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In Part 17

Joe’s Mom comes to visit and

DJ meets his Granny

Finally, Doug and Joe get married

A real surprise during the wedding

DJ Part 17

Wednesday morning, January 10th, Joe and I had the alarm set for 7:30 AM, because Joe has to leave by 9:30 to pick up his Mom at the airport at 11:30. I started a pot of coffee, and joined Joe in the shower, (the boys aren’t the only ones that like to share showers), and we were sitting naked at the table having coffee at 8:00.

“Joe, I’m really happy that your Mom is coming to our wedding, and that she is so open-minded to our lifestyle. At least you have one parent that will see you get married, mine are both gone. I never really questioned it, until I noticed it on the invitations, what does the V in your name stand for?”

“Victor,” Joe replied, “Joseph Victor Reynolds, when I was in school, the kids nicknamed me ‘Jovic’ combining my first and middle names, and that pretty much stuck with me through graduation. Victor was my father’s first name.”

“Well, Jovic,” I said, grinning, “as long as we’ve know each other, we can still learn things about each other, and I hope we have many more years to learn. I still can’t believe this day is actually coming, and now its only 5 days away! Until recently I thought I might die a bachelor, but I have hope now, thanks to you.”

“Doug,” Joe lamented, “what we’re doing Sunday, we probably should have done twenty years ago. Think of all the years of married bliss that we have lost.”

“Twenty years ago, we couldn’t have done it, it wasn’t legal.”

“But we could have formed a domestic partnership, and shared our lives together, even back then. I love you, and I’m so glad the laws have changed in our favor. Our Son isn’t to be shackled by those archaic laws. He and Jamie live in a better time, and most of the time can be themselves. I don’t think they even know about living in closets.”

I replied, smiling, “Joe, they way you just referred to DJ as ‘Our Son’ made my heart feel warm.”

“Doug, I think I probably love DJ just as much as you do, if we had been married sooner, I would have wanted to share his adoption, he’s my Son too!”

“Oh my god, Joe, speaking of adoptions, I forgot to send an invitation to Steve and Valerie, and it’s too late to mail it, I’ll stop by his office and hand deliver it today.”

The boys were still sleeping at 9:30 when Joe and I both left, Joe headed to the airport and I headed to Steve Jones’s office. I climbed the stairway, and walked in, invitation in hand. I didn’t see his secretary, but could see that Steve was in his office.

Steve, coming to greet me, “Doug! It’s good to see you, did you come to set up that appointment?”

“No,” I said, a little embarrassed, “I realized this morning that I had not mailed one of these to you, so I am hand delivering it.” I handed him the envelope with ‘Steve and Valerie Jones’ written on the front. Steve opened it.

“This Sunday, huh?” Steve smiled, “Can we bring the little ones?”

“I don’t know why not,” I replied.

“When are the boys going to Disney World?”

“Heh, they’ve already been, and got back Friday night, and they had an incredible time.” Steve smiled.

“I can tell you right now that Val and I will be there, we wouldn’t want to miss this occasion for the world. It will be our first gay wedding to attend, but somehow, I suspect it won’t be the last. While you’re here, do you want to set up that appointment?”

“I guess I can, would it be appropriate to bring my husband with me?”

Steve, grinning, “That sounds a little strange, coming from a man, but I think it would be quite appropriate, after all, he will be your spouse. When would you like to set it for?”

“We’ll be returning from our honeymoon on the 22nd of January, so how about Wednesday, the 24th, Joe and I are both off on Wednesdays.”

Steve, checking the appointment scheduler on the computer, “Would 2:00 PM work, on the 22nd?”

“That should be fine, Steve,” I replied

“Brenda, my secretary, will call and remind you on Tuesday, the day before, or early Wednesday morning. Valerie and I will see you this Sunday to share your special day.”

When I got back to the house, the boys were gone but had left a note. They had gone out to Jamie’s so they would be there when DJ’s Granny arrived, and we were all to have dinner at 2:00, and Jamie was not working today, but DJ was working my delivery shift from 3 to 9.

* * * * * * *

DJ and Jamie finally got up about 10:00 AM, got some breakfast and headed out to Jamie’s to await the arrival of DJ’s Granny. Since Joe and Granny weren’t really expected until after 1:30 PM, the boys decided to have some fun on the play station. After a couple of games, they just lay on the bed for a while.

Jamie told DJ he was gonna catch a cat nap, and DJ decided to go to the kitchen and keep Karen company while watching for Joe to pull in with his Granny.

“Honey, can you do me a favor,” Karen asked, “Go şişli bayan escort in and wake Carl up, he needs to get ready for work, and he probably will want to meet your Granny when she gets here.”

