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Big Tits

She stepped down the path leading to the docks. Good, the ship she wanted was there. That must mean HE’S there too… Excellent…

He had moored quietly the night before, slipping in, as per usual, when no-one noticed. He had tried to avoid coming here, but eventually found he had no alternative. SHE was here, and she wasn’t some-one he wished to see.

They bumped into each other in the tavern, a night or two later. He scowled, as he greeted her.

“What are you doing here?”

“Could ask you the same question”

Each stared and the other, and each began to take in an account of the other. He observed her corseted top, holding her buxom chest captive by a mere few strings. Slightly beneath, her tiny waist emphasised by the weight above. Then her curvaceous hips, just right for childbearing… And of course, the mass of blonde, curled hair, the elegant nose, the slight sneer at the side of the mouth.

She, in turn, observed the tight-fit black shirt, the leather trousers, the black ribbon.

“You haven’t changed a bit”

“Or you”

She slipped down onto the barstool next to him, taking care to ensure that as she sat, his arm would graze her legs. He pulled it away, scowling. She grinned to herself. Victory number one…

She did her best to lure him into conversation. He did his best to avoid it. He also attempted to avoid looking at her, avoided her gaze, ignored her inane babble. Yet found her strangely enticing, although he tried to suppress it, he could feel his member begin to awake as yet again, she brushed against him. Grimacing, he stood up and left the tavern.

She followed.

They had a history, these two. For this was his home town, she was the first girl ever to have known his pleasures. And she had remained besotted with him, and he had left. Yet her desire for him remained. And much as he tried to suppress it, he couldn’t help but feel a slight desire for her. She had matured so, so spectacularly. He made a mental note to leave as quickly as possible, he hated the idea of having the same woman more than once. Except one… His mind raced back to that night two years ago, with the Portuguese Duke’s daughter. Oh, she was amazing…

As he neared his ship more and more of that visit came back to him. The taunting, the wooing, the absolutely amazing sex… He reached his cabin, waltzed in and slammed the door. Sitting down, he smiled as he remembered the way she had handled him, lying back on the bed he loosened his trousers; his mind playing out those events. Absent-mindedly, interior design masters izle his handed reached into his trousers, taking hold of his now fully erect penis and he began to stroke and grip, getting faster and faster as, in his mind’s eye, she did the same. Oh, he had to have her…

When he awoke the next morning, the first thing he intended to do was to work out how quickly he could return to Portugal. He was annoyed, therefore, when he was interrupted by a hammering at his door.

“There’s a lassie, Captain. Says she knows you. Says it’s urgent. Shall I let her in, Captain? She’s most insistent.”

The Captain growled in response, and a few seconds later, she entered. She came over and sat on his knee, he was powerless to resist as she whispered in his ear.

“Take me. Like you did before. Come on, you know you want to. Don’t deny me..” He shoved her from her perch and she landed with a bump on the floor. “Oh, you’re ever so forceful. Then again, you always was”. A pause. “Always the boss…”

He tried to ignore the babbling woman now sitting on the floor. He glanced at her, noticed the way she was sitting, her legs spread, skirt rising slightly revealing the merest hint of leg. Sharply, he turned back to his work.

“Brought you some apples. Nice and crisp, just how you like them. Only fell last week”. His mouth watered slightly as he remembered them. “Remember the apple yard? We used to play there, me and you. You used to tease me, pull my plaits. Eee, don’t it seem really long ago? Remember that day, too, do ya?”

She was watching him intently, noticed his attention wander from the maps and charts, focusing somewhere middle distance. She smiled to herself, she had him now and she knew it.

“Remember it? Mid-summer? Me and you and all the gang playing kiss-chase? Ay, I got a right rollicking when me Da found out that I was still playing with you. Told me you were no good. I didn’t believe him. Guess I shoulda paid him more attention”.

“It takes two to tango”

“Aye, but only one leads”

That caught his attention. He looked up sharply. Both were now slightly angry, eyes locked, chests rising and falling. She stood up slowly, and he rose to meet her. She took his hand in hers.

“Hey, no need to fight. What’s done is done”. She lead him to the chaise lounge she had noted on the other side of the room. “Apple?”

He took it, and thoughtfully began to much.

