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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor and no I do not want an editor. Yes, it jumps around too much. Yes, there’s too many people to keep track of. Yes it’s too long. Yes it’s too short. Yes it’s in the wrong category. Yes this is stupid shit. And yes, I suck.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this flash story.


Tara Gao stood outside of the Super One Foods grocery store. Sweat freely trickled down her golden skin; she was sure the temperature had to be close to a hundred degrees.

“Humidity’s what does it,” she thought, pulling her long black hair away from her bare back.

The last three people she’d approached had declined to buy her a pint of gin. She had the money; all they had to do was walk in, grab the pint of Miles Gin and give it to her.

The girl had three tightly rolled joints in her purse; she’d given Terrence Brown a blow job for them. But she knew, smoking the weed would make her crave the alcohol. And drinking the alcohol would make her crave the weed.

And Tara Gao loved smoking weed and drinking gin and getting pleasantly buzzed. She could sit, feel the brutal sun beating down, baking her flesh, feel the grass underneath her, feel the warmth of the ground, and just forget.

She could just forget how deeply disappointed her father was that she had been born a female instead of a male. She could forget how disappointed her mother was that she was not enrolled in medical school.

“Fuck, barely got out of high school, what you talking about, medical school?” Tara scoffed.

Milton Verdot did notice the Asian-American girl as he pulled into the parking lot of Super One Foods. She appeared to be fairly short, no taller than five feet, and slender. She wore a simple halter top that was dark from her sweat and some very short jean cut-offs. It was her hair that had attracted Milton’s attention; her hair very nearly reached the ground. Even as she reached a small hand back to pull that long hair away from her back, it still nearly touched the filthy asphalt.

But when she pulled her hair away, he was able to see her small buttocks, exposed by the very short shorts she wore.

“Really? Your momma let you leave the house like that?” Milton asked himself as he parked his car close to the cart stand, near where the girl stood.

Tara would have smirked at Milton’s question. Neither parent seemed to notice what she wore, neither parent seemed to notice her at all.

Milton sat in the car for a long moment, letting the cold air blow on him.

The air conditioning did not cool him off though. He was still seething.

The recent college graduate and his fiancé, Tara James had rented a one bedroom apartment together. Both had signed a one year lease. Then, just after Milton had put down the security deposit, and the first and last month’s rent, Tara announced that she was calling off the engagement; she was so sorry, she didn’t mean to, but she’d fallen in love with someone else.

The ‘someone else’ turned out to be a greasy, fat slob that she’d been secretly texting, secretly screwing for the seven months that she’d professed to love Milton Verdot.

Judge Marie Robichaux had ordered that Tara was responsible for half of the one year’s rent. That decision did not make either Tara or her boyfriend very happy.

“And, your Honor, there is the matter of the engagement ring,” Milton had pressed.

“Ms. James, you must return the ring,” Judge Robichaux ordered.

The judge did not miss the uncomfortable look the girl had.

“Ms. James? Where is the ring?” the judge ordered.

“I uh, Bobby needed, his clutch was going out,” Tara stammered.

He should have been happy; he’d won the suit against his former fiancé. But the smirk on her boyfriend’s face had really bothered him. And her sneering declaration that she’d finally found herself a real man really bothered him.

Milton was on his way home from the court when he remembered he needed groceries.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he politely asked the girl as he grabbed a cart.

“Um, hi, um, hey dude, you buy me some gin?” Tara asked.

“What? How old are you?” Milton asked.

“Eighteen; they won’t sell it to me,” Tara said.

“So, uh, gin huh, what kind?” Milton asked.

“Miles; get the pint,” Tara said, smiling in relief.

“Okay, and what do I get out of it?” Milton said, peering at her small breasts Eryaman Escort in her damp halter top, her flat belly, her bony hips and her slim legs.

“I uh,” Tara looked around. “I’ll blow you?”

“Piece of ass,” Milton countered.

