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Damn it wasn’t even supposed to be like this. I mean we were friends, just friends. Good friends, like I’ll hold you down through whatever, and be there when you need me type friends. But still here she came to me again tip-toeing from my reality into my dreams. The image of her danced around the edges of my imagination enticing me. She stood in the middle of the room as if she were waiting for me but in truth I had been waiting for her, looking for her and chasing her into the corners of my mind, and still she only showed up as she pleased.

She stood there wearing a red tank top and the smallest red boxers I’d ever seen. For a moment all I could do was look. The fullness of her breasts drew my eyes and for a moment all I could focus on was her hard nipples straining the fabric of the top she wore.

And then she spoke pulling my eyes to her full lips and beautiful face. Her hair was pulled back allowing me to fully appreciate her bone structure and natural beauty. I was so engrossed in her appearance I couldn’t be bothered to listen to the word she spoke.

She put her hands on her full hips and narrowed her eyes seeming to sense I wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to what she’d said.

“Get over here.”

This time I heard her and though I wanted to want to resist the demand, I also wanted to submit. Not because it was in my nature but because I knew it would please her. Still even in my sleep I couldn’t fully let go of my desire to be in control.

“Don’t make me ask you again.”

She said. I hadn’t thought the first time was a request.

I wanted to resist but I wanted to please her more. On my hands and knees I crawled toward her stopping at her feet. She looked at me for a beat almost smiling, as she ran her finger tips through my hair. I was kissing her istanbul escort then, kneeling low enough to start at her feet and work my way her legs and thighs. I moved past the fabric of the shorts she wore to bite gently at he stomach while I ran my hands over her full hips and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me. I kept on kissing my way up her body touching my lips to every inch of skin that wasn’t covered by clothes. I was standing by the time I reached her lips, pausing for a moment I looked into her eyes and waited. She touched her mouth to mine, and touched the tip of her tongue to my lips. I opened to her falling into the sweetness of her mouth, my hands were tracing a path up and down her back and then pausing to cup her ass cheeks and pull her closer as I pressed my leg between my thighs.

I could feel the heat of her wetness through the thin fabric of her shorts. She moved her hips working a fierce rhythm against my leg while I kissed her. Pulling away from her for a moment I pulled the hem of her shirt up working the garment over her head and tossed it to the floor. I licked my finger tips wetting them, before my lips found hers again as I cupped her breasts and pulled at her hard dark nipples, twisting them gently between my wet fingers. She was moaning into my lips and riding my thigh harder and I still wanted more.

Lowering her to the ground I took my time kissing her lips and moving down to her neck, biting and sucking gently, tasting a hint of salt in the sheen of sweat that covered her smooth brown skin. She was moaning for me when I ran my tongue over the swell of her left breast then flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue, before sucking it between my lips. She arched her back and grabbed my head as I moved from on breast to the other. Slipping my hand between us yenibosna escort I grabbed her pussy, cupping her wetness in my hand. I could feel her lips swollen and wet through the shorts she wore. I squeezed her sex in my hand as I continued to tease her breasts.

I was moving lower and lower, I wanted to taste her, feel the heat of her wetness covering my lips and smell her scent filling the air. I was kneeling for the second time that night. Between her thighs running my hands over her legs and watching her.

She had her eyes almost closed and her lips slightly parted, panting for me. I lowered my head and bit gently at the fabric covering her swollen pussy. I could taste her flavor soaking the cloth. I pressed the fabric of her shorts between her lips and wiggled my tongue teasing her. Her shorts were soaked, as I used my lips and tongue to add wetness to wetness. Pulling her shorts off I spread her thighs wider and gripped her ass in my hands as I guided her wet open pussy to my open mouth. I lost myself in the scent and taste of her. She had her hands in my head holding me in place and riding my face, wetting my lips cheeks and chin with her.

Moving just a little lower I dipped my tongue into her tight asshole. Spreading her cheeks I let the wetness from her pussy run down the crack of her ass and settle in the place I was sticking my tongue. She ground against me harder riding my face while I licked her most intimate places.

Flicking my tongue out I teased the tip of her clit making her hips jerk. She was moaning louder and grinding harder against me when I sucked the hard pearl of flesh between my lips. I was sucking and licking and she was saying my name over and over again. I could feel her trembling in my hands and under my lips as I took her sefaköy escort over the edge.

She was coming when I pressed my fingers into her hot wet pussy. Her inner walls gripped me as I continued to suck on her clit. I took her with my lips and hands until both of us were exhausted. I didn’t even need her to touch me. I was already soaking wet and satisfied just pleasing her.

Not needing her touch didn’t mean she wasn’t more than willing to give it to me. Before I could catch my breath her lips were on mine, her tongue flicking out to lick the taste of her away. Her fingers were in my panties pressing into me, I was wet open and ready for her. First one then two and finally three. She filled me up stretching my inner walls making me work my hips and chase her probing digits. Her palm hit my clit every time she stroked in making me moan her name and damn near forget my own. We managed to work the t shirt I was wearing over my head without her even missing a stroke then her lips were on my nipples. I was moaning louder as she licked, bit and sucked them. She took me over the edge just like that, but she wasn’t done with me quite yet. She rose kissing me on the lips with a wet smacking sound then disappearing from the room for just a moment. When she came back I saw that she was carrying a long thick toy. It was a dildo with two heads and textured veins running over its ebony surface.

I watched as she lay down in front of me and worked one end into her pussy. I could see wetness leaking from within her and I could see how the toy was stretching her ope and filling her up. She had only worked it in a little bit before she pulled the shaft out leaving the head at the pink entrance of her pussy. She pushed the toy in again working in just a little more. She kept her actions steady until she had managed to slide almost half of the thick black cock inside of her I couldn’t have looked away from her little disappearing act if my life depended on it.

I wanted more than anything to know what would happen next, but the alarm sounded leaving me wet and wanting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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