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The sound of a car horn made me jerk my own vehicle back into my original lane. In my excitement, I started to change lanes without a thorough check beside me. Fortunately, the other car was paying closer attention than I; so, the incident was really a minor one. The other guy didn’t even give me the finger.

I was preoccupied with anticipation because I was on my way to see my girlfriend Lauren after being out of town for four days. I had hoped to get to her house early so that we might engage in some intimate reunion activities before heading out to our planned dinner date. However, there was a mountain of work waiting for me back in the office, and with traffic it was now looking like I’d be twenty minutes late instead of a half hour early. Oh well, Lauren’s mother would likely be there, making a quickie before dinner a bit awkward.

Lauren lives with her mother, Susan. Putting the situation that way doesn’t sound right though. It’s not like the 26 year old Lauren was still living with Mommy. No. Lauren had gone away for college, and she was now a successful nurse and an independent, free-thinking woman. In reality, Lauren and Susan’s living situation was more like roommates than mother and daughter. In fact, the two of them had bought the house they lived in together. Lauren and Susan had the best of two worlds – caring mother- devoted daughter and best friends. They were close confidants and sometimes seemed inseparable. As my relationship with Lauren had grown, it was nice to feel a part of their happy family.

I snuck a glance down at my cell to see if Lauren had returned my text, she hadn’t. I had sent one earlier to warn her I’d be late. A response would let me know she wasn’t worried. I knew that she often didn’t pay much attention to her phone – that was one of things I liked about her. I just hoped that before she worried or started getting impatient that she would look for a text. Of course, even with a warning, she could rightfully be a little irritated with me for being late after such a long (for us) separation.

The package I had in my pocket gave me confidence that she wouldn’t stay mad for long. I had picked up a necklace for her while I was out of town. I tried to pick a tasteful one, like she preferred. I couldn’t spend too much, because I had just tied up so much money in an engagement ring. Lauren didn’t know it yet, but I had plans to ask her to marry me in a couple of weeks on our seven month anniversary. I had to wait for the ring to be made; I planned it custom.

I had always figured that I would date a woman longer than six months before proposing marriage, but Lauren was the perfect match for me. She was kind and caring and funny and smart and lively. She worked on the pediatrics floor at the biggest hospital in the area. I had observed her at work a couple of times, and you could tell that she brightened the lives of each of the children under her care. Some of the cases of childhood cancer were so heart-wrenching that I couldn’t maintain a cheery attitude in her position, but somehow Lauren remain happy at work and at home.

I was proud of her work, but her work was also the source of our only serious fight. The argument had occurred just a couple of weeks previous at the hospital staff’s holiday party. One of the new docs, Steve, hit on Lauren hard at the party. I might not have been too upset, except for the fact that for the two previous weeks Lauren talked a lot about how this new Dr. Steve was so great with the kids and such a great surgeon, yada, yada, yada. When Steve turned out to be remarkably handsome and only in his 30’s, his continual fawning over Lauren made me finally lose it.

You can’t blame me (or Steve for that matter, I suppose). In addition to being the nicest woman I ever met, Lauren is hot. Naturally glowing honey blonde hair surrounding an angelic, yet sexy face. An awesome body – toned by years of competitive tennis, yet rounded enough to be the model of the female form. Yeah, when I looked at Lauren, I had to conclude that she was out of my league. So, how could you blame me for getting a little jealous when Dr. Perfect got to handy with her?

Not that I’m such a bad catch. I was gifted with a naturally small waist and broad shoulders. Years of sports and many hours in the weight room put a pretty cut set of muscles on the frame. In addition, I did get my engineering degree from a good school. It was my choice to work for a green firm that works on environmentally sound solutions – and that pays about half what I could earn at a big engineering firm. Lauren always said she liked the fact that I chose ethics over money, but Dr. Steve helped kids and made a hefty salary to boot.

Well, things seemed to be all patched up with Lauren and I now. I could barely wait to hold her in my arms, smell her hair, feel her body pressed to mine. Plus, I had about a million things to share with her about my recent work trip.

