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“Chapter 03 of Elusive love”

“All characters are 18+”

“Complete work of fiction along with fictional characters.”

“English is not my native language, so if you are a Grammar Nazi, then I do apologize for my mistakes in advance, but still hope you enjoy the story.” 🙂

“Ohh… Stop that, I’m sore!” I whined at my lover as she relentlessly kept munching at my pussy, I was still sore and messy from the last night. I woke up with Evelyn’s mouth latched on my pussy, as she lapped at my snatch without a care in the world, I was still lying in bed as Eve was in between my legs with both her hands on my thighs to open me wide to get her mouth a better access.

“Damn your brother inside your pussy tastes pretty good,” Eve huffed as she removed her mouth from my wet snatch to get some air but only to replace it with her fingers.

She buried her fingers deep inside me as her thumb started playing with my clit while moving it in circles rapidly, she soon placed her mouth on my pussy while keeping her fingers inside and started lapping at my leaking juices, I was sore but her mouth and fingers did their magic and I slowly started to enjoy it, even though I was planning to let my sore pussy rest today. Eve’s experienced mouth and fingers did get me going and I placed my hands on her head and started pushing her inside my wet snatch.

“Oh… God… Fuck… YEss… Go… slow… please…” I hissed as even though I was turned on, I was still sensitive from my wild fuck that my little brother gave me last night.

But of course, it’s Eve we are talking about as she increased her assault on me and started working harder and faster than before.

“OH… FUCK… FUCK… Damn… you BITCH…!” I growled in pain and pleasure as Eve relentlessly kept fingering and stimulating my clit with her thumb, while lapping at my juices and tonguing my clit to make me go crazy in pleasure. I looked down at her and found that she had removed one of her hand and moved it under her as she laid on her stomach. She was playing with herself as she pleased me, I felt my orgasm coming.

“Oh… Oh… I’m Close… oh fuck… I’m Cumming Eve…” I squealed loudly before clamping my hand over my mouth to muffle my screams, I locked my legs around Eve’s head and started pushing her hard into my snatch.

Soon I felt Eve jerk, she moaned in my pussy as she came from fingering herself, I went limp and pain started to throb in my sensitive pussy as I tried to push her head away from it.

“Let go please…” I groaned in pain, my sore pussy was still under her assault, even though we both came she didn’t let me go, I cried and tried to push her away from me with force and turning myself from side to side so she couldn’t keep going.

“GOD EVE!! Let GO!!” I screamed with tears now, and panting like a wild animal, Eve finally listened as she removed her face from my sore pussy and looked up at me, she was grinning like a cat with her whole face glistening with my juices, she slowly crawled upto me on bed and we both stared at each other.

“I hate you!” I exclaimed, she just pecked me with her messy lips and smeared my own juices on my lips and chin.

“I love you too!” Eve said, still grinning like a lunatic, I pouted before giggling at her as she sat straddling me, and brought her hand that was stuffed inside her and was about to to lick it, but before she could, I grabbed it and latched my mouth around it.

“Mhm…” I moaned as I started cleaning it, Eve looked at me with desire in her eyes, she didn’t do anything as she sat there and watched me lick her fingers clean off of her juices. I love how Eve tastes, she has this unique taste that I love. As I was cleaning her mess from her fingers, Eve brought her other hand to her mouth that was stuffed inside me and was covered with my juices and started licking it. We both just stayed like that watching each other as we licked each other’s nectar off of her hands.

“You are a horrible person, eating me even though I was so sore,” I complained. Once we were done cleaning her fingers, Eve laid on top of me with her head resting on my chest as I rubbed her light sweaty back with my hands.

“You still liked it though. Besides, how would I know your pussy would be sore after you just went to talk to your little brother?” Eve said, looking innocently at me.

“How would a girl’s pussy be sore just by spending a night with her brother in his bedroom, unless…” Eve said, looking at me with a mock horrifying expression and covering her mouth with her hand for extra effect, I rolled my eyes at her antics.

“Horny bitch.” I muttered.

“You or me?” Eve asked genuinely, surprising me and making me blush as she looked at me with amusement.

“I guess both of us are,” I whispered before both started laughing.

Eve rested her head on my chest again while staying on top of me. We laid there for a while just enjoying our morning. tipobet365 güvenilirmi I yawned and felt my whole body ache in pleasurable pain, but soon my eyes went wide when I looked at the clock next to the bed.

