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I sat at my desk and tried to figure out what I wanted to say in the add for the classified section of the paper. My primary need was for a driver, since my eyesight was giving me problems, I didn’t feel safe on the road anymore. I looked at what I had written.

Driver Wanted

Clean license,sometyping or computer skills a plus. Age or sex no factor.
$9.00 per hour to start. Call 352 566 3707.

Hell, that would have to do. I called it in to two papers.

Several days later the calls started coming in. I tried to screen them as best I could. I invited a few out and interviewed them. None of them was acceptable to me. I really didn’t have any particular type of person in mind, but for it to work it would have to be someone I was comfortable with. I would be spending a lot of time in their company. I was thinking of calling an employment agency when I received a call from an interesting sounding young lady. I invited her for an interview. The next morning I opened the door and was astounded by the beauty of the girl standing before me. She was stunning, huge brown slightly slanted eyes, long brown hair with red tints. Her skin was a light beige color. She had a lovely smile. I invited her in. Her name was Kim Lee. We sat and talked and I liked what I heard, she was smart, witty, and fun to talk to. She was very poorly dressed and was wearing run down sneakers and little or no make-up. I asked if she would like something to drink and offered coffee, pop, or milk. She said she would love some milk. I fixed two glasses and as an afterthought picked up some cookies and put them on a plate. She gulped down the milk and swallowed two cookies quickly. I could see she wanted more but was afraid to take them. I had seen the look in her eyes when she saw the cookies. “When did you eat last, young lady?” I asked. She looked at me and said she was sorry she had been rude. I said, “Please answer my question, I can fix you something if you are hungry. She started crying and I couldn’t stand to see her sob. “Please, girl, talk to me. I won’t hurt you.”

She sobbed and said she hadn’t eaten in three days. I jumped up and quickly opened a can of chicken noodle soup and put in a bowl and zapped it in the microwave and gave it to her. “Please don’t eat too fast and make your self sick. Are you down on your luck?”

She ate the soup slowly. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and smiled little. She nodded her head and said, “I am about to be kicked out of my apartment, I have no where to take my little boy. He has been sick and the bills ate up all my savings and I couldn’t work while he was sick. I am desperate for a job. I won’t sell my body, I will die first. I used my last gas to get here. I don’t know what to do.”

I looked at her, “Can you work on a computer, do you have a clean driving record, can you travel if you have a child?”

She looked at me and I saw a steely determination in her eyes, “Yes I can do all of those things. I can do word processing, I can make arrangements to travel if it is not for too long.”

“Ok, you are hired. I will advance you a weeks pay now. If I do will you show up tomorrow?”

“YES, oh! Yes I will not let you down. Let me give you my driver’s license number and my cell phone number. I will have to work out something about child care and find a motel for tonight. Are there any near here?”

“Not that I know about, listen I am all alone in this big house, let me show you something. Come with me. See this suite of rooms, bedroom, bathroom and small parlor. I can rent them to you for a small amount if you will help care for the house too.”

She looked at me and started crying. “Why would you do that for me?”

“Because I need help, I have a maid who comes in three times a week, but I still spend too much time messing around with house work. I am going to work the hell out of you. And probably put your boy to work too.”

She just sat on the bed and looked at me. “I won’t let you down. Can I go get him now?”

“Sure, why not? Let me give you some money. Let’s see, mmmm, here is $360.00. We will have to work out the pay versus rent later, OK?”

She jumped up and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you, thank you, how can I ever repay you?”

“Humphf! Just work hard, that’s all I want.”

In about three hours she was back. She brought her son to meet me. He was a bright, happy child, lighter skinned than his mother and with blond hair. She said “Jason, go give Mr. Alan a hug, then shake his hand and tell him you are glad to meet him.”

She started carrying her belongings into the house. They were pretty meager. Her wardrobe was in three plastic shopping bags. He had more clothes than she did. She watched him like a hawk, actually he was exceptionally well behaved, I thought. She had bought some groceries and she wanted to know if they could use some of the refrigerator space. “Dear girl, use all you want, I don’t cook much just for myself. I order from Küçükköy escort the restaurant down the road a ways.”