Finally, I found myself at her door and prepared to answer questions about taksim escort my late arrival. Lauren’s mother opened the door. As usual, I had to make a conscious effort to keep my eyes on Susan’s face. To be cliché, it was easy to see where Lauren got her good looks. Only in some areas – like up top – the mother outdid the daughter. If Lauren had beautiful, perfect ripe grapefruits for breasts, her mother had attention-grabbing, giant watermelons. Today Susan had on a sleeveless top that showed plenty of her bountiful cleavage. The eyes of any man would be naturally drawn there.

“Hi, Susan,” I greeted, with my eyes firmly transfixed on her eyes.

“Hi, Adam.” There was none of her typical cheerful attitude. “Please come in.” I closed the door and followed her in. Her skirt was shorter than she typically wore, and she had heels on, which seemed odd. However, I didn’t question and just enjoyed the view of her splendid legs and jiggling tush. Yeah, I know that I shouldn’t have been looking at my future mother-in-law that way, but like I said she was hot too. Admiring Susan’s good looks really only made me confident that in marrying Lauren I would still be a very happy man in 25 years. I must admit that at the beginning of my relationship with Lauren, my thoughts about her mother weren’t so pure. Although Susan was close to 50, in the first couple weeks of dating Lauren I tried to make a good impression on Susan as well as Lauren. At the time I figured that if things didn’t work out with Lauren, I would happily pursue her gorgeous mom. Of course now, I had no such thoughts. My only thoughts were of Lauren, and that’s where I started the conversation.

“Where’s Lauren? Is she still getting ready?” I quipped as we entered the living room. “Here I thought I was going to be in trouble for being late, and she’s making me wait.” Susan didn’t respond to my good-natured joking.

She sat on the couch and patted her hand next to her. “Sit here, Adam,” she stated stoically. I complied, concern starting to build inside me. Susan breathed out a long, pained sigh before continuing with a strained voice. “Lauren’s not going to be here today.”

“What!” My concern rocketed to stress. “Did something happen to her? Is she alright?!”

“No. No. No.” She patted the back of my hand in comfort. “She’s not hurt or anything. She’s just fine.” She paused for another foreboding sigh.

“Well, what is it, then?” I was completely confused.

Looking at the ground, she sighed again. “I don’t want to be the one to tell you this.” She shook her head, and muttered to herself. “I told her I didn’t want to do this.” Still perplexed, I waited patiently. Finally, she turned to look at me and continued.

“There’s no good way to say this; so I’m just going to say it. Lauren’s not going out with you because she’s out on a date with another man.”

“What!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t have been more shocked if she said that Lauren had grown another head. “That doesn’t make any sense. No, that can’t be right.” I denied.

“I’m sorry to tell you, but she’s been seeing that Steve from her work for the last three nights. She’s out with him tonight, and wants to end it with you.”

“And she doesn’t even tell me this?” I couldn’t believe what Susan was saying. “No, she wouldn’t just not show up and leave me hanging.”

“That’s why she asked me to tell you. She said it would be too painful to do it herself.”

“Well, it’s painful to me either way!” I bellowed. Jumping up from the couch, I started to pace the little area in front of it. I heard what Susan was saying, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It didn’t fit with what I felt in my soul. Lauren and I were both in love. I knew that we were!

“No. No. I’m going to call Lauren and see. This can’t be right.” I pulled out my phone. “I want to hear it from her personally.” Susan jumped up and put her hand over my phone so that I couldn’t use it.

“Before you call her,” Susan said with a pained expression, “read this.” She took out her own phone and pulled up a text.

The text read, “Please don’t let Adam call me. I don’t want anything to wreck my date with Steve. Thanks, Mom.” The message was sent from Lauren’s phone at 1:30 that afternoon.

Stunned, I flopped back onto the sofa. I don’t know how long I sat there with my mouth gaping open, staring straight ahead. At some point, Susan must have sat back down next to me, but it didn’t register. Finally, I stood up again. “I’m going to call anyway. If this is true, it’s bullshit; and I don’t care if she wants me to ruin her date with precious Dr. Steve or not.” My shock had given way to anger. Susan watched me in silence as I stomped around the room.

Two calls, with no pick up either time. My anger turned into dejection. My posture slumped, and my head hung toward the floor as I returned the phone to my pocket.