“Holy Shit!” I shrieked when I saw 11:42 AM reading on the clock. Eve looked up at me and cocked her brow, I jerked my head towards the clock making her look at the time, she just rolled her eyes and went back to resting her head on my chest. I looked at her for a while before pushing her off me and got off the bed.

“Ow! What the hell!” Eve complained.

“Why didn’t you wake me up early!” I said as I went to find myself clothes to wear after shower.

“You have no idea how much I resisted myself from the temptation of waking you up and eating you out four hours ago when I first got up, but since you spent the whole night screwing your brother, I thought I will let you rest longer,” Eve said.

“You still eat me though,” I grumbled.

“I tried,” Eve said with a shrug of her shoulders as I turned to look at her. I found Eve looking at my body with a weird expression, I cleared my throat and made her look at me as I cocked my brow, she met my eyes then licked her lips.

“This look suits you.” Eve breathed, I looked at her in confusion but she just smiled as she kept looking at my body.

I moved towards my room’s mirror and gasped when I looked at myself, my whole body was covered in hickeys, my neck, stomach, tits, and shoulders had bite marks with one on my shoulder blade looking more like a bruise with a teeth wound on it.

“When did this happen…” I whispered in a slow voice as I placed one hand at my wound on my shoulder blade, while the other circled my boobs.

“Not my doing for sure, but, I do like it,” Eve said as she came behind me and snaked her arms around my waist, I had no idea when Ethan did this though. We both looked each other in the mirror, before we started looking back at my body as she started rubbing her hands on me slowly. I sighed in her embrace and just let her hands care my skin before taking a deep breath and untangling from her.

“We already missed breakfast, let’s take a shower so we can at least eat lunch before I starve myself to death,” I said as I started moving towards the bathroom door to take a shower myself.

“You can always eat me if you’re that hungry, I got plenty of proteins down here.” Eve offered, I looked at her and found her standing there in all her naked glory, with one hand making slow circles at her clit and pussy, her pussy lips were glistening, while the other was squeezing her tits, and for a second my mouth did salivate from her sight and the thought of her taste. But I shook my head to clear those thoughts, and turned away from her as I moved inside the bathroom and started to close the door.

“Hey wait!” Eve said as she placed her hand on the door before I could close it.

“Won’t it be faster if we both take shower together?” Eve said with an evil glint in her eyes, I rolled my eyes knowing full well what her true intention was.

“No dirty business, if you promise that, only then you can come in,” I said as I left the door open for her to decide.

“Witch.” I heard her mutter behind me as she came in and closed the door behind her, somehow she listened and did not try doing anything big except playing with my boobs and pussy a bit longer while soaping me, but quickly let go once I told her to.

We were outside of the shower soon, I wore a loose denim shirt and white pants to cover my bite marks on my shoulder and neck, Eve wore a black strappy, floral maxi overlay jumpsuit, with white and red flower prints on it, showing off her pretty legs from front, once we were ready, we left my room and headed towards the stairs. When I got in front of Ethan’s room, I saw his door was closed but butterflies in my stomach started flying as images of him with me from the night came to my mind.

“Get moving slut.” Eve said behind me.

I rolled my eyes at her but listened and started moving downstairs towards the kitchen, mom and dad both were in there with no sign of Ethan, so I assumed he was still sleeping. I went to mom and started helping her along with Eve, but most of the preparations were done already as we were very late.

“It’s okay dear, just sit at the table and I will bring the food.” Mom said without looking at me and acting weird for some reason, I looked at Eve and she too noticed but shrugged and we both went to sit at the table as Ethan came down. He was wearing cargo shorts and a loose sleeveless shirt, my body started to react to it and when I met my eyes with his, my cheeks heated up and I felt flustered as I found him checking me out shamelessly, even though I was wearing to cover myself mostly, I bit my lower lip as he still looked at me with a desire that made my stomach flutter. Though, before I can think more of it, I felt Eve bump her shoulder on me and make me look at her.

“Calm tipobet365 yeni giriş your hormones slut, your parents are right in front of you,” Eve said in my ear in a barely audible whisper, I immediately looked at my parents thankfully they did not saw me raping their son with my eyes, or hear what Eve said, I released a sigh of relief as we all sat and started eating.

