahis giriş back down now. The note read, “I want you. I want you get in my care and come to my house. I want to taste you. I want you to do whatever you want to me. I want my husband to watch.”

Trent looked up from the note, his brow furrowed, “Just watch?” he asked, concerned that this might be about something gay or bi. While Trent was indifferent regarding homosexuality, he had no interest in it himself. His concern was now making his erection falter.

Erin spread her legs wider, then replied, “Yes, just watch. He loved hearing about what you did to me and wants to watch instead of just hearing about it, and I think it would be hot for you to show him.”

Trent nodded, still unsure about whether this would be okay. He’d never had sex in front of other men and had concerns.

Erin stood. She felt she should act quickly to put Trent at ease for fear of things going south. “We could start in my car, then go to my house and just see how it goes. If you get uncomfortable with it, we could leave. One way or another, I want to taste and feel you again.” She turned her back to him now and walked towards the door, gathering her purse as she did. When she got to the door she bent at the waist and hiked her skirt up, completely revealing her toned ass, then looked over her shoulder, “meet you out front at your truck again.” Then she left the room.

Erin went to the faculty parking lot and got into her car. Her chest was pounding and she was flustered, unsure whether Trent would want to perform in front of her husband. She paused, waiting in the parking lot for a few minutes before inserting her key in the ignition and starting the car. She paused again before putting the car in drive, then proceeded to drive out front. Much to her relief, Trent was on the road in his truck waiting like last time, and pulled out in front of her again. As he had done the week before, he drove a few blocks, then pulled over.

Erin gestured for Trent to get into her car this time. He shut his truck down and walked back to the passenger side of her car and got in. As soon as he was seated, he looked across at Erin’s impossibly perfect legs which seemed longer than they should have been as her skirt was so short. He noticed her pubic area partially on display also, much to his pleasure. Erin pulled from the curb and headed home, a very short drive away. As soon as she’d started driving, she put her hand on Trent’s shorts, feeling the heat and hardness of his engorged organ.

Trent quickly tugged his shorts down and wrapped Erin’s petite hand around his long, thick cock. Once again, Erin was impressed at how thick his cock was and glanced over to watch his very bulbous cock head revealed as she pulled his foreskin downward.

She wanted to taste Trent very badly, even more than last time. The first time was exciting, filled with uncertainty but this time she had a good idea of what she was in for and had anxiously anticipated this for days. The idea of her husband now knowing and watching was extremely exciting also. The first time, she wasn’t supposed to have sex with Trent so she felt a great deal of guilt and anxiety which she did not feel at all this time.

Erin was grateful that the drive was short. Erin’s street was a typical quiet residential street with green lawns and houses down both sides, filled with average families who would undoubtedly be shocked if they knew she was jerking this huge cock belonging to her student as she drove down their street.

She pulled into her driveway and reached for the button for her garage door opener as she paused for the overhead door to open, then drove in and closed it behind them. As soon as it closed, Trent asked, “What now?” His cock wasn’t as hard as it had been through their last encounter and she assumed this was due to his concerns about her husband watching so she decided to quickly put him at ease.

“What’s now is that I finally get to taste that big cock of yours again.” She replied, licking her lips. She unfastened her seatbelt, then climbed up on to her knees, bending over her center console to kiss Trent as she continued to stroke him.

Erin’s mouth was watering in anticipation of what she was about to do and what he might do to her again. “Do you want me to suck your cock?” she asked playfully, knowing his answer.

Trent panted into her mouth, “Please.”

She loved it when men begged for her mouth. She bent further, lowering her head to his lap. He was harder now and started to leak precum as she stroked him. Erin stuck her tongue out, making sure to make eye contact before lapping up his clear fluid. She then circled his head, pushing his foreskin down with her tongue. Trent groaned loudly. Erin then opened widely and pulled him into her mouth, making him groan even louder this time as he gathered her hair behind her head and tilted his seat back so he could watch this beautiful MILF suck his cock. almanbahis yeni giriş Erin bobbed up and down on him. He noticed her saliva glistening down his shaft. She wrapped one hand around him and stroked his shaft in unison with her mouth as she steadied herself against his chest with the other hand.

