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Thanks to all of you who comment and offer opinions. I’d love it if you gave me suggestions on how you want this to go. Or would you like me to keep surprising you? And to Nick, you are absolutely cool. Kisses to y’all!!!! Nefatiri



“Not today. Have to do some stuff.”

“This week?”

“I’m not sure when I’ll be free or even in the mood to be out.”

“You can come to mine or I come to yours.”

“Can I get back to you on that one?”

“Cool. Take care.”

Text messages done, Marci put her phone on the nightstand and sighed. That Mila did not want to see her was clear. She wasn’t going to force issues. Her repressed anger at everything was now rising to the top and she could feel her mood take a slow but sure plunge into some sort of depression. Everything was so messed up. She should never have let things with Drew get so out of control and especially so openly. Nathan had pissed her off and she couldn’t call him on it cause the situation with her and Drew. Brian was pretty much unavailable of late. She really needed to vent her frustrations at the world.

Jumping off the bed, she took a small bag and put in a few essentials. Car keys in hand, she went down the stairs and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She was about to close the door when she saw the cake. It hadn’t been there before. Must be Drew. She licked off a little of its chocolate and sighed yet again. It was delicious. She put her other stuff down and sat at the island to dig in. She would eat half in case Drew wanted to have the rest. He didn’t really strike her as the sweet tooth type though.

“Going somewhere?” the man asked behind her making her whirl around on the stool.

“I need to clear my head.” she stated simply taking him in. She took a good long look. He was gorgeous. Tall, lithe and lean. Dark hair, green eyes and a killer smile. In any world, he was yum! His strength of character while extremely attractive was also very scary. She had begun to feel bullied in the whole debacle. Drew had not let her breath to think. When he wasn’t playing word games with her, he had her in bed.

“Running again?” he asked settling opposite her. He gave her an intense look and she didn’t have to be genius to know that this particular conversation was headed south.

“I’m not running Drew. My internal dialogue is in turbulence. I need to calm it down and I can’t do that here.”

“Now you’re quoting Chopra. Priceless.” He snorted and dipped a finger into the cake. She pushed the plate towards him but he shook his head and pushed it back at her.

“It was for you. You love chocolate.”

“Thanks, that was very sweet of you. Been home?” she asked him pointedly.

“Yeah. It’s a little crazy there actually. Mila and Nathan told mom and dad about the baby. That didn’t go down well. My mom hates Mila. My dad hates Mila’s dad and Nathan is in love with you. It’s a potent mix of emotions.”

She was taken aback by the rant. Drew was a man of few words. He must also be frustrated at everything. She smiled reassuringly at him though she felt none of that reassurance herself.

“My mother by the way said she adored you until you decided to mess her two sons and Dad thinks you’ll leave me soon enough when you realize that I am too old for you.” He said this looking at her with his now trademark intensity. He was trying to see if his father was right. She sighed and slumped forward onto the table.

Drew’s parents were the nicest people she knew. They’d been nothing but affectionate and inclusive with her since her family had first moved next door when she was four. They’d never had the opportunity to see a less than perfect side of her in all that time. She groaned aloud and heard Drew come round to put his hands around he shoulders. Her tears were threateningly close. She pushed them back and leaned into him. It felt nice and safe there for the moment.

“What am I going to do?” she turned and asked him.

“What are WE going to do…..and about what part exactly do you ask?” he murmured into the top of her head.

“You, me, Mila, Nathan and Brian who seems to have abandoned me all of a sudden. My best friend has no time for me anymore. Just last week he was complaining I wasn’t around for him and now I can barely tie him down in traffic!”

The tears spilt freely now and she sniffed. Drew took in a deep breath and bent down to look her in the eyes. He was concerned though he didn’t have the sad look she did. He seemed more in control of things.

“Breath sweetheart, it will be fine. I am here now, you will be fine.” He told her softly and she so badly wanted to believe him. The problem was that they couldn’t very well ignore the rest of the world, they had to face the situation and she wasn’t feeling too optimistic about that. Her cell phone rang and she flipped it open. It was one of her friends.

“Hey Tylor.” She said trying to sound normal.

“Are you crying? I told you those boys would do nothing but complicate and fuck game of thrones izle up your idyllic life.” Tylor chided and she could hear Natalie in the background agreeing with her. Marci had to smile. At least there were people other than Drew in her corner.

