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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the third chapter of a story that follows “Pretty As A Picture.”

For those of you anxious to experience Mr. Marcus’s further adventures with the Cocksworth twins, wait no longer.

How had the twins been sexually active before meeting Mr. Marcus? Who is K-Man? What is the truth about the Big Dick they chat about? Can Mr. Marcus ever trust what the twins? The story thrusts forward!

* * * * * * * * * *

Best Laid Neighbors of Mice and Marcus

I sat in the living room, reading the Sunday paper on Monday afternoon, when there was a knock at the front door. What’s with that? We have a perfectly functional bell. I stretched off the couch, approached the front door and glanced through the small glass window. It was Joy Cocksworth, our new neighbor and mother of twins, one of which I’d already sexually sampled. Perhaps she was inviting me over to fuck the other one? Fat chance!

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re home, Mr. Uh -“

Would this broad ever remember my name? “Marcus. Call me Harvey.”

“Harvey. Yes, or course. I didn’t know who to turn to. I just got an emergency call from my sister. I might be back in time to give Randi her medicine, but who knows? Right now, she’s at school taking a test. I know she won’t do it herself. Brandi is home but she won’t make her sister take it. They’re constantly in cahoots against us. It’s so frustrating. Just in case I’m not back, could you please wait at my house and administer Randi’s medicine?”

I wanted some answers, and talking to the twins was the only way. Perhaps Brandi shared her mother’s trait of longwindedness. I’ll admit it. I wanted to fuck Randi and leave her with a sticky souvenir of our coupling, after the way she treated me. “Sure. Does Brandi know I’m coming over? I wouldn’t want to scare her by walking in.”

“That won’t be a problem. Brandi suggested you’d get Randi to cooperate.” She reached down, grasped my hand and pulled it towards her. That pulled me over my threshold, and I stumbled into her, my hand trapped against her breasts.

Joy turned red as we separated. “Well, I’ll see you later. Thanks ever so.” There was a definite wiggle in her ass. I hadn’t noticed how round it was. She retreated across the street to her car, got in, and pulled away.

I walked across the street, took a deep breath and rang the bell. So, Brandi recommended me? What were they pulling? One of the twins came to the door, in t-shirt and jeans. “Brandi?”

“Uh-huh. Oh, I get it.” She’s jerked her t-shirt off even before their front door was shut. There was a telltale dot.

“So you’re Randi.”

“Nope. Don’t tell Mama, but I keep retouching it. Keeps her off guard, you know?”

Joy was right. These two were tricky to the point of being dangerous. “Does she make you drop your pants?”

“She doesn’t even know about Randi’s other mark. That’s our secret.”

“I’m honored you shared it with me, but I’m not your mother.”

She hooked her thumbs in the sides of her jeans. “You want to check down here?”

I crossed my arms and nodded. Give these girls an inch, and they’ll take eight. Or a foot, from Big Dick.

Brandi shimmied out of her pants. She wore a thong, which clung to her pussy before sliding down her long legs.”

I knelt down as she spread her thighs. No dot. This was Brandi after all.

“Come on up.” She took the stairs two at a time. I walked, holding the handrail. Ah, the advantages of a young body.

Brandi sat naked on her twin bed, Indian style, surrounded by stuffed animals in various shapes, sizes and colors. I took the swivel chair at her desk. The girls must have separate rooms, otherwise they shared a twin bed in this one. Unlikely. Girls, even twins, demand their privacy.

Brandi rocked back and forth, hands on her knees. “Can I tell you something?”

A nude young lady sat just feet away, me with a growing erection, and she wanted to talk? Although this wasn’t the twin I was targeting, she looked the same. Maybe she would fuck the same. No, I wouldn’t feel the same.

“I’ve thought about this a lot.” She put her hands flat on the covers and leaned forward. “Randi says she and I should fuck Dad, so I’m going to.”

This was unexpected, given Brandi’s canlı bahis previous reluctance. Randi would jump on any penis offered. From what I could tell, Brandi wasn’t emotionally ready to fuck her father, or anyone else, for that matter. Even me. “What if she asked you to jump off a bridge?

“If she was going to do it too, sure. We love each other. Hell, she took my cherry with a frozen zucchini.”

I shivered at the thought of something that cold penetrating me.

Brandi continued, “So, it’s my turn. I want you to get me ready for my dad’s big thing.”

