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***Warning: this story includes incest and non-consensual sexual activity. I always welcome comments.

My older brother still sleepwalks apparently. Yep. He’s standing at the foot of my bed in his tighty-whities with his right testicle peeking out.

Has that dazed, sleepwalking look on his face, as light from the motel parking lot shines through the curtains.

I haven’t witnessed him sleepwalking in years. Holy shit.

I know what I’m supposed to do. Have done it a ton of times. Gently guide him safely to bed, trying not to wake him up – since, waking sleepwalkers is hard to do and it can freak them out. Returning to bed prevents them from picking up things, pissing in the corner, searching for food. Or going outside, heaven forbid.

But I’m still buzzing from our night of drinking and catching up. Laying here with an erection, staring at the bulge in my brother’s underwear. Delaying action.

Thinking about leaning over to sniff his crotch, even. And maybe lick that peeping testicle.

What the fuck?

This is your brother, man. He’s straight. He’s married. And he would feel so freakin’ pissed and betrayed if he ever found out you fondled him while he was sleepwalking. Don’t be an impulsive perv.



I can see the hairs sprouting out of his testicle. And the head of his penis shaping a ridge in the cloth.

I can see the hairs beneath the band of his briefs climbing up to his belly button.

I notice his manly hands hanging at his side, arm covered in tattoos. I spot a train, a wolf, some kind of bird, and an old ship.

I can see his barbell nipple piercing and dark armpit hair.

The light spread of chest hair amidst a constellation of freckles.

His stubbled adam’s apple and slightly open lips.

That long hair resting on his shoulders.

Ay caramba.

Just gently guide him back to bed and go to sleep! You have a big hike tomorrow, anyway.

Do the right thing.



His penis.

It’s so close to me. It’s just sittin there on top of his balls. All soft and quiet. Saying ‘hello’. Can’t I say ‘hello’ back? In my own special way?

He wouldn’t know.

There’s no harm in just sniffing it, right? Like, he’s just standing there. It’d be over in two seconds!

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I’m still tipsy, I realize.

We had a really good time today. Ya see, he lives out of state, so we do an outdoorsy vacation together once a year. This year we’re at Joshua Tree National Park and are staying at some mom-and-pop motel right off the freeway. We hiked all day and relaxed into the evening with some beer and good conversation.

We were both sitting on our separate beds, updating each other on how the year’s been going with rock music playing from his phone.

He got up to go piss and I heard his loud stream of urine pour into the toilet as a new song began.

“Dude,” he shouted, “I now have a few gray pubes.”

He flushed and walked out.

“Really? You’re, like, 32.”

“I know!”

He didn’t wash his hands, which pleased me, because those hands were touching his dick.

Unexpectedly, he tugged down his sweatpants a little to show a glimpse of his bush.


Whoa, there. My bro’s pubes. I leaned in to get a look, acting nonchalant.

“Oh shit, yeah.”

He then hid it away.

“I’m cool with a couple, bro, but I’m not ready to go full blown gray, ya know.”

I liked that he felt comfortable enough to show me his bush. Even though he knows that I’m bi and enjoy men sometimes.

We’re brothers. We both have penises, so it’s no big deal.

He sat back down and swigged some beer.

“How’s married life going,” I asked.

“Umm… me and Blair are doin’ pretty good. She’s doing well at her new job, which is cool. Been fixing up the backyard ‘n stuff together.”


He took another sip.

“Not having as much sex as I’d like, but….”

“Oh, yeah?”

“I mean, I don’t have to, like, have istanbul travesti as much sex as I did when I was 22, though, right?”


“And, like, we get down, of course. But… I just have to jerk off a lot in between.” He laughed.

“Nothin’ wrong with that. We’re guys. We jerk off.”

I glanced at his groin instinctively, and then met his eyes. Damn, he noticed.

I mentally return to the present moment, staring at my brother standing there in the dark. I know what my options are.

And I make my choice.

I lean to the edge of the bed and bend over to smell his crotch, as close to his flashing testicle as possible.

A smirk curls on my lips.

It’s pretty ripe, in all honesty, because he didn’t shower after the hike.

But I like the smell of a man’s genitals after he’s been active.

I could stop here, of course.

But I linger near his waist.

I lean in closer for another whiff, letting the tip of my nose poke his bulge. My nose slides across his underwear and finds the exposed testicle. And gently presses into his scrotum.

He doesn’t stir.

Still sleeping.

“Dan,” I quietly ask. “You awake?”

No response.


My brother’s an attractive guy. I came to really appreciate this when he was in college, drumming in a local alt-rock band. We shared the basement for almost a year and got pretty close. I played video games a lot, while he practiced playing drums. Or smoked cigarettes and talked to me about music, politics, girls. Whatever.

