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Things were going well between them, but Kate still felt something was missing. She partly knew what it was; a desire to ensure they kept things even more interesting by continuing to think of ways to make it continuously exciting for her. The answers flitted through her mind and she resolved to act on some of them, for the sake of their relationship! They met in town and although she smiled and was polite, he could tell she was a little distant. They drove back to her house and once inside, he tried to kiss her but she turned away. Hoping he could pacify her somehow, Dominic dropped to his knees and kissed her knee. When she didn’t object, he tried to reach up and peel her leggings off but she stopped him.

“Upstairs” she insisted and he nodded, rising to follow her.

Once in her bedroom, she let him remove her leggings and this time he lay back on her bed. Kate slowly rose up to mount his face and as his tongue found itself at her pussy, she sat down and let it enter her. However, there wasn’t the easy enjoyability air between them and he felt concerned.

“Is anything the matter darling?” he asked her in between licks.

“Just something on my mind” she announced to him.

“What’s on your mind darling?” he asked then slipped his tongue into her.

“Well, it’s just that, I don’t like having a sort of threat or expectation hanging over me” she told him.

He kept licking as she paused for effect.

“The whole thing with oral. Well, obviously, we do indulge in oral but I feel threatened” she continued.

“Um, why beautiful?” he asked.

“Okay, you really want to know? You’re no doubt expect something in return at some point from me and I just think that’s so unfair!” she barked surprisingly.

He wasn’t sure how to respond to this, when she continued.

“I think things are going so well and we have talked about moving in together, but I’m sorry, I really don’t fancy my mouth being invaded” she pouted.

“I’ve never asked you to do that” he said meekly.

“Well, maybe you could go further with that gesture” she offered him.

“Um, anything” he told her truthfully, looking up at her magnificent body.

She looked into his eyes intently while he lapped at her hungry pussy.

“Okay. Well, I don’t ever want to give blow jobs. So you’re going to have to agree to that for starters” she told him slowly, sliding her pussy over his face as she said so.

“Ever again?” he asked hesitantly.

“Are you thick? Obviously that’s what I meant” she told him exasperated.

“Um, I really want you to be happy. So if you want it that way, then that’s the way it is” he told her.

“Okay. And if that’s the case, I think we should always do anything sexual together” she added.

“That sounds great. You know how sexy I think you are” he replied from under her crotch.

“Yeah, I know. But no solo sex, means, well I don’t want you whacking off in the toilet or when we’re apart. I’m glad you think we should only be sexual together” she said, smiling at him now.

He realised he’d just inadvertently agreed not to masterbate which meant the only time he would have the possibility of orgasm was when he fucked her.

“So, just until we move in together, I think the cage should stay on when we’re apart. At least that way, you won’t be tempted to cheat on me” she emphasised to him.

She watched his face for any sign of torment before continuing.

“However, I’m going to be very horny for you if you continue to please me so just imagine how good it will always feel to slide your cock into my warm, wet welcoming honeypot, gripping your shaft with my muscles as you thrust manfully into me!” she said.

He was rock hard now thinking about that and she knew it.

“But you know I will still enjoy oral as much as I want to, don’t you?” she checked with him.

“Of course gorgeous” he agreed with her.

“Good, we should have agreed this ages ago. But it’s sorted now. Oh and on the occasion you’re locked away but I still want something big and hard, we have our little helper don’t we? I don’t think I should have to go without, should I?” she asked him.

“No darling” he intoned.

“Excellent. And obviously, there’s only room for one ass licker in this relationship. And a damn enthusiastic one at that” she added, sliding forward to engulf his nose in her slit while his tongue sought her anus.

As she settled more comfortably onto his face, he continued with what he was doing. Soon though, he looked up to find Kate looking at him suspiciously.

“Hey, you’d better not be lying there thinking I should feel guilty or grateful” she warned him.

“No, darling. I’m happy with everything we do” he assured her quickly.

“Good, so you should be. How about an enthusiastic orgasm to show me?” she urged him, pressing down on his tongue passionately.