“She’s not crying. She’s just a little upset. Come over and cheer your friend up.” Drew said into the phone after he had snatched it from Marci, “And I didn’t fuck up her life….you shout on the phone Tylor.”

He then hang up leaving a gaping Marci scowling hard at him. He shrugged it off and once again held her.

“Question, what do you feel for me?” he asked her getting back to her eye level. She was taken aback by that. Up to now, he’d never seemed to care what her feelings towards him were. He seemed okay with knowing that his love for her was enough for both of them. Marci preferred that status quo, she hated hard questions.

“Drew!” she complained but he looked at her insistently.

“You know how I feel about you.” She told him flatly.

“I don’t. Hearing Nathan tell my mom in front of me that he was in love with you shook me. Nothing has shaken me much over the last few years but that wasn’t easy to listen to. Especially when my dad added the bit about me being too old for you. I think I actually felt a twinge of insecurity.” He added soberly.

She could understand that, in fact she could understand it very well.

“Drew, I have done nothing but think about you this last ten years. Think of you getting back and me being happy so that you could see what you had turned down. So much for that.”

“You still haven’t answered my question. I am noticing a dangerous trend with you that I intend to fully change Marci…” drawled, coming closer to her and taking her mouth in a kiss.

“If you can’t talk about how you feel, I’ll make you talk in the one place I know we’re dynamite.” He told her as she gasped after her had released her lips. Taking her into his arms before she could protest, her took her up the stairs and dumped her on the bed leaving her breathless once again.

Before she knew what he was up to, he had her pinned beneath him, trying to wriggle free but to no avail.

“Stay still gorgeous, you’ll need the energy.” He smirked and she snorted at him but smiled all the same. He kissed her gently then whispered into her ear all the things he was going to do to her. She squirmed, this time not trying to get loose, but out of the sheer arousal that took over her body.

“And you will tell me exactly what you want, exactly how it feels when I do things to you and how much you want me.” He told her, smiling as her eyes widened in trepidation.

Taking his time, Drew took off all of Marci’s clothes and knelt back on the bed to behold his work. Marci giggled at the look of intent in his eyes, all her earlier misfortunes taking a back burner. He gave her a look that literally knocked the giggling out of her, he meant business.

“Now start.” He commanded.

“Drew, dirty talk is your forte, not mine……I can hardly do it and sound natural. Besides, the army probably had special lessons for dirty words, I went to Law school!” she protested as he laid her across his lap.

When it registered what he was about to do, she yelped and tired to get off but her had her in a rather firm lock. The moment his hand landed on her butt in a gentle but firm manner, she knew for certain that Drew was not joking.

“Now tell me how you fantasized I would fuck you.” He asked again managing to sound like he was being unnecessarily patient with her. When she hesitated, he landed another slap on her bottom and she squirmed, this time from palpable pain. Turning her to straddle him, he looked at her and smiled. That 1000 watt smile that she could never resist. She sighed deeply and as he began to play with her back, she closed her eyes and thought to one of her fantasies about him. She had quite a few of them stacked up, even; she thought guiltily, when she was with Nathan.

“The other night, after we…uhm…”

“Fucked?” he provided.

“Yes, after we fucked, I went home feeling all guilty and yet all I could think of was I wanted more. I wanted you in a bed for me to play with. I’ve been dreaming of touching you for ages and when I finally get the chance, we’re in an alley at the back of a club. Such an anticlimax.”

“Didn’t you enjoy that?” he asked darkly, his fingers fleeting near her pussy.

“Mmmm…” she moaned arching her back trying to pressing herself into his fingers which he stilled, “I loved it, just wanted more.”

“Tell me.” He prodded again, running fingers across her slit in a slow enticing pattern.

“I wanted you in bed, pinning me against the bed and having your wicked way with me, without a thought for my orgasm.” She breathed as he slid a finger into her wet sheath and took in a deep breath.

Turning her around suddenly, he lay on top pf her, his mouth a tantalizing few inches from her right nipple.

“See how compatible gibi izle we are baby? We have the same fantasies. I am intent of erasing every single memory of my brother on you.” He stated firmly, watching as her eyes she gave him an uncomfortable look.

