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The PCR thermal cycler started to howl, which meant that the reaction was reaching the end. I was around, busy with agarose gel melting in the microwave oven. When I poured the melted gel into the tray, she came in.

She was the only woman in our laboratory, except two female sophomore students who worked only on Fridays. And yeah, she was a stunning one! Her name was Helga, she was in her mid-60ths but looked better than many women in their 30ths. Despite her age, she was a perfect natural blonde, with those enormous blue eyes and full, sensuous lips…

And she was a real Big Beautiful Woman. She was very tall, almost 6 feet 4 inches. They said that when she was two decades younger, she won a bronze at Sweden championship in shot put. She evidently got strong and powerful body, her shoulders were broad but anyway her hips were wider. And it all gave her a rather feminine look, resembling a classic hourglass figure (so rare nowadays among sportswomen, what a pity!).

“Farukh, are you finishing your PCR soon?” she asked, standing in her snow white labcoat, which could hardly hide her voluptuous breasts (maybe 50DD?). Today she was wearing a thin green top with especially ample cleavage… And she was so distractingly sexy in this outfit that I couldn’t answer immediately. I felt my face going red of excitation and embarrassment, and tried not to look at her.

Of course I tried, but I couldn’t resist…

“Uhmmm, yes, Helga, just a minute and it’ll be ready for you, pakheyr!”

She rose her eyebrows in surprise.

“What did you say?”

“Sorry Helga, pakheyr means welcome in Pashto language, I just was a bit distracted and so my English…”

“Distracted by what?” she asked, raising her perfect eyebrows again… I felt blood filling all the vessels of my face and thanked my parents and God for my rather dark skin making it not so obvious as it could be if I was European.

However, if my skin could hide my excitation, my jeans could not… Neither could my labcoat which had only two buttons…

Then I saw her surprised face turning into smiling one, and I thought I completely fell in love with the warmness of her smile… She had fine and even white teeth, and her smile was natural and sincere, with nothing false or arrogant.

She glanced briefly below my face, and she obviously saw my bulge. The corners of her pretty mouth went wider for a moment. She looked into my eyes.

“OK, Farrukh, so what did distract you?”

“Well, Helga, I just… thought that I missed something when I set the reaction, you know…”, I mumbled, lowering my eyes.

“OOOkaaay!”, she drawled, and I saw playful sparkles in her eyes. “You’ll see it anyway, don’t be so strained at work, taaake it eaasyyy”, and she laughed a bit. I felt very embarrassed and opened the cycler to get my tubes, while Helga turned to the fridge for her tubes, showing me her ample but toned ass.

When I got a sight of her butt (even hidden by a labcoat) and her legs in black nylons – those meaty strong legs! – my mouth was full of saliva and I swallowed it loudly, so she obviously heard it but did not turn around, instead she giggled her butt a bit. I got that she liked to tease me, and it seemed strange because I had never noticed her flirting with or teasing any colleagues. In fact, she usually maintained a certain distance at work, although being always sweet and attentive to everybody.

Why me? Why the f..k me? Why on earth should this Nordic pagan goddess like to tease me? Am I just a clown at whom she would like to laugh or did she really like me? Being never too self-conscious like every common nerd, I thought that she wanted to laugh at me. It would be also uncommon for her, because she was very nice and warm person, but anyway, everybody could be nice to most of people around him and at the same time to choose one or two persons to laugh at or even to humiliate…

With such thoughts, I sighed sadly and placed all my tubes to a stand. Karaköy escort bayan My thoughts became a complete mess, and I started to pour my samples into a gel tray in a bath, trying to concentrate on work more. I pressed the button of my pipette strongly and nervously with snapping sounds, whereas she sat next to me placing her tubes into the cycler. When she turned the program on, I finished my dripping and closed the lid of the bath with a clacking sound. Then I pressed the button of power supply and turned to the window.

“Faruukh!”, I heard her purring softly, and my member which had gone almost flaccid started to tense again… however, I didn’t turn around, pretending not to notice.

“Faruukh!!”, she repeated louder, and then I felt her hand touching my shoulder from behind…

This was like an electric shock to me. The pulse passed through my spine to my stiffing dick, making it rock hard instantly, and to my legs, so I jerked with such a power that I almost fell of my chair. I would fall, if she didn’t hold me with another hand on my ribs. When she did so, I felt her breasts pressing into my shoulders and her breath over my head.

“Farukh, what’s wrong with you? You are so tense today! I heard how you pressed the sampler button, and how you closed the bath, you shouldn’t do it more!” she said, but her tone was not teaching, it was rather mother-like – soft, tender, deep, a bit drawling and purring.