She smiled at me, “I love to cook, I will cook for all of us if you want. I got meat for a meatloaf for tonight if you would like to join us.”

“Why thank you very much, are you sure you have enough? Use anything you want out of the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. I have a lot of stuff that will just go bad if it isn’t used.”

After a very tasty meal she put Jerry, her son, to bed. I asked her to come out and talk with me for a while. I explained that I was a writer and we would have to go to book signings and cocktail parties. I would take her shopping in a day or two after she was settled in a little. I would buy her a whole new wardrobe suitable for these occasions. We would write the clothes off as a business expense. “You are kidding me. I haven’t had any thing new in years. I do without so Jerry has what he needs.”

“These will be business tools, Jerry will get what he needs, I know you will see to that. Do you know how to use a Palm Pilot.”

“No, I know what they are, but I have never used one.”

I went to the office and brought my Palm Pilot and handed it to her. She looked it over carefully.

“Can I turn it on?”


Those big eyes looked at me, “This works just like a computer. Here is the menu. Wow! You have your schedule on here for months ahead.”

“Right, you will be responsible for keeping it up to date from now on. What is the next event coming up?”

“Looks like a cocktail party in Miami next week. We will be gone overnight, right?”

“Not normally, I have my own airplane, and we will fly down and back. We should be back by 10 at night. I don’t spend one moment longer than necessary at those affairs. Once in a while something will come up and delay me, like bad weather or something, but if I know the weather is going to be too bad I fly on commercial airlines or don’t go at all. There is a very nice lady next door. I think if you talk to her she would baby sit for you. Her name is Anna. I know her quite well, I would trust her with my life, and she could use the extra money, she has three youngsters of her own.”

“That sounds good.”

“Hey I just thought of something, come to the office with me.” We went to the office and I fired up the computer. I typed in www.victoria’ and hit go. I had Kim sit at the desk.

“Kim, pick out four complete outfits, from the skin out, shoes, hats, coats and remember to get at least one cocktail dress. Winter is coming on so pick fall and winter stuff. I do have to go north every now and then so allow for that. Have you ever lived in cold weather? Good, you know what you need. Fill your cart and I will be back in an hour and check it out. Then pay for it all.”

When I came back she smiled at me and said, “I don’t know when I have had so much fun.”

“All right girl, show me what you have ordered. OK, I like that. That is nice too. Hey! Very nice, did you order any boots? That would look good with boots.”

“Yes,, I ordered one pair of black stretch spikes and one pair of brown lower heel warm boots.”

“Good for you girl, let’s see what else you ordered. That, wow, that ought to turn some heads, I love it. Look at those, Get these two outfits. You will be able to swap tops and bottoms. Get two more sweaters and more blouses. Good. Now lingerie. Yes, Yes, No, I don’t like that. Do you really like it? Ha! I thought so. How about this bra. Did you include stockings and garter belts?”

She looked at me and said, “I always wore pantyhose.”

“Unless the weather is below freezing I hate them on a woman. They effect the way they walk and the way they carry themselves. I don’t really know why, but it generally works that way. I think when a woman is dressed hot and sexy it make her more self-confident and attractive. I don’t mean cheap or sluty. I don’t go for that. I guess I don’t make my self clear. Do you know what I mean?”

“Strangely enough, I do know what you mean, if you don’t have confidence in how you look you can’t be confident in what you are doing.”

“Exactly girl, exactly, and for most women that means sexually attractive until they are almost seventy years old. I also think that if you know you look hot, sexy, whatever, you do not try to attract men, it just happens. Then you can pick and choose.”

“It has been so long I have forgotten what it is like to do that. Now I just get rid of them as fast as I can. When I mention I’m an unwed mother it usually does the trick as far as anyone wanting anything but a quickie.”

I saw the tears in her eyes and kissed her forehead, “Sweetheart, when we have time I will teach you how to get any man you want to ask you to marry him. Jerry and all. I promise.”

“You are kidding, right?”

“I am dead serious. I have shown very plain girls how to do it, with you it will be easy. Mecidiyeköy escort bayan You’re are a very beautiful and desirable woman to start with.”