“Sure, Mom,” DJ said, “I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later Carl appeared dressed in his work clothes. He came to the kitchen, kissed Karen, poured a cup of coffee and headed to the living room and turned on the TV to kill some time before dinner.

* * * * * * *

Joe arrived at the airport about 11:20 and parked, then walked into the arrival area. He checked the flight board and it showed his Mom’s flight to be on ‘schedule’ so he selected a seat and sat down to wait. A few minutes later the announcement came, ‘flight 248 from LA is arriving at gate 8.’

Joe was pretty excited, he hadn’t seen his Mom since his father had passed, over 10 years ago. He walked up toward gate 8, ready to give his Mom the biggest hug she had since they last saw each other. He could see out the window, as passengers started to de-bark from the plane, and saw his mother coming down the gangway steps, the stewardess had her arm holding his mother’s arm, just as a precaution.

Joe’s Mom walked into the terminal, and through the turnstile, and Joe could hardly wait to wrap his arms around her. She didn’t look much different than he remembered her just that her hair was maybe a little whiter, actually it was pure white.

“Mom!” Joe blurted, as he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly.

“Careful Son,” She said, “you’re going to squeeze the life out of me!”

“Sorry, Mom,” he replied, “I’m just so terribly happy to see you, it’s been way too long! I know it will be a few minutes before we can get your luggage, so let’s sit over here.” They sat down.

“Joe,” she asked, “how long have you and Doug known each other?”

“Actually, we’ve known each other for 20 or 25 years. We dated each other for quite a while, and then drifted apart.”

“You never brought him around to meet Vic and me?”

“Mom, I could never bring any of my boyfriends around back then, you know how Dad was, he didn’t even want to accept me as gay.”

“I know, Son, how did you happen to get back together, and get to this point of finally getting married?”

“Mom, that’s a long and complicated story, but DJ is highly responsible, I’ll try to explain how this all came about on the way home. Let’s see if we can get your baggage, do you have your claim check?” Mom dug them out of her purse.

Joe retrieved his Mom’s two large suitcases, and they walked outside the terminal. Joe told his Mom to wait there, with the luggage, and he would get the car and pick them up. A few minutes later he drove up, placed the luggage in the trunk, and opened the passenger door for his Mom, and she got in.

Joe, as they pulled away from the airport, “Mom, you’re going to be meeting a bunch of people soon, Doug and I call them our ‘extended family.'”

“Joe, I’m getting hungry, can we stop and get some lunch?”

“Can you hold on for about an hour and a half, Karen is planning a dinner for all of us when we get back to our town.”

“Who is Karen?”

Joe, snickering, “I knew that was coming, Karen and Carl Seldon are Jamie’s parents, and Jamie is DJ’s boyfriend. The Seldon’s are part of our ‘extended family’ and we’ve made arrangements for you to stay with them while you’re here, as we don’t have a spare bedroom. Karen is excited to have you stay with them, and you will love her.”

“Mom, Doug and I have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Seldon’s, and they have truly become family to us, thanks to DJ and Jamie. Karen and Carl are simply awesome people. I’ll try to explain how DJ brought Doug and I back together, and I did warn you that it’s a rather long and complicated journey.”

Joe spent the next hour of travel, explaining how DJ and Doug met, and how DJ captured Doug’s heart, all the way from their meeting each other, through the adoption, and now DJ will be Joe’s step-son, and how both Doug and himself unconditionally love DJ, their son.

“Joe, you sent me that photograph of DJ, he’s the most beautiful young man I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I just want to hug him and kiss him!”

“I think the feeling is mutual, DJ has never had any grandparents that he knew, and he is so excited to be able to meet his Granny! I think, when you two meet, in about an hour, it’s going to be love at first kiss, and yes, DJ is a kisser, just like you, Mom.”

About an hour later, just about 1:45 PM, Joe and his Mom pulled into the Seldon’s driveway. The car had hardly stopped motion when Joe saw the back door open, and DJ was literally running towards Joe’s car, and to the passenger side. Joe turned off the ignition, releasing the door locks.

DJ, pulling the passenger door open, “GRANDMA!”

DJ took the elderly lady’s hands and helped her out of the car seat, onto her feet, then wrapped his arms around her, hugging her warmly. Tears were sliding down DJ’s face.

“Can şişli escort I kiss you?” DJ asked, softly.

Granny smiled, “Sweetheart, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t!”

DJ and Granny shared an affectionate kiss, their lips meeting, and Granny wrapped her arms around DJ. It was almost as Joe had pictured it, except he thought it would happen inside the house. Yep, love at first kiss!

