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Elaine’s Neighbors: Their Story

Tammy’s mother had divorced her father just over a year ago. It seems that his lack of trust got the best of him which ultimately led to his downfall. Tammy was home on a vacation from her college studies when she noticed a change around the house. It seems that now her father has turned into a workaholic which left Mom pretty lonely. Her father rarely came home before 9 pm every night, and then it was often straight to bed when he got there. Tammy wondered what had happened since the last time she was home just two months ago.

As curious as Tammy was she decided to enlist the help of a guy who she grew up with. It turns out this guy turned out to be a natural with computers, especially in the surveillance area. Tammy’s mother went to see her mother and father for a couple of days, obviously to discuss her current problems with her marriage. Tammy took the opportunity to wire the house for sound and video. John and her set about the job of wiring the house with little unnoticeable cameras. Since the cameras were all wireless, all they had to do was to put them in place. Satisfied that the whole house was wired and working correctly she thanked John for his help and let him out. The computer in her room allowed her to monitor any room and even adjust the camera view. The video would be recorded to the hard drive for further viewing. Little did she know just how helpful this video would become in the future.

Over the next couple of days Tammy visited with the friends she grew up with. She would come home to eat dinner with her mother, who was trying to act like nothing was going on. The talk was always light and never included asking her mother what was going on. Each night after the dinner dishes were cleaned up Tammy would go to her room to do a paper she had to get done when on vacation. Tammy would immediately turn on the camera for her mother’s room. Each night she saw her mother sitting at her computer with just her robe on, fallen open with one hand busy between her legs. On the screen was some sort of story sight and her mother was reading the stories and pleasing herself. It usually only took about twenty to thirty minutes before she was squirming in her seat having an orgasm. Then she would go to sleep not bothering to wait for her husband to come home. Tammy wondered what the stories were about but couldn’t focus the camera good enough to read them.

On Friday Tammy’s mother asked her to have lunch with her, she needed to talk. At lunch Tammy was informed that her father had asked her mother to be up when he got home because he needed to talk to her. Tammy was asked to go some where that night so they could have some privacy while also assuring kaçak iddaa her that it had nothing to do with her. Tammy told her mother that she was attending a little party her friend was throwing that night and that she could stay at her girlfriends after. Tammy could tell that her mother was quite nervous and maybe slightly excited. Later she found out that she was wishing that her husband was going to finally have sex with her after the abstinence the last couple of months. She found out quite the opposite as you will see.

After dinner Tammy went to her room to get her stuff ready for the night, supposedly, instead Tammy turned on her computer to see that her mother was at the computer, fingers playing with herself as she read the story on the screen. Tammy waited a few minutes, picked up a duffle bag and went to her mother’s room. Tammy knocked on the door just before opening it, giving her mother just enough time to cover up before she entered. Tammy went to her mother, gave her a kiss and wished her good luck tonight. Tammy glanced at the computer and took note of the sight her mother was on., hum I’ll have to check that out later, but for now I had to pretend that I was going. I left the room, went downstairs, opened and closed the front door. I then snuck back up to my room. Judging by the moans coming from my mother’s room she was to busy to notice any noise I might have made. I snuck back in my room to wait. As it turned out the wait was short, as about fifteen minutes later she heard her father enter the house.

Tammy watched as her father entered the room, walking over to where her mother was sitting, robe held closed. She watched as her father stood her mother up, kissing her passionately while slipping the robe off of her. He then continued to run his hands all over her, caressing her tits, ass and pussy. He then sat her back down in the chair telling her that he wanted to try something new to enhance their sex life. With that he produced a couple sets of handcuffs and pulling her arms behind her he secured them in place, still kissing her neck as he did, knowing that this excited her more. He then pulled out a couple ankle bracelets which he let drag along her inner thighs, working there way down to her ankles. Securing them in place, now leaving her helpless to move he stepped away from her, noticing the wetness leaking from between her legs. This is just how he wanted her to be, to complete his plans for the night.

“Now it is time for you to feel how I’ve felt over the last couple of months,” her father said as he was leaving the room. When he returned he had his lovely and very young, about 22 years old, secretary in tow, with lust in her eyes. It was easy to kaçak bahis talk his secretary into helping him since this was one of her fantasies too.