“ME, you are nuts. I am a plain amerasian girl, that is two strikes against me already.”

I grinned at her, “You are wrong, dead wrong, you will see, give me a few days and do as you are told and you will see. By the time we get back from Miami you will see.” I kissed her on the nose and went to bed.

We went the next morning and met Anna. She fell in love with Jerry and said she would care for him for nothing. I told Anna that that idea would not fly and that she would get paid. We left Jerry with Anna and went shopping. It was a cool day and it was pleasant.

Kim drove my Caddy for the first time. She was a good driver. I had to get her to relax though. She was afraid she would ding it. We went to Burdines in the mall. I bought her a couple pairs of jeans, a plaid skirt, a rust colored jacket and several sweaters and a couple of blouses. We went in Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Store and I picked out four bras and some panties for her.

We went to the food court for lunch. She was a pure pleasure to be with. We walked the Mall after lunch and she saw some boots and pointed them out to me. She tried them on and I loved the way they looked on her. She wore them home. I spotted a cosmetics shop and wheeled her in and told the clerk I wanted her to start fresh with a new hot look. The woman smiled and said, “I have just the person here to do that for you. It turned out there was a makeup artist demonstrating new products to the sales personnel. Kim got a professional make up job for the price of her make-up. By the time we left the mall to go grocery shopping she was wearing everything new from the skin out. She shined, she was gorgeous and strutted her stuff. I grinned at her and asked her how she felt. She stopped dead in her tracks. She looked up at me. She pulled my head down and gave me a long kiss on the lips, I felt the blood surge through my body. I pulled away quickly and shifted shopping bags to cover my erection. She grinned and said, “I know what you mean now. Wow! I do feel different. I feel wonderful.”

“You look wonderful, I love it. Let’s get some groceries and go home, my feet are giving out.”

The big smile never left Kim’s face, and I must confess I smiled a lot to see her so happy. She made me tingle down to my toes. Damn, I don’t need to fall in love with this child who will have studs swarming around her like bees to honey. Oh! Well! She’ll look good on my arm for a little while.

Her new outfits from Victoria’s Secret arrived in a couple of days. They were really gorgeous on her. Old men shouldn’t be allowed that close to that much beauty, knowing they will never touch it is devastating. Suicide seems a reasonable option. It really put me in the dumps for a while. Being around Kim was so wonderful for me I climbed out of my funk. She knew something was bothering me. I couldn’t tell her what was wrong.

I took Kim and Jerry and went out in my pontoon boat one morning. Kim and Jerry had never been on the river before. I cooked sausage with peppers and onions sandwiches on the gas grill on the boat. They loved it. Had a damned fine day myself.

The next day I told Kim to put on jeans and a light blouse and to bring a jacket. I took her flying in my pride and joy. She loved it when I let her fly it by herself. She made me promise to teach her how to fly. I showed her how to raise and lower the landing gear and how to read me the check lists. We spent a couple of hours just tooling around. I had her fly down a road with a cross wind where she had to crab into the wind to fly down the road. She was very happy. She helped me push the plane into the hanger. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged and kissed me. Saying she was so happy because of me. I told her to calm down and drive me home. I wanted to teach her how to plan a flight to Miami. We spent hours with our heads together planning the flight. When we were through I showed her how to do it on the computer. It took thirty seconds. She was laughing and half mad until I asked her what she would do if we had to change our destination while we were in the air. She said, “I guess you really do have to know how to do it without a computer.”

She looked at me and gave me a little smile, “I can learn everything from you if I just listen to you.”

The flight to Miami was lovely. We arrived on time and the limo was waiting. We entered the elegant penthouse overlooking Biscayne Bay for the cocktail party and Kim disappeared. I knew what had happened, I found a bar and got each of us a drink. I was collared by a group of publishers then cornered by some media types. When I got loose I went directly for a large group of men in one corner and pushed my way to the center. As I expected Kim was the center of attraction. I caught her eye and she jumped up and threw Escort Merter her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. Wow! She clung to my arm with a grip like a vise. She whispered, “Don’t leave me again or someone will get hurt. What a bunch of slime balls.” As we walked over to the bar a young man blocked our way and asked Kim for a dance. She smiled sweetly at him and said, “No thank you, I have a partner for the rest of the evening.” She said that four more times before we got to the bar. We each had one drink and ate some delicious canapés and hors d’oeuvres and caught the elevator to the lobby. As per my instructions the limo waited. When we were settled in the car and on our way. I turned to Kim and said, “Now wasn’t that a total and complete waste of time?”