“I, i…” I tried to speak but couldn’t find the words.

Then she started to massage my shoulders.

“Oh my, you are so tense! Sitting all day long? Let me take a little care of it and then explain you one thing”, she said with a little giggle, and her strong hands worked at my shoulders a bit harder. First I tensed more, but a minute later I started to relax. However, this relaxation had nothing to do with my hardon – it could literally cut diamonds!

“Now it’s a bit better. You know, beside my PhD in Biotech, I have a physician degree, a massager license and quiet a large experience in sports and coaching, so I am competent enough in what I talk about” It was more like lecturer’s tone, but anyway it was the sweetest lecturer in the world. She got magic hands! Strong and tender at the same time, causing just a slight, extremely pleasant pain.

“As far as I can see, the tension in your trapezia is caused by sitting all day long. Here in the lab we have to do it, but anyway, it is always possible to make small five-minute breaks every hour and to move a bit. At least to shrug, to walk and to stretch your spine. Otherwise, you can get troubles with your spine, your sleep and your brain – and you wouldn’t like to become stupid and nervous at such a young age, would you?”

“Nooo”, I moaned, unable to hide my pleasure.

“OK! Stand up and take off your coat!” she demanded, slapping my shoulders lightly. I obeyed, seeing her taking off her coat and shrugging. The sight of her cleavage made me horny as hell.

“Look at me and repeat!” – she looked in my eyes. “Move your shoulders forward, then up, then back and then down, always as far as you can! One, two, three, four!” I repeated, looking at her, each time she moved her shoulders back her nipples perking from her top and her breasts lifting a bit. In a minute she stopped and so did I.

“The next step! Stand on your tiptoes, hands up and stretch as high as you can! Look straight forward! Stretch your neck too, as high as you can! Count to ten and relax! Then repeat!” Her voice was harder now, but what I saw drove me even crazier – each time she relaxed, she threw quick but obvious glances right onto my bulge! When I also looked involuntarily on my bulge and lifted my eyes again, our eyes met and I saw a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

“OK, the shoulders and spine are done, now let’s stretch our hips. Stand on your left foot, bend the right knee and start to roll it around, clockwise – one, two, three, four, then counterclockwise Escort Kayaşehir – one, two, three, four! Change your leg!”

Now imagine the view of a gorgeous, tall and voluptuously ample body of the blond Swedish goddess in her green tank top with a deep cleavage, green knee-length skirt with a deep slit and black nylons rolling her legs in front of me… I was breathing deeply and heavily – not because of the heavy work, but because of overwhelming excitation. She seemed to understand it and smiled kindly and a bit mischievously.

“Ok, enough with it. Now the last point – one of the most important points which is forgotten usually. When we sit all day long, we sit on our glutes. So, a good workout should include excercises improving circulation in our glutes. Either you could get troubles with circulation in your rectum, testis and prostate, and it might cause many problems so widespread among modern people…” Her voice became more subtle and gentle. “Look at me!”

She turned around and moved her torso forward a bit, showing me her magnificient buttocks and turning her head to me. “So, first, move your hips forward and try to squeeze your glutes together like this, one-two, one-two!” I saw her buttocks clenching together and bulging her skirt, imagining wild sex with her from behind…

No need to say I was hard as hell, and it was even more obvious when I repeated her motions… I found that we adjusted to the rhythm so that when I moved forward, she moved back, each time harder and harder and keeping eye contact with me… That was a fantastic thrill!

“Now, try not to move your hips and just clench your glutes like this” – she stood still and just moved her lovely buttocks up and down, showing me her feminine power. “And then try to strain your buttocks for five seconds as hard as you can and relaaax, straaain… Relaaax! Good! Nice and easy!” I tried not to move, but something inside me made me continue to and fro motions… Her smile became wider. “OK, it’s hard to get the right manner from the first trial, so I think I should help you!”

She walked to me, stood behind me, put her right hand on my waist and whispered softly right into my ear: “Now, don’t move your hips to and fro, just squeeze your glutes… Please, don’t be embarrassed, because almost nobody can do this exercise properly and it usually needs control… Imagine that you are pushing your legs apart and down. I will check the level of your strain” And she put her left hand on my buttocks. I jerked forward a bit, but she held me with her right hand… She was totally in control!

“Stop, stop… now relaaax… OK, good! Straaain!” I strained my buttocks. “Harder, as hard as you can!” I gladly continued to strain, wishing this moment to last forever… her hand on my ass sent excitation wave right up to my brain and forward to my hardon, and my briefs were already going wet with pre-cum… “Relaax… Strain! Harder! One, two, three, four, five! Relaaax! Good! Repeat!” She gripped my waist firmly and her left hand started to slide a bit across the top of my butt… The sensation was fantastic!