I hated when either of them called it that. Made me feel positively dinky. I decided to play along, even though I’d doubted she’s actually go through with it. “Before we do anything, I want some answers.”

“Shoot. She uncrossed her legs and let them droop over the edge. Leaning back on her elbows with her thighs spread, the lips of her cunt split apart. The gap was shiny, and probably moist.

“Tell me about K-Man and Randi’s obsession with your father’s penis.”

“Okay. Ever hear of American Girls?” she asked.

“Those dolls in various costumes, right?” I’d walked past the store downtown, and witnessed the crowds standing outside.

“That’s the famous one. There was this club in our old neighborhood called the American Girls club. To be a member, your dad had to take your cherry just after your 18th birthday.”

I probably qualified five times over, substituting for the girl’s dad in each case. “And this was public knowledge?”

“I don’t know if the dads talked about it. All the girls knew. They’d dress up like one of the dolls and seduce their fathers.”

Annie was original, then, in choosing Betty Boop. Betty was a different kind of American girl, come to think of it.

“So, I take it you two didn’t become members.”

“See, that’s the problem. Randi caught of glimpse of Dad’s penis one night after he came out of the shower. She peeked through a gap in the bathroom door. Anyway, she told me that our dad is awesome. I mean, he makes yours look little.”

I concentrated on sending more blood to my crotch. “So what did you do?”

“We got our neighbor, Mr. Klapper, alone one afternoon. Made up some story about taking our pictures for a modeling magazine. Except, there was no magazine. We stripped slowly, a piece of clothes at a time, until we were both starkers on his bed. We helped Mr. K get undressed. His dick was like a stump, short but thick. He fucked Randi, as good as he could. When it was my turn, I couldn’t. We got dressed and left. Randi told our friends we did it with Dad.”

“You lied to get into the club?”

“Yes, and I feel awful.” Brandi returned to a cross-legged position. “I’d never lied or cheated. Ever! I kept telling Randi we had to make things right. So, when we moved here, Randi decided we’d seduce Dad as soon as we could.”

“So at least he’d be taking your cherry, like he was supposed to?” What a wacky way to make amends! “But Randi has already been broken in. By K-Man.”

“Yeah, barely. You were the one, really. K-Man never got her off, not with his stubby, but you took her over the top!”

So, technically, I wasn’t the first, but just barely. “Randi said I was the warm-up?”

“We’re both a little scared about doing it with Dad, given his size and everything. I mean, no one wants sex to hurt, right?”

I nodded.

Brandi returned to the edge of the bed and took my hand in hers. “Randi decided that you sitting us was an opportunity. We figured you were probably bigger than K-Man and smaller than Dad. Law of averages. So, fucking you would be good practice.”

They were right, although I’ve never thought of my dick as a training device. “So you two took advantage, confused me about who was who, and jumped me.”

“Right. Randi volunteered to do you first. Then you were supposed to do me. But when I saw how big you were, I chickened out.”

Things made better sense, but more than Brandi’s pussy smelled fishy. “So, you’re here now, and there is no American Girls club in our neighborhood.” Just a Marcus Girls club, I suppose. “What’s the problem? You can choose whoever you want to be your first lover, whenever you’re ready.”

“It’s not that easy. We lied and cheated, and our folks raised us better than that. We took credit and joined the club, so now we want Dad to fuck us, both of us. We have to make it right, don’t you see? Except, we’re scared of that monster dick of his.” She stood up, moved closer, and put my hands on her waist. “If I work my way up, maybe I won’t be scared any more.”

“So now you want me to fuck you?” My erection throbbed in my pants.

“Uh huh.” She put her hands on my shoulders. Her tits were eye level, and her nipples were at attention.

Brandi, the more timid of the pair, wanted me as her first lover. How sweet! I didn’t believe I was saying this. “And if I won’t?”

“Then we’ll tell Dad what you did while you sat us. How you fucked Randi and ate me out, and everything. bahis siteleri And, he’ll believe us. We never lie to him.”

Blackmail. Two against one. I hate witnesses.

Brandi laid back and spread her legs. “Eat me, like you did the last time.”

Something twisted in my mind thought this made sense and brought balance to the situation. Fuck one, fuck them both. Seemed reasonable from an abstract point of view. I leaned forward and put my face between her thighs. My tongue danced up and down her slit, darting in and out. Brandi wiggled on the bed, moaning. My penis was hard in my pants, ready whenever she was. I had to remember that this was Brandi, not Randi the tease. Brandi deserved gentle penetration, and no sticky gift.