I was eating as mom and dad kept glancing at me then at each other, I waited, then looked at Ethan and Eve to see if they were noticing too? But they were busy eating and mom just kept giving me weird glances so I stopped.

“Anything wrong mom?” I asked her curiously, Eve and Ethan both glanced at me then at mom, they did not stop eating, but still waited for mom to say something.

“Uh… dear… I…” Mom started, before glancing at dad, when I looked at him he turned his head back to his plate and started eating, ignoring mom, so mom took a deep breath.

“Dear, I think you should… uh… control yourself a little, for your brother’s sake,” I stared at her in confusion for a second, before my neck and cheek heated up and my eyes went wide from shock, and soon I heard two people choke on their food as Eve and Ethan both scrambled towards the glass of water while dad started coughing as well.

I sat there wide-eyed and mortified in shock as mom blushed lightly while looking down at her plate trying to eat, making it look as if nothing is out of the ordinary with what she just said.

“Oh… my god… that wa… so hilarious…” Eve gasped while laughing hysterically since we got back to my room, she was sitting next to me on the bed as I laid on my stomach with my face buried in a pillow out of embarrassment.

“Shut up!” I snapped at her, hoping this would shut her up, but she just ignored me and kept going for a while as I ignored her too.

Once she calmed down, she laid next to me.

“I still can’t believe she heard both of you,” Eve whispered in a soft voice, making me blush again at the whole situation.

“Will you stop reminding me that,” I growled at her as I turned my head to look at her, her whole face was glowing as she looked at me with those mischievous eyes and amusing face.

“Nope, your mom definitely heard you being fucked by your little brother,” Eve said too excitedly and I flinched at her words.

“Bitch!” I muttered to her, to which she just laughed.

“It could have gone worse if you think about it though, you were saved by a hair’s length I would say,” Eve said, finally stopping her teasing.

“Yeah… you are right about that,” I whispered as I agreed with her. I recalled the events that happened at the lunch table, once mom said those words I just sat there frozen in shock.

Apparently, when my little brother was pounding me in his bed and slamming his cock deep in my wet pussy, mom came to the kitchen, for the water of course. So when she went past the stairs she heard her daughter being fucked like a wild animal by their own son, but thankfully she thought it was Eve and I. She thought that Eve and I are the ones who are messing around in my room since Ethan and my room are at the far end of the corridor upstairs, and are almost right in front of each other.

“I, at first thought about coming upstairs to tell both of you girls to keep it quiet, but well…” mom trailed off as she was still looking down at her plate.

“MOM!” I squealed as I covered my face with both my hands.

Thankfully, she said that she didn’t listen any longer as she felt embarrassed, and left quickly towards her bedroom and forgot about her water as she slept with a still thirsty throat for my sake.

“MOOOOOM!!” I shrieked at her this time, still covering my face with my hands as I got up from the table and started to move towards my room, but mom stopped me.

“Fine, fine, just finish your food, please. I will keep my mouth shut, I promise.” Mom said as she too felt embarrassed by the whole situation, I trusted her and sat down in the chair with a crimson shade on my cheek and neck. I started eating without looking up at anyone as our lunch continued awkwardly.

When we got back in our room I made a beeline towards the bed as Eve started laughing the moment mom and dad left the kitchen and kept laughing till now. I curled myself around Eve, resting my face on her arm and cuddling with her as she held me without teasing me for a while, then we heard Ethan from the door.

“Can I come in?” Ethan asked from outside.

I tried to get away from Eve but she tightened her grip on me and answered the door.

“It’s open! You can come in!” Eve said before I can respond.

Ethan entered the room and froze when he saw me cuddling with Eve. We are still clothed, but this still felt a bit intimate and embracing in front of Ethan.

“Oh… I will come later I guess…” Ethan said as he started to go back.

“OW!” Eve shrieked as I bit her hard on her shoulder making her yelp in pain as she let tipobet365 güvenilirmi me free this time.

“No! It’s okay you can come in.” I said, finally freed from Eve’s grip, she glared at me and I rolled my eyes at her, Ethan stopped and turned around.

“Uh… you sure…?” He asked, looking at Eve, who was now throwing daggers at me while rubbing her shoulder where I bit her.