“I was afraid she wouldn’t answer,” Susan said with sadness evident in her voice. topkapı escort I numbly returned to the couch beside her. Again, I sat in shocked silence, sorrow permeating me. After several moments of deafening quiet, Susan spoke again, her voice full of soothing warmth. “She was lucky to have you. I can’t understand her.” She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

Well, that was all I could take, and I broke down sobbing. Susan placed my head on her shoulder, and my body shook as I cried like a baby. I tried to form words of pain and outrage, but nothing intelligible exited my mouth. With one arm around me, Susan stroked my head in an attempt to console me. “Sshhh. Sshhh. There. There. It’s alright, Adam. Let it out.” Her words made me feel cared for.

I know it’s not very manly, but I’m sure I cried for some time. I had never experienced such devastation in a romance. Eventually Susan’s persistent attention helped me regain some composure. Wiping tears from my eyes, I opened them and realized I was still resting my head on her shoulder. From my position, I had a perfect, surreptitious view down into her more than ample cleavage. Maybe it was because I was feeling pretty unwanted, but I took full advantage of my position, filling my eyes with her glowing breast flesh. My addled brain began fantasizing about diving head first between her two breasts. In my daydream, I was the size of a Ken doll, surrounded by Susan’s perfect pillows. Suddenly, Susan’s stroking of my head and neck no longer felt like the soothing touch of a caring friend but like sensual petting of a lover. I realized that a bulge was growing in my pants, contrary to my overall mood.

This realization made me sit upright. Hoping that the bulge would subside before Susan noticed, I shook myself entirely from my reverie. “I still have a hard time believing that Lauren would leave me like this. I thought that we were perfect for each other.” I paused to sigh. “I guess Dr. Perfect Steve was more perfect, though.”

“Oh no,” Susan firmly disagreed. “You are a much better catch than that Steve. At least I sure like you better than him. I’ve always liked you, Adam.” She said the last sentence with an entirely different inflection which made me wonder at its meaning. Susan must have seen the puzzled look on my face and added somewhat sheepishly, “I mean I’ve always been happy that Lauren found you.”

“I’ve always been happy that I found her too.” My crying was over, but I still felt a pain in my heart that needed human healing. I sought a hug from Susan, and she welcomed me into her arms. This time it was a full hug, each of us with both arms around the other. With one hand she played with my hair and stroked my neck while the other hand ran up and down my back. I realized that she was tracing and caressing the muscles of my back and shoulders. It wasn’t long before Susan’s embrace had relieved much of my immediate pain and began to replace it with another emotion.

I became very aware of her generous chest pressed into mine. I focused on the feel of her breasts moving with her breathing against me. Slowly, tentatively, I began caressing her back with my hands. She responded by drawing her fingers along the edge of my ear and playing with my ear lobe. This caused her hand to brush my cheek ever so lightly. In spite of the fact that I just lost my “perfect woman,” Susan’s spectacular, mature beauty and remarkable charm were rapidly arousing testosterone-driven urges in me.

I felt so good in her arms that I didn’t want to do something that would make me lose this contact. But my carnal desire for Susan was quickly growing, and after a brief hesitation, I decided to take this hug to another level – albeit slowly.

I let one hand to drift down from her back to caress her hips, then to the part of her rear that I could reach. I was thankful when Susan’s response was to snuggle in closer to me, which allowed me to reach another inch or two of her ass. Visually, I had always known that Susan’s derriere was full and round. Now I knew that it was remarkably firm for its womanly size. Susan’s attentions to my back and shoulders became more … possessive, and it seemed as though she was exploring my body for her own enjoyment. I was simultaneously melting in her hands and becoming like a tiger pursuing a tigress in heat. I was past the point of hesitation now. Either Lauren would have a good reason to hate me because I made unwelcomed advances on her mother, or I could take bitter solace in the fact that I fucked her mother.

I switched from simple touching to fully reveling in the feel of Susan’s shapely body in my hands. I forced my hand down between her and the couch to get a good squeeze of her ample ass. I was rewarded with the sound of Susan’s soft moan of pleasure in my ear. It wasn’t quite a “Yes!!” but I knew what it meant.