She looked at me and shook her head. “Wow! What a bunch of losers. All they wanted to do was try to impress me with how important they were. Then they wanted me to go somewhere else with them. I must have been felt up ten times. I had to stomp on one guys foot with my spike heel to get him to let go of my breast. Do we have to go to those places.”

“Dearest Girl, I am so sorry, I didn’t know it would be that bad for you. Do you have my cell phone in your purse? Thank you.” I dialed a number. “Let me talk to Mr. Burns this is Alan Gordon. Frank, this is Alan, I wanted to thank you for a lovely party but I just can’t. My date left in tears from the way she was manhandled and propositioned all the time she was there. Yes, I am pissed, wouldn’t you be? No I don’t think I ever want to come back. Take care. Bye.” I turned to her and pulled her to me and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Sweetheart. Heads are rolling in that penthouse right now. All most every one of those young guys there work for Burns. He will raise hell. If word of this gets out he will never get anyone to come to his parties. He will be calling me shortly on the cell phone. Don’t answer it.

Please forgive me.” I had to laugh, “I told you I would make you beautiful and irresistible didn’t I?”

She looked sharply at me with a frown. Then a little smile grew on her face. She couldn’t keep from laughing. She snuggled against me and I put my arm around her. She whispered, “Now I feel safe.” It felt so good having her close to me I hated to get out of the limo and into the plane.

We arrived home on time and called Anna and she suggested we leave Jerry there for the night because he was already asleep. Kim and I had a cocktail and ordered pizza from down the street. We sat and talked for hours. She said she was going to get Jerry in the morning and go visit her mother in the city. I said I was unhappy about her driving her old junker and for her to take the Caddy or the truck. She said she had never driven the truck so she would take the Cadillac. I told her that the next day being Saturday, she could do as she pleased. She got up and went to her room and came back wearing a baby-doll gown. She looked adorable. I stood and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. My blood pounded in my cock and I was afraid she would feel it. I pushed her back and said good night and went to my room.

The next morning she had coffee for me and fixed my breakfast before she left. I fussed at her for doing all that for me. She knew from my smile that I really loved it.

About an hour or so after she left the phone rang and it was Anna. Anna said she needed to see me. I went right over. We sat at her kitchen table and she looked at me and said, “Alan, there is a problem you need to handle.” I started to question her and she held up her hands. “Jerry is a sweet little boy, just as well behaved as any child I have ever seen. He gets into things like boys do, but he will not fib about it. He told me that he is worried about his mother. He says she cries every night about someone. She says his name over and over in her sleep. He says she is in love. I know that too. I can see it in her eyes. She has it bad.”

I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think. I wanted to run. Tears ran from my eyes. I wiped my eyes and looked at Anna, “I guess I expected this, she is so wonderful and beautiful. I knew some one would grab her.”

Anna took my hand and held it, “Alan, you silly fool. You are the man she is in love with. Don’t you know that?

I just stared at her. “ME. I love her with all my heart but I am too old for her.”

“Alan, Dear, I sat here for an hour this morning and listened to her pour her heart out to me. You are not going to win the too old argument with her. She told me that even if she only had a year or two with you she would be the luckiest woman in the world. She said she would sign anything you want so she inherits nothing. She just wants you to be her man. She even asked me if you were queer. She said she practically threw her self at you last night and you ran off to bed.”

“Anna she had on the cutest baby-doll you have ever seen. She kissed me and I had to run. Pardon me, Anna, but I had the biggest erection of my life. I was afraid I would scare her to death. I was terrified she would slap my face and run out of my life. I think that would kill me. I can’t think of living without her in my life.”

“Hell, Alan I’ve known that for a week.”

“Anna, you are a dear friend. Could I ask you a favor?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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