Tammy watched in horror as she saw her father ravish this hot lady, groping and grabbing her as they both stripped. Up on the bed they went and both her mother and her watched in awe. Her father was not too gentle as he had wild abandoned sex right on the bed in front of his bound wife. Her father glanced over a few times to see her with her eyes held tightly shut. This did not bother him as he knew she was hearing all the moans and groans that she longed for but these were not coming from her. When she did open her eyes she couldn’t help but to be jealous of the girl now riding her husband, her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him.

His continued for about one hour with the two love birds going through various positions and orgasms. Tammy noticed her mother squirming in her seat a couple of times through out her humiliation. This girl swallowed his whole cock while her head bobbed up and down, giving him quite a bit of pleasure judging from his moans. Tammy and her mother enjoyed watching the raw hot sex taking place in front of them, although only Tammy could relieve herself with her fingers, which she was unconsciously doing. They both watched as the young lady took the cock deep in her throat as he erupted in an explosive orgasm into her wanton mouth. She swallowed every bit of it, something his wife refused to do, and Tammy had only tried a couple of times.

Tammy fingered herself to a small orgasm as she watched the exhausted young lady dress and be led downstairs by her naked father. The dress she wore barely covered her firm breasts, nipped out quite nicely now. The dresses fabric hardly covered her delicious ass. Oh what it would be to be young again thought Tammy’s mother. Tammy had heard the term MILF and knew that with her mother looking ten years younger than she was fit that description easily. She always noticed the guys, and sometimes ladies, turn to stare at her mother long sexy legs when they walked through the mall, so she wondered what the problem could be between her and her father.

She found out why when her still naked father came in to stand next to her mother, his cock just out of her mouths reach. Grabbing his cock and shaking it in her face he said, “Would you like this? Looks like you enjoyed the show,” he replied looking down at he wet spot between her legs. “I guess you would like to know what this about huh?” her father said as he walked over to the dresser. She watched as her father reached into the drawer to pull out a pair of lace panties. Tammy could see even from where she was that the panties were covered illegal bahis in cum. What she didn’t notice at first was that they were her panties, not her mothers.

“I found these in our bed a couple months ago but I was too mad to confront you about them then. It looks like you have been have had sex with another man. Well the anger has been welling up in me and I had to do something. How could you do this to me? What did I do wrong?” her father asked quite calmly considering what he just said.

Tammy was checking out the panties and thought, “Oh my gawd!!!” She knew just where the panties came from. The last time she was home she wanted to try something daring so she grabbed John and they had wild abandoned sex in her parent’s bed. It made her feel naughty and this gave her better orgasms, which on this occasion was quite a few as it had been a while for both John and her. Tammy totally forgot to retrieve the panties after John left.

Tammy heard her mother gasp and say,” You idiot!! Those are not even my panties!! Why didn’t you just ask me before you took action, you asshole!!” Tammy’s father cringed at this fact. It had never dawned on him that these were not his wife’s panties. “Just get out of here right now! I don’t want to see you! Go stay with your bimbo for all I care.”

Tammy watched horrified as her father unlocked the cuffs and ankle bracelets from her mother, trying to apologize the whole time, but his requests falling on deaf ears. Once released, she watched her mother go crying to the bed, her face in the pillow. Tammy didn’t know what else to do so she snuck out again once her father was gone. She went to her friend’s house and told her what had happened. That’s when hey devised a plan on how to make the best of he situation. As it turns out her father had been making quite a bit of progress in the company and was now worth a few million dollars.

To make a long story just a little shorter, Tammy’s parents got a divorce and with the help of the tape they took her husband to the cleaners. The lawyer’s fees were very cheap considering the sex he got from both ladies, but that’s another story. Tammy did search her mother’s computer to find that the sight contained stories that were divided into categories. The category her mother read the most was the interracial stories, you know white women with black guys. I guess like her daughter being naughty was a turn-on for her. Being with a black guy was very taboo in her time so that enraged her desire even more. So when Elaine enlisted her with a problem she had, Tammy was more than willing to help.

To read the conclusion of this story please read Sissy Boy Secretary; Ch. 07, coming soon. If you would like me to continue this series about Tammy and her mother just let me know, I do have some ideas. Please feel free to read the whole the whole Sissy Boy Secretary Series and let me know what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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