Tara looked at the handsome young man and shrugged in defeat. She pulled out two well-worn dollar bills.

“All right, be a little while; need do my own grocery shopping,” Milton said.

“I’ll go with you,” Tara decided. “About to die out here.”

“I bet, damn it’s hot, huh?” Milton said.

The blast of cold air inside of the grocery store had Tara’s small nipples instantly hard and the thin material of her top made this fact a pronounced one.

“So, uh, what’s your name?” Milton asked just as he was putting her pint of Miles Gin into the cart.

“Tara, Tara said.

“Bitch,” Milton muttered.

“Huh?” Tara asked.

“Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing,” Milton said.

She commented on some of his food choices.

“You know how much salt that stuff’s got?” she asked when he grabbed the package of sliced salami.

“My food, huh?” Milton snapped. “Like I give a shit what some little slant eyed drunk thinks?”

Tara stared at him in disbelief and Milton instantly felt sorry for his comment.

But seven months, seven months of Tara James coaxing him, pushing him, manipulating him, forcing him to do things the way she wanted and then jut abruptly leaving him had left a pretty deep scar.

The Asian-American girl slunk away, toward the front of the store. Her flip flops slapped the white tile floor loudly.

Milton completed his shopping and wheeled toward the checkout lanes. He saw the girl, standing near the exit, shoulders slumped.

The cashier was also an Asian-American girl, with a chubby face and a pixie haircut. Milton and she chatted pleasantly as she rang up his items.

“Ooh, know how much salt’s in that?” she asked as she scanned his packaged salami.

“Yeah, someone else already pointed that out,” Milton agreed.

He pushed the buggy toward the exit and Tara joined him, sullenly slapping her flip flops against the asphalt.

She stood, slapping her foot against the asphalt as Milton put his grocery sacks into the trunk of his car, then got into the passenger seat.

Milton wanted to tell her he was sorry for his earlier comments, but could not bring himself to say it.

As they drove toward his apartment, though, her stony silence irritated him. Tara, his former fiancé used to use silence as one of her tools of manipulation.

“Fucking talk, huh?” Milton finally spat at her.

“Why? You give a shit what some slant eyed drunk says?” Tara retorted.

They pulled up to his apartment building and Tara sullenly waited while he grabbed all of the plastic bags out of his trunk.

Inside his cool apartment, she sullenly waited while he put his groceries away.

Then she grabbed the small bottle of gin out of his hand when he handed it to her.

“So where you want to do this?” she snapped, eyes squinting angrily.

“Right here’s fine,” Milton said, indicating the living room floor.

Tara’s face burned in shame as she dropped halter top and jeans shorts to the floor. This son of a bitch didn’t even think she was worthy of dirtying up his bed.

Milton’s cock jerked to full hardness as he looked at her small breasts and sparse patch of dark pubic hair. The hair wasn’t thick enough to cover her tight slit.

“Turn around?” he asked.

“Why?” Tara snapped but did.

Her long black hair covered her small buttocks from view but Milton still enjoyed the view.

He quickly shrugged out of khakis and button up shirt and boxers.

Tara’s eyes widened as Milton’s cock came into view. It was only five inches long, but was quite thick and had a large, angry looking head. He was uncircumcised but he had skinned his foreskin back to expose his shiny cock head.

“You uh, you’re not a virgin, huh?” Milton asked.

“Ha!” Tara snorted. “You?”

“No,” Milton snapped.

She sighed and lay down on the floor and spread her thin legs. Milton knelt down on the floor, then surprised Tara when he bent and put his mouth to her pussy.

Tara James had taught Milton how to eat pussy and Tara Gao enjoyed his skills. When he plunged two fingers into her tight slit and tongued her clitoris, she barked in orgasm.

She was still shaking from her orgasm when he pressed the head of his cock to Sincan Escort her pussy.

“Ugh!” they both exclaimed as Milton pushed into Tara’s tight slit.

He toyed with Tara’s small breasts as he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy.