I glanced at my watch. “By the way, what time does Randi need to take her medicine.”

“As soon as she gets back from her test. Take your clothes off, Mr. M.”

“Why don’t you do the honors?” I figured if she was reluctant to pull down my zipper, she hadn’t really come to terms with the situation.

In a flash, she’d taken down my pants and underwear, leaving my prick bouncing back and forth in front of her. So much for reluctance.

She laid back, pushing stuffed animals to the side. “Am I ready?”

“Let me check.” I fingered her pussy. She was damp and relaxed. She was taking this awfully well, after how upset she was at the suggestion last time. I positioned myself between her legs and wiggled my dick into her pussy. There was no blockage. In fact, it went in quite easily. Her cunt felt familiar. Hell, they were identical sisters, why shouldn’t it? But Brandi never fucked K-Man, only vegetables. Unless she was lying to me. “Must have been one hell of zucchini.” I rocked forward and back, deeper each time.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Mmmmm.” Brandi was moist with sweat. “Randi’s fingers a few times, too. God, you fuck good, Mr. M.”

Randi always called me Mr. M. I started pumping in earnest, lifting Brandi’s legs up over my back.

“Oh God, I was wrong. You’re big, big enough to fill my pussy. Fuck me good with your big dick.”

Brandi’s words ‘fuck me good’ echoed from my first encounter with her sister. I rose up on stiff arms and looked down at the joined junction of our bodies. On one pussy lip was a birthmark. Body make-up! “You’re Randi!”

“You’re so smart! Ooh, and so hard. Just don’t stop. Please.”

She didn’t have to beg. With me on top, Randi had less control than the first time. I pummeled her pussy, driving deep, then pulling back and giving her the full length, over and over. “This will get you ready for your dad’s big dick.”

“Oh yes, big dick. You have a big dick! Fuck me with your big dick.”

I did as she asked, over and over. She grunted and stiffened, relaxed, then grunted and shook. She was having an orgasm, or faking it real good, and I was almost ready myself. I changed my tempo to alternating short and long strokes. It was time for my big finish.

Joy’s voice startled me. “What’s going on here?” She was leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed on her chest.

Shit! My worst nightmare is to be caught by a parent. The last time was Juliet McCarthy. I got to fuck her and her daughter Breann, but that was a set-up. This was, well, bad timing. I rolled over and laid back, my erect prick on display.

Joy’s hands were in prayer position in front of her face. “Oh God! You were doing it, weren’t you? You were making love to my daughter!”

The thought of love never crossed my mind, but I was in no position to argue. Since there was nothing for me to say, I dummied up. Now what? She calls the cops? Worse yet, husband Harry takes me out back and puts a bullet through my brain? My sweat stunk.

Randi grabbed a stuffed Pooh from behind and covered her crotch.

Joy advanced. She didn’t seem to be carrying a weapon. “Just look at that prick. It’s beautiful. So smooth and small.”

Here we go again with the insults. Hold on! Where’s the anger? The screaming? The pummeling with some handy object?

A smile spread across Joy’s face. “Thank God you introduced Brandi to the pleasures of lovemaking.”

First of all, this was Randi, not Brandi. Seems even a parent can’t tell twins apart all the time. Second, she was delighted at finding us in bed together. What could I possibly say? “Uh, sure, you’re welcome.”

Joy stood at the bed, looking down on us. “Were you two done?”

How could I answer that question? ‘She got off but I haven’t. Let me climb back on so I can cum in your daughter’s pussy’? I looked at Randi, who had crossed her arms to try and conceal her breasts. Winnie had the best seat in the house, jammed between Randi’s thighs.

Joy never took her eyes off my erection. “Because, if you’re done, Brandi, I’d like to -“

“Mama!” shrieked Randi, still pretending to be Brandi.

“Hush! I’m just going to take a closer look.” Despite her statement, Joy’s hand squeezed my erection near the base, then at the tip, then back at the middle. “Ooh, so bahis şirketleri hard and so strong. Did he make you feel good, sweetie?”

“Awesome.” Randi scooted to the other side of the bed, making room for her mom.

Joy sat down and pushed me onto my back. My erection waved from side to side until she took it in hand, leaning over me. “So beautiful.” She moved her head closer, but she was bent in what must have been an uncomfortable position.