Sometimes when he woke up and headed upstairs to get ready for classes, I’d be lying in bed with my eyes half-closed and would see his morning wood bulging from his boxers. And would think that was kinda hot. Hoping one day it’d slip out of the fly of his undies. But I never got to see his meat.

One time when he was out late one night I spied around his corner of the basement. Snooping for nothing in particular. Underneath the bed I spotted a used condom. Bright green. With a wad of his semen clustered at the tip. I just stared at it.

At the glove that held my bro’s dick while he moved in and out of a woman’s vagina. His creamy seed was just sittin’ there.

One might think it’s kinda gross, but I picked it up and held it up to my face to look at it more closely. Feeling the slipperiness of the latex.

I pinched the tip and felt his cum slush around. His potent, snotty cum.


Once I realized I had a stiffy, I stretched the used condom onto my shaft and started masturbating with it. Jerking myself off as my brother’s cold semen spread across my erection.

It felt so good.

And naughty.

Just tugging at myself thinking of his morning boner.

Thinking of him in his sleeveless Metallica T-shirt. Playing drums with his legs spread apart.

Mmm, yeah. Danny, Danny, Danny.

I came pretty quickly after I started. Shot my own seed rapidly into the condom, mixing it with his.

I wrung out as much of my cum as I could into his condom, and noticed how much fuller it looked.

Then gently returned it to where I found it on the ground.

So that when he eventually found it to throw away, he’d be holding both of our semen together.

Maybe he’d take note of how much jizz was inside it. Maybe he wouldn’t. Who cares.

All I know is that it made me feel even more connected to my brother.

It’s this memory that I’m recalling now as my nose is poking into my brother’s underwear during tonight’s sleepwalking episode.

I look closely at his testicle and take a soft lick of its wrinkly flesh. And get a taste of his body. My tongue feels its warmth and takes another lick – this time longer, smooshing across a few ball hairs. Ending with a soft kiss.

Damn, that was nice.

I could stop here, of course.

Yeah. That thought does cross my mind.


I can’t seem to, you see.

He’s sleepwalking and has no idea any of this is happening.

So, I quietly get out istanbul travestileri of bed, get on my knees, and slowly pull his underwear down.

Releasing his flaccid cock and big balls.

His four-inch pecker just dangles there in front of me.

And I see the rose tattoo just above his dick. Didn’t know that was there.

Why didn’t he tell me?

I take in the full scent of his masculine crotch. Mmm. I am enjoying this.

I’ve never been this close to my brother’s penis before.

His very pretty penis. It’s a surreal moment.

I lick a patch of his coiled pubic hair, then slowly slide my tongue down his soft and doughy cock.

And slip the whole thing in my mouth.

I like flaccid dick, so I relish his non-erect state. I suck in and out a few times and then just let it sit inside my mouth, feeling its weight on top of my tongue as my nostrils press against his pubic hair and my chin into his nuts.

My hands find his stocky ass cheeks. And feel the texture of goosebumps on his them and the tiny hairs tickling my palms.

My fingers are so curious they creep into his butt crack and touch his hole.

So with his limp weiner still in my mouth, I allow my finger to enter his anus. It just slips right into the warmth of his body just like that, moving from dry hairs to moist and dark terrain.

And his penis instantly begins to grow inside my mouth.

Whoopsie. It’s like I pressed an ‘on’ button.

His widening and lengthening cock rubs against the roof of my mouth and I tug my head back to give it room, pulling my lips along his stiff cock out to his urethra.

His dick flings back against his belly as it reaches its peak length.

“Mmm, yeah baby. That feels good,” my brother whispers.


Time suddenly freezes for a long moment. Is he awake?

I pull my finger from his ass and rise to check his face.

Same glazed-over look.

Still asleep.

He must be in some dream-like state and think he’s with his wife, or something. It’s normal for sleepwalkers to talk aloud. Sometimes it’s coherent. And sometimes it’s not.

I return to consuming his fleshy meat, bobbing up and down.

Holy shit, I’m sucking off my sleeping brother. I’m just slobbering all over his dick like a hungry animal.

He may be sleeping, but, shit, his genitals are wide awake in my mouth.

Dear God. What am I doing?

He’s just sleeping through all of this, while I do what I want with his body. My senses and raw instincts are betraying all logic and convention.

And, so, I wonder:

What else do I wanna do with his body?

I stand up and step behind him. I pull out my hard-on, point it downward, and poke the head between his ass cheeks, tucking it under his hairy butt and alongside his balls. As my dick burrows below, I brush his long hair away and lick the back of his neck.