DJ placed his arm around Granny and walked her to the house, easing her up the back steps, and into the kitchen, where Karen was still preparing the food.

“Mom,” DJ announced, “this is Joe’s Mom, my Grandma, and Granny, this is Karen Seldon, Jamie’s Mom.”

“Mrs. Reynolds,” Karen said, “I’ve been so looking forward to your arrival, how was your flight?”

“It was very nice, Hon, but, my name is Agatha, and most folks just call me Aggie. When people call me ‘Mrs.’ it makes me feel even older that I already am, can I call you Karen?”

Karen, smiling, “That’s what most people call me, except for the boys, they both call me ‘Mom’ even thought I am not DJ’s actual mother.”

“Mom!” DJ blurted, “you’re the closest to a mother that I have!”

“I’m sorry honey,” Karen apologized, “I didn’t mean it to sound that way. Aggie, Carl and I regard DJ as a second son, and he really means the world to us, just like Jamie. We do try to treat them equally.”

Joe walked in the back door with Aggie’s suitcases and set them down.

Karen, stepping to the living room, “Carl, can you come out here?”

Carl seemed oblivious to the fact that anyone had arrived, and wandered into the kitchen, and did a double take.

“Aggie, this is my husband, and Jamie’s father, Carl Seldon, and Carl, this is Joe’s Mom, and DJ’s Granny.”

Carl, taking Aggie’s hand and kissing it, “Welcome to our home, Aggie, I hope you enjoy your stay at the Seldon Hotel. We’ve been looking forward to your arrival.”

“Carl,” Karen requested, “we’re going to put Aggie up in the bedroom where Joe and Doug slept on Christmas Eve. Can you take her luggage, and show her to that room, please?”

“Sure, Karen,” Carl replied, picking up the luggage, and leading Joe’s Mom to the bedroom. A couple of minutes later they returned, and DJ was instantly next to Aggie, and placed his arm around her shoulders, more tears sliding down his face.

Aggie, grabbing a couple of napkins from the table, “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” she asked, blotting the tears from his face.

“Nothing, Granny, I’m just so incredibly happy, I can’t control them,” and then came that patented smile.

“Oh my golly!” Aggie exclaimed, “Sweetheart, you’ve got the most beautiful smile!”

“Thanks, Granny,” DJ said, blushing slightly, and smiling even broader, “I’ve been told that before.”

“Aggie,” Carl commented, “when DJ smiles, the world becomes a brighter place! Aggie nodded in agreement.

Joe, looking at his watch, “I wonder where Doug and Jamie are, they knew they were supposed to be here at 2:00, Oh, Doug is pulling in now, maybe Jamie is with him.”

DJ suddenly, a strange look on his face, “No, he’s not, I forgot to wake Jamie up, I’ll be right back.”

DJ, entering their bedroom, “Jamie, get up, Granny is here!”

Doug walked in the back door, and Joe met him, giving him a loving kiss and hug, then pulled Doug over toward his Mom.

“Mom,” Joe spoke, “this is my fiancé, Doug Kendall, and Doug, please meet your, soon to be, Mother in Law, Agatha Reynolds.”

Aggie, standing up and putting her arms around me, “Thank you, Doug, for accepting my Son’s proposal, I’m finally going to have my second Son-in-law, I’m so happy to be here to see this ceremony. How about a kiss?”

I took Aggie in my arms, and gave her a warm and loving kiss.

DJ returned to the kitchen, towing Jamie with his hand, Jamie is rubbing his eyes with the other hand. He brought Jamie over by Granny.

“Grandma, this is my boyfriend, Jamie Seldon, and Jamie, this is Joe’s Mom, my Granny!”

Jamie, with a little uncertainty, “I’m pleased to meet you, and took her hand.”

Granny, “I traveled across this country to meet my Grandson’s boyfriend, don’t I at least get a kiss?”

Jamie, caught a little off guard, “Of course you do, Gram.”

Jamie leaned over to kiss Granny’s cheek, but Granny turned her head and her lips met Jamie’s lips, full on. No backing out now! DJ is grinning, ear to ear. Granny put her hands on the back of Jamie’s head, and held him there for about 30 seconds, getting a good taste of Jamie’s lips. Joe, Carl and Karen were all grinning.

“Jamie,” Granny stated, “you’ve got some mighty sweet lips, I see why my grandson fell in love with you!” Jamie’s face is crimson.

Karen spoke, “I hate to break up all this lovey-dovey stuff, but DJ has to work at 3:00 and Carl has to leave by 3:30, so we really need to eat dinner, like NOW!”