“Climb up. It’ll be easier,” I suggested.

She let me guide her, turning her so we were in the classis 69 position. Except, she had her clothes on. While she examined my erection at close range, running her fingetips gently up and down its length, I unzipped her slacks at the side and pulled them over her hips.

“What are you doing?” Joy asked.

Randi, pretending to be Brandi, moved to a beanbag chair. Her legs were spread, an unsatisfied Pooh lying on the floor. “That’s only fair, Mama. Mr. M. is naked but you’re still dressed.”

Same rationale Randi used the first time I gave her the medicine. With an excuse readily available, I slid her slacks and plain panties over her hips. No thong, no lace, just man-made fabric. I rubbed her ass globes, round and full, smooth and warm. No reason to rush and scare her off.

“Mmm.” Joy was a hummer, either intentionally or by accident.

My dick pulsed at the momentary touches of her vibrating lips. I moved my hands in large circles, so that the tips of my thumbs grazed the inside of her thighs all the way up.

“I haven’t felt this way in a long time.” Joy nibbled at the head of my cock, then slid her lips over the head. The light touch was one of the most erotic things I’d ever felt. Joy came up for air. “I can do this.” She slid her tongue back and forth on the underside, just below the head. My boner throbbed with anticipation. Joy eased her head further, to take a couple more inches.

To give as good as I was getting, I leaned up from the pile of plush creatures and licked Joy’s outer lips. She hadn’t shaved recently. The stubble grated against my tongue, but Joy’s juices were pungent and abundant. Liquid dripped from her pussy onto my shirt.

As she sucked me and I slurped her, two things happened. I got very close to cumming, and I thought of Randi’s medicine. Randi was sitting there, watching us go at each other, but Joy thought she was Brandi.

Did I ever mention how much I hate witnesses?

I looked up at the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs clock on the wall. Snow White’s big hand was on the twelve. Joy’s petite hand caressed my balls, her thumb sliding up the underside of my prick. “What about the medicine?”

Joy let my penis slip from her mouth. “Medicine? Oh yes, when Randi gets home.” She threw her face back on my erection, taking it ever deeper in her throat. There was no way she could have ever done this with old Harry “Big Dick” Cocksworth. Maybe that was the attraction – a manageable size.

“Mmm, hmmm.” Her vocalizing was all I needed. Joy was about to get a juicy surprise. There were footsteps up the stairs, but it was too late. Brandi or Harry, it didn’t matter. I spurted once, twice, trying not to jam my dick completely down her throat.

Brandi came through the door. “Mama! What are you doing?” Randi jumped up and grabbed her sister’s arm.

“You’re not a stupid young lady. Figure it out.” With no grace or style, Joy swung her leg over my head, rolled once, and fell on the floor.

“It’s time for your medicine, Randi.” I winked at both twins.

“Yes, that’s right, your medicine,” repeated Joy. She stood up and shimmied into her panties and pants. A dribble of cum hung from her lip.

“In a sec,” one of them said. They both ran from the room. There were giggles and shuffling coming from across the hall.

“Well, that was quite, what’s the word for it, quite stimulating.” Joy slurred her words, as if she was drunk.

The twins returned. One was completely naked. I figured it was Brandi, the one who’d taken the test for her sister. Her body was identical to the one I’d enjoyed, but her posture was closed, one hand held in front of her crotch. The other had hastily donned school clothes. That was Randi, the one I’d fucked twice. But, who’s counting?

Joy administered Randi’s medicine, without complaint. “Sit down, ladies. I have something to say.”

Brandi chose the beanbag chair and snatched up Pooh to cover her privates. Randi sat on the bed, too close me. She reached for my naked thigh, but I slapped her hand away.

“As soon as I can arrange it, I want you,” Joy indicated Randi, “and Mr., uh, Harvey to make love. Your older sister has already had the pleasure.”

Of course, Joy had it completely backwards. I’d already fucked Randi, the cunning little cunt, not once but twice. Brandi had been hostile, uncooperative at best.

“Yes, Mama!” Randi’s hand went for my penis directly.

“Not now! Give him time to recuperate. I want him to be nice and hard when you have your first lovemaking. Now, both of you, scoot. I have some business with Harvey.”

“Monkey business?” asked Randi as she stood up.

“No, just talking. And, as if I have to say it, this afternoon is our little secret. Right, ladies?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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