“I have no problem with your recent past Marci; I just want to erase it.” He smirked as she squirmed beneath him in discomfort. Some of the erotic edge had been lost by him bringing Nathan up.

“Drew….you’re killing the mood here. Can we not talk about your brother while you’re on top of me?” she whispered to him.

“Absolutely. You were saying you wanted me to ravish you, continue…” he murmured taking a nipple and rolling it between his teeth making her moan.

“I loved the way you took me in the alley that first night. Feeling you inside me so suddenly has been such a good memory.” She continued and he looked up at her with a wicked glint in his eyes.

“More graphic, you sound like a romance novel.” He chuckled and she giggled at that.

“I want to feel your cock inside me, slowly taking possession. I think I want you to brand me. I like the idea of being yours. It’s full circle sort of…” she murmured as he wrecked havoc on her breasts. His fingers moved lover, spreading the lips and feeling the sleek wetness without really breaching the entrance.

“Go on babes, love to hear you talk dirty, fucking turn on.” he grinned as he felt her wetness surround his fingers and she moved her hips in a circular motion, beckoning him to thrust into her.

“What do you say; you unzip your pants and fuck me hard. Make me forget?” she winked and he was done in record time. Before she could take off her clothes, Drew was on top of her, thrusting into her hard, sure and very very fast.


Mila was seated on the front verandah of their house. It was lovely house with its tropical island design. Thatched roof, fans all over the place and an enviable garden both at the front and the back. She was smiling at something Nathan said and he bent to kiss her gently. She leaned into him and hugged on tight.

Marci cleared her throat as she walked up the paved path and the two sprung apart guiltily. She almost laughed but thought it inappropriate. Nathan stood up to meet her and Mila eyed her warily.

“Hey guys. Thought I’d come see how Mila’s doing.” She said placing a peck on both their cheeks and sitting opposite them on a tiny three legged stool that was probably a foot stool.

“As okay as things permit.” Mila answered uneasily and Marci felt sorry for her. She may have wanted to immerse herself in feelings of betrayal but she couldn’t on very many accounts. All the uneasiness she’d been glossing over the last few days was threatening to overwhelm her. Mila looked ready for war and Marci wasn’t really sure why. Surely she was the injured party in all this. Shaking her head slightly, she turned with a smile to Mila.

“Your parents?” she asked curious to hear the answer.

Like all the exotic people that tended to settle in Malindi, Mila’s family background was entertaining. The child of an artsy Bulgarian mom and a balanced Yemeni dad, she was strikingly beautiful. Long dark hair, big violet eyes that everyone talked about and the lithe tallness that was the envy of her friends when men openly gawked. Looking at her now, Marci could see why Nathan would go there.

Insecurities threatening to eat at her, she swallowed a little hard and tried to be expressionless. Rather, the fine line between expressionless and wooden. It wasn’t easy when Nathan took Mila’s hand and squeezed it. Why the fuck am I getting offended and jealous? Marci thought to herself as she smiled a little at the gesture. She wanted to scowl at Nathan. She held it in check recalling what Drew had told her earlier about Nathan still being in love with her. He was being supportive, as he should she thought to herself.

“I hear you’re with Drew now.” Mila stated ignoring Marci’s question.

It sounded like an accusation and Marci nodded slightly in the affirmative. It was also at this point that it hit her that this was not going to be a friendly gloss-it-over meeting. She inhaled deeply and let her anger rise a little.

“Yeah.” She sighed and looked at Nathan who winced a little.

She felt a pang of guilt flow though her at that. Mila smiled rather brightly and Marci knew that answer had pleased her. Mila wanted Nathan; it had nothing to do with her getting pregnant. It was Nathan she was after. As the realization dawned, Marci felt her throat dry and felt very sorry for Nathan. She guessed his mother had seen the same thing and that was why she had decided she hated the girl. Any mother would be wary of a girl eager to “sink her hooks in” so to speak.

“You know what, this was a bad idea. I’ll see you later Nathan, coming to your house for dinner. Mila, take care and see you around. Hope it gets less awkward.” She said with a small smile and quickly walked off. Hearing footsteps gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle behind her, she turned and saw Nathan walking briskly towards her.

“Hey you, sorry about that. She’s hormonal and insecure, I can’t fault her for it though, she knows how I feel about you.” He explained as he walked her round to her house.