Without rushing we continued to enjoy our embrace for some time. When Susan brought her hand to the side of tesettürlü escort my face again, I did the same to her. I pulled back gently to look in her eyes. We gazed at each other momentarily, holding each other’s cheeks. Her eyes were full of the lust that I knew was plainly in mine. I slowly brought my face toward hers, and she moved to meet me. We paused with our lips separated by no more than a centimeter. We were each giving the other person one last chance to stop. There was no trace of indecision in either of our visages. As one, we crossed the small distance separating us – tenderly but with conviction. When my lips encountered the warm, soft, sumptuous touch of hers, electricity rippled throughout my body. Our lips gently explored each other, and we luxuriated in the simple art of kissing.

Although a part of me still knew without a doubt that Lauren and I were truly, cosmically meant for each other, those first few moments of kissing Susan convinced me that destiny intended for Susan and I to be together as well. Somehow at precisely the moment that I brought my tongue forward, she extended hers toward me. They met in the middle and instantly liked what they found. Our tongues snaked around each other in their own powerful embrace. The passion of our kissing quickly intensified, and soon I was on my knees on the couch, in a dominant position above Susan. Holding her head, I devoured her lips and tongue, suddenly unable to get enough of her sweet mouth. She responded by hugging me tightly and thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth.

I think the emotional turmoil that I just went through in losing Lauren must have created a powerful need for intimate contact with a woman. I just couldn’t get enough of Susan. Finally, I had slaked my hunger for her mouth and was able to give some attention to the rest of her delectable body. I moved my hands down from her face to her sides. In my wildly excited state, I wanted to simply grab her magnificent tits, but I decided to sensually caress her sides and back, with only “incidental” caressing of her breasts. Susan moaned lustfully into my mouth which was still firmly affixed to hers. My attempts to tease us both with my touches must have worked because she soon grabbed one of my hands, placed it firmly on her breast and squeezed. Needing no further encouragement, I took great pleasure in the feel of her. My hand couldn’t come close to covering her whole breast, but I hefted it to feel its substantial weight. I kneaded it gently, reveling in its softness. I must have done it right for her. Susan let out a groaning, “Yes, Adam. Oh, Hell yes!”

Immediately she shot a hand up to my crotch, which was about at her shoulder level because I was still kneeling over her. She found a steel shaft there as I was already full engorged. She grabbed my rod tightly through my pants and lustfully said, “Oooh, yeah. I like.” She then used her other hand to roughly pull my head back to hers and plunged her tongue into my mouth. We kissed passionately as she continued to fondle my cock and I her breasts.

I ached to feel and see her naked breasts. I grabbed the straps to both her shirt and bra in each hand and forcefully pulled them down to release her breasts from their captivity. I pulled back from her mouth, eager for my first view of her exposed chest, but before I could see anything, both of her hands were in front of her opening my pants. In a flash, she had my pants open and had pulled both pants and underwear to my knees. My hard cock snapped up proudly in front of her. Susan produced a loud “MMMmmm,” like she was enjoying a delicious meal and went right to work.

With one hand she began teasing my balls – drawing her nails ever so lightly across their surface. She held base of my cock with the other hand, wielding my manhood like a lollipop for her enjoyment. As she kissed and licked my rod, I tried to find a way to access her breasts without impairing her wonderful attention to me. About the time I was prepared to twist and bend to reach her, Susan engulfed me all the way to the bottom in one slick swallow. Now, I’m not that huge or anything, but I am big enough that no woman – including Lauren – had ever been able to take me all in without gagging. In contrast, Susan had every millimeter of me inside her mouth and was trying for more. Her lips were firmly pushing against my pelvis, her tongue worked the underside of my cock, and I could feel her swallowing for more.

“Oh, Gawd, Susan!” I yelled. “That’s so damn good!” She slid back up the length, and took a couple of short sucks on just the head. Then she dove back down for another deepthroating. “Aaahhh, Yes!” I cried out again. I had never felt anything like it, and Susan’s sucking quickly had me on the verge of eruption. “Oh, that’s too good. I’m about ready to cum, Susan.”

Mercifully and sadly, Susan disengaged my manhood from her mouth. She looked up at me with a devilish smile and purred, “I’m glad you like my work, but I don’t want you to cum just yet. I hope that’s alright?”

“Oh yeah, that’s perfect,” I muttered, trying to regain a little composure.

“Good, because I want you to cum inside my pussy.” I had never heard so much lust and lasciviousness rolled into one sentence in my life. The way she said “cum inside my pussy” practically made me cum on the spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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