Within a month, things were just wonderful for Kate; her sex life was the envy of Aprhodite herself and every orgasm she had canlı bahis şirketleri was just as close to fantastic if not utterly fantastic each time. He had been out shopping and Kate was delighted when he bought her some sexy new underwear from Agent Provocateur which she chose excitedly. But she knew that once again the need to feel more excitement was rising in her. Kate didn’t feel cheating on her wonderful young lover was necessary; however, something new needed to be added to ensure she could feel that little flutter that Dominic often gave her. She mused over it and smiled as an idea formed in her head.

During the week, Kate ordered what she was after then excitedly opened the parcel when it arrived. Dominic was due to meet a publisher that afternoon and Kate let him shower, before remembering he hadn’t given her the morning orgasm yet. Calling him back to the bedroom, she patted the bed. Dominic immediately lay down and she mounted his face, towards his feet. Once in place, his marvellous tongue slipped inside her and she sighed a little as she reached over to her side table and retrieved the purchase. It contained 2 weights which had a circular ring at the top. They were designed to hang from the man’s balls while the ring went round the genitals to keep the weights in place. Dominic must have wondered what she was doing but didn’t dare question Kate as she had allowed his cage to be off for 2 days and he wanted to show his gratitude.

“Now then darling, there’s an advert on tv for muller yoghurt. It shows a woman enjoying her pleasurable yoghurt but someone somewhere must be suffering to compensate. And I think this is what’s missing. So these two lovely weights are just right. I spared no expense you know, because they are designed to not cut off any circulation or damage the skin. They are simply there to be a dull ache, or perhaps a reminder of something much much more important” Kate announced as he licked her pussy.

“What’s that darling?” he asked politely.

“Why, my pleasure of course! This way, whenever you feel a dull ache, you’ll be reminded of my pleasure when we aren’t together. So when you wear it today, you’ll be constantly reminded of me, lounging by the pool in the backyard and sipping an ice cold drink, waiting for you to get back and tend to my needs. Isn’t that wonderful?” Kate asked him happily.

“Your pleasure is always wonderful” Dominic replied diplomatically and groaned a little as Kate gave a tug on the weights to ensure they were definitely secure.

He concentrated on licking her whole crotch but Kate moved off him before reaching orgasm.

“I want to lie back for this one, you kneel on the floor” she told him and he hurried to obey.

Once in position, the fact he was now kneeling meant the weights did their job and sure enough, he felt a dull ache as they began to hang down from his balls, while Kate lounged back on the covers, enjoying his tongue inside her.

“Can you feel the weights?” she asked him.

“Yes, ugh I can darling” he said with a slight groan, but kept licking her.

“Mhhmm, well just remember, while you have that sensation, I am utterly relaxed and totally enjoying myself. And it’s such a turn on” Kate announced to him, holding his head closer to her as he dug his tongue in deep.

“Yes darling, I won’t forget” he assured his sexy lover as she sighed louder, her orgasm approaching fast.

At last, it hit and she clutched his head to her crotch. In her excitement, her foot had touched his balls unintentionally but it sent a ripple of pain through them and he groaned, which made Kate cum even harder.

“Ah that’s it, swallow my juices you pussy hound! Ugh, you were made to do this to me!” she yelled as he kept her orgasm going until she could stand it no more.

Eventually, he extracted himself and went to rinse his face before dressing for the meeting. Reluctantly, he left the weights on, hanging down under his boxer shorts to tug on his balls. At least the cock cage was off until tomorrow!

Later, as Kate relaxed by their pool, she idly wondered how his balls must be feeling and thoughts then drifted to his tongue. Her next job would definitely have to be about arranging for him to have a tongue stud. It would feel so good diddling her, but she had held off so far as it would mean going without his tongue for around a week to ensure it healed fully. Their relationship was going wonderfully and she was 36 in a few months while he was about to turn 25. Kate knew he was the one and she was of no doubt that he was absolutely devoted to her too. It was fun just adding these small extras to their relationship and it kept things interesting for her, which kept her passion high, which meant a great sex life for him too. Well, he got to fuck her regularly and lick her even more often and as she began to feel horny again, her thoughts turned to what she could do during the week his tongue stud was healing.

Dominic sat in the meeting and every now and then felt a dull ache. canlı kaçak iddaa Kate was right though; every time he felt it, his mind automatically pictured her magnificent body, lying by the pool, no doubt waiting on him to return. No matter how selfish the woman was, he had to agree that everything she did just turned him on and had him literally drooling over her!