Tara strained up and kissed his mouth. Milton looked at her in surprise, then returned her kiss.

They thrust against each other for a few moments, kissing in between grunts.

But when Milton neared his climax, he pulled out of Tara’s wet pussy.

“On your knees,” Milton ordered.

“Huh? You mean, like this?” Tara asked and rolled over.

She got onto hands and knees and grunted when he slid his slick cock back into her pussy.

“Love doggy style,” Milton declared.

His left hand reached around and began toying with her breasts, pinching and tweaking her small nipples almost painfully. He wet his right index finger in his mouth, then began circling her small dark brown anus.

“Hey, what are you…” Tara grunted as Milton pushed his chubby finger into her rectum.

Milton finger fucked Tara’s ass, widening the stroke. Tara grunted, trying to wiggle her hips, trying to get him to move his cock in her pussy.

Milton wormed a second finger into Tara’s tight anal sheath and began corkscrewing them around.

“Ugh! Come on, fuck me,” Tara ordered, rocking back and forth against his cock and his fingers.

An orgasm was beginning to well up in her guts; it was actually pleasant, the feeling of his fingers in one hole and his cock in the other.

Then Milton pulled his cock from her pussy and placed the large flared head against her small anus.

“Huh? Ugh! Nuh uh!” Tara screamed as waves of pain exploded in her small anus.

Milton grabbed the girl’s small hips, preventing her from moving.

Tara James had promised him anal sex. Anal play was a part of their lovemaking. Milton would tongue her sweaty anus, rim the light pink ring of flesh. Then he would finger her ass, getting as many as four of his blunt little fingers into her tight rectum. But the moment he’d prepare to push his cock into her stretched rectum, Tara would clamp down, refusing him entry.

“Aieegh!” Tara Gao screamed at the top of her lungs as the flared head of the fat cock pushed in past her sphincter.

Milton clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent any further screams. And still he pressed his fat cock, slowly pushing into her resisting bowels.

Tara toyed very briefly with the idea of biting the man’s hand. But he was bigger than her, heavier than her, stronger than her. She didn’t know how this stranger would react to having his hand bitten.

She squeezed as hard as she could, tried to will her muscles to push his large cock out of her.

“God, yeah, that’s it, God you got a great ass,” Milton praised as her anal sheath squeezed and milked his cock

Then he reached his other hand underneath her and stroked up and down her wet pussy.

“Aieegh!” Tara screamed into Milton’s hand as an unexpected orgasm pounded through her small frame.

Milton waited until she stopped shuddering, then found her clitoris again and again stroked the sensitive nub.

“Aieegh, oh God, please! Please stop, fuck, please stop!” Tara sobbed into Milton’s hand as the orgasm sucked all of her strength out of her.

Milton made the mistake of looking down, looking at his fat cock being strangled by her dark brown ring of flesh.

“Aw fucking shit, damn it!” Milton cried out and jerked as white hot semen flooded out of his cock and into the small eighteen year old girl’s bowels.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Tara grunted as Milton’s hand fell away from her mouth.

A rumbling fart escaped her anus as Milton pulled his slimy cock from her backdoor.

Tara grunted a few times as she got to stiff legs.

She grunted in pain as she dressed.

“Here, I uh, here, all right?” Milton said, handing the girl a twenty dollar bill.

“Huh? What? Mother fucker, I ain’t a whore,” Tara spat angrily.

“Shit!” Milton scoffed. “Want to bet?”

She didn’t answer, just stomped to his door and jerked it open. With a final scathing look, she slammed his door shut.

The park where she liked to sit and smoke and drink was only a few blocks from Milton’s apartment. Tara managed to stomp to the park before the overwhelming urge to void gripped her quite painfully.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she chanted as she scurried to the bathroom.

The bathroom Etlik Escort was well lighted, clean, and well stocked. Tara would have loved to smoke her joints in the bathroom, except for the fact that the DeGarde Police Department routinely patrolled the bathrooms.