“Relaaax!” The touch of her left hand became light as feather. “Straaain!” and she pressed my butt harder. “Relaax! Straaain!” Her right hand slid intimately close to the base of my cock. My breath became heavier, I began to sweat and my cock started jerking in my jeans in pre-orgasmic convulsions… I felt her breath becoming heavier too, but she didn’t lose control and moaned: “Enooough…”, stopped “controlling my strain level”, slapped me lightly and playfully on the ass and released me…

I took my breath, and two parts of me struggled – one part died of embarrassment and prayed for not cumming, whereas another part desperately wanted to cum and release completely (I knew that I could easily do it if I made just several voluntary jerks of cock in my pants!). The first part won – and this was the real triumph of will in such a situation! Küçükçekmece escort

Helga also took her breath and tried to get calm, walking around me and looking straight into my eyes.

“OK, Farukh! Now you see that five to seven minutes are enough to make you feel better, relaxed, healthy and fresh, right?”

“Uhmm… Sure, thank you very much, Helga! I feel much better!” I replied.

“Not at all! I am glad if it really helped you! You can repeat this mini workout every hour without any problems for your work – in fact, your productivity will increase! However, sometimes it could be not enough. So you’d better pay attention to physical activity in your spare time too. If you have a girlfriend, no need to say that the best physical activity would be good, regular, healthy sex,” she paused for a while, giving me an appraising glance. “If you don’t have a girlfriend, then I think that an everyday half an hour workout should be your choice. By the way, what are you doing tomorrow in the evening?”

“Well, I have nothing planned actually…” I said.

“Could you give me a little hand in my house work? From my side I could help you to find an appropriate workout if you need it.”

“Sounds nice!”

“OK! Let’s have a look onto your gel now.”

We looked onto a gel under UV light.

“So far, everything seems good! Don’t be too nervous, learn to trust yourself! Even if you mess something up, you could always do it again! Remember that everybody has the holy right to err!”

I felt a tide of tenderness overflowing me and stepped forward, trying to embrace Helga. She stepped back, pushing my elbows slightly with both her hands. This puzzled me very much, and I felt a great embarrassment again.

“Uhmmm… Thank you very much, Helga! Your words are so.. so encouraging!”

“Glad to hear! Oh!” She flinged her hands up like a teenage girl. “I forgot that my friend Jane from the fourth floor desperately needs volunteers for her research. Could you help her today?”

“What kind of help does she need?”

“Well, she studies human microflore and she may need samples of your blood and maybe something else. You can go to her room and ask her, I think she is at work now. Her room is 415.”

“OK, I can try,” I said, walking from the lab room.

When I reached the door of Jane’s room, I saw a tablet saying “Free microflore tests, volunteers needed” I knocked the door, and a short pleasant middle-aged brunette opened.

“Hi, I am Dr Jane Miller!”

“Hello, Dr Miller!”

“Just Jane! Thank you for coming! I’m carrying out a research on microflore of human blood and urinary tract, so it would be good if you agree to pass the tests.”

“Urinary tract? Helga didn’t mention it!”

“Oh, don’t worry! It doesn’t hurt, only a bit, you’ll just feel a slight pain and in a day it’ll be gone, I promise! How long has it been since last time you urinated?”

“I don’t know, more than two hours…” I said, startled.

“Good! Don’t you faint when you see blood?”

“No, it’s OK.”

“So we can do it right now after you fill a form, here!” She gave me a sheet of paper with thirty-something questions and I filled it in ten minutes. “OK, let’s do it! Blood first!”

She wrapped a rubber cord around my arm and I started to pump my hand and forearm. Jane took a vacutainer, rinsed my arm with antiseptic and took the blood sample. I felt almost nothing. She gave me a sterile cotton disc and told me to pull down my jeans and briefs.

I felt a bit embarrassed again, because my erection hadn’t go away yet, but did what she told. She smiled a bit and said: “Well, in such a condition it could hurt more, but don’t be afraid” And she pushed a cotton stick into my urethra, causing a stinging pain in my cock, and cut the tip of the stick into a tube.

“OK, the results will be ready tomorrow after the lunch. Thank you very much!”

“Not at all, my pleasure,” I smiled.

When I came back to my lab, I saw Helga coming out. She wore a short leather jacket and knee high boots with high heels… Her hair was loose, landing onto her shoulders in golden waves… “Good bye, Farukh! See you tomorrow!” she said, and I looked at her, mesmerized by distractingly sexy swaying of her ass while she went to the stairs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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