Kate waited another month before telling him about her idea for a tongue stud one morning while she had breakfast. She was propped up in bed, enjoying toast, tea and a soft tongue between her legs and felt the time was right to suggest it.

“So just think honey, that long tongue with a metal stud, just rolling over my clit! Oh, I can’t wait and believe you me, I’ll enjoy it so much I’ll probably want you to fuck me every day, at least for a while” Kate reasoned to him casually.

Of course, this had the desired effect. The temptation of daily sex had him bringing her to a wonderful orgasm before they went to the local piercing artist and had his tongue done. On an impulse, Kate suggested they have a few days apart, which would give him a chance to heal and ensure Kate would simply have no choice but to wait. He went to visit a friend in the country and they spent the week down the local pub mostly and occasionally, taking his friend’s new Jag out for a spin. He was due to return on the Friday and that morning, Kate deliberated for ages on what to wear. By afternoon, Dominic’s car pulled up and he got out and entered the house they now shared. Inside, was a note on the kitchen from Kate.

Darling, go into town. I’m at the gym and don’t want you here when I get back. I’ll meet you at the Italian restaurant at 7. Pick my favourite table. Love Kate x p.s. don’t forget the weights.

Dominic wasted no time in showering, dressing for an evening meal then heading into town. He mulled around for a while, then had a beer before finally, it was 7pm. The restaurant was already booked and he waited before at last, Kate arrived. She wore a very long coat and appeared to have leather boots on. Their usual table was around an alcove, offering privacy. Kate declined the waiter’s help to remove her coat and when the man had gone, she took it off. She wore a tight fitting long sleeved top accompanied by a brazen tartan skirt, which came right up her thighs. To top it off, it was obvious she was wearing hold ups. Kate quickly sat down, her legs disappearing under the table cloth before anyone noticed her attire and smiled at him warmly as he stood to kiss her and gave her a quick hug.

“Miss me?” she asked him.

“I thought I’d miss you a little but I couldn’t stop thinking about you darling. What are you wearing? Ugh, I can barely concentrate. Why don’t we just order take away food instead?” he offered, clearly aroused at the sex on legs woman he was sat with.

“No, dinner first, dessert later” she quipped cheekily.

He nodded then mouthed I love you to her.

“I really missed you, more than I thought I would” Kate admitted to him and his heart beat faster as a compliment was rare.

They ate their meal and had a bottle of wine, which simply increased the sexual atmosphere between them. At one point, Kate made a show of dropping her purse and he offered to retrieve it. Ducking low while still sitting he located it and as he looked around, Kate opened her legs. She wasn’t wearing underwear! Watching her hand, come down, he saw her finger touch her pussy then sat back upright as Kate smiled and extended her finger to him. Looking around, he realised no-one was looking and quickly sucked her finger, before she withdrew it.

“Oh, you taste amazing. Please let me pleasure you as soon as we get home. I’ll do anything, anything you want” he said full of lust.

“I know you will and I expect you to. And you will please me once we’ve left here. Just remember the golden rule” she added sexily.

“Your pleasure” he intoned almost solemnly.

“Correct. Now get the bill” she said and standing quickly, she donned her coat before anyone noticed.

As the waiter went to get the card machine, she smiled at him.

“Bet you’d like to get under the table, wouldn’t you?” she asked him.

“I would give a king’s ransom to be allowed to do that” Dominic admitted.

“Well, think of something boring otherwise you’ll have a hard job hiding that big thing poking against your jeans” Kate quipped.

They left and the taxi had them home in less than 15 minutes. As soon as the key was in the door, Kate let him pin her against the wall as they kissed passionately. Then she turned, slowly at first then smiling as Dominic dropped to his knees like a stone falling from the sky. He scattered a hundred kisses across both her luscious cheeks then almost with great anticipation, his tongue swept up the valley in between. Taking his time, he at last approached her anus, then using both his lips and his tongue, he began to french kiss her there as softly as he could. Kate shivered with pleasure; she canlı kaçak bahis knew he was totally into pleasing her now and looked forward to a whole evening of it.

“You are owe me a week’s worth of pleasure” she stated.