Trent started to dictate the pace, guiding Erin’s head up and down as he lifted his hips and thrust into her mouth, often hitting the back of her mouth. He wondered if she would be able to get him into her throat again.

He’d jerked off every day since their encounter, thinking about the things they’d done and picturing the only woman who’d ever managed to deep throat him while he jerked himself. He felt the sensitivity growing in his shaft and his balls tightening, something that wasn’t lost on Erin.

Erin loved giving head, especially for men who truly appreciated her skills, and Trent was one of those men. She was preparing for the swelling, the twitching, the flooding of her mouth, eager to allow him to do so but also hoping he would be able to stay hard and fuck her as he had in their previous encounter.

She felt him tense, she knew he was about to cum so she squeezed him in anticipation but it didn’t happen. Trent was frozen. Erin didn’t understand and so she slowly removed her mouth from him and looked up at him.

Trent was looking out the windshield. Erin now understood. She turned to look, and as expected, her husband was standing in the doorway to the garage, rubbing his groin. She knew she had to take control of the situation, and quickly. She turned her head so that she was nearly in a 69 position and took Trent back into her mouth, pushing down hard. He was slightly softer than he had been shortly before, which actually made it easier for her to do what she was about to try to do again.

His large head pressed the back of her throat and she swallowed, forcing her own head down against him. Unsuccessful at first, she gasped for air, then pushed again, swallowing as he pressed back again. This time she felt it happen like last time, his large head now sliding into her throat. She fought hard against all her natural reflexes to gag and continued to swallow and push, feeling inch after inch of him sliding down her throat.

Her efforts had the desired effect as Trent groaned again, then put his hands on the back of her head to help push her the rest of the way down. Her nose soon pressed against his large balls and she paused there, marvelling at the feeling of having him stretch her throat with his burning hot cock. When she could take no more, she withdrew, gasping for air. She turned to Trent now, happy to see that he was staring down at her and smiling. His cock was back to full hardness also and she stroked him with her hand and then moved up to kiss him again as she did.

“Do you want to fuck me, or just have me blow you?” Erin asked, knowing what she wanted but content with whatever Trent was comfortable with this time. She didn’t want to push her luck and have this encounter end poorly so she was happy to let Trent choose his comfort level.

Trent panted as she jerked his cock, “Can we do both again?”

Erin nodded, very happy with his answer. “Of course we can, as long as you’re up for it.”

Trent replied immediately by pushing Erin’s head back into his lap. He gathered her long red hair again as a handle with one hand, then grabbed his shaft with the other. Erin opened her mouth in anticipation of sucking him but he held her head in the air, then she felt a sharp sting as Trent slapped his cock against her cheek. He did this a few times quickly, then he asked, “Do you want it? Do you want to suck my big cock?”

Erin did want it. She was so close to having him in her mouth, yet his strong hands held her away from her goal.

“Tell me!” he demanded.

“I want to suck your big cock” Erin replied breathlessly. It seemed that Trent’s anxiety about being watched was diminishing, quickly being replaced by a newfound confidence.

Trent had been very concerned about being watched by Erin’s husband, not having watched all those times he jerked off thinking about what he’d done with this married woman. The thought had never crossed his mind even when he first fantasized about this sexy teacher who he flirted with up until last week.

When Tom first appeared in the doorway, Trent froze. A part of him feared her husband’s reaction upon finding his wife sucking her student in her car but he quickly realized that Tom had no ill intention and was completely turned on by watching what was transpiring. Something primal was now taking over, a dominance going back to caveman times where the strongest and biggest took what they wanted. Subconsciously, Trent knew this was what was happening and that Tom was simply happy to watch as Trent claimed Erin for himself.

Trent pointed his cock at Erin’s mouth now and pushed her head down onto it. With fast strokes, he thrust up, slamming against the back of her mouth repeatedly and now making her gag. Erin started to drool a great deal due to being choked by Trent’s much larger cock, her saliva flowing down his shaft onto his hand.

Trent was now truly enjoying his new position as the dominant male in Erin’s life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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