They did not routinely patrol the picnic area though and Tara found a picnic table to sit at.

She liked to smoke and drink at the tables. Then, when she was pleasantly stoned and drunk, she could crawl underneath the table and feel safe, protected.

Once, she’d lay underneath a table during a thunderstorm and had gotten only a little wet from the pelting rain. But it had felt warm, safe.

The need to void again roused Tara from her semi-slumber and she crawled out from underneath the table.

After using the facilities, she wandered home.

Her father was watching CNN when she entered the house.

“Hmph!” was his only response.

Tara wearily went into the bathroom and showered away that evening’s sweat and grass from her skin and hair. She dried off, pulled on her San Diego Chargers football jersey and went to bed.

She wore the Chargers jersey in an effort to gain some attention, some acceptance from her father. He was a San Diego Chargers fan.

During the night, her anus itched and throbbed with a pleasant warmth and twice Tara masturbated, thinking of anal sex.

At his own apartment, Milton felt waves of shame wash over him, and felt waves of excitement. The two sensations warred within him until he fell asleep.


Tara Gao stood in the parking lot of the grocery store, late afternoon sun beating down on her. She was wearing a long tee shirt over her shorts; to the casual observer it appeared that the small Asian-American girl had nothing on underneath the shirt.

So far, she’d approached five men and one woman, but all had declined to buy her a pint of gin.

She saw one of the store’s employees come out and look directly at her. The young man approached her, hard look on his face and Tara turned to run. She had three tightly rolled joints and a small bag of good weed in her purse; last thing she needed was for the cops to come; they would just take her weed.

Milton pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store. Since that night, he’d looked over every time he drove past the grocery store, but had not seen the small girl in the parking lot.

Tonight, though, he needed some groceries; loaf of bread, some salami and Swiss cheese, maybe even some Little Debbie snacks for his lunch.

And there she was, darting right in front of his car.

Milton slammed on his brakes, narrowly avoiding her.

“Tara, damn it!” he yelled at her.

She heard him yell and turned, recognizing the voice.

She tried his passenger door.

Milton hit the button and the door unlocked. Tara jumped in.

“Go! Go! Go!” she begged.

Milton didn’t know what she was running from but decided it would be a good idea to go, go, go.

He put the car in reverse, floored the accelerator and left a strip of rubber in the parking lot.

On the street again, he put the car into Drive and drove, leaving another strip of rubber on the street.

“Man, Dude!” Tara laughed. “I didn’t know a Kia could do that!”

“Uh, it’s a Nissan,” Milton laughed.

Whatever crisis it was that she was running from seemed to have passed, so he slowed down and drove to the Piggly Wiggly supermarket in DeGarde, Louisiana.

“They sell gin here?” Tara asked, getting out of her car.

“It’s Louisiana, Tara,” Milton said. “They even sell gin at gas stations.”

“But don’t drink and drive,” Tara intoned.

She actually took his arm in hers, clinging to him as he grabbed a grocery cart. Then, just as she had done the first time they met, she critiqued everything he put into his basket.

In the ‘Health & Beauty Aids’ aisle, she looked with interest as he located a large jar of petroleum jelly.

“Is that for…?” she asked, voice a tight whisper.

“That’s for…” he affirmed and she shivered, then kissed him.

On the liquor aisle, she found a pint of a cheap gin. Milton picked up a fifth of a slightly higher quality gin.

“Hey, I uh, I buy this, you stay? I mean, until it’s gone?” he asked.

She looked at the fifth, then at his anxious face.

Tara put the cheap pint of gin back on the shelf, reached into his basket and picked up the large jar of petroleum jelly.

“I stay until this is gone,” she bargained.


**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I thank you for reading my stories.

I especially thank those that take the time to rate my stories, leave comments.

Have a warm and fuzzy day. Find a nice park picnic table to sit at. Or a nice supermarket parking lot to cruise.

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