“Aye, you didn’t half open me eyes that iyi adamin 10 günü izle day… There was us, rolling around on the grass mid-game, then you leaning down to kiss me, and then me feeling that thing for the first time”. She giggled. “Still huge then?”. He blushed, and, catching him off-guard, she pounced. She jumped back onto his lap, and kissed him hard, almost drawing blood. His libido taking control, he responded, slightly astounded as she wrapped his arms about her; her waist was tiny. She had moved now, was kissing his neck, his face, anything, her hands tugging at his hair. She could feel his penis, now completely hard, through his trousers, and slid from his lap.

He simply slunk back in his chair as she undid the cords that held on his trousers, and took his erect member in her hand.

“Crikey”, she exclaimed. “I’ve seen a few in my day, but bloody ‘ell!” Grinning, she moved her head downwards and began to suck and nibble and tug on the offending item with her mouth, lips, teeth. Relentlessly, she continued, barely even pausing for breath. God, he was loving this. He began to feel his penis twitch and pulsate, the blood was pounding in his ears. God, she was good. Eventually, she stopped, and looked back up. “Enjoy?”. He could barely respond, such was the effect she had caused. She smiled at him, and looked him in the eyes.

“Want me?” He was barely able to nod in the affirmative. “I’ll take that as a yes then”. Slowly, she lifted her skirts up and he glimpsed her smooth, white thigh. As she raised them further, he took in the fact that nothing, not even a pair of knickerbockers, protected her modesty. Underneath that skirt, she was completely bare. His penis twitched again and his eyes closed. Summoning up the energy from somewhere, he pulled her close to him, and she landed so her breasts were just at eye level. His lips sought them out hungrily, he bit and tugged at her top until it was loose enough, and then began to seek her nipples. They stiffened in his mouth, as he licked them and sucked them, occasionally even biting. She moaned in pleasure, and rose up so she was kneeling over him.

As she sat back down, she took him inside her. He could feel himself stiffen even more, relishing to the welcoming warmth in which he found himself. She sighed, and began to ride up and lower herself back down, slowly, prolonging and enjoying. She taunted him thus, threatening to speed up and allowing him to climax, then stopping and slowing back down. Eventually, jungle izle as she felt her own orgasm building, she sped up completely.

“Now, are you or aren’t you?” she grinned, and he growled.

“That was a long…” he began

“Shush”, he was interrupted. “A lot of boys have difficulty their first time”. (He really didn’t want to be reminded of his first, and only, inadequacy). “You weren’t the first, you know. You thought you were, but you weren’t. That’s why I was so disappointed… You stopped, flopped, chickened out just as I was close. And I’m going to get my revenge”.

This was why he didn’t want to come home. He knew she’d remember. And he knew she would want to taunt, and tease, the way he used to tease her. He groaned as she tightened her muscles around him, bringing him that little bit closer to climax. With a malicious smile, she took his face and held it so he was looking at her. “All my life I’d wanted you. You were the only boy I was interested in. As far as I was concerned, the more practice I could get before I had you the better. So I fucked your friends. And you didn’t even know about it. And then you, that day. But you were soooo disappointing, my dear Captain. And then you left, before I could give you a second try. You left, your tail between your legs…”

She gave a squeeze that would have sent him over the edge had he been concentrating. But he wasn’t. He knew that it wouldn’t work, again. Before, he couldn’t climax in her, and he didn’t know why. He knew why he couldn’t do it this time, it was because she was in control. She’d always been in control, he saw now. She controlled him, she made his palms sweat and caused palpitations whenever he thought of her, whenever he contemplated coming home.

Seeing the extent to which she had affected him, she softened slightly. “Left without even saying goodbye, my little stowaway. Left without saying goodbye…” At this she climaxed, back arching towards him, and he closed his eyes to concentrate on the waves she was sending up him through the point of connection. If only she would continue, he could show her, he would show her.

But she eased off, and lifted off. “My poor, inadequate stowaway” she commented as she viewed his wilting member. Never could quite cut it, could you? And she walked away, whilst inside he seethed, swearing revenge. No woman could control him like that, no woman would dare. And NO woman on the face of the earth could get away with calling him inadequate…

He sank back into the chair, and, angrily, yanked on his penis until it became hard again. Quickly, annoyance all over his face, he gripped tightly and began to pump until he came, a huge orgasm which caused an unstoppable groan to emerge from his mouth.

Standing on the dockside, she heard it and grinned.

Inside, he swore once more. “Bitch”. She thought she’d won. He decided otherwise. Oh, he’d get his revenge. He would…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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