I patted the spot next to me for him to come and sit, but he instead took the chair next to the bed and sat on it.

“So… about last night and mom…” Ethan started but soon got flustered and stopped, I also felt myself going crimson again.

“About her listening to you both fucking? What of it?” Eve said casually but smirking evilly, I gasped at her as Ethan looked at her with wide eyes and an open mouth.

“EVIE!!” I Shrieked.

“Would you guys relax? It is all under control, since she thinks that I was the one banging your sister like an animal,” Eve snickered and I almost fainted.

“AAHHH…” I screamed in the pillow making her laugh like a lunatic again.

“Fine, fine, I won’t say it again, but you two should relax a bit too. I mean it’s still not a problem, yeah?” Eve said, after I calmed down I nodded.

“But we cannot do it again though, at least when mom and dad are in the house,” I said to no one.

“You guys can be sneaky though,” Eve suggested.

“Sneaky is one thing, soundless and quiet is another,” I said, I turned towards Ethan, and actually thought for a sec that he was feeling shy…? Not sure, but, one thing was sure though, and that is I was feeling flustered as I just repeated words in my head. ‘Yup if me and my brother fuck again… there will be noise, and screams, and a lot of it for sure…’ I felt heat in my cheek at that.

“You understand it right? We cannot do much with them around.” I gave him an apologetic smile.

“Your parents are going out though, in two days,” Eve said casually, I looked at her with wide eyes.

“Uh… I heard them talking about one of your aunts having an accident, and she was going to have a minor surgery, it is not life-threatening, but they want to be there just in case.” Eve informed us.

I stared at her for a while before turning towards Ethan, I was not sure, but I think I saw a glint in his eyes.

“That’s… convenient I guess?” I said.

“Yeah, maybe gods are set to have you two siblings bang all over the house.” Eve snickered again at me.

“EVIE!” I squealed at her before throwing a pillow at her, Ethan stared at us while we fought, finding amusement in all of it.

We were still playing with the pillows when Ethan cleared his throat.

“So… about that trip, you wanted to go around town…” Ethan started. After dinner, I decided to take Eve around town. I had planned this even before we came here, so once I was done announcing that, Eve asked Ethan to come along, without even asking me, not that I was complaining, so he said he will think about it and will let us know later.

“Uh… you sure it would be okay with me tagging along? I mean I don’t want to feel like an intruder is all.” Ethan said looking at me, I smiled at my considering brother as I sat on the bed.

“No, I would love it if you would come with us,” I said genuinely.

“But will you be comfortable…?” Ethan said as he nodded towards Eve, I turned to look at her, only to find her checking out Ethan shamelessly.

“His eyes are up Eve,” I said as I looked at her in amusement. Eve has always been wild for sure and flirted with a lot of men in front of me, but this much shamelessness for a boy was new for me too.

Eve looked at me and gave me an apologetic smile before turning towards Ethan.

“Sure, there’s no problem at all, I invited you after all,” Eve said, smiling at Ethan.

“Alright then, I also don’t have any plans at the moment, so I guess it will be fun to go out for a while,” Ethan said, smiling at me.

I cocked my eyebrows at him for that, he looked away so I just shook my head and smiled at my brother adoringly, he just wants to be close to me, and I cannot blame him as I feel the same.

“Can I kiss him?” Eve whispered in my ear suddenly, low enough that Ethan cannot hear.

I looked at her as she looked a bit flustered, I thought about it for a second as I waited for jealousy to spark in my heart.

I sat on the bed looking at Eve, I waited for the knife that I feel stab my heart at just the thought of Ethan with another girl, the twinge in my pussy and happy flutter in my heart surprised me, I kept looking at Eve with a smile slowly forming on my lips.

“Sure” I whispered with a dirty smile.

Eve beamed at me before tackling me to bed making me yelp, she slammed her mouth on mine and started kissing me wildly, I was stunned as she asked to kiss Ethan, but attacked me instead? But I did not complain as I circled my hands around her neck and pulled her towards me and moaned loudly as our tongues came in contact.

“Mmhm…” I moaned in her mouth as our kiss went hot and wet pretty soon. After kissing each other for a while Eve pulled back and we both looked each other in the eyes. I could see the hunger in her eyes and was pretty sure she was about to rip my clothes when we heard Ethan in the back.

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