I wrap my arms around him and grab his tits from behind, fingering at his nipple piercing. Enjoying this moment.

I pull away and step in front of him, looking at his stupefied face, oblivious to what’s happening.

I lean in and kiss his parted lips as my boner presses into his.

He sticks out his tongue and tilts his head forward to go in for a french kiss, in a slow-motion-like trance.

I pause to observe this, amusingly.

And then stick out my tongue and rub it against his. It is warm. We dissolve into a soft and sultry make out session.

I feel his soft facial hair rub against my skin. And taste the faintness of beer on his tongue.

He moans a little.

He’s a good kisser even when he’s unconscious.

What the hell am I doing? It’s like my inner demon is on auto-pilot.

I knew it was super hard to wake him up when he sleepwalks, but damn, he’s totally lost in space right now.

And I want to do so many things.

I take his limp hand and guide it onto my erection and start making a jerking motion with it. This motion must be very familiar to him, because he travesti istanbul continues it himself, stroking my hard-on.

My brother is sleep-jerking me off right now.

I take his other hand and stuff his fingers in between my ass cheeks. I let go of them, hoping he’ll keep them there, but they fall off my butt.

Ok, so maybe I can’t have it all. So I bring his fingers back to my crack and hold it there myself as he continues masturbating me ever so gently.

I feel his fingers poking against my hole, adding an extra swelling of sensation.

I wanna fuck his ass. I know I’m just trying to have it all, but I gotta try and fuck his ass.

So I guide him to my bed and onto his back. I pull up his knees and expose his furry ass hole. He’s still very aroused, I notice.

I spit on my fingers and rubhis hole to do a little cleaning, then wipe ’em on the carpet.

I bend down, push his thighs into his chest, and start licking his anus.

His hole is moist and gummy. Relaxed, begging to be invaded.

I lick upward to his stretched-out nutsack, spit foaming and intermingling with his scrotal hair.

I lather my cock with spit, then aim it onto his ass hole.

The head of my lathered dick softly pushes into my brother. I pause to see if he budges.


So I push further and further.

My penis is completely inside him now. Being swallowed by his rear.

I hear a soft moan from him, but he’s still sleeping.

I then start moving in and out of him.

It feels so good going in and out, breeding my brother like this.

His bum is just, like, eating my cock.

He passes a little gas and I smile to myself. I mean, that happens sometimes. And I’ve heard him break wind so many times it’s nothing to me.

But to think that I made it happen because my dick was shoving into his ass is a strange gratification.

I continue fucking him. Just slowly fucking my brother in the ass.

Into his relaxed pussy.

He moves his hand to his cock and starts masturbating with me inside him.

We meld together in this bizarre, sensual jive.

My eyes are closed and all I hear is our heavy breathing. And I get lost in the moment for God knows how long.

I suddenly snap out of it as a stormy pouring of cum erupts from me.

Squirt. Squirt. Squirt.

I open my eyes and see that there’s already a puddle of cum on his chest from his own climax.

His erection is resting sideways.

Echoing waves of pleasure pour throughout my body.

I tenderly pull out my dick and let a little semen drip onto the tip of my pinkie, and then let it drip onto his lips.

After a moment, his tongue swipes up and takes it into his mouth, then rubs his lips together.

I bend down to find his cum-puddle just above his belly button. Then slurp it up and swallow.

Sweet and savory.

I lean toward his resting face.

With lips covered in his jizz and his with mine, I kiss my brother one final time.

And that was that.

I just let him stay there. He’ll wake up in the morning and just assume he accidentally slept-walked into my bed.

The next morning I wake up and he’s already dressed for the hike, packing his hiking bag.

“Dude, I slept-walked last night and got into your bed.”

Shit, does he know any details?

“Oh, fuck, really?”

“I didn’t, like, touch you or anything, did I?”

“What? No, why?”

He looks handsome as hell this morning. I feel an extra affinity toward him now.

“I don’t know, I was butt-naked and think I had, like, a sex dream or something, cuz I woke up hard as fuck. Sorry, I know that’s TMI.”

“Oh shit,” I laugh, “No, I slept through the whole thing I guess.”


“Good. Sorry, man. I, like, barely ever sleepwalk anymore. Maybe it was all those beers or something.”

“No, man. It’s cool. Don’t worry about it, seriously. It’s funny.”

He doesn’t know any of it.

I didn’t tell him that we ejaculated together with my dick in his ass.

And that we kissed with the stick of one another’s cum on our lips.

I didn’t tell him that he spooned me naked after I fucked him, cuddling his dick in my butt cheeks.

No, there’s no easy way to share those things.

Best not to mention them.

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