“Let me give it to you all tonight. You are so sexy” he intoned and with that, Kate sighed at the lovely feeling of his tongue stud flicking at the opening of her asshole.

As much as she wanted a good rimming, an orgasm was paramount and she turned around quickly. He seemed to anticipate her need and Kate sighed even more loudly as his tongue at last slipped into her cunt. She could feel the tongue stud waggling away and brought one leg up over his shoulder. Watching him work was even more of a turn on and it wouldn’t be long before her first orgasm hit. Finally, she gripped his hair and yelled her lungs out as he brought her to the peak at last. After some minutes, she pushed him away and began to walk upstairs.

“Hurry up, that was just for starters” she announced and giggled as she felt his mouth trying to kiss her legs and asscheeks while she ascended the stairs.

At last, they reached the bedroom and Kate simply peeled off her top and let her shoes slip off before simply sinking back onto the bed, as he knelt at the foot of it.

“Take your jeans off first” she said quickly and he did so, then knelt in front of her again and began to really work her pussy and ass over with his new improved tongue.

Dominic now began to be aware of the weights again but the vision before him, who’s thighs he was enclosed by was floating on a sea of pleasure and perversely he began to think as Kate did, that the discomfort he felt from the weights somehow balanced out fairly with pleasure for her. That each tug was met with a sigh of pleasure from Kate. Being away from her for a week had let him realise that no matter what, he was beginning to fall for her more every day and actually felt a keen desire to continue pleasing her in any way or manner Kate allowed him to or told him to.

Kate had felt a grimace from him and realised the weights on his balls would be taking their toll. It did indeed cause a shiver of pleasure for her though and almost as if she could read his body language, Kate felt Dominic seem to try and lick her better than he had ever managed in the past, which was no mean feat. It really was as if he was trying to ensure his discomfort was met with an equal measure of pleasure for Kate and she smiled up at the ceiling as she congratulated herself on having such a great lover. He was now trawling down to her ass, licking between the cheeks and eventually sliding his newly christened tongue inside. He had to be delicate with the tongue stud but managed it quite valiantly and Kate just enjoyed the new sensations of tongue and stud rimming her!

“Mhhmm, what a great idea it was getting you that stud, wasn’t it?” she mused.

“Yes darling” he slobbered while he continued with his task.

“Move your hips a little” Kate said suddenly.

Dominic wasn’t sure what she meant but did as she bid. As he continued his oral assault, he gyrated his hips a little. Of course, this had the effect of causing the weights to swing ever so slightly and meant a constant dull ache was felt. He involuntarily groaned and tried to not think about the discomfort by really going for it with Kate’s asshole. He immersed himself in her, french kissing her there, deep tonguing and slobbering over it like a man possessed.

Kate realised he was trying to no doubt take his mind off any suffering and throw himself into her pleasure, which at the moment was feeling quite divine.

“Mhhmm, this feels SOOOOOOO relaxing. And keep those hips moving, it’s definitely motivating your performance” she added.

Despite his discomfort, Dominic had to admit he was rock hard and sincerely hoping all the oral they were probably going to indulge in would lead to sex afterwards. He had thought about her all week and drank in just how sexy she looked reclining on the bed while he rimmed her. Kate used the pillow she was now propping herself up with to watch him at work and her legs enveloped him possessively, gripping reflexively as he continued.

“Your nose too” she told him and smiled as he pushed his face fully against her crotch.

Now his nose was in her slit and she revelled in how kinky it looked and felt to have her ass tongued and her pussy nose fucked. She would definitely have to let his tongue move up at some point once she could hold back the journey to orgasm two any longer. Her head felt light from the feelings of intense pleasure she was experiencing and she knew she needed her pussy attended to immediately.

“Okay, you can move up” she stated, sighing as his grateful tongue immediately slid up to run the length of her slit.

Settling into a rhythm, he began to tongue fuck her increasingly wet pussy. Kate’s thighs quivered and tightened against his face; her thoughts were filled with sexy ideas and images. She imagined herself as a queen, being waited on hand and foot by him all day and rewarding him by sitting on his face. Actually, one terminology for that was called queening she thought amusingly then sighed as she felt his tongue do wonderful things inside her again.

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