Typically Seldon style, Karen had prepared a delicious meal, and we all ate and enjoyed each other’s company. DJ called Randy and told mecidiyeköy escort him he was likely going to be 15 or 20 minutes late. Then he informed Joe and me that he planned to stay here at Jamie’s house tonight so he could spend more time with his Granny. I have a feeling that DJ and his Granny are going to grow really close, there is a really strong attraction between them.

After dinner, and DJ and Carl had both left for work, Jamie helped his mom put away the leftovers and clean up the kitchen and dishes. Joe and I spent some time with Aggie for most of the afternoon. Karen fixed us a light supper and we ate again about 7:00 PM. About 8:00 Aggie was expressing a desire to go to bed, as it had been a pretty long day for her.

Joe and I left after supper and went home, Jamie wasted some time on the play station while he was waiting for DJ to come home from work. Karen had already gotten Aggie settled in for the night, and wasted a couple of hours watching TV. When DJ returned from work, Karen fixed both boys a snack, and soon the whole house was tucked away for the night. Carl got home about 1:00 AM and quietly stripped, and slipped into bed with Karen, trying not to wake her.

* * * * * * *

Thursday morning Joe and I woke fairly early, and we were having coffee together about 9:00 AM. We both miss having the boys around, but DJ had wanted to stay at Jamie’s, mostly because Granny was there.

“Doug,” Joe asked, “what do you think of my Mom?”

“Point blank, I think she’s awesome, It’s hard to find people her age that are so accepting, you know, of our lifestyle. She’s made this trip to see her son marry another man. I doubt that my mother would have even traveled across town to see us marry!”

“Joe,” I said, smiling, “I think I’m in danger of losing my son, your Mom is quite capable of stealing him away from me.”

“I had a feeling,” Joe replied, “that Mom would latch on to DJ pretty easy, but I’m a bit surprised that DJ has taken to her with the velocity that he has. It’s like they are long lost friends that have found each other after years of separation.”

“Mom is very affectionate,” I said, “it was really funny to watch Jamie when she kissed him the first time, he was so shocked, and his face turned red! What are your plans for today, baby?”

“I think Mom and I have a lot of catching up to do, I thought maybe I would pick her up and take her someplace nice for lunch, better yet, why don’t WE take her out for lunch. You don’t have to be at work until 3:00 PM and I am off until tomorrow.”

“What time are you thinking, and I can give Karen a heads up.”

“Maybe about 11:30, it will give you two a chance to get to know each other a little better, and then, after you leave, I can give Mom a tour around town and show her our house.”

I made a call to Karen and explained our plans, Karen said she would have Mom ready to travel by 11:30.

* * * * * * *

Karen was up quite early, about 8:00, and made coffee, not certain what time Aggie might want to get up. The boys made their way to the kitchen about the time coffee was ready, both in their boxer-briefs. Karen suggested that, since we had a houseguest, they might want to put on some more clothing out of respect for Aggie.

Karen’s suggestion was just a little too late. Granny was walking down the hall just as the boys were heading toward their room.

“Do you boys have a good morning kiss for this old lady?” she stated, holding her arms wide open.

“Granny, we were just going to put on some clothes,” DJ said.

Granny, wrapping her arms around DJ’s almost naked torso, “Sweetheart, I could care less if you were butt naked, gimme your lips.”

DJ and Granny shared a loving kiss on the lips, and Granny was caressing DJ’s backside, from his neck down to his buns, even sliding her hand inside his boxer-briefs and giving his buttock a squeeze. Jamie started to open the door to their room.

“Jamie!” Granny exclaimed, “Stay right there, Sweetheart, you’ve got the silkiest, smoothest skin!” She then turned her attention to Jamie.

“Your turn, Jamie,” as Granny gave Jamie the same treatment, kissing him on his lips and even giving him the same squeeze on one of his buttocks. Both boys had to lower their faces to reach Granny’s lips, as they were both about 6″ taller than she.

“Boys,” Granny stated, to their surprise, “I’m not exactly a stranger to the view of naked young men, my Joe was a nudist at heart, I think, and I saw his naked body almost every day, until he left home and went out on his own. Let’s go sit down at the table.”

Granny and the boys sat down, the boys both in their boxer-briefs. Granny sat on one side of the table with DJ next to her on the left, and Jamie on her right at the end of the table. Karen’s cell phone rang, and it was Doug.

“Aggie,” Karen stated, “Joe and Doug are coming to pick you up and take you to lunch about 11:30.” Aggie nodded.

The four of them enjoyed Karen’s breakfast, and they finished eating about 9:30.

“Karen,” Granny asked, “I don’t have to get ready for Joe and Doug for about an hour and a half, would it be ok if I take these boys to the living room for a while, so we can talk?”

“Sure, Aggie,” Karen replied.

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