She smiled in understanding and they slipped into small talk as they neared her house. Drew was still there, working away at her laptop. He’d suggested she slay the demons one by one hence her earlier visit to Mila. That had gone well she thought to herself and rolled her eyes.

“Why are you rolling your eyes?” Nathan asked with a laugh, holding her shoulder in a familiar manner. Marci stiffened slightly and he paused to shoot her a quizzical glance.

“What? I can’t hold you now?” he asked looking at her incredulously.

“Drew’s home and he doesn’t want me anywhere near you.” She answered uneasily and he let her go. Either her answer made complete sense or he was terrified of his elder brother. She didn’t think her answer was at all becoming of a woman in the 21st century so she chose to think the later was the case. Poor child.

“Drew needs to chill out on you Marci. Don’t let him control you so much. He’s overpowering by nature and knowing you, you’ll resent it sooner rather than later.” Nathan advised her solemnly and she didn’t answer because she knew he was right. As if he knew they were discussing him, Drew opened the kitchen door and stood in the doorway looking at his brother and her as they chatted at the small gate that led into the backyard.

“Hey Drew!” Nathan called out and walked towards the house. The brothers exchanged manly hugs and Drew held Nathan a little longer than was perhaps necessary. Marci smiled at him gratefully. It wasn’t an easy time for all them, most of all Nathan.

“Staying to eat? I can whip you guys something.” Marci offered after briefly pecking Drew’s cheek and walking into the kitchen.

Drew had mentioned her lack of shows of affection when Nathan was around. He had alluded that it was because she still harbored feelings for him. It was during that conversation that she realized she had never told Nathan she loved him the entire time they’d been dating. He had of course told her often that he was madly in love with her but she had always accepted it gracefully and kept quiet or deflected.

“Yeah, why not.” Nathan said with such a gleeful smile her heart almost broke.

The boys sat loose limbed in her kitchen while she fried up some meat and veggies to go with garlic bread. She wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to whip up a gourmet meal. Drew and his brother chatted about the dinner that was being held at their place later that day and how much they hated the hectic social pace that their parents set not only for them but the entire neighbourhood.

“Eat up boys.” She told them watching with a glow that was dangerously maternal as they tucked in heartily. Conversation pretty much came to a standstill as they ate. Marci was content to nibble off Drew’s plate.

“Good stuff. You should cook more. In fact on that note, Drew, what do you think about a party this Saturday sans the old people? Oh, I forget, you could easily be one of them.” Nathan ended with a chuckle at his brother who frowned at him and Marci laughed. She could feel the bad cloud from before ease off and for a moment, she could see things being normal. Then she remembered dinner tonight and her heart sunk. The boys’ parents… to deal with that? Hm…….

“Don’t worry about it; I’ll be there with you.” Drew told her gently making her break out of her thoughts. He knew exactly what she was thinking about! Uncanny. She smiled weakly at him and Nathan winked at her.

“By the way Drew, this business of you keeping Marci and I apart has got to stop. If it makes you feel better, she was never really mine to start with. I sort of always knew they’d be trouble when you got back. So big brother, relax.”

Drew laughed and Marci looked at him with narrow eyes. This family was big on putting everything out in the open, wasn’t it?

Her phone rang and Drew reached to pick it up. She however grabbed it before he did and shot him a dirty look.

“Hello.” She spoke into it forgetting to check the caller ID.

“Hey, it’s Mila. Is Nathan there?” she asked curtly. Marci breathed in slowly and handed Nathan the phone rolling her eyes.

“Mila’s taken on an attitude with me. I really hope it’s just the hormones.” Marci whispered to Drew as Nathan talked to Mila almost inaudibly.

“She knows Nathan digs you way more than he’ll ever dig her, it’s gotta hurt.” Drew replied simply taking her into his arms. The result was her seated on his lap as he played with her hair and finished up his food. He ignored her advice that he would get hair into his food.

“Ok, Marci thanks. See you in the evening. Gotta go!” Nathan said already headed out. Marci and Drew smiled at him and the sound of their laughter followed him as they burst out laughing simultaneously at his harassed look.

The afternoon was spent in bed with Drew. He made love to her slowly and once again she was amazed at the response he managed to get out of her body. He was a skilled lover and the fact that he loved her made things all that much better.

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